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Anti-Semitism Pandemic!
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Get the kids into the house! Lock your doors! Board up the windows! Break out the gas masks and hazmat suits! According to the corporate media, we are now officially deep in the throes of a deadly anti-Semitism pandemic! And just as the threat of mind-controlling Russian influencers was finally waning! It seems the fabric of Western democracy just can’t catch a break these days.

The origins of this pernicious, panic-inducing pestilence remain shrouded in mystery, but epidemiologists now believe that it began in the Spring of 2015, shortly after the resignation of Ed Milliband as UK Labour Party leader, and went global in the Summer of 2016, right around the time of the Brexit referendum and the nomination of Donald Trump. (Although the circumstantial evidence is overwhelming, to date, there exists no conclusive proof that Russian bio-weapons designers cooked up the virus in a hotel in Salisbury and sprayed it onto anyone’s doorknob.)

Virologists are working around the clock to map the genome of this scurrilous scourge, about which very little is known, other than that it has a sudden onset, and attacks the language center of the brain, causing the sufferer to express opinions about “Zionism,” “globalism,” “the Israel lobby,” “banks,” and other code words for “Jews.” Patients appear to be unaware that they are spouting these anti-Semitic code words until they are told they are by the corporate media, or their colleagues, or some random account on Twitter, at which point their symptoms alter dramatically, and they suffer a series of petit mal seizures, causing them to repeatedly apologize for unintentionally advocating the extermination of the entire Jewish people and the establishment of a worldwide Nazi Reich.

At the moment, Britain is taking the brunt of it. Despite the best efforts of the ruling classes and the media to contain its spread, several new cases of anti-Semitism have been reported throughout the Kingdom, or at least among the Labour Party, which, at this point, has been so thoroughly infected that it resembles a neo-Nazi death cult.

Jeremy Corbyn, who contracted the virus more or less the moment he assumed the leadership, is now exhibiting symptoms of late-stage disease. Reliable sources close to the party, reached for comment at a brunch in Qatar with Tony Blair and a bunch of Saudis, report that Corbyn is running around Momentum HQ in full Nazi regalia, alternately heiling Hitler and looking for journalists to apologize to.

Another Labour MP, Chris Williamson, had to be summarily quarantined after publicly apologizing for not apologizing for inciting a gathering of Labour members to stop apologizing for refusing to apologize for being disgusting anti-Semites … or something basically along those lines. Owen Jones is fiercely denying denying that the party is a hive of Nazis, and that he ever denied that denying the fact that there is zero actual evidence of that fact is essential to preserving what is left of the party, once it has been cured of anti-Semitism, or disbanded and reconstituted from scratch.

Emergency measures are now in effect. A full-scale Labour Party lockdown is imminent. Anyone not already infected is being advised to flee the party, denounce anyone who hasn’t done so as “a Hitler-loving Corbyn-sympathizer,” and prophylactically apologize for any critical statements they might have made about Israel, or “elites,” or “global capitalism,” or “bankers,” or anything else that anyone can construe as anti-Semitism (preferably in the pages of The Guardian).

Nor has the Continent been spared! What at first appeared to be a series of spontaneous protests against Emmanuel Macron, economic austerity, and global capitalism by the so-called “Yellow Vests” in France has now been officially diagnosed as a nationwide anti-Semitism outbreak. In a heroic attempt to contain the outbreak, Macron has dispatched his security forces to shoot the eyes out of unarmed women, pepper spray paraplegics in wheelchairs, and just generally beat bloody hell out of everyone. Strangely, none of these tactics have worked, so France has decided to join the USA, the UK, Germany, and the rest of the empire in defining anti-Zionism as form of anti-Semitism, such that anyone implying that Israel is in any way inherently racist, or a quasi-fascist Apartheid state, or making jokes about “elites” or “bankers,” can be detained and prosecuted for committing a “hate-crime.”

Meanwhile, in the United States (where Donald Trump, “U.S. patient zero,” had already single-handedly infected the vast majority of the American populace, and transformed the nation into an unrecognizable, genocidal Nazi Reich), the anti-Semitism virus has now spread to Congress, where Representative Ilhan Omar (reputed to be a hardcore member of the infamous “Axis of Anti-Semitism“) has apparently totally lost her mind and started talking about the Israel lobby, and the billions of dollars the U.S. government provides to Israel on an annual basis, and other Israel-related subjects one simply does not talk about (unless one writes for The New York Times and isn’t a hijab-wearing Muslim, in which case it’s completely fine to characterize support for Israel as being “bought and paid for by the Israel lobby“).

Now, this is where things get really confusing. Trump (who, let’s remember, is Literally Hitler, or was until he green-lit the attempted U.S. coup in Venezuela) and the Republicans have now united with the Democrats to denounce Ilhan Omar as a filthy anti-Semite, and possibly a full-fledged Islamic terrorist (or to condemn the existence of “hate,” or something). The corporate media, Facebook, and Twitter have been overtaken by hordes of angry anti-Semites accusing other anti-Semites of anti-Semitism. Congress is on the verge of convening a House Un-Israeli Activities Committee to investigate anyone who might have ever trafficked in “anti-Semitic tropes.” Meghan McCain was so thoroughly horrified by the hateful, anti-Semitic things that Ilhan Omar never said that she broke down blubbering on national television and begged Joy Behar to call in a Rabbi to convert her to Judaism on the spot … which some viewers found a bit unseemly.

OK, I know, you’re probably questioning the fact that this anti-Semitism pandemic just sprang up out of the ether one day, more or less in perfect synch with the Russian plot to destroy democracy that Vladimir Putin set in motion the moment the Global War on Terror seemed to be running out of steam. If you are, you need to close this essay, pull up either MSNBC or The Guardian website on your phone, and inoculate yourself against such thoughts. That conspiratorial type of thinking is one of the early warning signs that you have been infected with anti-Semitism! Unless you act now to protect yourself, before you know it, you’ll be raving about “the ruling classes,” “globalist elites,” “austerity,” “neoliberalism,” “the Israel lobby,” or even “Palestinians.”

So just put all that stuff out of your mind! This sudden anti-Semitism outbreak has nothing to do with the War on Populism that the global capitalist ruling classes have been waging for the last two years. It’s not like the establishment would stoop so low as to use anti-Semitism (and even the Holocaust!) as a cynical propaganda ploy to delegitimize their myriad opponents and critics. No, it’s much more believable that an idiopathic, worldwide anti-Semitism pandemic erupted, for no apparent reason, precisely as the capitalist ruling classes were beginning to suspect that they had a widespread “populist” insurgency on their hands.

Plus, even if our democratic leaders, and the professional journalists in the corporate media, were, in fact, a bunch of soulless, conniving, sociopathic scumbags, what purpose would it possibly serve for them to whip the public up into a series of fits of mass hysteria over anti-Semitism, or “populism,” or imaginary Russian hackers (or imminent lone-wolf terrorist attacks, possibly with homemade nuclear devices)? That wouldn’t make any sense, now would it? People would be so consumed with fear and hatred that they could hardly think. They might not even notice how they were being cynically manipulated, and were contributing to actual anti-Semitism by rendering the term devoid of any meaning.

No, the sudden anti-Semitism pandemic theory makes a lot more sense. So get out those vintage plague doctor masks, lock your critical thinking up in your anti-anti-Semitism safe room, and pull up Schindler’s List on Netflix … oh, and don’t forget to scour the Internet for any criticism of the capitalist ruling classes, or the corporate media, or neoliberalism, or any other anti-Semitic tropes!

C. J. Hopkins is an award-winning American playwright, novelist and political satirist based in Berlin. His plays are published by Bloomsbury Publishing (UK) and Broadway Play Publishing (USA). His debut novel, ZONE 23, is published by Snoggsworthy, Swaine & Cormorant Paperbacks. He can be reached at or

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  1. So, does anti-semitism trump racism and anti-feminism? More importantly, does the watered down anti-semitism resolution passed by the House demonstrate that Islamophobia is the worst sin possible, and does that mean that anti-semitism has seen its day in the Sun?

  2. “Anti-semite” has lost its sting, because every justified criticism of the fully nuclear armed, viciously apartheid, theocratic Zionist Israeli government is declared to be anti-semitism. The word is so overused and misapplied as to be useless. Indeed, to be declared “anti-semite” by the Israel Lobby is to be declared a person of high moral conscience.

    Long live BDS!

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @Anonymous
  3. August says:

    Anti-Semitism is a myth, anti-non-semitism is real.

  4. kikz says:

    “Another Labour MP, Chris Williamson, had to be summarily quarantined after publicly apologizing for not apologizing for inciting a gathering of Labour members to stop apologizing for refusing to apologize for being disgusting anti-Semites … or something basically along those lines. Owen Jones is fiercely denying denying that the party is a hive of Nazis, and that he ever denied that denying the fact that there is zero actual evidence of that fact is essential to preserving what is left of the party, once it has been cured of anti-Semitism, or disbanded and reconstituted from scratch.”

    brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! y, it’s much the same here across the pond.

    • Replies: @Z-man
    , @annamaria
  5. Stick says:

    Nicely said CJ. I did notice before the Western Free Press Blackout of all things Gillet Juenes that the only reports from Paris were about storefronts being defaced with NAZI stuff. Yeah, its just like that one lone, untouched, protestor at Charlottesville carrying a NAZI flag. Seems Antifa didn’t bother him for some reason. One wonders why he would go unmolested? Western Media is nothing more than lapdogs for their billionaire bosses. Lately, all sorts of ‘journalists’ here in Washington have been publically showing some leg now that Bezos is coming to town. Me Love You Long Time seems to be the Journalista Motto.

  6. Blake says:

    Bingo. Was thinking the exact same thing.

  7. ‘My old boss Bill Buckley wrote an entire book called In Search of Anti-Semitism without bothering to define anti-Semitism. At the time I thought this was an oversight. I was wrong. The word would lose its utility if it were defined…If you want to distinguish between the innocent and the guilty, you define crimes precisely. If, however, you merely want to maximize the number of convictions, increase the power of the accusers, and create an atmosphere of dread, you define crimes as loosely as possible. We now have an incentive system that might have been designed to promote loose charges of “anti-Semitism”.’—Joseph Sobran

  8. Anon[253] • Disclaimer says:

    “the global capitalist ruling classes” is that a code word for Juzz? Just checking…

    • Replies: @Kratoklastes
  9. God bless Ilhan Omar. Curse the Zionist war mongers. Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God.

    Wouldn’t it be sweet if she called them out on 9/11?

    Anti-Capitalism is NOT Anti-Semitism

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  10. @The Alarmist

    So, does anti-semitism trump racism and anti-feminism?

    That you even have to ask… you’ve got a solid dose.

    You need to read “Fragments: Memories of a Wartime Childhood” out loud, over and over until the symptoms pass.

    Fragments is a riveting, harrowing first-person tale of heroic survival of the terrors of the camps: if you’re concerned that it’s a complete fabrication, you are still not fixed… read it again.

    Riveting and harrowing… a fucking twofer.

    • Replies: @Wally
  11. @Anon

    “the global capitalist ruling classes” is that a code word for Juzz? Just checking…

    Anything that can be interpreted as an expression of negative sentiment towards any individual or group of individuals, may be construed as antisemitic.

    Asking if an expression of that type is a “code word” for the Red Sea Pedestrians… that is obviously a priori antisemitic. (Just using the words “code word” is playing on centuries-old antisemitic tropes about dishonesty, misdirection and hidden agendas).

    To give a worked example: complaining that incest porn is gross… is antisemitic.

    How come?” you might ask… in which case you’re beyond salvation.

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  12. @Kratoklastes

    “To give a worked example: complaining that incest porn is gross… is antisemitic.”

    Even Al Goldstein would have agreed it is gross.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  13. Parbes says:

    Another great satiric article by C. J. Hopkins… Kudos, sir.

  14. Haha this piece would be pretty funny if it weren’t so on point with how ZOG actually acts and believes. According to ZOG and Jews in general Anti-Semitism is never caused by behavior of Jews just some rabid pathological hatred from whites. Now Anti-Semitism actually means something the Jews don’t like or want you to know about there behavior.

  15. Good news! This just in:

    There’s actually no such thing as ‘anti-Semitism’. It’s all been a huge mistake.

    There is also no such thing as ‘antisemitism’. That, too, turned out to be a deliberate misdiagnosis.

    ‘Anti-semitic theory’ has been debunked. A new understanding has emerged.

    Instead, there is merely the condition of people disliking, fearing or hating Jews. This common-place phenomena now called ‘anti-Jewishness’.

    But this is no big deal since it’s (1) well-earned and (2) there is a cure.

    The cure?

    Organized Jewry must simply obey international laws, cease its deceptive traditions, and reverse its pattern of aggressively advancing Jewish interests at the expense of non-Jews.

    Jews must join the human race as coequals. Jewish supremacism must be put to rest.

    The special privileges accorded land-grabbing Israelis and Zionist warmongers inside Washington must be eliminated. Sorry but it’s morally unacceptable and injurious to American interests as well as international relations.

    The ‘Chosen People’ theory must also be jettisoned from all US policies since it is a religious view. Equal treatment under law, please. America is also a secular state.

    Israel, we must remember, is a quasi-theocracy and a foreign power. It must be treated as such. Washington’s unique ‘special relationship’ with the Zionist entity is synthetic and discriminatory. The unconditional ‘special relationship’ is also contrary to US interests and American independence. This make the ‘special relationship’ wrong.

    But the advocates of ‘anti-Semitic theory’ would have us believe that (1) US/Israeli interests align perfectly, and (2) Jewish-Zionist supremacism is not evil at all. In fact, it doesn’t even exist!

    Anti-Semitic theory claims that those of us who detect the ugly side of Jewish supremacism are psychologically deranged. It’s the powerless ‘antisemites’ who are the real and evil threat–not wealthy, entrenched, influential Zionists.

    So stop seeing and believing what’s right in front of your own lying eyes!

    ‘Anti-Semitic theory’ pretends to explain the real reasons behind the persistent phenomena of rising anti-Jewishness. It has nothing to do with unnecessary wars of aggression, racial supremacism, Zionist interference in American government, Jewish banking machinations, or the entrenched double-standards that elevate the interests of global Jewry above all others. No siree. Not that!

    You’re just prejudiced.

    Fact: ‘anti-Semitism’ comes from the awareness that Jews are extremely ‘influential’ (powerful) and that they are playing lethal hard-ball for their own genetically-defined team. Does this not pose a threat my fellow Americans?

    Is this not true?

    Of course it is.

    Does it not do harm?

    Of course it does.

    But the goyim are not supposed to notice or care about this perilous phenomena. They are expected to disregard their own interests and moral conclusions.

    The rising animus towards Organized Jewry is based on real and legitimate facts.

    Thus ‘anti-Semitic theory’ is a hoax.

    Anti-Jewish sentiment on the other hand is entirely rational. It is suppressed, but it is morally-driven. Just count the dead. All of them.

    Understanding and coming to grips with ‘unacceptable’ truths concerning organized Jewry is what causes anti-Jewish sentiment (‘antisemitism’).

    Awareness of Jewish power and Jewish malfeasance makes one ‘aware’. Nothing more.

    Having this awareness does not make you a criminal. Nor should it.

    You are not evil. You are not even wrong. Your perceptions are correct. The problem is with (((them))).

    But Organized Jewry wants to suppress this awareness as well as any resistance that might emerge from it.

    This is where and why the manipulative theory of ‘antisemitism’ comes from. It is a kosher canard.

    Are you aware?

    I am.

    Fact: Organized Jewry is undermining Free Speech, restricting Free Assembly, fomenting war, manipulating the political process, and riding roughshod over international law. This toxic pattern is clear as day.

    Further, the ‘democratic’ Zionist colony way over yonder is a rogue state that has captured our nation’s capitol. This also is true.

    Should not this abnormal, immoral, and unconditional alliance not be challenged?

    Of course it should!

    So cast off your chains, my friends. Embrace and proclaim your well-earned antipathy to the lawless hegemony of Organized Jewry.

    You are not an ‘antisemite’. You are not a racial supremacist. You are a concerned citizen whose liberties and sovereignty are under siege.

    (((They))) are the supremacists and they are the lawbreakers.

    We must therefore denounce and reject their lethal political conduct.

  16. The alt-right has switched to Yang2020. I think it was his promise to establish a Department of Jews to regulate (((them))) that decided it. NO MORE TRUMP FRUSTRATION!!! It feels so good!!

    • Replies: @Anons
    , @follyofwar
  17. Anons says:

    Get the kids into the house! Lock your doors! Board up the windows! Break out the gas masks and hazmat suits! According to the corporate media, we are now officially deep in the throes of a deadly anti-Semitism pandemic!

    And yet they haven’t defined “Semitism” by mapping and explaining the Jewish religion in full.

    And so how can they validly critique opposition to it?

    What is Semitism?

    The American People have the right to know.

    Jeremy Corbyn, who contracted the virus more or less the moment he assumed the leadership, is now exhibiting symptoms of late-stage disease. Reliable sources close to the party, reached for comment at a brunch in Qatar with Tony Blair and a bunch of Saudis, report that Corbyn is running around Momentum HQ in full Nazi regalia, alternately heiling Hitler and looking for journalists to apologize to.

    Jeremy Corbyn is going to shit when he levels up and figures out that Islam is a Jewish cult, and a pale mirror of Judaism, in service of Jews.

    Another Labour MP, Chris Williamson, had to be summarily quarantined after publicly apologizing for not apologizing for inciting a gathering of Labour members to stop apologizing for refusing to apologize for being disgusting anti-Semites … or something basically along those lines.

    No, it makes sense. I have yeshiva training.

    Owen Jones is fiercely denying denying that the party is a hive of Nazis, and that he ever denied that denying the fact that there is zero actual evidence of that fact is essential to preserving what is left of the party, once it has been cured of anti-Semitism, or disbanded and reconstituted from scratch.

    Interesting. Is Israel working on purging the Knesset of Zionists?

    Emergency measures are now in effect. A full-scale Labour Party lockdown is imminent. Anyone not already infected is being advised to flee the party, denounce anyone who hasn’t done so as “a Hitler-loving Corbyn-sympathizer,” and prophylactically apologize for any critical statements they might have made about Israel, or “elites,” or “global capitalism,” or “bankers,” or anything else that anyone can construe as anti-Semitism (preferably in the pages of The Guardian).

    Future flash: talking is antisemitic.

    (unless one writes for The New York Times and isn’t a hijab-wearing Muslim, in which case it’s completely fine to characterize support for Israel as being “bought and paid for by the Israel lobby“).

    Good one. You almost made me forget that the NYT leads the planet in covering for the ethnonationalist nation that its owners have membership in. The NYT not sceaming at the top of their lungs for Palestinian justice every day is a form of covering, as they would be doing that against any non-Jewish White group in the same situation.

    Of course, the gentiles would never be in the same situation because they do not have a book that tells them that they must punish and genocide the Palestinians as a matter of prophecy and myth fulfillment because the Jews claim that the Palestinians of 2500 years ago sold them into slavery.

    In all, a nice satirical piece. This place needs some levity.

  18. Anons says:

    Then the Alt-Right is officially retarded.

    First, the Alt0-Right shouldn’t chase a welfare payment like ghetto niggers. It will turn this nation into more of a welfare state than it already is, which means that it and by extension they can and will be Jewish controlled at a much deeper level.

    The formerly in-power Cuck Right may have been slavish toward Jews, but at least they knew enough to fight this nation’s devolution into a welfare state. The Alt Right doesn’t so much as have a single notable accomplishment under its belt other than the election of an Israel First President, and it is ready to get in bed with a chink for money?

    If that’s the case, kill the Alt Right with fire.

    Welfare states are the sign of national destruction, as noted by Netenyahu’s recorded plans for America as he sat in an Israeli bar.

    Never trust a non-White with White interests. The notion is obviously extremely wrong, and will only be rewarded with death at the hands of the non-White.

    Anyone who states otherwise cannot be trusted.

  19. utu says:

    Excellent! Thanks.

  20. @The Alarmist

    Please…Irish-Catholics Flynt and Linda Lovelace are the most famous pioneers in porn.

    Gentile ambulance driver John Holmes and horse stable worker Stormy Daniels typify the sort of white backwoods Baptist hicks who are only too eager to leave their dull lousy occupations when they find out they can make thousands per sex scene.

    Lovelace once said her career was the “luck of the Irish”. Of course, she later recanted, we all know that.

    But please…Holmes was a hick Baptist and the most famous pornographer of all time.

  21. apparently totally lost her mind and started talking about the Israel lobby

    Funny line: I laughed. Which is what one should do to Bret Stephens, Chuck Todd, David Brooks…

  22. @Anons

    Its kind of funny that someone in a bar can scrawl Gentiles future on a napkin over too many Martinis.

    Sure makes Gentiles look pathetic, doesn’t it?

    At least blacks and Muslims who know they have welfare to fall back on and could care less about good standing or public perception speak their mind.

    • Replies: @Wally
  23. is a good thing that we recognize our enemy but we should sttart reconstructing the moral defenses of our people too.
    teaching them how colonization helped to develop the world,baning slavery,bringin human rights to every people in the world…
    and of course how every other civilization arabs,mongols,indians … are not free of the same ” crimes ” we did

  24. Who doesn’t like plague doctor masks? They’ve been coming back into style ever since Eyes Wide Shut.

  25. @Anons

    its all shills ,a german hacker has leaked in gab some of the documentation and orders of how jewish shills should act in the chans and reddit.

    View post on

    View post on

    • LOL: VagabondTheElder
    • Replies: @Cowboy
    , @mh505
    , @EVROPA
  26. Benedetti says:

    All my neighbors have contracted anti-semitis. I need to find out if I’ve been infected too.

    • Replies: @Turul
  27. We need to start eradicating this curse on the sports field.
    The term ‘off side’ shall be replaced with ‘anti semitic’.
    Every player that creates a foul will be given a yellow star.
    A goal will henceforth be termed a ‘deposit’
    A penalty will be called ‘interest’

    3 yellow stars is a ‘palestinian’

    5 yellow stars is a ‘USS Liberty’


  28. This is a variant of the Nazi Behind the Curtain argument. We have to put up with corruption, wars on behalf of Israel, an end to free speech, no more freedom of assembly. a dead Constitution, collapsed institutions, censorship, turning a blind eye to black on white crime, our colleges seized by violent ignorant fanatics, all because somewhere there is a Nazi hiding behind a curtain who will inflict a second Holocaust on defenseless Jews if this white man (n he’s always a white man) ever actually appears. Hiding either near the North Pole or Tierra del Fuego, once a generation he tweets something remotely critical of the latest ADL bombing, then once again all hell breaks loose for his insensitive anti-Semitic remark.

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @Sin City Milla
  29. The current anti-Semitism hype is nothing but hot air. With such a made-up phenomenon, one can only deal satirically as C. J. Hopkins did. The anti-Semitism hysteria in the UK (against Corbyn and the Labor Party), France (Macron against the Yellow Vests), Germany (German Council of Jews against any critic of Israeli policy), and the US (to demonize Trump as a kind of revenant of Hitler) was invented as a “weapon of mass destruction” to “destroy” any Israel policy- and Zionism critic. The anti-Semitism accusations further immunize Israeli crimes, human rights violations and the inhuman Israeli colonial system against the rights of the Palestinian people from criticism.
    BDS is another case in point. BDS is not anti-Semitic, it doesn’t slander Jews for just being Jews, which is the real anti-Semitism but tries through boycott, divestment, and sanctions to change Israel’s expansionist policy to rob Palestinian land and to end the occupation.
    Another side-effect of the anti-Semitism hype is the political failure of the ruling globalist elites. They created the mess and now, after their regimes are threatened by the people, which they defame as “populists” they restore to the last power resort, the anti-Semitism club to gag their critics. That the mainstream media do in Rome as the Romans do is not surprising. Most of them are employed by those who own the media and are their paymasters.
    But besides that, there are multiple anti-Semitic tropes out there. Watch out for mantraps.

  30. anonymous[253] • Disclaimer says:

    Senator Graham says he will lobby Trump to recognize Golan as part of Israel
    Reuters Mon, Mar 11 12:31

    Graham spoke during a tour of the plateau, captured from Syria during the 1967 Middle East War, with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Israel effectively annexed the Golan in 1981, in a move not recognized internationally, when it adopted legislation that applied its laws to the area.

    “There is no construct I can imagine now or any time in the future for the state of Israel to give the Golan up,” Graham told reporters.

    • Replies: @Sir Launcelot Canning
  31. “Anti-semitic, its a trick we always use it”

  32. Amon says:

    I find it, in so many ways strange, that when it comes to Israel and Jews interests; even the most devoted of US nationalists will kneel down and surrender their freedom and basic human rights.

    To see so many alt-righters, libertarians, republicans and conservatives argue that its wrong and morally repugnant to debate or even express disgust, at the mere idea that foreign nations can spend billions per year on bribing government officials and subverting the rule of law.

    I truly believe its time to prepare for a post- American age.

  33. Anon51 says:

    Ha! Best article by Hopkins I’ve seen so far.

    • Agree: Felix Culpa

  34. The Holocaust was unique and it demands that we keep learning from this period of history. For me the direct consequence is that the right of the state of Israel to exist must be a reason of state for Germany.

    But say something, and you are an evil “nazi” who wants *gasp* “to kill all jews”. Oy veh. The chutzpah of these people knows no limits, and it will be answered, again, and they won’t learn a thing from it, again.

    • Replies: @Anja Böttcher
  35. @August

    Anti-Semitism is a myth, anti-non-semitism is real.

    Anti-non-Semitism is real and it’s called anti-Goyism.

    • Agree: apollonian
    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Da Wei
  36. geokat62 says:

    The official narrative is that “virulent” antisemitism is always lurking just beneath the surface in all goyim, the American variety is no exception.

    Don’t believe me? Just read the concluding paragraph to Jane Eusner’s latest article, Our Obsession With The Holocaust Made Us Blind To American Anti-Semitism:

    But I am beginning to think that my experiences and those of my children may have been an aberration, an usually quiet moment in a thrumming history in which genuine hatred is concealed just beneath the surface. Maybe America isn’t all that we thought it was. African Americans surely know this. Maybe I am just coming late and reluctantly to that realization.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  37. HOW ISRAEL RULES — Barbarians Inside The Gates [Brendon O’Connel Mirror]

    • Agree: Desert Fox
    • Replies: @Grace Poole
    , @Zumbuddi
  38. In order to be a good Christian, a person must be anti-Semitic.

    • Agree: apollonian
  39. …contributing to actual anti-Semitism by rendering the term devoid of any meaning.

    The achievement of the Neoconservative Project par excellence.

  40. To say that Judaism is Anti-Semitism is a classic Anti-Semitic trope. It’s the same as Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels, a self-hating Anti-Semitic Jew, calling Semitism “the Jewish Swindle.”

  41. Cowboy says:
    @lost in nowhere

    Fascinating documents, and they look real to me. Interesting how they appear to have a “kiosk” installed on their computer that also includes detailed instruction on using the VPN. Someone probably screwed up and didn’t use the VPN and thats how the documents leaked out.

    This “kiosk” must be some kind of Hasbara disinformation dashboard. Clearly, they have weaponized trolling. Each Hasbara agent seems to have a number, and they are organized into teams of some higher group. “Sockpuppet” is the one mentioned. They probably have their secret hasbara number tattooed on their forearm to help them remember their suffering during the holocaust.

    I can believe that these trolls are organized like a British Public School, or even a Hogwarts. Each of the different “Houses”, Sockpuppets house in this case, are given daily assignments and compete against each other to see who can make the biggest ass of the stupid goyim. Then each Hasbara House gets points that ultimately would lead to bonus, promotion and prestige.

    Jews have been waging a secret war against goyim for centuries. This is just one small corner of the battle raging right now.

  42. If the jews talk about “virulent”,”cancer” and “plague” of “antisemitism” and so on, one can just notice that jews obviously regard any non jew who does not worship them as a biological problem that has to be removed.

    • Agree: apollonian
    • Replies: @Sir Launcelot Canning
  43. Z-man says:

    My LOL button is disabled, LOL!!!
    Thumbs up!

  44. Anti Semitism is a ploy that the Zionists use against anyone who criticizes Israel or Zionists , it is a trick to deflect the valid criticism that hits the truth regarding Zionists and Zionism.

    • Agree: Ilyana_Rozumova
  45. Anonymous[388] • Disclaimer says:

    Here’s a great recent interview with Catholic historian and literary critic E. Michael Jones. Jones is way beyond the red pill stage:

    • Replies: @follyofwar
    , @Mackie
  46. mh505 says:
    @lost in nowhere

    Many thanks, this is great stuff

  47. Anon[206] • Disclaimer says:

    Here is the simple truth – central to Judaism is the anticipated return of moshiach, he will rebuild the temple in Jerusalem, conquer all nations of the world and establish the ‘world to come’ or olam ha ba. In the world to come all non-Jews serve the Jews and are subject to the Noahide Laws, already formulated, and the penalty for most transgressions is decapitation. See

    Thus, any non-Jew who is not an antisemite is either uninformed or a fool. If you doubt the above- see
    and this video of a young Jewish yeshiva student discussing the mosiach’s return –

    and this video of Netanyahu and rabbi Schneerson discussing the same topic –

    • Agree: Johnny Walker Read
  48. annamaria says:

    The UK’s thoroughly unintelligent “intelligent” community (IC) of opportunists, ignoramuses and psychophants has become the gift that keeps on giving: “The Alternative Skripal Narrative,” by Michael Antony

    … there was no more link between Russia and novichok than between Britain and the use of British-invented VX nerve agent to assassinate Kim Jong-Un’s half-brother in Kuala Lumpur airport. …

    This rush to judgment reveals a premeditated plan by Britain … The need for MI6 to prevent Skripal exposing the Steele Dossier, produced by Skripal’s MI6 handlers, since it would show the degree of Britain’s cynical interference in the American election to discredit Trump and destroy any rapprochement with Russia, formed the motive for MI6 to commit murder…

    Combining the two things, killing the Skripals and crucifying Russia for it, was no doubt seen as a great coup by MI6. … The speed of the knee-jerk response of NATO countries in expelling Russian diplomats, without any debate or demand for evidence in any parliament, raises the suspicion that this was planned not by MI6 alone but jointly with the CIA and other NATO secret services, which largely control supposedly democratic government.

    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @foolisholdman
  49. ariadna says:

    “Juno” is the name of an organization yet to be created, named after the Roman goddess believed to be the protector and guardian of the state. Its name is only coincidentally homophonous with two words that its enemies will most likely use to falsely accuse it of anti-semitism.
    The organization’s membership admission criteria are a mirror image of those of Jewdas, stating:
    “We welcome ALL citizens opposed to zionism, globalism, anti-gentilism, jewish supremacism and cultural marxism. If you are Jewish you may join as a solidarity member contributing funds.” 

    • Replies: @Digital Samizdat
  50. @redmudhooch

    I’m so glad that fat, scary-looking Meghan McCain (referenced by CJ Hopkins) was mocked by that Jewish cartoonist for her teary-eyed rant against Omar, and the so-called “rising tide of anti-Semitism.” I never watch The View, but I happened to catch their interview with peace candidate Tulsi Gabbard. Man, if looks could kill! Fat Meghan is her father’s daughter alright. The McCain war legacy lives on!

    • Replies: @NZLex
  51. anarchyst says:

    As much as I despise Omar’s politics, she has a point.
    WHY are American politicians forced to sign a “loyalty oath” to a foreign country (Israel) in order to receive (foreign) AIPAC political campaign help?
    Refusal to sign this Israeli “loyalty oath” provided by AIPAC almost always results in political “death”…
    Signing a loyalty oath to ANY foreign country is treason…
    It would be interesting to know how many American politicians signed the AIPAC Israel “loyalty oath” and took the AIPAC “pledge”.
    Most people are unaware that AIPAC is a FOREIGN lobby group that is not required to register as an “agent of a foreign government”. WHY?
    Remember the USS Liberty (GTR-5) deliberately attacked by Israel on June 8, 1967. 34 AMERICANS lost their lives and 173 were wounded in this “act of war” against the U S A, committed by Israel.

    • Agree: Desert Fox
  52. Wally says:
    @Edward Huguenin

    “It’s not like the establishment would stoop so low as to use anti-Semitism (and even the Holocaust!) as a cynical propaganda ploy to delegitimize their myriad opponents and critics.”

    The fact of the matter is that the “holocaust” itself is propaganda and the anti free speech “Holocaust Indu$try” will do & say anything to prevent scrutiny of their fake narrative.

    There is no proof for their bizarre claims, which of course make sense since their claims are simply impossible.
    Revisionists will accept anyone’s challenge to debate the ridiculous ‘6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers’.
    anti-semitic: any thought or person that a Jew doesn’t like

    !! ‘Holocaust Skepticism: 20 Questions & Answers about Holocaust Revisionism’ !! / now available :
    free .pdf:

  53. Wally says:


    ‘Fragments’ / Holocaust Survivor Memoir Exposed as Fraud

    Fragments’, Another ‘Death Camp’ Propaganda Fable :

  54. annamaria says:

    This is a detour but it presents another illustration of the incompetence of the ZUSA’s unintelligence community and ZUSA’s lawlessness:

    … investigators from the Spanish police and National Intelligence Center (CNI) have linked an attack on the North Korean embassy in Madrid on February 22 to the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

    At least two of the 10 assailants who broke into the embassy and interrogated diplomatic staff have been identified and have connections to the US secret service. … …

    A U.S. raid of a foreign embassy in a third country is a diplomatic affront…

    … only one person in Washington DC who disregards diplomacy enough to task the CIA with a military style raid on a foreign embassy in a third country. His name is John Bolton.

    Bolton the Israel-firster:

  55. Anon[390] • Disclaimer says:

    The mere utterance of truth is censored by ADL-controlled Twitter.

    • Replies: @NZLex
  56. Wally says:
    @jeff stryker

    So what?

    It’s not exactly news that people can be bought, aka: shills / shabbos goys, and Jews certainly do buy them, just look at the US Congress.

    You seem to know a lot about porn.

    • Replies: @Anon
  57. Wally says:
    @jeff stryker

    Isn’t your pal & scumbag, Napkin Netanyahu, in deep doo-doo yet again?

    Schadenfreude deluxe.

    Israeli Police Urge Bribery and Fraud Charges Against Netanyahu. Again. :

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  58. Miggle says:

    I agree except that even use of that “semit” word is a deception. Is it hatred of Arabs that is called anti-Semitism? Or do members of the religion of love and forgiveness (Christianity) systematically hate the members of the religion of hate and revenge (Judaism)? History says no, history says the contrary is true (as you say), but history must be swept under the carpet.

    See The Jewish Onslaught by Tony Martin. The author, a professor, dared to refer in teaching to a work of history based on Jewish sources (concerning the heavy involvement of Jews in the slave trade and slave “ownership”, it was a Nation of Islam work), and a highly organized Jewish onslaught trying to get him fired, for daring to mention a source of truth, was the result. Highly organized. Jews going for the jugular. History must be swept under the carpet. But not only that. We are under organized attack by the haters.

  59. @anonymous

    Senator Graham … Are South Carolina voters the dumbest in the USA? They keep reelecting this shameless hack. They voted in the lunatic Nikki Haley. They voted for Strom Thurmond when he was 100 years old. Sad.

    • Replies: @NZLex
  60. @Anonymous

    I love listening to Jones on his many YouTube interviews. He is certainly in demand, seems to have a large following, and is a hero of sorts to the Dissident Right. How long, I wonder, until he is banned by the Jewish oligarchs?

    However, I have a problem with his oft-stated concept of ‘logos,” which he mentions in nearly every interview I’ve watched. He uses it as a cudgel against Jews for their rejection of Christ as the savior. By dismissing Christ, he sees them as “revolutionaries” (“The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit”), for they have rejected the “order of the universe.” But would that also apply to all, myself included, who do not recognize Christ as the Son of God? It would seem so, which would leave out several billion people, I’m assuming, from the hope of eternal life.

    Perhaps Christians, who are losing in spite of their large numbers, need a dose of that Jewish Revolutionary Spirit. As was sung nearly every week in the Methodist church of my youth:
    “Onward Christian Soldiers Marching as to War With the Cross of Jesus Going on Before!”

  61. @Germanicus

    It takes a plague to know a plague.

  62. Wally says:
    @Sin City Milla

    And the ultimate defense is speaking up about the easily debunked & utterly fraudulent “holocaust’.

    It is the manufactured tool used to silence people from speaking of obvious Jew malevolence.

    You’re not alone

    • Replies: @Microwave Surfer
  63. @RecallCarlLevin

    I just happened to catch part of a video with JF Gariepy (The Public Space) interviewing Richard Spencer. Spencer has officially rejected Trump and become a fan of Yang and Universal Basic Income (UBI). I don’t think the concept (which is hardly new) should be rejected out of hand. Job-replacing technology is real and will only continue to grow, leaving millions of Whites (white men, esp.) permanently unemployed or underemployed. Millions of working-age whites are on disability as we speak, thus no longer counted in the “fake” unemployment stats. UBI and big restrictions on immigration should go hand in hand.

    • Agree: Miggle
  64. @Johnny Rottenborough

    He wrote it in 2002; the world has caught up with him finally in 2019.

    • Replies: @Johnny Rottenborough
  65. Anon[107] • Disclaimer says:
    @jacques sheete

    Like anti-Goy Jewsus expressed in Matthew 20:25, Mark 10:42, Luke 22:25. “Gentiles…not so you!”

    What does Jewsus offer to a Christcuck, anyway? What is it that he thinks he cannot get local?

  66. macilrae says:

    An old Polish expat and camp-survivor I knew in England (not a Jew) told how they were obliged to perform the salute whenever they encountered a guard – but between their teeth they would mutter “So hoch springt mein Hund!” (so high jumps my dog).

    I do this now – every time.

    • Replies: @ploni almoni
    , @Wally
    , @anon
    , @TKK
  67. Anon[107] • Disclaimer says:

    Jeff “Patel” Stryker knows everything about anything. Otherwise known as a “know-it-all.” Or blowhard.

    • Replies: @BengaliCanadianDude
  68. Caruthers says:
    @mark green

    You mean that whenever Jews and Goyim develop mutual hostility, it’s not necessarily due to Goyish mental pathology?

  69. @Felix Culpa

    Felix-Culpa—I think he must have been one of the first journalists to be sacked for writing about the JQ. The index to his newsletter, Sobran’s, is here.

  70. @jeff stryker

    Oh Stryker, where would Israel be without you? You never disappoint us.

    Here’s a list of Jews who own the main pornographic networks :

    VIVID, the largest porn site in the world, ran by Steve Hirsch and Bill Asher
    AVN Media – Paul Fishbein, Irv Slifkin, Barry Rosenblatt
    PMG Inc/ Private – Charles Prast
    Spiegler Girls, owned by Mark Spiegler (also owner of the paedophile website NAMBLA.ORG)

    But it is interesting to observe that almost ALL the distributors and creators of interracial porn are Jewish:

    Dogfart, owned by Cable Rosenberg – site that proposes scenes of “cuckold sessions”, “watching my daughter go black” and “interracial blowbang”
    Skweezme, the “Netflix of porn” owned by Mike Kulich (Kulich offers “racist” celebs the chance to star in his interracial porn)
    Blacked, owned by Greg Lansky, from France

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  71. One assumes that the capitalist ruling class has at least fifty percent goyim among its members, therefore, one needs to ask as to how much gelt the likes of Koch (It’s definitely pronounced COCK) Brothers and Billy Boy “I wanna cure the world of all its malaise even if it takes nine lives” Gates pay for the privilege of invoking the perennial farce of anti-Semitism and holocaust to the Tribe… it can’t be cheap to stay in the league with the mammon worshippers!

    • Replies: @sarz
  72. @The Alarmist

    When feminists and Jews clash as in the case of the parade issue, who subjugates and who submits?

    When a black academic or commentator transgresses the bounds set by Jews, who subjugates and who submits?

    The Jew is the field marshal of the coalition of the fringes even as he sits at the very center of power.

    The modified resolution only means that the (((Democrat Party))) doesn’t want to settle the issue in broad daylight. There will be time enough to identify the “guilty,” marshal campaign donations, spread character-assassinating memes, and intimidate behind closed doors once this storm passes.

    That is how political Jewry does its business.

    The charge of Islamophobia may occasionally be used as a weapon, but anyone with the most meager knowledge of our culture and politics knows that “anti-semitism” is a thought-crime in its own category.

    • Agree: mark green
  73. @jeff stryker

    “But please…Holmes was a hick Baptist and the most famous pornographer of all time.”

    You are confusing porn actor and pornographer–deliberately, I assume.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  74. Hilarious.

    And the Corporate Media/Deep State wonders why no one believes them anymore.

    It is because they have turned themselves into a complete laughingstock.

  75. Z-man says:

    Anti-Semitism Pandemic!

    Channeling Marlon Brando, ‘The hororrr, the..horrorrrrrr.’ Rofl!

    • Replies: @anon
  76. Z-man says:

    Righteous Jew.

    • Agree: Agent76
  77. I have anti-semitism,homophobia ,racism sexism,misogyny,islamophobia ,transphobia,xenophobia and white nationalism. I’m a bad boy.

  78. Wally says:

    said: “An old Polish expat and camp-survivor I knew in England (not a Jew)”

    So what did he “survive”?

    What camp was he supposedly at?

    For what reason?

    You do realize that common criminals were incarcerated. Yes?

    • LOL: TKK
    • Replies: @dube
  79. Anonymous[846] • Disclaimer says:

    Anti-semitism is cause by semitism.

  80. anon[302] • Disclaimer says:

    6 million jews in danger!!!

    6 million jews in danger!!!

  81. @Germanicus

    Although every single sentence you have written in comments showed that you have no idiomatic knowledge of German at all, thus are no native speaker of the German language, you have the cheek to pretend that you were a German – while you post here Julius-Streicher-kind hate propaganda that would rightly get you in prison in Germany.

    German Criminal Law Section 130 Incitement to Hate

    (3) Whosoever publicly or in a meeting approves of, denies or downplays an act committed under the rule of National Socialism of the kind indicated in section 6 (1) of the Code of International Criminal Law, in a manner capable of disturbing the public peace shall be liable to imprisonment not exceeding five years or a fine.

    (4) Whosoever publicly or in a meeting disturbs the public peace in a manner that violates the dignity of the victims by approving of, glorifying, or justifying National Socialist rule of arbitrary force shall be liable to imprisonment not exceeding three years or a fine.

    And as you deny the genocide of Jews, which was a constiuent of the genocidal war against the Soviet Union and the “Generalplan Ost”, here again faksimilies and primary sources of Hitler’s genocidal policies and intentions:

    Hey everyone:


    If he was German, he would already have suffered a criminal charge – as it is asbolutely no problem for authorities to find out about his ID.

    As this scumbag, however, commits here permanently despicable crimes while pretending he was a compatriot of mine, this lousy vermin might show he is “a real guy” and openly publish here his name and address. Authorities can find out anyway – thus if he has some balls, he would stand up for his “right” — like his idol: Nazi wife and Nazi criminal Ursula Haverbeck.

    He is not only a lier, he is a lousy coward, little vermin. My grandad saw how the likes of him suddenly were soooo humble in 1945 and licked occupiers boots. Worms like him seem to live in every country everywhere on earth. And they are all cowars – great at slaughtering little kids, even babies, as long as they have the upperhand, but slimy little vermin the moment they have lost.

  82. EVROPA says:
    @lost in nowhere

    Its evident

    since trump hipe train completely died the last week and was imposible to mantain the fiction dhikls needed to ryse a fake candidate and pretend there is a polical solution so we waste our energies instead of redirecting our energies to a valid alteranative

    Why yang?

    Because he have zero chance of winning

    Why a chinese?

    Pol is already multiracial and spamming this thread will acceletate the process expulsing the few oldfags that still are there , destroying the entire essence of pol.

    Also they could make people invested in the elections again only throw the race of participants and even if pol dont believe in ((( democracy))) certainly care too much about race to not be dragged into this circus

    The real question is how long the average people will pretend to believe in the system or be blue pilled?

    And for the anti japanese thread, pok have a high concept og japan and how we should resemple more to them , its a model of non fascist country workung under capitalism but without falling to the insanity of the mantra diversity is our strengh

    Hating each other would make that we dont post a normal exampke of a country whete normies could feel related too and that we arent so insane about of our aspirations.
    Also isolating europeans even further

    for the anti woman it say clearly in the document, create a fake extremist image of what pol people are and want so we dont atract more people and construct a viable alternative to the brainwhased feminism society

    Other tactics include spaming blackpiled thread , muuu nordicism , muuu mediterranean divisive bullshit…

    • Replies: @Sir Launcelot Canning
  83. joecbart says:

    Who Are the Semites? | My Jewish Learning

    “… Its translation from a linguistic to an ethnic and ultimately even racial designation was an error of scholarship that was to have profound social, political and moral consequences.”

  84. onebornfree says: • Website

    The “Ilhan Omar Speaks Truth To Power” Scam:

    Regards, onebornfree

  85. Whitewolf says:

    It’s probably just a realization that the US is already finished as a serious country so why not take the yang bucks. It would help destroy the republicans as well which would most definitely be a step forward for Whites. Republicans must go!

  86. EVROPA says:

    And is really easy to proof it
    Go to 4chan to / his/ ( history board)for example and post an image of how jews were the ones slaving africans and owning them
    In less than a 1 min the first response will be of someone defendong the jews at all cost with prepared infografics saying how wrong you are, every time a thread about jews is open the first response is from someone defending them( nobody care enought about jews to have preparee infografics ” devunking ” our narrative
    What is the posiblity that jews that compose on 1% of the population in the west to be first to response in an obscure web ?
    Zero , if this is not the clearly case of jewish payed comnunity manage i dont know what it is?

    Break the matrix

  87. (((They))) want to be both judge and Jewry.

  88. @Anja Böttcher

    Who is slaughtering babies today? Oh, I see, those babies don’t count because in your sacred law they are not human.

    • Replies: @Anja Böttcher
  89. @Johnny Walker Read

    1. Interesting information about Belt and Road initiative, and Israel as part of it: that is not very surprising: over 10 years ago Dennis Ross, charter chairman of Israel’s Jewish People Policy and Planning Initiative (JPPPI) commissioned the group’s first study: Solomon Wald studied Jewish – Chinese relations and their future. The report was predicated on the notion that USA will sooner rather than later decline in superpower status, while China will rise. If I recall correctly, Israel was one of the early participants in the bank that the Chinese formed as part of the OBOR (One Belt One Road) initiative.

    2. Regarding that title, OBOR: it seems to be fluid. The video, above, gives the project a different name, as if it had been subsumed by different agents.

    3. This report:
    claims Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte is set to sign an agreement to make Italy’s port at Trieste a part of the “Belt and Road Initiative,” further identified as “China’s Belt and Road plan.”
    Seems to me that OBOR and “Belt and Road” are all the same thing, with more or fewer players, but definitely participation by Israel, and by Russia and Iran, as the video asserts.

    What is further interesting about Italy joining the project is that the USA is pretty firmly opposed to it:

    “The U.S. has warned that doing so will likely damage Italy’s standing with its neighbors, a clear threat to the country’s current standoff with the European Union over its proposed 2019-20 budget. The State Department has long warned that the Belt and Road Initiative is little more than a “debt trap.”

    The US would know about debt traps, to be sure.

    On a related note: Godfrey Robert’s posting on Unz this week
    China’s Congresses in Action. Data-Driven Democracy
    is well worth reading.
    Part of the tragedy of the Israel Lobby / zionism’s stranglehold on American political, economic, foreign policy and cultural life is that it — and Abrahamism itself (i.e. the Jewish – Christian chosenist / exceptionalism ideology), has kept the American people from exploring the world with fresh eyes: maybe the Chinese have something to teach us. The opportunity cost of being yoked to Abrahamism and zionism is at least as great as the US debt.

    Wouldn’t Jefferson and Madison, and George Washington and Ben Franklin, have reveled in US engaging in fulsome relations with Russia AND China AND Iran AND Italy AND Venezuela, as equals under the sun, with no presence of being the necessary nation to guarantee the “international order,” a status acquired by murder and plunder in the WWII destruction of Europe.

    • Agree: Digital Samizdat, Z-man
    • Replies: @utu
  90. anon[253] • Disclaimer says:
    @Father O'Hara

    Take 2 Zyklon-b pellets and call me in the morning.

    Herr Doktor Kevorkian

  91. Zumbuddi says:
    @Johnny Walker Read

    Don’t Agree with everything, but Recommend.

  92. Anonymous [AKA "The Lost Monophysite"] says:

    All the World Wants the Jews Dead, Cynthia Ozick (American Jewish Congress, 1974)

  93. @Anja Böttcher

    Have you escaped your meds today?
    You are bordering insanity.

    • Replies: @Anja Böttcher
  94. anon[253] • Disclaimer says:

    You recite that phrase every time you do the Sieg Heil salute?

    Where do you do this salute?

    • Replies: @macilrae
  95. anon[253] • Disclaimer says:
    @Anja Böttcher

    you write like a Russian-writing-in-English.

    crossed with a brainwashed German.

    I for one am glad Germanicus comments here and seems to have broken thru some of the torture brainwashing Germans have endured.

    • Replies: @Anja Böttcher
  96. TKK says:

    I read your comment and knew immediately these mental midgets would deny there were any “camps” in Germany, Poland, etc utilized in World War 2 for the purpose of detaining and killing undesirables, which includes Jews.

    Dangerous as liberals. Unhinged, obsessed and pathological jealous of .02 percent of the population who never give their hatred, their lives or beings a second thought.

    When this website published an article praising Kim Jong-un, I knew it was repellent and irredeemable. A good read is Nothing to Envy, by Barbara Demick and Without You, There is no Us by Suki Kim.

    What a shame. It was a good idea but it was been hijacked by a fringe element who ham fist the Jews into every topic. It is no different from reading the Huff Post or CNN. No nuance.

    A song with one note.

    The argument that explains everything explains nothing.

    Note: That the founder of this website is a self loathing Jew seems to go over their heads.

    • LOL: Wally
    • Replies: @annamaria
  97. @Wally

    Wally, Wally … I appreciate your calling attention to certain widely unknown facts, in every article where they are remotely relevant. Even though those of us who visit here regularly may be very familiar with, the chances are there are some new readers.

    But would you please cool your jets and limit yourself to one reference per article? You’re over-egging the pudding.

    • Disagree: apollonian
    • Replies: @Wally
  98. @ploni almoni

    We have more than one criminal law, you know. The quoted one was 130. We have as well laws against murder, manslaughter, physical assaults resulting in death ect. Every individual committing such crime is taken to court. So what is your problem?

    • Replies: @Robjil
    , @ploni almoni
  99. Robjil says:
    @Anja Böttcher

    That 130 law is a crime against humanity. Five years for investigating what happened in WWII? Investigation is not hate. How about a real investigation of nine eleven? It is the key that frees humanity of the criminals ruling this planet. Nine eleven was such a sloppy, cruel job by our rulers. All real honest, deep investigations of the crime point to Israel firsters and Israelis as having done the crime.

    • Replies: @Anja Böttcher
  100. @EVROPA

    I cut and pasted this into google translate and it said unknown.

  101. @ariadna

    I got an idea: why not call this new organization ‘Jew-no’?

    • Replies: @ariadna
  102. @mark green

    @15 Mark says: Awareness of Jewish power and Jewish malfeasance makes one ‘aware’. Nothing more.

    I say: To solve the JP problem: one merely attaches one end of a metal wire to the JP and connects the other end of the metal wire to ground, as the power transfers, the JP goes limp, takes about three/1000 of a seconds.

    Everyone has given up on the JM problem. its a bit more complicated, i will have to leave that to better minds.

    Mark has described events that may be the result of economic zionism. EZ, destroys competition as an input, and produces monopoly power as an output. EZ dictates that wealth or resources in the hands or control of others is competition that must be eliminated.

    How does EZ work? It eliminates competition to produce monopoly! EZ does not foster competition, it does not tolerate competition, it does not play by moral based rules; its economic object is to produce and secure exclusive unilateral monopoly power (playing fair is not EZ). Monopoly is accomplished by targeting and eliminating all competition of any sort. Often armed rule-making (nation states) structures (ARMS) are seen as tools that can promote the economy, wealth, privilege and security of the few, but really the tool is in the workings of something like the feudal system. The king (modernly the state) hands control of large segments of the economy of the kingdom to a select few. In exchange for the economic monopoly, the recipient raises and feeds armies, to protect the king(state), and feeds and trains soldiers capable to staff the army in accord to the kings(states) needs. The feudal lord (recipient) uses his or her vassals to make a profit by producing food and clothing(sheep) to feed and cloth the masses in the kingdom.

    next you say
    Fact: Organized Jewry is undermining Free Speech, restricting Free Assembly, fomenting war, manipulating the political process, and riding roughshod over international law. This toxic pattern is clear as day.

    I say: but not all Jews and many non Jews are guilty of the claims you make?. Such claims are reasonably expected results of an economy that is framed after the principles of EZ, certainly they are not the substance of Jewish racial or religious existence? I do not see that your allegations that the Jews did it fit the events you described.. no offense, i just think it important to keep the dialog moving in a productive manner…

    • Replies: @ploni almoni
  103. utu says:
    @Grace Poole

    Israel’s Jewish People Policy and Planning Initiative (JPPPI) commissioned the group’s first study: Solomon Wald studied Jewish – Chinese relations and their future. The report was predicated on the notion that USA

    Is this report available?

    • Replies: @Grace Poole
  104. @August

    Antisemitism isn’t a myth, it’s displayed openly every time a Yid-Khazar shoots a Palestinian.

    • Agree: annamaria, Desert Fox
    • LOL: Ilyana_Rozumova
  105. @Wally

    I don’t know. I’m German Catholic/Lutheran myself.

    • Replies: @Wally
  106. @Oscar Peterson

    Because it is only a working wage for male actors, the brighter ones like former Special Ed teacher Jeremy will quickly self-finance and distribute their own films.

    Alas, all poor Johnnie had to show was a $1500 a day crack cocaine habit. Which is ironic, because John Holmes was a decent actor.

    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
  107. @Nancy Pelosi's Latina Maid

    Since most African-Americans position on Israel is dubious or indifferent at best, a society of cuckold whites is unlikely to enhance its position of strength.

  108. @utu

    The extended essay used to be available online on the JPPPI website; now, it’s a book available for purchase at the usual places.

    This video requires careful listening — audio is bad.

    this one has better audio. I haven’t listened to it, don’t know it’s content

    • Replies: @utu
    , @anon
  109. @The Alarmist

    Crying wolf….This false unfounded often times PROVEN lies distract the real debate around endless wars in the world, terrorism, Palestinian genocide, etc, And unbelievably this antisemetic claims shields the MAIN source of wars, hunger, massive exodus that is: International ZIONISM, Israel, Jewry..

  110. annamaria says:

    You have been looking in the wrong direction for mental and moral midgets: “Israel is arming neo-Nazis in Ukraine”

    “The Israel Lobby Protects Neo-Nazis in Ukraine:”

    • Replies: @Wally
  111. Agent76 says:

    March 13, 2019 Imperialism on Trial. Conference Event

    Events in the North of Ireland: March 19-21, 2019

    While Donald Trump may have popularised the term ‘Fake News’, journalists, academics and activists, have been calling out the establishment media in their promotion of imperialism, for many years before he ever threw his hat in the ring, politically.

  112. Wally says:
    @Microwave Surfer

    Yawn, your game is an old one.

    IOW, you are a Zionist who cannot refute what I post.

    And do note that I’m responding to others for which you say nothing.

    Indeed, the “new readers”, I love ’em. It’s called rather roughly, ‘breaking a cherry’.
    They will never be quite the same after hearing the truth.

    “it is necessary to recognize that the lack of traces involves the inability to directly establish the reality of the existence of homicidal gas chambers.”
    – French exterminationist historian Jacques Baynac, Le Nouveau Quotidien (Lausanne, Switzerland), Sept. 3, 1996, p. 14.

    • Replies: @Da Wei
    , @NZLex
  113. Wally says: • Website

    ” “The Israel Lobby Protects Neo-Nazis in Ukraine:” ”

    More proof of the fraudulence of the impossible “holocaust” narrative.

  114. Wally says:
    @Anja Böttcher

    ” like his idol: Nazi wife and Nazi criminal Ursula Haverbeck.”

    Except there were the ‘Nazis’ with the mythological ’6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers’ and there were the ‘Nazis’ without the mythological ’6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers’.
    You mean Usrula Haverbeck who was imprisoned for Thought Crimes and for engaging in her Basic Human Right of free speech.

    Only lies demand censorship.

    No doubt you see no problems with these:
    Israeli racist, pregnant arab T shirts, 1 shot, 2 kills: and:
    ‘Killing Arabs not racist, it’s values:

    • Replies: @Anja Böttcher
  115. @Wally


    So HUSTLER and DEEP THROAT strengthen the IRA position in Northern Ireland because Larry and Linda were Irish-Catholics?

    Here’s a little known fact. Linda Lovelace wanted to become a NUN at one point.

    The vast number of Baptists among porn actors is probably little more than the result of their poverty relative to other whites.

    Which brings us to a question. Why are Baptists invariably poor? Why is rural America full of poor people like Holmes and Daniels who ARE Baptist? Why is American rural poverty more prevalent in Baptist regions than Lutheran one though Scandinavians in Minnesota and the Dakotas are also rural.

    Why is the Baptist denomination, as oppose to Catholic or Lutheran, so closely associated with the “I’ll DO ANYTHING TO PAY RENT level of poverty”?

  116. @Anja Böttcher

    She drank the koolaid. Now she has littlephobia n the usual selective knowledge of European history promoted by the Red Brigade MSM. I’ll bet she is totally unaware that the Bolsheviks not only shot 20,000 Poles but also similar numbers of Letts, Lithuanians, n Estonians in 1939. Not to mention the fact that the Bolsheviks had the largest army in the world prepared to occupy most of Europe in 1941 planning to bring a similar slaughter to Germany. And guess who was feeding Stalin secrets on German defenses from within Germany? Yep. That’s who. So before we start making uninformed accusations about who tried to genocide whom…

    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @Anja Böttcher
  117. @Sin City Milla

    Conveniently forgotten: 2 SS divisions were composed of Muslims, n Iraq declared itself National Socialist in 1941. Nazi did not always mean white.

    • Replies: @BengaliCanadianDude
  118. @follyofwar

    They should but they won’t.

  119. @Anja Böttcher

    Please do not teach us! We are capable to make up our own minds. And please do not shout. I think you did break my eardrums. And Germanicus was not German he was Roman.
    And lier is not lier, It is layer.
    So take it easy!

  120. @Johnny Rottenborough

    Thank you for the Sobran link. Never read him befopre.

    • Replies: @Johnny Rottenborough
  121. @Wally


    Sorry, I misaddressed that post to our discussion about porn.

    I am Christian. Though seemingly Christians are more impotent than Muslims who speak their mind in Congress because the worst that can happen is that they can go back on Lutheran handouts in Minnesota.

    Johan and Karl up in the Da North Star State can be blamed for Omar.

    One reason is that Scandinavians own the meat-packing business up there. Or perhaps it was plain old Lutheran progressiveness.

  122. dube says:

    “An old Polish expat and camp-survivor I knew in England (not a Jew)”

    – So what did he “survive”?

    Captured in the Polish attack on the German radio station at Gleiwitz?

    • Replies: @Wally
  123. Sparkon says:

    Sorry about the naked link. Seemingly I had successfully deleted this comment (naked link) during the 5-minute edit window with two confirming dialogues, but it posted anyway. I deleted it because the image wouldn’t display. However, If you right-click on the link in my #112, the poster image will display correctly if opened in a new tab. Here’s the background story:

    Anti-Jewish poster issued in German occupied Serbia in the fall of 1941 for the Grand Anti-Masonic Exhibition in Belgrade from October 22, 1941, to January 19, 1942.

    The poster reads: ФИНАНСИЈА у САД је 98% у јеврејским рукама

    FINANCE in the US is 98% in Jewish hands

    Anti-Jewish is a much better term than anti-semitic. Note that if you use the Google Books Ngram view, both antisemitism and anti-semitism register. Mr. Hopkins uses the hyphenated form, while the image of the sign on the brick …building doesn’t.

  124. @jeff stryker

    John performed only in couple of movies. Eventually his heart was not capable to supply enough blood into that big pipi.

  125. @Anon

    haha “Patel”. My good friend Jeff, although not being an Indian, has lived in India for a bit. But not in Gujarat, but rather in Kerala,he says. So his name would probably be “Pillai” or “Menon” . And credit where credit is due to be honest, he knows more about my ancestral homeland then I do, which is quite a shame.

    cheers from Canada

  126. @Sin City Milla

    Or the Indian National Army formed by Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose (Bengali!) with the aid of Fujiwara and Japan. The provisional government estabilished was also aided by the Axis forces and they were helped on by these great and honourable men. Not many people know. They should

    • Replies: @Sin City Milla
  127. Anonymous [AKA "Geoff Short"] says:
    @Edward Huguenin

    Surely Israeli apartheid is a jolly good thing. It means that everyone in the country, regardless of race, ethnicity or religion:

    1. Can vote in national and local elections.
    2. Stand for election.
    3. Become a member of the Knesset, the government and the cabinet – and become prime minister and president. (Israel had an Arab president in 2007)
    4. sit as a judge in the Supreme Court.
    5. Join the IDF and rise to a position of prominence.
    6. Join the diplomatic service.
    7. Enter the same hospital and receive the same treatment.
    8. Attend and graduate from any university in the country.

    And so on and on.

    Israeli apartheid is wonderful. Let’s celebrate it!

    • Replies: @geokat62
  128. annamaria says:
    @Sin City Milla

    You protest too much. Check the names of the leading Bolsheviks. For example,

    Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky (1877 – 1926), nicknamed Iron Felix, was a Polish and Soviet Bolshevik revolutionary. Dzerzhinsky led the first two Soviet state security organizations, the Cheka and the OGPU… He was one of the architects of the mass killings of hundreds of thousands of people during the Red Terror


    • Replies: @Sin City Milla
  129. geokat62 says:

    Israeli apartheid is wonderful. Let’s celebrate it!

    You are absolutely right. There is indeed cause for celebration

    Excerpt from Beyond the ballot box: how Israel’s ‘Arab voters’ are second-class citizens:

    Finally, aside from the attempts to undermine the political representation of, and mobilisation by, Palestinian citizens – beyond the ballot box – Israel maintains a legal and political framework of racist privilege that Israel’s apologists would consider beyond the pale anywhere else.

    As I detail in my book, ‘Palestinians in Israel: Segregation, Discrimination and Democracy’, Palestinians are treated as second-class citizens in every area of life (and recall that for almost two decades after Israel’s creation, they were subjected to military law).

    There is no guarantee of full equality for Jewish and Palestinian citizens by law, while bodies like the Jewish Agency and Jewish National Fund, bodies intended to privilege Jews, are granted responsibilities normally performed by the state.

    By the mid-1970s, the average Palestinian village in Israel had lost 65 to 75 percent of its land. Admission committees filter residents in 70 percent of Israeli communities (a role legislated for in around 42 percent of communities), and are “used to exclude Arabs.”

    Meanwhile, tens of thousands live in “unrecognised villages” in the Negev and elsewhere, with many threatened by new plans for forced displacement. According to the U.N.’s Special Rapporteur on the right to adequate housing, Israel pursues “a land development model that excludes, discriminates against and displaces minorities.”

    This is by no means a comprehensive list. To respond by saying ‘Arab Israelis can vote’, ‘there are Arabs in the Knesset’, or ‘an Arab is a Supreme Court judge’ is no response at all: it is cynical tokenism, or, at best, a demonstration of a profoundly shallow understanding of what constitutes ‘democracy’ and what defines the relationship between a state and a citizen.

    As Adalah’s summary of the Israeli elections put it, “racism was the most victorious ballot.” Contrary to what some have maintained, this is no betrayal of Israel’s ‘principles’ and ‘traditions’, but entirely consistent with them. Yes, Palestinian citizens can vote – and they are also second-class citizens in a ‘Jewish state’.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  130. @economics101

    Well, a start, is a law that makes it five years in prison for claiming to be chosen by God, ten years years in prison for teaching children that non-Jews are not human, life imprisonment for creating pretexts to send others to go to war.
    Of course when the whole government, local, state, and federal is involved in the crime of staging a false attack on its own people, even by minimizing casualties through having the NYPD evacuate who they can in one hour before blowing up the buildings, it is too late. You have lost control. You are now a slave. And you know what they do to revolting slaves, don’t you? They crucify them. Now you have to wait for the inevitable thermonuclear war and let nature follow its course. Unless you are willing to be crucified, of course, and how many of those are there?
    By the way, who invented nuclear weapons? They must have been geniuses, much more intelligent than the tweeting animals we see on the streets. It is not hard to guess what defenseless nation with the milk of human kindness flowing through its veins will be the first to drop its nuclear weapons, under false pretenses, on someone else. A people who would, say, set fire to Rome in 64, or force the English to sign a treaty with the Poles in May 1939 telling the Poles not to give Germans access to Danzig because they will come and help them. And they will say they were the real victims, not the ones they sent to be cannon fodder. And then they will pass laws making it a crime to criticize them or point out they are evil.

    • Agree: Robjil
  131. @Robjil

    Ursual Haverbeck has never investigated anything – but continued her criminal husband’s work. Werner Haverbeck was a high Nazi official directly workig under Baldurch von Schirach and victims of his massmurderous crimes were millions of German male children whom he alienated from their parents and murdered by chasing them in desperate courses on German ground against professionally equipped foreign troops with tanks. Kids who did not were hanged.

    So he and his despicable wife should have rotten in prison and their ashes afterwards dumped in the litter.

    So if you lunatic USAists have no other job than hailing mass muderers, spitting on their victims and desecrating graves, then do so on the base of distortion of your own history.

    If you do that with ours on out very own soil, be prepared that our police and judges, who might send you to prison for a couple of years, are the only people who might save your own lousy lives by preventing us from battering your skulls. Lunatics of your kind have led to slaughter 48 million foreigners, but as well of 7 million Germans.

    • Replies: @ploni almoni
    , @annamaria
    , @Anon
  132. @Germanicus

    A USAmerican scumbag, perhaps offspring of an emigrated SS slaughterer via the ratlines, who is lunatic enough to pose as a German civilian although he is completely uneducated with colloquial German, might think it unusual that German Beamte, civil servants, you know, will make sure that German law is abided to.

    In my country criminal lunatics like you go to jail – where they belong.

    • Replies: @Germanicus
  133. @anon

    There is no other German commentator but me.

    Scumbag you refer to has no command of the German language and has never posted any “German” but copied- & pasted stuff or bloody Google translantions.

    Germans tend to be capable of speaking German, you know, and that guy can’t.

    And interesting that you seem to believe Russians were the only sane people on earth, so that rational Germans must be of Russian background. To be honest – it would only puzzle me, if I had USAist heirs. In my grandpartents’ regions there thousands of raping GIs around – but luckily my mom was at that time already fifteen months old, thus cannot have anything to do with them. Being involuntarily related to such an abyssmally stupid lot like USAists must be a real blow for a thinking human being’s self-cofidence.

  134. @Anja Böttcher

    I think you are a bit intolerant and discriminate against the diversity of opinion.
    You can’t bear diversity, you are a hater I think.

    If you are trolling, in order to expose the degenerate FRG Cheka mindest of the criminals that run it, you are doing a very fine job.
    Go on, but I really worry for your health and that you gonna burst like a balloon if I pull out the needle.
    Have you ever considered some Yoga, or breathing techniques to get your wild jewishness tamed?

    Btw, what is the name of the country, that has Einführungsgesetze in the name of the German Reich and the Reichstag?

    • Replies: @Anja Böttcher
  135. @Wally

    [Stop cluttering up threads with endless lists of links, especially those in a foreign language. Future comments along these lines may get trashed, and if they persist, most of your other comments as well.]

    I know that your IQ is lower than 50, but once again – for an underdeveloped vegetable without the slightest bit of education:

    No sane person has ever claimed that victims of Nazi genocide were as low as 6 million people. That is what USAists believe. They were more than 17 million on SU territory only and 5.7 on Polish ground – plus further millions in other countries – btw: 500 000 innocent German civilians were slaughtered by them too.

    And delusional USAists hallucinations, thos of people who do not know any language in which primary documents are written, p.e. German, Russian, Polish, are completely irrelevant for judging what has happened. Here again, if your restricted brain knows the difference, PRIMARY SOURCES PRODUCED BY NAZIS THEMSELVES WHICH DOCUMENT THEIR GENOCIDE:

    Next time you have the cheek to address me you have read every single one of them, imbecile. Have you grasped that?

    [MORE],_1891-1939 c=1000_dokumente_de&viewmode=0&l=de&von_treffer=60&bis_treffer=69
    Read here Book 2, chapter 14:
    Solid historiographical records for countering revisionist lies:

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @annamaria
    , @Wally
  136. @Achilles Wannabe

    Achilles Wannabe—It’s a pleasure. Click here for an important Sobran article, ‘In Our Hands’, which is not listed in the index I linked to above.

  137. @Ilyana_Rozumova

    It is also an opera written by Georg Philipp Telemann in1704.

  138. @jeff stryker

    Jews produce the porn claimung porn is not jewish because the talent is mostly not jews is jyst dumb.

  139. @Anja Böttcher

    Weren’t you formerly Haagen-Dasz? And don’t you run Germany out of Tel Aviv?

  140. sarz says:
    @Reuben Kaspate

    The Koch brothers are Jews. Their father, an American, made his money off the Jew-controlled Soviet Union. He made it a point to act John-Wayne-goyish. For crypsis. These guys sre keeping up the act.

    There used to be a rigbteous Jew-hating snd – exposing website,,that did a lot of crypsis exposure. Hugh Hefner, the pornograoher posing as a born Methodist was outed. By the way, he was awarded a prize by the ADL.

    Another prominent outee was Bill Gates.

    The guy running the website said the ADL were after him. His website kept getting banned. Then he mentioned threats. Then silence. Now most of the articles have disappeared even from archival websites.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Reuben Kaspate
  141. @Anja Böttcher

    You have 613 Mitzvot. And a one track track mind. Destroy Amalek. Do not forget Amalek. Amalek must be destroyed. Amalek is your enemy. That is how you are programmed. You have no mind of your own, and no soul. You are Amalek.

    • Agree: apollonian
  142. annamaria says:

    “racism was the most victorious ballot.” … this is no betrayal of Israel’s ‘principles’ and ‘traditions’, but entirely consistent with them.”
    — Agree. The Jewish State is a Jewish/Zionist disgrace.

  143. @Sin City Milla

    [You have already been warned that gigantic lists of links, especially foreign-language ones, clutter-up comment-threads and will be trashed. If you continue this misbehavior, most of your other comments will suffer the same fate.]

  144. @Ilyana_Rozumova

    The mere assumption that somebody could “teach you” anything relies on the surreal premise that you actually had the intelligence to learn something.

    I do not doubt that you simply haven’t,

  145. annamaria says:
    @Anja Böttcher

    “Werner Haverbeck was a high Nazi official directly working under Baldurch von Schirach and victims of his mass-murderous crimes …”

    Well, Anja Böttcher, you asked for that: “Ariel Sharon was a high Zionist official directly working under amoral Israeli authority; Palestinians were victims of his mass-murderous crimes … by chasing them running in desperate courses on Palestinian ground against professionally equipped foreign troops with tanks.”

    As for your emotional ” lunatic USAists”, I do agree that the coup d’etat in Ukraine, which had been accomplished through a collaboration between Zionists (Kagans clan), neo-Nazi, (see Azov battalion financed by an Israel citizen Kolomojsky), and the CIA (see Brennan’s visit on the eve of military actions by Kiev against pro-federalists in Eastern Ukraine) was a deed of lunatics and subhumans.
    And don’t forget the that the current prime minister of Ukraine, Groisman, is Jewish; it was under his watch that Israel government under Bibi had been delivering Israel-made rifles to Ukrainian neo-Nazi. The ADL and Simon Wiesenthal Center have been in full solidarity with the neo-Nazi.

  146. @Germanicus

    Invent crap about your USAmerican home country, scumbag.

    In mine, you’d go to jail, if not rightfully enraged people would have strangulated you before.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Anon
    , @ploni almoni
  147. Anon[211] • Disclaimer says:
    @Anja Böttcher

    Nazi criminal Ursula Haverbeck.

    LOL. A German defending Germany in their own land cannot be a criminal. The notion is antithetical to the concept of Law. Your foreign, Jewish oppressive laws are morally invalid and temporary.

    Your imposition on the Germans and all other peoples is the primary crime.

    On a more esoteric note:

    No Jew can even be a valid judge, even though you farcically call yourselves judges, because all Judges must come from the West. All judgement is of and from the West. Your Rabbis know this to be true. Jews are of the East.

    The best you can be is the equivalent of the whore, producing the product of whores, consistent with your goddess of and roots in the East.

    And they are all cowars – great at slaughtering little kids, even babies, as long as they have the upperhand, but slimy little vermin the moment they have lost.

    The Jewish neurosis causes unprecedented projection.

    If we were to reveal your religion in full here or anywhere, it would be revealed as the ideology that calls for the slaughtering of children. It would be revealed as the ideology that promotes the transfer of Jewish crimes to the heads of gentiles.

    It is your religion that calls for the complete genocide of all non-jews except for some slaves.

    You can barely keep the lid on your loud-mouthed and crazed Rabbis from exclaiming this to the world, as they periodically do.

    We don’t need them, however. As we know how to read your books.

    When it gets out, you are fucked.

    I would spend less time with the angry disingenuous rants and more time trying to make yourself invisible. Its your only true long-term hope.

    Now be gone, you loathsome beast.

    • Agree: Germanicus
    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
  148. @Walter Duranty

    Thank you, Walter. This issue is a minefield. And not by accident.

    Since US policies are rife with double-standards, discriminatory actions, extra-judicial killings, special privileges, and unprincipled justifications for the use of military force; maintaining the sacred status of Jewish suffering as well as taboos against expressing anti-Zionist sentiment will require our adversaries to employ all the usual tricks: censorship, shaming, character assassination, economic ruination, physical assault, political isolation, and boatloads of vulgar political propaganda. (Am I leaving anything out?)

    This is their modus operandi. But it’s wearing thin.

    Our eventual victory has only one way forward: to maintain (and advance) the absolute right to unfettered political expression. This is our key to victory.

    We must re-establish ‘truth’ as a legitimate defense.

    The Zions know that our arguments and observations will be their political death knell. This in part explains their ruthless and amoral fanaticism.

  149. Anon[332] • Disclaimer says:
    @Anja Böttcher

    Have you grasped that your content-free word vomit and anger are the tools of the Jewish negro and that you are done (as a Jewish idealist or Jewish golem) for as a matter of time?

    No actual human should lack the “cheek” to address such an arrogant moron with anger issues who doesn’t know that they are dead-man walking.

  150. annamaria says:
    @Anja Böttcher

    “an abyssmally stupid lot”

    — First, Anja Böttcher, you made too many mistakes in your posts (for example, the word abysmally has one “s”), considering your rude remarks about Germanicus posts.

    Second, you are on the wrong forum with your Zionist propaganda: until honest research is allowed about WWII (as well as about Bolsheviks’ crimes in Russia), your verbal eruptions are just propaganda. And don’t forget Nakba — the numerous holo-biz museums have become a reminder of Zionists crimes against humanity in the Middle East.

    Jewish Bolsheviks in Russia:

    Winston Churchill: “There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshevism and in the bringing about of the Russian Revolution by these international and for the most part atheistical Jews. It is certainly a very great one; it probably outweighs all others.”

    Douglas Reed: “The Central Committee of the Bolshevik Party, which wielded the supreme power, contained 3 Russians (including Lenin) and 9 Jews. The next body in importance, the Central Committee of the Executive Commission (or secret police) comprised 42 Jews and 19 Russians, Letts, Georgians and others. The Council of People’s Commissars consisted of 17 Jews and five others. The Moscow Che-ka (secret police) was formed of 23 Jews and 13 others. Among the names of 556 high officials of the Bolshevik state officially published in 1918-1919 were 458 Jews and 108 others. Among the central committees of small, supposedly ‘Socialist’ or other non-Communist parties… were 55 Jews and 6 others.”

    Richard Pipes: “Jews undeniably played in the Bolshevik Party and the early Soviet apparatus a role disproportionate to their share of the population. The number of Jews active in Communism in Russia and abroad was striking: in Hungary, for example, they furnished 95 percent of the leading figures in Bela Kun’s dictatorship. They also were disproportionately represented among Communists in Germany and Austria during the revolutionary upheavals there in 1918-23, and in the apparatus of the Communist International.”

    Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (1918-2008), Nobel-Prize-winning novelist, historian and critic of Communist totalitarianism:

  151. Anon[381] • Disclaimer says:
    @Anja Böttcher

    “Rightfully enraged” Please.

    There is no righteousness in a defeated and controlled nation.

    If you are Jew then you are a vicious liar and a party to murder, and if you are a brainwashed non-Jew then you in-particular are a lost cause who does not know that the battle has moved on to leave you stranded on the side of evil.

    All of your angry nattering is pointless. Whatever you state in defense of Jews is pointless.

    The Jewish books call for the complete genocide of all other peoples.
    The Jewish books call for the complete destruction of all other nations.
    The Jewish books call for the complete destruction of all other religions.
    The Jewish books call for Jewish world rule.
    The Jewish books call for the enslavement of any survivors.
    The Jewish books state that all non-Jews have the souls of animals.
    The Jewish books state that the only way for the world to be purified is for all non-Jews to be murdered.

    The Jewish books validate the claims of antisemites everywhere, to include the National Socialists.

    The Jews have been studying their books for millenia, and attempting to bring their Messianic period to fruition throughout that time. This is their open goal.

    Everything detailed in the above list is necessary for their Messianic time to come into being, according to the Jews. According to the Jews, they have 220 years at maximum from today to make all of that happen.

    You have no defense.
    You have no point.
    You natter angrily like a controlled slave or a Jew. Both outputs being one hundred percent meaningless.

    Enjoy the truth. Now fuck off back to the slimy hole that you crawled out of.

    • Replies: @Germanicus
  152. Anon[381] • Disclaimer says:

    Its important to copy and paste and then screenshot important articles, these days.

  153. Wally says:
    @Anja Böttcher

    I saw nothing in your laughable links which proves the impossible.
    Please tell me specifically which ones do in your opinion.
    You seem to be clueless to the fact the ALL of those easily debunked Zionist / communist fakes & twisted translations have been debunked in spades by Revisionists. They are yesterdays news. Search them if you dare at
    I have already posted information here which demolishes your absurd list, you dodged all of it, now that is revealing.

    Or, I’ll tell you what, try debating them one at a time at a no name calling, level playing field debate here:
    Revisionists love free speech, Jews like you suppress free speech …because your contrived nonsense does not hold up to scientific, rational scrutiny.

    BTW, why do you need to create fake picture & documents? like:and:
    Phoney gas vans documents, tip of the iceberg :

    Once again, please actually show us the millions of Jew corpses that are alleged to exist in specifically known locations, like these:
    Sobibor ‘monument’ supposedly over the remains of 250,000 Jew, actual remains of the alleged 250,000 cannot be shown.
    Alleged “ash pond” for an alleged 1.1M Jew remains at Auschwitz, however these alleged remains cannot be shown to exist.
    Alleged location of Treblinka mass graves / remains of 900,000 Jews according to Treblinka officials, no alleged remains exist.
    photo from ‘Surviving Treblinka’, by Samuel Willenberg.It is captioned: “crane lifting corpses destined for cremation”.
    Does anyone see any “corpses”? LOL

  154. @Anon

    You know, Anja is, hold your breath, *drummroll*, a media educator working for the criminal FRG firm.

    These death threads she issues will have consequences for her, we just have to restore law in Germany. Once that is done, she will be deported to Israel, where she has to seriously work.

    Ich bin Medienpädagogin und arbeite im staatlichen Schuldienst, habe mich aber primär als politisch aktive und schreibfähige Bürgerin in den letzten zwei Jahren öffentlich zu unverkennbar aggressiv-hegemonialen Tendenzen des Leitmediendiskurses, vor allem seit der Ukraine-Krise und der damit verbundenen kriegerischen Gefahr artikuliert.

    She is a genuine nutty Cheka and a danger to the German peoples.

    • Replies: @Anon
  155. Anon[307] • Disclaimer says:
    @Anja Böttcher

    If you do that with ours on out very own soil, be prepared that our police and judges, who might send you to prison for a couple of years, are the only people who might save your own lousy lives by preventing us from battering your skulls.

    What is this “ours” and “we” talk?

    Jews are not Germans, by Jewish and all other valid definition. In fact, for an English speaking Rabbi, the “Ger” in “Ger-man” would specifically indicate a non-Jew. Which indicates a nation distinct and thus separate from Jews.

    From the first search result for “ger”:

    The ger was not a full citizen. There is no evidence that the ger could hold land in Israel, or participate in jurisprudence. The ger and the citizen remain rigidly distinguished

    So, the same should apply to the Jew in “Ger-man-y”. Yes?

    You quarter-wit German pretender.

    Jews are destructive squatters on any land outside of their own nation, due to their Jewish nationalism and their Tanakh (and other) stated intent to destroy all other nations.

    If you are a rabid brainwashed non-Jew spouting rhetoric in defense of Jews and their lying narratives, then you are acting as a traitor to your nation and are similarly not truly German. You wish for the destruction of Germany, because that is the wish of the Jews. Per their texts.

    You aren’t battering anyone’s skull in, pathetic keyboard warrior. Neither is any German group. You’d be luck to escape with your life should the Jewish yoke ever be lifted from the German neck and the Jewish-communist contingent removed from power. Which it one day will be.

    Under that oppression is the only way that you can get away with your impudent threats from the small controlled state that you occupy. Your contingent has no power to move the German military to full scale war over these issues. Not in the United States. Not in Germany. Not in Russia. Not anywhere. There are zero major powers, aside from perhaps China, that would come too your rescue as their militaries are riddled with ours.

    Your privilege in Germany is hanging by a very thin thread that shows no chance of thickening over the next generation. Why? Because the Jewish presence is of no clear benefit to anyone but invaders, and it is a very clear liability to natives. And the time when your simplistic propaganda worked is well over. Stew on that.

    Lunatics of your kind have led to slaughter 48 million foreigners, but as well of 7 million Germans

    Typical lying communist Jew. Ever inflating numbers of the grande lie. Next year, the tally will be 500 million. This began with your communist revolution, beast.

    The lie is outed by the admission of the Jews themselves.

    One lie translates to no trust and the discrediting of the entire lie. As occurs in any court of law.

    You are done. Now back to your dirty hole with your disgusting life.

  156. Anon[307] • Disclaimer says:

    “You know, Anja is, hold your breath, *drummroll*, a media educator working for the criminal FRG firm.

    She is a genuine nutty Cheka and a danger to the German peoples”.

    They all represent a grave danger to The Good as well as to the lives of all non-Jewish innocents, whom they refer to as animals in their books.

    Anyone can confirm this fact, by reading their books, as well as the others that I prior detailed in regard to their plans to destroy all other nations.

    Which proves that they project their own psychopathy onto others.

    Heavenly justice and history’s grand arc will have them eventually and permanently brought down.

    Let her words here stand as her accusers.

  157. Blake says:

    Clearly a deflection scapegoating the reality of what is really going on.

  158. Böttcher=cooper

    What’s the tribal membership chance? Rhetorical question though.

  159. @sarz

    Hugh Hefner had in the visage and if it weren’t enough, the aggressive soft porn peddling should affirm it… thanks for the info!

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  160. Anon[282] • Disclaimer says:
    @Anja Böttcher

    In mine, you’d go to jail, if not rightfully enraged people would have strangulated you before.

    Note the Commie-Jew tactic of trying to talk for the German people, as if the German people instinctively think in Jewish values to protect the Jewish people and commies above all else.

    When in reality the two groups have polar opposite minds. As opposite as the world has ever known.

    Commie-Jews regularly use this “speak for the Germans” tactic as a means of dictating acceptable values to a captured, oppressed people as their rulers.

    This example is especially telling, because this particularly rabid little animal cannot help but sputter and express her innate murderous instinct.

    They have to keep “speaking for the Germans” loud enough to drown out their fear in their paranoid minds that the Germans will one day turn murder them in their sleep for all of the pain and suffering they have caused in a land that is not theirs.

    Meanwhile, the world tries to hide their collective guffaws in the face of these evil beasts who attempt to include themselves in the same “we” pronoun as the native Germans.

    Pray louder, Anja. Your god cannot hear you in Germany. The cries from the blood soaked soil from the millions of native German dead over the centuries are drowning out your corrupt voice. And when judgement comes, the accusing angel will have had his fill of goat and will not be interested in any more bribery.

    You will stand trial and be convicted. Your name will be blotted out.

    • Agree: apollonian
    • Replies: @Sin City Milla
  161. @Anon

    She did used the word bloke. that is Australian. Just like PeterAUS. Oh my; looks like lots of Jews in Australia.

  162. anon[108] • Disclaimer says:
    @Grace Poole

    Tablet magazine ran a few articles .Around same time the same type of debates were showcased by other Jewish media . Obama’s efforts to reach Iran was seen as a stab in then back of the Jewish country Israel. The entire universe of Jewish people naturally felt threatened because they are the citizen of the Israel. Shall they reach out to India and China and think of moving ? Shall the cut the ties to US ? It did not gain much traction . India could never be anywhere near even Turkey in terms of social development . China ?? India can be the 3rd richest country of the world in 20 yrs or less so. Very interesting ! I was thinking when they would ask America for repatriation money ?Rising antisemitism drove the American Jews . Don’t they need the compensation ? May be China and India would force US to pay .

  163. @Anja Böttcher

    There is only one country that fits that description. The promised land.

  164. Paw says:

    Elites in some Arabian countries love antisemitism so much. It helps with repressive actions against the populations of the EU. To fight against anti-Islamism as well. ETC.
    Ten of the most powerfull media of the world ruled by the Media barons the Jews ,and other billions dollars bags, and are fully in the service ,for the present growing occupation of the EU.
    By the fanatical Islam…Who profit ?
    Some countries for some reasons are poor of the Jews. And these countries at the same time are rather more succesfull in the general development of their nations…
    In spite of problems, persecutions of all sorts by the USA and the EU..

  165. ariadna says:
    @Digital Samizdat

    All I can say is “wow”…

  166. @Reuben Kaspate

    Here is a picture of Hugh Hefner as a young man. He could easily be a brother of Israeli magician Uri Geller, but he claimed to be of Swedish descent…

    • Replies: @Reuben Kaspate
  167. donut says:

    Is it safe , is she gone yet ?

  168. @Franklin Ryckaert

    Isn’t it the best way to hide one’s intentions by hiding the true identity? They have got the goyim coming and going!

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  169. @annamaria

    There is a really interesting “imaginative reconstruction” of the Skripal saga, that incorporates nearly all the known (Well, undisputed.) facts in a narrative that makes vastly more sense than anything else I have read on the subject and makes the twists and turns really quite believable. Of course it is not necessarily true but at least it is believable! It is in the Off Guardian in the Skripal section under the title: “Mar, 5, 2019
    The Skripal Case: An Alternative Narrative”

    • Replies: @annamaria
  170. @follyofwar

    Apart from the immigration problem, on which as a Brit. I have no advice to offer the US, it seems to me that since the problem is robots replacing human workers, the proper way to fund the UBI is a tax on robots. No doubt the nay-sayers will object that many of the robots are not in the USA but overseas in China, Vietnam, Philippines, India and so on. However, there is an obvious answer to that: US Law is now World Law as per sanctions on Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, Huawei, Old Uncle Tom Cobleigh and all, so US taxes can be collected from companies selling in the US whether they own or rent their robots in the US or anywhere else.

    • Agree: Endgame Napoleon
    • Replies: @bongstar420
  171. annamaria says:

    Skripal affair:
    From a comment section:

    If you start to read about the $2.1 billion bioweapon research programme under the title “Insect Allies” and how a large amount of money went to Porton Down, you do wonder if the two events might be connected.

    Furthermore, the chemical WMD has been under development in Georgia, on a border with Russia:

    Russia has filed an official information request with the United States to explain experiments with biological and chemical weapons in Georgia, with Russian officials giving an ultimatum to Washington that Moscow will not tolerate the housing or experimentation of such weapons near its borders.

    The US Embassy to Tbilisi transports frozen human blood and pathogens as diplomatic cargo for a secret US military program. Internal documents, implicating US diplomats in the transportation of and experimenting on pathogens under diplomatic cover were leaked to me by Georgian insiders. According to these documents, Pentagon scientists have been deployed to the Republic of Georgia and have been given diplomatic immunity to research deadly diseases and biting insects at the Lugar Center – the Pentagon biolaboratory in Georgia’s capital Tbilisi.

    This military facility is just one of the many Pentagon biolaboratories in 25 countries across the world. They are funded by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) under a $ 2.1 billion military program – Cooperative Biological Engagement Program (CBEP), and are located in former Soviet Union countries such as Georgia and Ukraine, the Middle East, South East Asia and Africa./blockquote>

  172. @annamaria

    I’m familiar with the backgrounds of most of the top Bolshevik leaders thank you. Dzerzhinsky’s background is not as definite as Wiki states. Jews often went to great lengths to obscure their origin given the official disabilities imposed by the Tsars (not always imposed, there were several emancipations of Jews in the Empire but tbey were all soon reversed). Dzerzhinsky knew Yiddish, dated a Julia Goldman, n was raised in a heavily Jewish area that was Russian, then east Poland interwar, then Russian again, n now is in Belorossiya. See Talk:Felix Dzerzhinsky/ Archive 1 -Wikipedia. It seems there is no more reason to believe he was Polish Catholic noble background than to suppose that he was actually born in a crypto Jewish family of recent false conversion. But your comment isn’t really apropos of my post anyway, which was about Stalin’s threat to Germany n how German Jewish Communists were collaborating with Stalin.

  173. Miggle says:

    It’s worse then a myth, it’s a lie.

    It’s worse than a lie. Supporting the real Semites is called anti-Semitism.

  174. @Anon

    Poland n Hungary have expelled their Jews n are at peace now that no one is holding their countries open at gunpoint to unlimited immigration. Germany has not yet expelled their Jews so they are still occupied n their gates still open.

  175. @BengaliCanadianDude

    All real nations are blood n soil. That should be supported, not condemned. The alternative, multicultural empires, ALWAYS eventually collapse in crime, war, n ethnic chaos.

  176. The only reason I’m anti-semitic is because of Jews.

  177. Da Wei says:

    Bravo. As always, good punchin’, ol’ timer.

  178. Once i was young and impulsive
    I wore every conceivable pin
    Even went to the socialist meetings
    Learned all the old union hymns
    But i’ve grown older and wiser
    And that’s why i’m turning you in
    So love me, love me, love me, i’m a liberal

  179. NZLex says:
    @mark green

    [Speaks into watch] “This one can SEE!”

  180. NZLex says:

    “Looking daggers”, indeed. ASSAD! [sinister music] What, doesn’t work? ANTI-SEMITISM! [more sinister music] I DON’T UNDERSTAND! [sobbing]

  181. NZLex says:

    So much HATE in one Tweet! 🙂 Why even use Twatter anymore – it’s obviously just a “safe space” for [special interests].

  182. NZLex says:
    @Sir Launcelot Canning

    The voter participation rate must be very low – otherwise, you must be correct about the dumbness ratio. South Carolina decides who gets Syria’s Golan Heights now? Swine. He must be competing for Israel-lover of the month or something. There will be no “international recognition” for Israel’s annexation – now or ever. In fact, Israel’s aggression may provoke the region sufficiently to help Syria regain its territory and drive the invader out.

  183. NZLex says:

    Keep it up. I’ve visited the site for years now. I’m not sold on everything there, but it’s important to treat history with an open mind. Especially on this insanely-slanted topic.

    • Replies: @Wally
  184. macilrae says:

    After I brush my teeth

  185. Wally says:

    Thanks, Lex.

    Just for curiosity, what are you not sold on?

    Or maybe post some questions at the CODOH Forum.


  186. Thanks to usury, you get to pay back double the loaned amount on most loans. And we all know who is responsible for that.

  187. They are about as much of a threat as the militant islamists…these anti-semites

    ….but I think this problem is the lefties dropped the ball. They seem to have overlooked that jewish people represent about 2.7% of the population but account for about 20% of billionaires. They are also over represented in many high caliber industries and their average household income is $100,000/yr.

    This looks very racist and just might be something that motivates jew haters. What baffles me is how they have these jewish only clubs talking about how they are special and need to watch over us gentiles. Not that I condone racial identity and organizing as a culture, but these jewish people are super racist and Affirmative Action should put them at parity with their proper proportional representation in the population. It just so happens that Caucasions are close to parity but Africans, Hispanics, and Other are still behind.

  188. @foolisholdman

    We should re-engineer the fiat currency game. Instead of giving bankers the money to lend out, we can deposit it equally into all citizen accounts. Also, instead of borrowing from the FED, the Treasury can issue directly to the agencies. The UBI dispersal to citizens is un-taxed. Profits are taxed progressively to a cap per individual or market share. We issue aptitude based licensing for business regulation with no fees when necessary. With a psychological adjustment in the population, we will be able to expand the money supply significantly with low inflation with will result in better wealth balancing between individuals and overall general abundance.

    • Agree: annamaria
  189. dube says:

    Walter, I do recall your singing the Prize Song prior to your posting in the east. Thanks for the info on Gleiwitz. More good music, please.

  190. Elites want us to talk endlessly about this stuff, rather than about things like Nomi Prins’ discovery of a “dark money” trail, left by elites of various ethnic & racial backgrounds, cashing in on interest-free money streams from .Gov, while more & more Americans cannot even afford rent due to 40 years of wage suppression via welfare-assisted mass immigration.

    Charles Hugh Smith’s finger pointing at the “cartel pricing” of most the of life’s biggest expenses and other “hidden inflation” is also a topic strategically avoided by elites who offshored all of that production to cheap-labor countries, telling us it kept prices down. They forgot the part about how things like rent, home prices, education costs and healthcare costs have ballooned to Hindenburg proportions, while wages took a 40-year nose-dive for the bottom 80% of US citizens.

    Elites want to avoid that topic since it reflects on their poor stewardship of the economy. They want to avoid discussions of things like the 72% rise in rent and housing costs. This ubiquitous inflation, bumping up the price of most essentials, makes the 40-year wage free fall even more brutal for .Gov’s red-headed, non-welfare-eligible stepchildren, more of whom fall outside of the oppressed minority groups, percent-wise, despite all of the caterwauling about race and ethnicity.

    Democratic, congressional neoliberals in their $174k jobs have started throwing around the phrase “dark money” between breathless accusations. of racism, sexism, xenophobia and Russia, Russia, Russia. They might be trying to get ahead of the curve, knowing that more & more Americans are catching onto a possible reason why every American politician gets rich in office—wildly rich in some cases—without ever creating a business to employ some of America’s 95 million sidelined citizens between 16 and 65 who are out of the labor force or to provide quality jobs for the average, “employed” person in the USA who is just a part-time worker despite the celebratory chorus about “full employment.”

    Neoliberal politicians built this crony-rigged system, wherein non-productive asset holders are automatically rewarded by constant money creation that decreases the value of every measly dollar that non-womb-productive, non-welfare-eligible Déplorables who have not had a raise in 40 years must work to earn.

    If magically rich, non-business-owning, neoliberal politicians keep distracting people with Mcarthyist racism / sexism witch hunts, while slowing dribbling in information about the dark side of the economy, they think they can spin themselves as reformers without really doing anything about it other than handing out more free stuff—more welfare and more child tax credits up to $6,431—to some citizens and noncitizens who stay under the earned-income limits for welfare by working part-time or temp jobs. If neoliberals hand out more womb-production rewards (or other freebies) to select groups of “winners” at the top and the bottom of the economy who get to play by different rules, they’ll keep those serfs quiet and stoically satisfied, thereby keeping the status quo intact.

  191. Turul says:

    Antisemitism is truly an elixir. Take a good big swig. It brightens your day.

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