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In September 2015, the European Union was subject to what has become known as “
See, earlier, from 2007:
In the middle of March, teenage school students around Europe went on “strike” to protest against their governments’ failure to do enough to combat “Climate Change”. [
India is a confusing place. It is able to send hordes of extremely intelligent and highly-motivated scientists to the USA, yet its city centres are so
Originally published in
Masculinity is under attack. The American Psychological Association was long ago taken over by the Left, so the APA’s bizarre recent guidelines claiming that “Traditional Masculinity” is psychologically
If you’re a scientist these days, you need to
The news that a Chinese scientist has in trouble with his superiors since the news came out. Diddling with the human genome will certainly be a thing in humanity's near future with sensational, unforeseeable consequences; I'm not blithe about that. We're not there yet, though, nor even close. Stories like this will pop up as... Read More
White racism towards African Americans causes black adolescents to become depressed, to underachieve
It’s not a shock that Postmodernism has
The Main Stream Media is quite clear about it: Mixed-race people are more intelligent and taller than are either of their parents [
It’s possible to derive some comfort from contemplating the Chinese. Sure, unless something radical is done,
It’s a sure sign that a piece of “
See also:
Since the beginning of the
According Melinda Gates the wife of the (white, male)
Atheists are genetic mutants who, for the most part, would never have been born if we hadn’t managed to
Evolutionary Psychology Says Meghan and Harry Will Divorce
When British Conservative politician
“This Will Not Stand”
For our Social Justice Warriors, race differences in intelligence absolutely cannot be acknowledged to be genetic. If that happens, they sense, then racial inequality in outcomes will have to be accepted as fair and their entire religion of cultural determinism, the thing that gives SJWs their power, will be discredited. This sends them into paroxysms... Read More
Unless it involves mocking President Trump’s supposedly
Inaugurating her Politically Correct remake of National Geographic, Editrix-In-Chief Susan Goldberg wrote recently: “Some of what you find in our archives leaves you speechless, like
Where is the The science deniers are out in full force. And no, it’s not some evangelical Christians in flyover country trying to keep someone from talking about evolution. It’s the real threat to science these days – liberal reporters from the Left Coast. A student at a science fair did a presentation on
Here’s a science story from the Old Country. Britain’s main Progressive and anti-white newspaper over there, The Guardian,
All educated people know that, although
Human beings are similar to mice: both are highly social pack animals. And experiments on mice can tell us a great deal about the physical and social health of human beings. Unfortunately, a recent article in Evolutionary Psychological Science has bleak news for the future of Western civilization. Genetic mutations are increasing, intelligence is decreasing... Read More
This week’s big story on the CultMarx front was the firing of Google employee James Damore. The firing offense was, he had written a document titled Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber and circulated it on Google’s internal network. The document was leaked to journalists, the nation’s CultMarxists threw a
What a technologically tremendous time we’ve been living through this past few decades! That thought was inspired by the
A few days ago I received an email from
Yesterday (i.e. Thursday) morning I was reading this article about a raft of new names hired to post at the New York Times blog. To my surprise, I saw the name Razib Khan among them. “Wow,” I thought, “Things are looking up.” I’ve known Razib for 15 years or so, since we both belonged to... Read More
[John Derbyshire is ill this week, which gives us an opportunity to post this talk, delivered to the
Credit: Wikimedia
Does the
Within the sphere of writing for a living, I don’t know that there is any trade more socially useful than
[JD Note: In what follows I use the abbreviations “HBD” and “BIP.” The first stands for “Human Bio-Diversity,” a field of discussion embracing all those aspects of human nature that can reasonably be supposed to have some biological component. “BIP” stands for the collection of human traits that can be put under the heading “Behavior,... Read More
Every Tuesday the print edition of theNew York Times includes a Science section. I don’t bother with it much, in spite of having been a science geek since infancy. Like most aspects of our metropolitan culture, the NYT Science section has been colonized by the hipster lifestyle. Girly concerns dominate, and there is very little... Read More