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Edward M. House Colonialism Confederacy Conservatives Constantinople Constitution Constitutional Theory Consumer Debt Crimea Crusades Cuba Cuban Missile Crisis Cultural Marxism Dalton Trumbo David Goldenberg David Irving David Petraeus Debt Debt Jubilee Deep State Democracy Democratic Party Demographic Transition Dick Cheney Die Nibelungen Dinesh D'Souza Diversity Dixie Dollar Dopamine Dostoevsky Douglas MacArthur Dresden Dreyfus Affair Drone War Drug Cartels Duterte Dysgenic E.O. 9066 East Asians Economic Development Egypt Eisenhower Elie Wiesel Eliot Engel England Enhanced Interrogations Enoch Powell Espionage EU Eurasia Europe European Right European Union Europeans Evolutionary Biology Eye Color Fake News Farmers Fascism Federal Reserve Feminism Fertility Rates Fidel Castro Fields Medals FIFA Financial Debt Financial Sector First Amendment First World War Floradora Girls Floyd Olson Foreign Service Frankfurt School Franklin D. Roosevelt Franz Boas Fred Hiatt Free Trade French National Front Gallipoli Gandhi Gene-Culture Coevolution Genetic Pacification Genocide Geopolitics George Bush George Kennan George Patton George Tenet George Wallace Gilad Atzmon Global Warming Globalization Goetsu Gold Warriors Goths Government Surveillance Great Leap Forward Greece Guilt Culture Gun Control Haim Saban Haiti Hate Speech Havelock Ellis Haymarket Affair Hbd Hbd Chick Henri De Man Henry Kissinger Herbert John Fleure Hillary Clinton Hiroshima Hispanics Historical Genetics Hitler HKND Hollywood Huey Long Huey Newton Hunter-Gatherers I.F. Stone Ibo Ice T Identity Igbo Ilhan Omar IMF Imperialism Individualism Intelligence Iosef Stalin IQ Iran Iranian Nuclear Program Iraq Ireland ISIS ISIS. Terrorism Islam Islamophobia J. Edgar Hoover Jamaica James Mattis Japan Jared Kushner Jeremy Corbyn Jesuits JFK Jr. Jimmy Carter John B. Watson John Bolton John Kerry John McCain John Mearsheimer Jonah Goldberg Jonathan Schell Jordan Peterson Joseph Lieberman Joseph McCarthy Judaism Julian Assange Jute Kaiser Wilhelm Keith Ellison Ken Livingstone Kim Young Oak Kinship Kissing Kkk Know-nothings Korean War Kosovo Kurds Larkana Conspiracy Latin America Lee Kuan Yew Leon Trotsky Liberalism Libertarians Libya Lorde Lyndon Johnson Machiavellianism Magna Charta Malaysian Airlines MH17 Mao Zedong Maoism Marcus Garvey Margaret Thatcher Marxism Mary White Ovington Math Mathematics Maulana Bhashani May Howard Mayans McMahon Line Memorial Day Mexican-American War Mexico Michael Morell Middle East Mike Huckabee Mike Pompeo Mikhail Khodorkovsky Military Pay Milner Group Mindanao Minnesota Minstrels Moon Landing Hoax Moon Landings Morality Moro Mossad Multiculturalism Muslim Ban Muslims Mussolini Mutual Assured Destruction My Lai My Old Kentucky Home Nagasaki Nancy Pelosi Nation Of Islam National Debt Nationalism Native Americans NATO Naz Shah Nazis Nazism Neoconservatism Neoconservatives Neoliberalism Neolithic New Cold War New England Patriots New Orleans New Qing History Nicaragua Canal Nigeria Nikki Haley Nixon Nobel Prized Nobosuke Kishi Nordics North Korea Northwest Europe Nuclear War Nuremberg O Mio Babbino Caro Obscured American Occupy Wall Street Oil Industry Olaf Caroe Old Folks At Home Opium Wars Orthodoxy Osama Bin Laden Ottoman Empire Pakistan Palestine Panama Canal Paris Attacks Parsi Pat Buchanan Pearl Harbor Peggy Seagrave Pennsylvania Pentagon Petro Poroshenko Phil Onderdonk Philippines Pierre-Andrew Taguieff Plutocracy Poland Police State Poverty PRC Press Censorship Prince Bandar Progressives Project Plowshares Propaganda Putin R. Crumb Race Racism Rashida Tlaib Reconstruction Religion Rentier Republican Party Republicans Revisionism Revolution Of 1905 RFK Assassination Rhodesia Rich Lowry Richard Lewontin Robert Ford Robert Kraft Robert McNamara Roger Casement Roman Empire Rome Ron Unz Ronald Reagan Rudyard Kipling Russell Kirk Russian History Saudi Arabia Secession Serbia Sex Tape Shimon Peres Shinzo Abe Shmuley Boteach Siberia Siege Of Vienna Singapore Sino-Indian War Six Day War Skin Color Slavery Reparations Social Justice Warriors Socialism Solzhenitsyn South Africa South China Sea South Korea Soviet History Space Program Spain SPLC Srebrenica Staffan Stalinism Star Trek States Rights Stephen Jay Gould Sterling Seagrave Sub-Saharan Africa Sub-Saharan Africans Supreme Court Susan Rice Sweden Syria Tawang Technology Ted Cruz Terrorism Thailand The Bible The Confederacy The Straggler Theodore Roosevelt Theresa May Thurgood Marshall Tiananmen Massacre Tibet Tidewater To Hell And Back Tom Cotton Tom Woods Tony Blair Torture TWA 800 Unemployment Unions United States Urban Riots Venezuela Victor Davis Hanson Victoria Nuland Victorian England Victorianism Video Games Vikings Vioxx Virginia Volkisch Wall Street Walter Liggett Walter Rathenau Wang Jing War On Terror Warren Harding WasPage Watergate Western Religion White Slavery Wild Life Wilhelm Furtwangler William Browder William D. 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Solon, the Wise Lawgiver of Athens
A Four-Part Interview With Michael Hudson About His Forthcoming Book The Collapse of Antiquity
Note: Michael Hudson published … and forgive them their debts: Lending, Foreclosure, and Redemption From Bronze Age Finance to the Jubilee Year in November of last year. It is the first volume in what will be a trilogy on the long history of the tyranny of debt. I have interviewed him extensively as he writes... Read More
The history of debt cancellation and Jesus's economic justice activism 
Left Out, a podcast produced by Paul Sliker, Michael Palmieri, and Dante Dallavalle, creates in-depth conversations with the most interesting political thinkers, heterodox economists, and organizers on the Left. The Hudson Report is a new weekly series produced by Left Out with the legendary economist Michael Hudson. Every episode we cover an economic or political... Read More
The idea of annulling debts nowadays seems so unthinkable that most economists and many theologians doubt whether the Jubilee Year could have been applied in practice, and indeed on a regular basis. A widespread impression is that the Mosaic debt jubilee was a utopian ideal. However, Assyriologists have traced it to a long tradition of... Read More
Socrates on debt, and Ibn Khaldun on the cyclical rise and fall of societies Last week I attended a wonderful conference in the university town of Tübingen, Germany, on “Debt: The First 3500 Years,” to bring ancient historians together to discuss David Graeber’s book Debt: The First 5000 Years. I was enlightened by two papers... Read More
Karl: Welcome to the Renegade Economists with your host, Karl Fitzgerald. This week we’re stepping back in time, way back some 10,000 years BC into the world of archaeology, Egyptology and Assyriology. Yes, it’s time for another special with Professor Michael Hudson. That’s right, Michael Hudson back on the show, he’s got a new book... Read More