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Only a few hundred miles from the African people's paradise of Zimbabwe, where the head of state, Dr. Robert Mugabe, has just announced that all white farmers must get out or be killed, there sits the lovely metropolis of Durban in the equally paradisiacal land of the new South Africa. In the coming days, Durban... Read More
"We're at war," the young waitress, her voice catching, informed me when I first heard of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon this week. She was hardly the only one. "America at war," the Washington Times' lead editorial pronounced the next day. "It's WAR," screamed its editorial cartoon. A "new... Read More
The specter at the gruesome banquet that terrorists served the United States last week is mass immigration and the irresponsible policies toward it that America and its leaders have followed for the last 30 years. It is a specter no one—from the President of the United States to any expert interviewed by the media during... Read More
The 19 hijackers who seized American airplanes last week and flew them into history's biggest and bloodiest terrorist attack slipped across U.S. borders easily enough. The FBI's detention of some 75 others —some suspects, some only "material witnesses"—suggests that what may turn out to be a mammoth underground network of foreign terrorists, supporters, and collaborators... Read More
A tip of the hat to President George W. Bush, whose address to the nation last week was strong, clear and uncharacteristically presidential. But if the president's delivery was first-rate, at least some of the content was simply silly. Silliness No. 1 was Mr., Bush's explanation as to "Why do they hate us?" It's a... Read More
On the very eve of the massive U.S. counter-attack against Afghan terrorist bases, who should step forward to denounce the Bush administration for "appeasement" but Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. Despite a grumpy non-apology a few days later, the Sharon smack in the American face at a time when the administration is trying to build... Read More
After weeks of blasting every goat barn in Afghanistan visible to high-altitude aircraft, the U.S. government is slowly beginning to realize that the people sending anthrax germs to assorted members and institutions of the American ruling class are not in Afghanistan at all but right here. The bombing campaign has accomplished virtually nothing, and the... Read More
Most Americans don't know and probably don't want to hear about it, but the fact is that somewhere between the box cutters of Sept. 11 and the anthrax-in-the-envelopes of the last several weeks, civil liberties are slowly beginning to vanish. Columnist Nat Hentoff, a lifelong civil libertarian, may exaggerate when he writes, as he does... Read More
There are many good consequences of Bill Clinton no longer being president, but not the least is that at last we can find out what he really thinks. As long as Mr. Clinton was in the White House, getting thetruth out of him was like looking for intelligent life on Mars. But last week, after... Read More
Not very slowly but certainly very surely, a consensus is evolving in the United States and perhaps other Western states that civil liberties long enjoyed by citizens should be curtailed for the purpose of fighting terrorism. Some of the proposals put forward have actually been adopted, while others are merely in the discussion stage, but... Read More
In 1942, two groups of German saboteurs secretly landed on the beaches of Long Island and Florida with plans to blow up various facilities in the United States. The spies were captured and, at the special orders of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, brought before secret military tribunals. They were convicted and—all but two of them—executed.... Read More
Ten years after American forces pushed the Iraqi army out of Kuwait, the Kuwaiti people are telling American reporters they have come to prefer the people murdering Americans. "I hate the American government," one member of the Kuwaiti parliament told CBS reporter Mike Wallace on "Sixty Minutes" last week. That, in a nutshell, is what... Read More
Less than a month after President Bush signed an executive order authorizing trials of terrorist suspects by military tribunals, the controversy over the legitimacy, constitutionality and simple need for such procedures has reached a crescendo. Conservatives themselves are split over the question, with columnist William Safire and Rep. Bob Barr opposing the tribunals and Robert... Read More
The demon of the day is John Walker Lindh, the hapless American sap captured in Afghanistan while fighting for the Taliban and who may wind up facing charges of treason in this country. Since Mr. Lindh, or Suleyman al-Faris, or Abdul Farid, or plain Mr. Walker, as he now calls himself, is an American citizen,... Read More
If it's the world's dumbest terrorist you're looking for, the FBI seems to have nabbed him last summer, when Sept. 11 was still just a day on the calendar. Last week, the man who told flight school instructors that he just wanted to learn to steer an airliner, not to land or take off, found... Read More
One of the reasons Osama bin Laden is said to hate the United States is that ever since the Gulf War of 1991, we have maintained military bases in his home country of Saudi Arabia. The bases are there to protect the Saudis against aggressors like Iraq, but the presence of infidels on the same... Read More
Even as the Justice Department warned, for the umpteenth time, of an "imminent" terrorist attack last week, the Washington. D.C., police force cranked into action. The cops didn't catch any terrorists, but through the vast and nearly ubiquitous system of police surveillance cameras that clicked into operation the same day Justice was warning about terrorism,... Read More
It seems to be virtually an accepted part of the national consensus that sooner or later the United States is going to go to war against Iraq and the sooner, the better. It's also part of the consensus that the United States should remain engaged in the Middle East and on the side of the... Read More
After 26 years, the Levi guidelines, imposed on the FBI by President Gerald Ford's attorney general and restricting the Bureau's powers to conduct domestic security and terrorism investigations, have finally been deposited in File 13 at the Justice Department. There was a time when I would have celebrated, but that time is well past. Because... Read More
No sooner had the FBI been relieved of 26-year-old restrictions on its powers of domestic surveillance and President Bush had announced his plans for the mammoth "Department of Homeland Security," our very own domestic version of a potential Gestapo, than New York Timescolumnist Nicholas D. Kristof unbosomed himself of what the real targets of the... Read More
Once again, as so often since Sept. 11, the arrest of American-born terrorist Abdullah al-Muhajir, or Jose Padilla, or whatever his name this week may be, shows what's wrong with the multiracialist mythology on which contemporary America purports to be founded. For all the fashionable goop and hoop-la about the glories of "diversity," the truth... Read More
With the publication of a report in last week's New York Times about the Bush administration's plans for the invasion of Iraq, it seems that war with that country is fairly certain. Previous rhetoric from the president or one or another of his surrogates could always be explained as some kind of politically driven chest-thumping,... Read More
If it's proof of the sheer, homicidal insanity of American immigration policy you want, consider the case of the late Hesham Mohamed Hadayet, who achieved immortality of a kind when he shot and killed two people at Los Angeles International Airport last week on July 4. Mr. Hedayet may or may not have been a... Read More
With the inauguration of a new government program that encourages American civilians to spy on their employers, co-workers and neighbors, the Bush administration may be pushing the United States over the edge of what can only be described as a new totalitarianism.The almost total silence about the plans in the press and among the usual... Read More
Apparently not everybody inside the Bush Administration is banging drums and blowing trumpets for a war against Iraq. The Washington Post reported last week that at least some major brass inside the Pentagon—including some on the Joint Chiefs—think the current U.S. policy of containing Iraq is working just fine. Why go to full-scale war, they're... Read More
Unable to find last autumn's real anthrax killer, the FBI decided to pick on an American scientist who is almost certainly innocent—and in the process may well have ruined his life and career. Moreover, the Bureau did so in part because of ideologically driven accusations by a left-wing activist on the grounds that the scientist... Read More
Very graciously for the Emperor of the New World Order, President Bush has stated that he will consult Congress before going to war against Iraq and even promises to listen to people who don't want to go to war at all. But, as he remarked last week, after the consulting, the listening and the "debate,"... Read More
I do not know the Rev. Matt Hale, head of the "World Church of the Creator," have not read much about his beliefs, and have no disposition to defend him. Nevertheless, I do not believe he or his followers bear much resemblance to the international terrorist network of Al Qaeda, although that seemed to be... Read More
After claiming several weeks ago that he doesn't need congressional authorization to start his own private war in the Middle East, President Bush last week sent up to Congress a resolution authorizing him to start—and continue indefinitely—just such a war. The president's decision to seek congressional support indicates less that he has learned one of... Read More
One result of government-created mass immigration in the wake of Sept. 11 is that personal and civil liberties may dwindle as "Homeland Security" swells. Since there are legal limits on what government agencies like the FBIand the CIA can do to spy on the legal and non-violent activities of Americans, however, Homeland Security may come... Read More
Even before President Bush signed into law the Homeland Security Act this week, creating a governmental behemoth that swallows 22 existing agencies and turns them into one giant fist poised to crush civil liberties, the national media knew very well what the law that stitched together the new department meant. Here is what the Christian... Read More
The United States, the headline in the Jan. 6 New York Times informed us, "is completing plan to promote a democratic Iraq." The war against this Middle Eastern state that has never done a single thing to harm any American is not yet even under way, and already the munchkins on the Potomac are plotting... Read More
With 150,000 American troops headed for the showdown on the Euphrates, the FBI has suddenly discovered that the real danger to the United States lies right here in River City. It's not pool but as many as 3,000 or more Iraqi nationals already in this country whom the FBI cannot find. The Washington Post reported... Read More
Just in case you haven't bought your duct tape and bottled water this week, be advised that the war with Iraq has already started. Last week the Washington Post disclosed in a front page story that U.S. Special Operations units are already in Iraq setting up communications networks and "laying the groundwork for conventional U.S.... Read More
With more than 750,000 anti-war protestors flooding into London's Hyde Park in what observers say was probably the largest political demonstration in British history and even more than that "nearly 1 million," the Washington Post reports—protesting the coming U.S. war against Iraq in Rome, one would think that even the most hawkish neo-conservative zealots in... Read More
It perhaps tells us a good deal about the imperial mentality now settling into the crania of many Americans that few people seemed to detect any irony in the Washington Post headline last Thursday:"President Details Vision for Iraq." [By Dana Milbank and Peter Slevin, February 27, 2003] Why the president of the United States should... Read More
Does the Guinness Book of World Records have an entry for the politician fastest to apologize for Thought Crimes about ethnic issues? I figured Sen. Trent Lott held the world championship in the apology Olympics. But now comes Rep. James Moran, who seems to have trounced even the Mississippi senator in the belly-crawl competition. Mr.... Read More
As New York's Forward remarked a few weeks ago, "the toothpaste is out of the tube" on the role of a handful of neo-conservative hawks in the Bush administration and their cohorts in the media pushing the United States into war with Iraq for the benefit of Israel. The war that began this week and... Read More
"One week after the United States unleashed its military campaign to drive Saddam Hussein from power," the New York Times reported in a front-page story last Thursday, Is this just the whining of liberal fifth-column journalists like what we had to endure throughout much of the Vietnam War (which is how many hawks are trying... Read More
If the war with Iraq has accomplished nothing else, it has offered a bottomless bonanza for media celebrations of the New World America that the military side of the war is pounding into reality. The New World America is what the United States will be after it is transformed by mass immigration and racial and... Read More
In the midst of the jubilation that greeted the downfall of Saddam Hussein (or at least of his statue) and the smug triumphalism that enveloped Washington as U.S. troops marched through the Iraqi capital, Americans might be well advised to sober up and take a harder look at what their government has already done and... Read More
If you can't find the weapons of mass destruction that were supposed to be the main justification for the American war on Iraq, forget about it and start talking about something else -- namely, what a great democracy we're going to create for the wonderful Iraqi people. That seems to be the latest tactic of... Read More
With terrorist bombings in Morocco and Saudi Arabia and the closing of the American embassy in Riyadh, it should now be obvious that the much ballyhooed "war against terrorism" is a colossal, monumental, titanic flop. Since the 9/11 attacks, we have fought two wars, conquered two countries and enacted laws that jeopardize constitutional rights, and... Read More
Apparently it takes a British newspaper to confirm that paranoia about the police-state trends of the U.S. government is starting to come true. Last week the London Independent disclosed, just as some American anti-war protestors have claimed for a year or more, that the federal government has a little list of dissidents to see whom... Read More
Most Americans probably observed this year's September 11 with a mixture of grief, sadness, and smoldering anger, but President George W. Bush made good political use of the occasion—to demand even more power for the federal police state his administration is constructing. Not content with measures his critics on both the right and the leftview... Read More
Welcome to the American Police State, my friends, where a law-abiding citizen has his door broken down, is hauled off to jail by a small army of some 60 officers, and is held without bail for four months. His crime: virtually nothing. Of course this is science fiction, you say. Well, not exactly. It happened... Read More
In a provocative essay in the New York Review of Books (October 23),"Israel: The Alternative," New York University historian Tony Judt [send him email] depicted the idea of an exclusively Jewish state as an"anachronism," "rooted in another time and place." He wrote: He went on: "But one nationalist movement, Zionism, was frustrated in its ambitions.... Read More
"When a term has become so universally sanctified as 'democracy' now is," wrote the poet and social critic T.S. Eliot in 1939, "I begin to wonder whether it means anything, in meaning too many things…. If anybody ever attacked democracy, I might discover what the word meant." Eliot would have discovered little about the meaning... Read More
Once the crowing, gloating, chest-thumping and self-righteousness over the capture of Saddam Hussein begin to wear thin, sober observers will probably conclude that the best thing that could have happened would have been for Saddam to take a shot with his pistol at the G.I.'s who nabbed him and die in a hail of bullets... Read More
If you thought the capture of Saddam Hussein might help in the war on terrorism, you should think again. The terrorists in Iraq aren't the real problem, according to Daniel Levitas writing in the New York Timesrecently. The real problem is right here in River City, and it's notMuslims or Arabs or Iraqis. It's the... Read More
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