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I first learned of the term “Russophobia” many years ago in Robert Wistrich’s 1991 book Antisemitism: The Longest Hatred. My initial impression was essentially that Russians on the “radical right” were attempting to turn the tables on Jews by accusing them of what is effectively the inverse of anti-Semitism (i.e., Russophobia). Of course, this was... Read More
This was written in the aftermath of Nicholas Cruz shootings in Florida and may be relevant to recent dark events. The Florida School shooting adds yet another bloodbath to the long and depressing tally of individuals going loco and randomly killing people. Many critics blame guns, but guns don’t kill people by themselves. Why has... Read More
This was written in the aftermath of Nicholas Cruz shootings in Florida and may be relevant to recent dark events. In a perfect world, we wouldn’t need guns. We wouldn’t have to protect ourselves and our property from criminals. And we wouldn’t have to take up arms against government tyranny. But our world isn’t perfect.... Read More
People talk of Big Tech censorship and 'corpocracy' and the like, but it is Jewish Power that pulls the strings. In THE GODFATHER PART 2, Michael Corleone asks Hyman Roth about who had Pantangeli killed. Roth says the Rosato Brothers. But then, Michael asks, "But who gave the go-ahead. I didn't." In the world of... Read More
We left off talking about the Soviet Generation last time. By the by, some commenters over on Unz got mad and accused me of promoting pro-Western talking points and being anti-Russian for being a bit harsh, admittedly, about the old-timers. Well, putting aside that some people seem incapable of seeing the world with any nuance... Read More
There are two ways of responding to the world around us, two ways of feeling about who we are and how we relate to others, near and far. They define much of our lives as a constant struggle and/or exertion(and even excitement). One is about self-preservation and the other is about self-justification(that can easily turn... Read More
In the West, we spend a lot of time endlessly debating the various generations and their voting patterns, values, and economic niche in our societies. While there are exceptions to any rule, certain generalizations have come into focus about the Silent Generation, the Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials and the Zoomers. But what about in... Read More
Palestinian Christians will soon be extinct
A week ago I wrote a piece describing how Israel’s power over the US government is such that no American official will confirm that the Israelis have, and have had for years, a secret nuclear arsenal consisting of as many as 200 nukes. The situation is particularly odd in that the United States is on... Read More
Yes, April — Spring! Taking Basil for his walk one pleasant, warm morning in mid-April, I had a Wordsworth moment. It wasn't actually daffodils, it was buttercups: a lo-o-ong row of them on an otherwise nondescript roadside verge. In fact the "I" there should really be "we": Basil was entranced, too. Now oft when on... Read More
There are many meanings to 'diversity'. For one, it can serve as description or prescription. Diversity-as-description(DAD) is about noticing reality with judgement one way or another, e.g. 'Brazil is very diverse' or 'North Africa is more racially diverse than Nigeria, which however has plenty of ethnic or tribal diversity'. Diversity-as-description merely takes into account the... Read More
In 2013, I published a photo essay of Minneapolis that showed how foreign and non-white huge swathes of the city had become. Recently, I visited the city for the first time since the riots in 2020, and went back to Lake Street, a major road and the site of most of my 2013 photos. Things... Read More
Palanca: (The Moldova/Ukraine Border.) The tiny and peaceful nation of Moldova will soon be dragged into the Ukraine/Russia war. Historical and current geopolitical reasons are in play and being applied against Russia’s widening eastern front moving westwards. However, it is the southern Ukrainian region from Odessa to the Moldovan Transnistria that may trigger an escalation... Read More
"May you wander over the face of the earth forever, never sleep twice in the same bed, never drink water twice from the same well and never cross the same river twice in a year." - An old Gypsy curse. First, let me tell you of my personal experiences with Gypsies. These cover a period... Read More
Earlier (2014) John Derbyshire Asks: Endemic Corruption—The Ukraine Is Ex-Soviet, But What Excuse Do Black American Politicians Have? One of the first things I had to say about the Russia-Ukraine war, back in February when it had just broken out, was that it is the first of any significance to be fought in demographic modernity,... Read More
Below I present the abridged version of an interview that I conducted with Andrei Tsiganov in St. Petersburg on March 30th. Mr. Tsiganov is a political activist in Russia. You may not have heard of him personally, but it far more likely that you have heard of some of the activity that he and his... Read More
Yuval Noah Harari stated that we are now 'hackable' animals, on the precipice of a new revolution that shall target not the world around us but within us for the profoundest of transformations. A silent revolution carried out in labs without wars and upheaval but which will forever alter the meaning of what it means... Read More
There is material reality and human reality. The reality of dollars and cents AND the reality of emotional value. You may buy or sell a car, but you would not sell your child. Car is a commodity, a child is not. Some parents give up their kids, but they are not allowed to sell them--unless... Read More
The word-weapon of “racism” in action during “mostly peaceful” BLM protests
Leftist Power-Lust and the Rhetoric of Racism
If you’re interested in war, here’s a question for you. What’s the world’s most powerful weapon? You might come up with some good guesses, but I suspect you’ll miss the right answer. So here are some clues. The weapon can wreck entire nations, not just individual cities. But it’s not a mega-bomb or a death-ray.... Read More
Political change starts at the margins. Activists advance the cause, but may not reap the benefits. We clear the way for those who come later. But we can tell the truth and have fun doing it. President Emmanuel Macron’s appeal in the last election was his claim of independence. He started a new party and... Read More
Even though her views were extreme on this matter, she wrote this in genuine sympathy with the Third World. This was when the Vietnam War was raging and when the Non-West was seeking alternative paths to development. Also, even those on the Right may recognize a kernel of truth in Sontag's characteri
Increasingly I despair of this country. The more I read and see, the more I am confirmed in my view that the "American Empire" is reaching a final phase and that our "shelf life" is expiring, just as all other great empires—Roman, Ottoman, British—have expired. I keep coming back to William Butler Yeats' lines (written... Read More
The Great Russian Restoration VII
Many pundits and analysts have pointed out that Russia doesn’t seem to have a visible political/economic/state ideology and they are correct to do so. That being said, the Kremlin civic platform has always been quite basic and straightforward. The Kremlin’s official civic platform is based on three pillars: sport, Orthodoxy and World War II. As... Read More
What Will Smith once called “The Willenium” in the innocent days of 1999 has taken a dark turn. It’s either that or the Academy Awards, which were losing viewers, arranged a publicity boost from some black-on-black violence. Will Smith walked on stage and slapped Chris Rock after the comedian mentioned Mr. Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett... Read More
It seems that whenever the topic of China arises, we are flooded with the most amazing observations, statements, conclusions, almost all of which appear to come from outer space. There surely cannot be another subject on this planet on which so many people are so amazingly misinformed and arrive at the most unrealistic conclusions. We... Read More
*The title is a tongue-in-cheek homage to the ever-growing list of articles arguing The conservative case for something entirely un-Conservative with The conservative case for gay marriage still the ne plus ultra of the genre. The genesis of woke capital While the right has focussed on cultural Marxism in explaining the rise of political correctness,... Read More
The canceling of all historical Russian culture is something I didn’t really see coming. Banning classical composers and literary works is just one of the few things that has taken me off-guard. I know some people will be incensed by Putin comparing this to what the Nazis did. And indeed, it is unfair to compare... Read More
The Goy Grovel: Sajid Javid, Priti Patel and Boris Johnson betraying Whites and serving Jews
How the Mainstream Right Serves Jews and Betrays Whites
“Low-hanging fruit!” cry deluded right-wingers all over the West. “Why doesn’t my favored party on the mainstream right pluck that fruit and defeat the left?” Well, they’ve been crying that for decades and will still be crying it when the left pack them off to a slave-labor camp or an organic gas-chamber. Some of those... Read More
Too often what passes for dissident politics is nostalgia and sentimentalism. Many movements are backward-looking and therefore self-refuting; we can’t return to the 1950s (or whatever is your preferred era) and, even if we could, we would end up back where we are today. Therefore, it is refreshing when political movements offer forward-looking visions. One... Read More
See also: An American Immigrant To Ukraine Praises Its Immigration Policy When I came to Ukraine in 2007, which language to learn seemed like a simple choice. I read that most Ukrainians were bilingual in Russian and Ukrainian. Russian is a world language, spoken natively by 200 million people more or less, and as a... Read More
It is a common misconception among many to assume that Christianity is against all forms of racialism, especially that of White identity or White racial advocacy. The Christian Faith, it is argued, stands opposed to “racism” and ethnic tribalism. Believers in Jesus throughout Europe and America are urged to be “non-racist.” They are to stand... Read More
Despite lockdowns, stay-at-home orders, and physical distancing, violent crime and the illicit firearms trade have not declined in Toronto during the pandemic. Toronto’s newspapers report gunfights, mayhem, brazen daylight shootings, and bank robberies. Although the high profile “peaceful protests” of 2020 have all but disappeared, low-intensity asymmetrical warfare continues. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau preached dialogue... Read More
The Great Russian Restoration V
The media situation in Russia we have already painted over in broad strokes. As bad as the situation was with the news media outside of the government-controlled state channels, the situation with the entertainment media was only marginally better. Unlike the news media, the entertainment media has not been shut down and purged over the... Read More
A country that cannot control its own borders cannot survive
There is new evidence of how the Biden Administration’s total disregard for reality evident in its blundering its way into war with Russia has severely damaged what once used to be referred to as national security. And while the White House and its media barking dogs continue to push the false argument that Russia’s intervention... Read More
The Great Russian Restoration IV
As per tradition, let’s start with some war updates: The Russian army appears to follow a bomb, advance, surround order of operations. The first cycle ended about a week ago and we are back on the bomb phase now. A base in Lvov/Lviv was bombed and many foreign volunteers/mercenaries were liquidated. The SBU (Security Service... Read More
1968, like 1848, was one of those landmark years in history. If certain years were momentous in a particular region, 1968 witnessed turmoil in many parts of the world. Some of these events were isolated while others were part of a seismic pattern. Just to name a few: The Tet Offensive that convinced the majority... Read More
The late Norm McDonald once joked: Stories warning against a bigoted “backlash” against Muslims are practically a journalistic genre. Steve Sailer calls it a “frontlash.” Such stories cast the non-Muslim population as brutes always on the brink of a pogrom against the Mohammedans. The September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, rather than inciting Americans against Muslims,... Read More
I’m interested in parlance, I’m interested in poofs, pansies and pillow-biters. How could I not be interested in Polari? According to Paul Baker’s book Fabulosa (2019), Polari was “Britain’s Secret Gay Language” and used by thousands of “camp gay men” until the late 1960s. Baker describes its history, heyday, decline and revival. But the book... Read More
There have been multiple overviews of the situation in Ukraine from former government officials, former military officers and veteran Russia watchers over the last month. Most of them present a fairly accurate macro-picture of the situation and include the proper basics with which to form an accurate analysis of the current conflict. NATO expansion, broken... Read More
In my recent essay “Blond hair, blue eyes: Some thoughts on the Aryan ideal,” I examined the physiology and history of the classic Nordic features. I argued that these hallmarks of beauty have been acknowledged and respected for millennia and around the world, and thus constitute a kind of universal aesthetic standard or benchmark for... Read More
Understand the Empire: Towards Global Governance or the Uprising of Nations? Alain Soral KontreKulture, 2021 Here is an adapted version of my foreword to the book. It is impossible to overstate Alain Soral’s importance in France’s intellectual landscape for the last twenty years. Arguably, there are two kinds of French people today: those who think... Read More
When we were children in Canada we enjoyed making what we called “snow angels”, the impressions made by lying on one’s back in fresh snow and swishing the arms up and down, leaving a pretty caricature of an angel’s wings. Today we have ‘ice angels’, the exceptionally talented young figure skaters exemplified and even personified... Read More
Ever since the beginning of humanity, man has been seeking the perfect political/economic system. In the 18th century, egalitarianism gained a foothold in France and slowly spread to the rest of the civilized world. Slavery was gradually abolished as people’s awareness of equality gained ground. Absolutism was replaced by constitutional monarchies, democracies, anarchism, communism, and... Read More
When the worst becomes the norm. This video is available on BitChute. Maybe you have heard of Pro Publica. It is a non-profit news organization. Kind of like American Renaissance – but different. It’s got a $30 million budget, $60 million in assets, and 100 journalists – which makes it as big as a major... Read More
Divide and rule, the cultivation of tribalism, is an insurance policy against successful dissent and the threat of revolution If you were Canada’s prime minister, what would you be prepared to do to enforce Covid restrictions on large swaths of your population? No one need ask that question any longer. Now we know the answer.... Read More
My view on videogames is much like Maude's reaction to Harold's penchant for visiting auto scrapyard for fun in the film HAROLD AND MAUDE. What's the attraction? On occasion, I check youtube on the best videogames of the year, and despite advance in graphics and the like, they seem the same old same old, mostly... Read More
Earlier (2003) The New York Times Says Japan Needs Immigrants. The Japanese Politely Disagree Most people visit or move to Japan because the country and its people fascinate them, and they don’t judge them for being, well, Japanese. Not so with Julian Ryall a free-lancer, correspondent for The [UK]Telegraph and the South China Morning Post,... Read More
Earlier: GLOBE AND MAIL: "Calling The Ottawa Protests ‘Peaceful’ Plays Down Non-Violent Dangers, Critics Say" In both Canada and the U.S., anti-System sentiment is unmistakably rising among the very people the System depends on. In the ongoing Canadian trucker protest, the Left’s hysterical reaction shows that it is not just neurotic but also totalitarian [Canada... Read More
The Canadian Truckers’ Convoys that converged in Ottawa on January 29 are helping to energize the growing global movement favoring freedom and common sense over the atrocities enabled by unbridled medicalized tyranny. A good representation of Canadian truckers began to coalesce as a political group in opposition to the travesty of forcing mandated jabs on... Read More
Yes, there is a conspiracy. It is a conspiracy of the elite against the rest of us. It has been in operation for years. You can learn much about it from Kees Van Der Pijl’s just published book by Clarity Press, States of Emergency. The elites are a mere handful, but they control all the... Read More
Compulsory Covid vaccination is set to be imposed on Austrians. This is a direct violation of the Nuremberg Laws. Will the Swastika go up all over Europe? Is there a mere ounce of intelligence and integrity anywhere in the Austrian government? It is an established fact that the Covid vaccine fails to protect. It is... Read More