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"Come on, it’ll be just like in the movies. We’ll pretend to be someone else." – ‘Betty’ If you haven’t yet seen MULHOLLAND DR., the following piece has ‘spoilers’. What is the most horrible thing in the world? For an answer, we can concoct all kinds of theories, explanations, speculations, imaginations, and fantasies. But in... Read More
Driving around rural and small town America, Christian talk and Country Music fill the airwaves. In my entire record collection, I have maybe two bona fide Country albums, a greatest hits collection of Hank Williams and one by Dolly Parton. My interest in Williams was by way of Rock Music as he was a key... Read More
The Northman is a cinematic depiction of Viking society in the late ninth century. Co-written and directed by Robert Eggers (who previously directed two horror movies) and starring Alexander Skarsgård (who had long been interested in Viking history and mythology and was instrumental in getting Eggers involved), it is a refreshing attempt at historical realism... Read More
Two years ago I wrote, “What is Wrong With White Women?” This still true: Making their behavior even stranger, the Left doesn’t even reward white women for being renegades. Instead, Leftists constantly complain that they are insufficiently woke, hopelessly white, and draw too much attention from black rappers — all at the expense of black... Read More
Increasingly I despair of this country. The more I read and see, the more I am confirmed in my view that the "American Empire" is reaching a final phase and that our "shelf life" is expiring, just as all other great empires—Roman, Ottoman, British—have expired. I keep coming back to William Butler Yeats' lines (written... Read More
Rock and Roll unleashed youth culture, and social critics fretted that the boomers(and subsequent generations) would never grow out of their teen years. This has indeed become a problem. But, there was another phenomenon, especially beginning in the 1980s, that fixated on childhood emotions. There was Steven Spielberg who made children’s movies for teens and... Read More
Jewish diaspora fiction has always been problematic for me, largely because the authors I have read will either champion an overtly Jewish perspective without taking competing gentile ones into account (Saul Bellow, Chaim Potok, Isaac Bashevis Singer) or perceive themselves as ethnic outsiders and attempt to subvert gentile societies which are, of course, inherently bad... Read More
What Will Smith once called “The Willenium” in the innocent days of 1999 has taken a dark turn. It’s either that or the Academy Awards, which were losing viewers, arranged a publicity boost from some black-on-black violence. Will Smith walked on stage and slapped Chris Rock after the comedian mentioned Mr. Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett... Read More
The canceling of all historical Russian culture is something I didn’t really see coming. Banning classical composers and literary works is just one of the few things that has taken me off-guard. I know some people will be incensed by Putin comparing this to what the Nazis did. And indeed, it is unfair to compare... Read More
This review contains spoilers. A new horror film, Master, is making waves in the liberal arts scene. It is black woman Mariama Diallo’s first film, and it follows three black women at a prestigious New England college: a freshman (Zoe Renee as Jasmine Moore), an administrator recently promoted to the position of “master” (Regina Hall... Read More
A central concern of The Occidental Observer from its inception has been the way in which understandings of anti-Semitism in Western culture have been shaped by Jews, often through pseudoscience but also through culture. The early work of Kevin MacDonald on the Jews focused on the activities and motivations of Freud, and the Freudian-influenced Frankfurt... Read More
The Great Russian Restoration V
The media situation in Russia we have already painted over in broad strokes. As bad as the situation was with the news media outside of the government-controlled state channels, the situation with the entertainment media was only marginally better. Unlike the news media, the entertainment media has not been shut down and purged over the... Read More
1968, like 1848, was one of those landmark years in history. If certain years were momentous in a particular region, 1968 witnessed turmoil in many parts of the world. Some of these events were isolated while others were part of a seismic pattern. Just to name a few: The Tet Offensive that convinced the majority... Read More
From May 1, 2018 - Relevant to Current Events. In Sergei Eisenstein’s IVAN THE TERRIBLE the characters are less people than architectural motifs with predetermined roles set in stone. Only their eyes — limpid pools with slightest room to maneuver — animate with free will. Consciousness remains suspended between dark depths and preposterous pageantry. In... Read More
My view on videogames is much like Maude's reaction to Harold's penchant for visiting auto scrapyard for fun in the film HAROLD AND MAUDE. What's the attraction? On occasion, I check youtube on the best videogames of the year, and despite advance in graphics and the like, they seem the same old same old, mostly... Read More
Our rulers seem to think all whites live in wealth, security, and comfort. This myth is one of many that make it impossible to have an honest conversation about race. Here are five films about America’s impoverished and decidedly not privileged white underclass. Wanda (1970) A directionless woman meanders through the Pennsyltucky’s dingy and criminal... Read More
Recently a friend of mine asked me to list my ten favorite films about the South and the War Between the States, and to discuss the reasons I would choose them. I had written several columns in the past about cinema that favorably portrayed the Southland and had dealt fairly with the War Between the... Read More
Was there ever a nation as lawyered-up as America? I was just reading this article about our infrastructure; you know, that stuff for the improvement of which the Biden administration tells us they are going to do great things. So we are over-lawyered. I don't think that's news. And yet we are lawless. In that... Read More
Almost two years ago, I [Chris Roberts] started writing movie recommendations for American Renaissance readers. The quarantines had just begun and I thought people would be spending a lot more time at home for the next month or two. I got the timeframe wrong. For those of you once again stuck at home, I recommend... Read More
I recall a video on Youtube with Camille Paglia despairing the fading of the Western Tradition — as a champion of worthless skanks like madonna and other deracinating actors, she sure is one to talk! She spoke of how younger generations of students, for all their intelligence, are woefully ignorant of the Bible and pagan... Read More
ADL: Sam Cooke Classic Is Anti-Semitic!
Dissociated Press The Anti-Defecation League (ADL) has issued a press release slamming Sam Cooke’s classic “Wonderful World” and demanding the song be canceled. According to ADL president Jonathan Greenbutt, the line “don’t know much about history” is unacceptable. “Every American needs to know everything we tell them about the most important thing that ever happened... Read More
Inferior Whites Cannot Play Roles Belonging to their Racial Superiors
If you want to understand the leftists of the twenty-first century, you won’t find a better guide than a writer who died more than seventy years ago. George Orwell (1903–50) exposed the psychology and tactics of leftism in his two greatest books. In Nineteen Eighty-Four (1948), he satirized the way leftists practise the opposite of... Read More
Morris van de Camp is a frequent contributor to Counter-Currents, where he writes mostly about American history. His essays and reviews are always insightful and are often a refreshing break from horse-race politics and cultural esoterica. In this interview — the first he has ever given — he discusses religion, self-improvement, South Africa, the Civil... Read More
Without myth, we aren’t a people. We’re just consumers. Our rulers appear to want it that way. Friedrich Nietzsche called the state the “coldest of the cold monsters.” He rejected the idea that the state created a people. He championed the Germany of artists and scholars, the German nation defined by culture that predated Bismarck’s... Read More
A Film Review
Two of the greatest speeches ever delivered by an American president bookend this extraordinary documentary film. It opens with President John F. Kennedy giving the commencement speech at American University on June 10, 1963 and it closes with his civil rights speech to the American people the following day. It is a deft artistic touch... Read More
Earlier: The Great Replacement Comes For Captain America: He’s Now Black. In Marvel Cinematic Universe, Whites Have No Place As expected with supernova films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Spider-Man: No Way Home had one of the biggest openings ever [‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Defeats ‘Infinity War’ & Notches 2nd Highest Domestic Opening At The... Read More
In all the hysteria over the latest strain of the Coronavirus virus, the frenzied ideological (and essentially authoritarian and anti-constitutional) activities of the House January 6 “Investigatory” Committee, and the frenetic lead up to this recent Christmas, one significant anniversary was missed, or rather ignored, by our media, including the so-called “conservative” media: the birth... Read More
As in the culture wars, there are no truces in the war on Christmas. Although he didn’t start it, former Fox pundit Bill O’Reilly played a major role in popularizing the idea that someone was waging a war on Christmas when The O’Reilly Factor ran a segment on “Christmas under Siege” on December 7, 2004.... Read More
There are several ways to approach this question. Yes, the Beatles were indeed the greatest Rock group, or no, other bands were superior and ultimately more significant as influence. Or, the Beatles were indeed the best but in the Pop than Rock idiom. In other words, the Rolling Stones, The Who, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin... Read More
Larry and Andy Wachowski’s The Matrix (1999) is a science fiction classic. The setting is a devastated Earth in the far future. The premise is that humanity has been enslaved by artificial intelligences. Human beings spend our lives in what are essentially coffins while mechanical vampires drain our energy. We don’t know it, because we... Read More
  This is not an overview of the entire film, which was reviewed and analyzed on this site but a consideration of an aspect of the work. But first, EYES WIDE SHUT has become a Christmas Movie of sorts among the 'sophisticated' crowd. Some years back, I attended a packed art-house Christmas screening. Christmas is,... Read More
There's been a lot of buzz about Peter Jackson's latest Beatles documentary GET BACK. I haven't seen it nor am I eager to. Peter Jackson made his name with Art Horror(the vile and disgusting HEAVENLY CREATURES), Fantasy(the interminable THE LORD OF THE RINGS, the longest dungeons-and-dragons video game), and Adventure(the remake of KING KONG, fun... Read More
House of Gucci is a highly entertaining combination of comedy, tragedy, and farce, tracing the decline of the Gucci fashion empire from an Italian family business to a global capitalist brand. House of Gucci would have been the best Martin Scorsese movie in years—if it hadn’t been directed by Ridley Scott. It has all the... Read More
In February 2013 I wrote the above paragraph and, like many paragraphs I’ve written in the years since then, I find myself drawn back to it time and time again. The most recent prompting occurred a week ago, when news emerged from London’s Royal Court theater that an undoubtedly virulent form of anti-Semitism was once... Read More
Dune is a great movie, and director Denis Villeneuve has filmed what some called an “unfilmable” story. YouTube commentator “Morgoth’s Review” calls the book a “reactionary masterpiece” and adds that conservative views of Dune say more about the reviewer than anything else. If so, then this may be more about me than the movie, but... Read More
The December issue of Chronicles features several articles on Cinema and Politics from the right-wing perspective. They are well-worth reading. The following critique focuses on the center piece of the issue, Paul Gottfried's despairing of the transformation of Hollywood from honor-bound moralism to sadistic nihilism. More interesting than left or right, liberal or conservative, is... Read More
American Western Cinema as an Expression of Older Virtues
Although Hollywood is now considered a monolithic bastion of leftist and “woke” political and cultural sentiment with almost no dissent tolerated, it was not always that way, at least not to the degree that exists today. Go back sixty years ago, and that progressivist uniformity was not as apparent. Certainly, “Tinseltown” was never a haven... Read More
This is an Open Thread of sorts because, most likely, many of you(or most of you) know more about the art/science/ritual/tradition/culture of hunting than I do. Actually, I know nothing of hunting as I've never hunted myself. And though I totally support gun rights, I've never owned guns or fired one myself. My personal curiosity... Read More
The sensibility of an era may be unified – even though it’s never uniform. Those who forget it are essentially visionaries, incurable romantics, prone to melancholy – an inextricable quality of genius, according to Aristotle. John Winston Lennon, self-styled working-class hero, prodigal son of a lower-middle-class fragmented family, may be qualified as the unifier of... Read More
Gangster movies, like war films and Westerns, are not simply a part of the American cinematic tradition, but a component in the collective psyche of its people. The well-dressed gentleman rogue who sees violence as a necessary part of business, and business as essentially a family or quasi-familial operation, is iconic. Crime, business, and family... Read More
I've never been a fan of Frank Sinatra or any popular singer/ musician of the 20th century prior to the advent of Rock. I much prefer 19th century music, such as Civil War songs, to much of 20th century popular music. I can appreciate the talent of men like Gershwin, Armstrong, Berlin, Rodgers & Hammerstein,... Read More
You have to give the Left credit. They never take a day off. The eye of Sauron never blinks. They are frenzied and relentless in their attempts to overthrow our civilization. They softened us up for a long time, rotting away our character and identity by promoting vice, cynicism, and nihilism—all while playing the victim.... Read More
Francis M. Naumann
My attention was recently drawn to a critical review of two of the essays that appear in my book Battle Lines: Essays on Western Culture, Jewish Influence, and Anti-Semitism (which, probably not coincidentally, was recently banned by Amazon). This review was penned by art writer and dealer Francis M. Naumann in the online and print... Read More
Howard Hawks’ Red River (1948) is one of the greatest Westerns. Starring John Wayne and Montgomery Clift, Red River is the story of the first cattle drive on the Chisholm Trail from Texas to Abilene, Kansas. In Hawks’ hands, however, a movie about an episode in the history of America’s livestock business becomes mythic, epic,... Read More
"Before disco, this country was a dancing wasteland. You know the Woodstock generation of the 1960s that were so full of themselves and conceited? None of those people could dance." – Charlotte Whit Stillman's films are mainly known for their dialogue and have been compared with the works of Eric Rohmer. And yet, music plays... Read More
During the Halloween festivities a few weeks ago it seemed to me a timely opportunity to indulge my interest in the darker, horror-tinged aspects of European folklore concerning Jews. I’ve been intrigued in recent years by a growing literature connecting vampire tales, both early modern and modern, with the history of the European-Jewish interaction.[1] Much... Read More
As memes go, "Okay Boomer" goes a long way. Though on surface hardly damning or even insulting, it stings precisely because the boomers made such a big deal of themselves. Nothing they did was just 'okay'. It was meant to be 'world shaking', like Cool Hand Luke's antics. The Boomer Bible would have us believe... Read More
Note: This is a greatly expanded and updated version of an essay that first appeared on TOO in 2012. A long line of books and documentaries have explored Richard Wagner’s anti-Semitism and his putative role as the spiritual and intellectual godfather to Adolf Hitler. In the Jewish-dominated cultural milieu of the contemporary West, this meme... Read More
On October 24, 1986 (35 years ago this week), the American comedy Soul Man was released in theaters. The film was a box office success, as it debuted at No. 3 on its opening weekend (behind only Crocodile Dundee and The Color of Money). It ultimately grossed $35 million on a $4.5 million budget. The... Read More
How many of you have ever flown into Auckland Airport (as in New Zealand), assembled your mountain bike, then headed due south, ending up that evening at a nowhere stop that at least had a large pub featuring karaoke night (which had surprisingly good singers)? Further, how many of you, after food and beer, then... Read More
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