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October 26, 2020 • 131 Comments

It will be interesting to see if the media goes all in on pushing this police shooting in Philadelphia like they did in Minneapolis, Atlanta, and Kenosha, or whether ever since Kenosha the word has been out to keep BLM rioting on the QT until after the election:

Obviously, a nightmare scenario for Democrats’ is — at the last moment — a blue city in the key swing state of Pennsylvania being sacked over a routine black-crazy-man-with-a-knife shooting.

At 11pm EDT in Philadelphia it’s a pleasant 61 degrees F and not much chance of rain before Tuesday night (when Antifa normally arrives), and even through Wednesday the weather is likely to be not bad. Then it’s going to pour rain on Thursday.

Joe probably feels like it’s his duty to America to go on national TV tomorrow and announce his One Point Plan for Ending Police Killings: “When an unarmed person comes at him with a knife or something, shoot him in the leg instead of the heart.”

Even though Biden has at least twice in 2020 made his Shoot-‘Em-In-The-Leg suggestion, as recently as 2010 he beat me to my joke about the idea coming from unrealistic cowboy shows. From the New York Post in 2010:

Cops furious at ‘don’t-kill’ bill
May 25, 2010 | 4:00am

… Paladino, whose association represents 5,100 investigators,...

October 26, 2020 • 140 Comments

Famous political reporter Theodore White didn’t include the following story in his romanticized bestseller The Making of the President celebrating the election of John F. Kennedy in 1960, but he did put it in his 1978 autobiography In Search of History:

Even in the most corrupt states of the Union, one cannot steal more than one or two percent of the vote… The AP was pressing its reporters for returns, and the reporters were trying to gouge out of the Republican and Democratic machines their vote-stealing, precinct by precinct totals. … It was downstate (Republican) versus Cook County (Democratic), and the bosses, holding back totals from key precincts, were playing out their concealed cards under pressure of publicity as in a giant game of blackjack.

… the AP ticker chattered its keys once more and reported: ‘ With all downstate precincts now reported in, and only Cook County precincts unreported, Richard Nixon has surged into the lead by 3,000 votes.’

I was dismayed, for if Nixon really carried Illinois, the game was all but over. And at this point I was jabbed from dismay by the outburst of jubilation from young Dick Donahue, who yelped, ‘He’s got them! Daley made them go first! He’s still holding back — watch him play his hand now.” I was baffled, they were elated. But they knew the counting game better than I, and as if in response to Donahue’s yelp, the ticker, having stuttered along for several minutes with other results, announced: ‘With the last precincts of Cook County now in, Senator Kennedy has won a lead of 8,000 votes to carry Illinois’s 27 electoral votes.’

Later that evening, Kennedy told his friend Ben Bradlee of an early call from Daley, when all seemed in doubt. ‘With a little bit of luck and the help of a few close friends,’ Daley had assured Kennedy before the AP had pushed out the count, ‘you’re going to carry Illinois.’


October 26, 2020 • 94 Comments

From Reuters:

Putin rejects Donald Trump’s criticism of Biden family business
By Andrew Osborn

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Sunday that he saw nothing criminal in Hunter Biden’s past business ties with Ukraine or Russia, marking out his disagreement with one of Donald Trump’s attack lines in the U.S. presidential election.

Putin was responding to comments made by Trump during televised debates with Democratic challenger Joe Biden ahead of the Nov. 3 election.

Trump, who is trailing in opinion polls, has used the debates to make accusations that Biden and his son Hunter engaged in unethical practices in Ukraine. No evidence has been verified to support the allegations, and Joe Biden has called them false and discredited.

Putin, who has praised Trump in the past for saying he wanted better ties with Moscow, has said Russia will work with any U.S. leader, while noting what he called Joe Biden’s “sharp anti-Russian rhetoric”.

Putin appeared less friendly towards Trump in remarks broadcast by Russian state TV on Sunday. In what may be seen by some analysts as an attempt to try to curry favour with the Biden camp, he took the time to knock down what he made clear he regarded as false allegations from Trump about the Bidens.

“Yes, in Ukraine he (Hunter Biden) had or maybe still has a business, I don’t know. It doesn’t concern us. It concerns the Americans and the Ukrainians,” said Putin.

“But well yes he had at least one company, which he practically headed up, and judging from everything he made good money. I don’t see anything criminal about this, at least we don’t know anything about this (being criminal).”

Putin also reacted with visible irritation when asked about comments Trump has made concerning Putin’s ties to the former mayor of Moscow, and to an alleged payment made to Hunter Biden by the ex-mayor’s widow. Putin said he knew nothing about the existence of any commercial relationship between...

October 25, 2020 • 115 Comments

As well as collecting crime statistics from local law enforcement agencies, the federal government’s National Crime Victimization Survey annually interviews 160,000 individuals about their experience, if any, with being the victim of a crime over the last year.

One of the more astonishing results in recent years has been that in 2018, black victims of “violent incidents” reported in the survey that less than 0.1% of their victimizers were Asian. In contrast, Asian victims of violent incidents reported that 27.5% of their victimizers were black, for a black-Asian interracial violence ratio of over 275 to one.

From the Bureau of Justice Statistics’ publication Criminal Victimization, 2018:

Note that the BJS warned that the cell showing that less than 0.1% of victimizers of blacks were reported by blacks to be Asian:

! Interpret with caution. Estimate is based on 10 or fewer sample cases, or coefficient of variation is greater than 50%.

If you don’t believe me, here’s the screenshot:

For the next report, last month’s Criminal Victimization, 2019, the feds solved their small sample size / embarrasing results problem by simply dropping Asians from the left-handed column of victims:

Problem solved!

What you don’t know, can’t hurt you. Well, actually, ignorance can hurt you when we are talking about your likelihood of violent victimization. But that’s not the point, the point is that the highest priority of the federal government must be to make Ibram X. Kendi’s career smoother for him by suppressing all inconvenient knowledge.

October 25, 2020 • 200 Comments

A few weeks ago, I wrote a Taki’s column entitled “Asian Supremacy” reporting on SAT college admission test score trends for high school seniors graduating in 2020. Now the rival ACT test (12 to 36 scale) has published its 2020 average scores, and trends are fairly similar: Asians are going up, up, up, while everybody else is in decline:

The ACT claims its standard deviation is 5.9.

The recent declines aren’t as sharp as on the SAT, where the test was redone a couple of years ago, which messed up everybody except Asians. Plus the SAT has recently won a bunch of contracts from state legislatures to give their test to everybody in the public schools, a strategy pioneered by the ACT. So, while the number of students taking the SAT has gone up in the last few years, meaning the SAT is scraping the bottom of the barrel harder, the number of ACT test-takers has declined, I think in part because the SAT won some statewide contracts away from the ACT. Here is the ACT test-taker data:

As on the SAT, the average test scores for American Indians are in sharp decline. And on the ACT, the number of Native American test-takers hasn’t increased, so that is genuinely concerning. Also of interest is that Native Hawaiian / Other Pacific Islander scores are dropping like a rock too.

So, as Ibram X. Kendi has proven, this means the ACT was racistly designed specifically to facilitate Asian Supremacy and hurt the feelings of American Indians and Pacific Islanders. To look for any other explanations is to indulge in Conspiracy Theorizing.

October 25, 2020 • 323 Comments

The cultural commissars are increasingly worried that the upcoming 250th birthday of Beethoven in December might distract from celebrating all things black. Thus from Slate:

Beethoven Has a First Name
It’s time to “fullname” all composers in classical music.
OCT 24, 20206:00 AM

There will be a time when we’ll go to concerts again. We will buy our tickets, shuffle shoulder to shoulder down the aisle, and find our seats. The lights will dim, and the conductor will walk onto the stage to introduce the program. They might talk about Beethoven, Schumann, and Bartók. And they might talk about Alma Mahler, Florence Price, Henry Burleigh, and Caroline Shaw. Many of us, used to the conventions of classical performance, will hardly notice the difference: “traditional” white male composers being introduced with only surnames, full names for everyone else, especially women and composers of color.

The habitual, two-tiered way we talk about classical composers is ubiquitous. For instance, coverage of an early October livestream by the Louisville Orchestra praised the ensemble’s performance of a “Beethoven” symphony, and the debut of a composition memorializing Breonna Taylor by “Davóne Tines” and “Igee Dieudonné.”

It’s almost as if more people have heard of Beethoven than of Davone Tines or Igee Dieudonne (who is a white guy). And it’s almost as if the Eroica Symphony is “better” than this 3 minute composition by Davóne Tines and Igee Dieudonné.

If you’re a music teacher who’s been demonstrating some concept with a piece by Ludwig van Beethoven or Wolfgang Mozart, these resources will guide you to an alternative piece of music by, say, Elizabeth Cotten (the guitarist responsible for the “Cotten picking” performance style).

Similar dynamics are increasingly evident within other musical fields, including music performance. The Metropolitan Opera, upon canceling its 2020–21 season, also announced...

October 24, 2020 • 161 Comments

From ESPN, the sad news that key Trump Administration North Korean diplomat Dennis Rodman’s father has died:

Philander Rodman Jr., father of Dennis Rodman, dies at 79

Jul 16, 2020
Philip Matel

Philander Rodman Jr. died in Angeles City, Pampanga [near Manila in the Philippines] on July 14. He was 79. Jasmine Rodman, his granddaughter, made the announcement on her Facebook page. Philander Rodman Jr. is the father of Basketball Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman,

Philander Rodman Jr. stayed in the Philippines since coming as a member of the U.S. Air Force in the 1970s and had been estranged from his son for 42 years.

He established the Rodman’s Rainbow Obamaburger joint in the former U.S. military base, featuring burgers with red, yellow, and green colored buns and fries, colors his son used for his hair during his championship runs with the Chicago Bulls.

Philander and Dennis met after an exhibition game at the Mall of Asia Arena in 2012. The elder Rodman, who has acknowledged being a father to 29 offsprings by 16 mothers, first tried to meet his son in the Philippines in another game in 2006.

I’ve always imagined that Philander Rodman Sr. probably had quite a life story, too.

October 24, 2020 • 167 Comments

From the Washington Post news section:

George Floyd’s America
Racism’s hidden toll

The point of this long article is that George Floyd lived down to most of the worst stereotypes about blacks, so that just proves his stereotypical behavior was due to White Racism.

It’s really quite simple when you think about it. As we all know, Systemic Racism is, axiomatically, the most powerful force in the known universe. Therefore, white people’s perceptions of blacks are not caused by black behavior, but instead black behavior is caused by white perceptions, which travel backward in time to force blacks to behave in ways that subsequently enable white perceptions to pounce.

In Minneapolis, the physical and mental strain of a lifetime confronting racism surfaced in George Floyd’s final years

By Robert Samuels
Oct. 22, 2020

MINNEAPOLIS — George Floyd came to this city with a broken body and wilted dreams, his many attempts at a better life out of his grasp. He was left with no college degree, no sports contract, no rap career, not even a steady job. At 43, what he had was an arrest record and a drug problem, his hopes hinging on one last shot at healing. …

Finding a way to live has never been a sure thing for Black men in America, who are taught from an early age that any misstep could lead to a prison cell or a coffin. They have higher rates of hypertension, obesity and heart disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They are twice as likely as White men to die of a cocaine overdose, twice as likely to be killed by police and, in Floyd’s age group, 10 times as likely to die of a homicide.

Public-health researchers and scientists once held that these disparities were the result of poor choices — bad diets, lack of exercise, being in the wrong place at the wrong time. But experts are increasingly pointing to another culprit: systemic racism. Being Black in America, they have found, is its own preexisting condition.


October 26, 2020 • 64 Comments

Reposting for relevance:

Good for Hunter, the guy clearly knows how to have fun.

Do the MAGA people really think any of the “Never Trump” voters will be swayed to vote against Biden because his wayward son got blown by some Chinese hooker? Really?

Pretty lame if this is the best the Trump campaign was able to dig up on Biden…

October 23, 2020 • 117 Comments

The Azeris appear to have seized large chunks of southern Karabakh, including (Armenian-populated) Artsakh proper. Hopes they’d be slowed down by the mountainous terrain have proven forlorn, the advance has to the contrary accelerated ever since the Armenian lines in the south were broken.

It’s too soon to call it an Armenian collapse. The retreat was orderly, with few POWs being taken, although a lot of equipment was left behind (hopefully internally sabotaged). Even so, it’s not an exaggeration to call the situation more dire than was ever the case in 1992-94. The Armenians have incurred more than a third of the casualties they did then within the space of a month (Azeris: just 10% relative to that period), and are now in a more dire position geographically than they ever were back then.

The battle will now be on for the Lachin Corridor that connects Armenia to its Artsakh enclave. If it falls, the subsequent collapse of Stepanakert becomes a matter of time.

This would make Armenian casualties 2-2.5x as high as official numbers (currently 927), with the Azeris incurring – at worst – less than 50% more dead than the Armenians, whereas I had pegged the differential at 50-100%.

But sadly, Putin’s numbers are probably more accurate.

Incidentally, this also suggests Armenians suffering losses at 2.5x the rate of Britain in WW1 relative to population per unit time. This is more like Wehrmacht over the course of WW2 territory.


Can Russia intervene?

Well, while as I argued it is in Russia’s interests to do everything (non-militarily) it reasonably can to avoid the complete success of Azerbaijan’s “Operation Storm”, it is also in practice constricted by Artsakh’s...

October 22, 2020 • 309 Comments

One of my more successful photos even if I do say so myself.

I will be visiting Nizhny Novgorod this weekend.

October 22, 2020 • 69 Comments

The 2017-2020 wave results of the World Values Survey are out (h/t Thulean Friend). You can access them and look at the data here. They do waves of surveys encompassing a few dozen countries every five years, making the WVS a highly useful resource for comparative sociology*.

One such question is repeatedly ask is if you “believe in God” (Q165 in this wave).

Developed countries

This confirms what we know to be a rather fast collapse in US religiosity, which is now at where the UK was during the Thatcher era – and something I myself observed during my stay there during 2006/8-2016.

Another recent Tweet that makes the same point:

This is noteworthy to the extent that religiosity can sometimes be (though far from always – see Czechia) a significant determinant of fertility. Raising children is very expensive in the US, even just childbirth can cost $50,000. With no religious reasons to keep doing it TFR may eventually plummet from current record lows (1.67 projected for 2020 by Cicerone) by US historical standards to peripheral European figures below 1.5. Though this is just speculation, of course.

This seems to be occurring near everywhere in the West… with the market exception of Turkey (at least until of late). The neo-Ottomanist civilizational vigor is probably no accident.

Post-Communist countries

Story is instead one of revival from late Soviet state atheism through to the 2000s, as the “Soviet Freezer” thawed out.

Traditionally very religious Poland is beginning to dip markedly, confirming what I observed in 2019. I expect it to fall to <80% within the decade. Czechia...

October 22, 2020 • 26 Comments

This interesting and seemingly comprehensive survey of free speech attitudes at US colleges was posted a few weeks ago: 2 020 College Free Speech Rankings (also reproduced here). Useful complement to the FIRE Disinvitation Database.

Although it’s well known that there has been a large-scale shift against the concept of free speech on the Left over the past decade, marking a change from when conservative SJWs were instead more active in repressing Palestine activists, there is still a lot of college-to-college variation.

You can fiddle the rankings yourself by different demographics (e.g. liberals, conservatives, Trump approval, sex, etc.) or by separate criteria of “free speech” (e.g. tolerance of controversial speakers, admin support).

Not many clear patterns, but some are obvious:

  • Universe of Chicago way ahead of everyone else.
  • The University of California system does reasonably well (UCLA is 4th, even UCB is 28th/55). As I said, some reputations are not well-deserved.
  • But some are: Harvard is 46th/55.
  • Which is similar to conservative SJW Brigham Young University at 49th/55.

One additional interesting table from the report (h/t Ben Winegard):

This is not a side issue given 21st century demographic realities.

The combination of such attitudes amongst budding elites – not merely blank slatism per se, but strong opposition to even questioning it – coupled with the delegitimation of state borders amongst a significant component of it makes One Billion (African-)Americans a near certainty, with all the civilizational regression that entails. You’d need a “darkly enlightened” dictatorship to prevent that. Or hardcore Communism (complete with Iron Curtain), or transhumanist silver bullet. Else, idiocracy.


October 18, 2020 • 266 Comments

I’m not a huge YouTube person, but this genre of “day by day”‘s for various historical events has become a popular genre and one of my favorites. Certainly a useful visual guide to reading about it. And in this case useful as a comparator to what’s happening today.

First observation – Armenia started off in a much worse position geographically. Indeed, as late as the start of May 1992, Artsakh had been a complete exclave with no physical connection to Armenia.

Second observation – initial Azeri successes in both wars. In June 1992, the Azeris successfully captured large parts of the northern and east-central parts of Artsakh. But then they stalled, and after see-sawing back and forth, the Armenians would be making constant advances from April 1993 until Azerbaijan was reduced to “human wave” tactics by early 1994 and a ceasefire in May 1994.

Now with Hadrun having fallen, the Azeris having seized a large part of the Artsakh-Iranian border, and with Fuzuli, in all likelihood, fated to fall sometime soon, we can say the Azeris have at the very least replicated their first month success in the previous war, with a far better kill ratio so far (perhaps ~1,000 Armenian KIA / 6,000 total during 1992-94 vs. ~2,000 Azeri KIA / 25,000 total during 1992-94). But will this hold? It did not, after all, during the first war.

We could take a point by point look at the reasons for the Armenian advantage during the first war and how it compares to the situation today:

(1) Strong defensive positions /// Perhaps the one thing that significantly privileges Armenians more, they’ve had decades to study their map out their lands to the finest detail, presight all the artillery, construct fortifications, etc. Verdict: Gain to Armenia.

(2) Higher morale of Armenian soldiers due to fighting a defensive war, though only became marked in 1993 and disastrous by early 1994 /// Can’t say it should be very different today –...

October 16, 2020 • 271 Comments

The IMF has released new GDP (PPP) estimates based on the latest International Comparison Program, where price levels are compared relative to the base year 2017 (the previous such survey was in 2011).

There were some notable changes (h/t commenter Annatar for many of the observations):

  • China dropped by 18% from $21.0k to $17.2, this is of course not a decline in Chinese living standards but merely a reflection of the fact that prices are going up very fast there (not anywhere near fast enough to cancel out rapid improvement in living standards, though). Note that Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Beijing are now the world’s 3rd, 5th, and 9th most expensive property markets in the world, respectively.
  • German GDP has gone from 73% of Japan’s in 2010 to 79% in 2019, and this latest revision bumps it up to 85%. Quite remarkable, given the population difference (83M vs. 126M).
  • Germany is also the only G7 country to keep its GDP per capita relative to the US constant since 2010, also at 85%. France declined from 77% to 72%, the UK from 74% to 70%, Japan from 73% to 66%.
  • For obvious reasons, many oil exporters have been adjusted sharply downwards, most especially Iraq, which plummeted 47% from $18.8k to $10.0k. This makes sense, Iraq having Mexico-tier prosperity was always quite implausible.
  • Of topical relevance: Azerbaijan fell 24% from $19.2k to $14.5k, while Armenia rose from $11.8k to $13.7k. Looks like it did not take the collapse of oil prices well. And also syncs with my observation that if Azerbaijan wants to get back Karabakh, this period is now as good as any.
  • Iran went down from $17.8k to $12.0k.
  • Russia fell 11% from $30.8k to $27.4k. Not a catastrophic result, though it has been edged ahead of by some countries it’s usually clustered within (Croatia, Romania, Turkey). It also rules out Russia overtaking Greece in the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis in 2020, which had previously looked like a distinct possibility.
  • Ukraine went up from $10.1k to $12.7k....

October 16, 2020 • 232 Comments

На службе Израиля!

October 25, 2020 • 49 Comments

The war on all professions/vocations/avocations that are deemed “too white” is nothing more than racism by any other name.

At this point, the war on whiteness is nothing more than an admission by the elites manufacturing public opinion that they want less white people for your sons or daughters to admire?

The NFL doesn’t have a diversity, though it is only 29 percent white; the NBA doesn’t have a diversity problem, though it is 19 percent white.

But the NHL does have a diversity problem, because the individual players comprising a collective representing 95 percent of the league are white.


Thus, a national emergency is declared. [The NHL Says ‘Hockey Is For Everyone.’ Black Players Aren’t So Sure: Organizations of players and fans are trying to change the makeup and attitude of the overwhelmingly white league.,, October 19, 2020]:

As Washington Capitals forward Devante Smith-Pelly sat in the penalty box during a game at Chicago’s United Center in February 2018, he listened as a group of white fans chanted “basketball, basketball, basketball” in his direction. The Blackhawks fans taunting Smith-Pelly, who is Black, were making their position xclear: Hockey isn’t for everyone, and it’s especially not for Black people.

Willie O’Ree, who became the NHL’s first Black player in 1958 when he took the ice for the Bruins in a game against the Montreal Canadiens, faced racist abuse throughout his career. When Toronto Maple Leafs forward Wayne Simmonds was on the Flyers in 2011, he had a banana hurled at him by a fan during an exhibition game in London, Ontario. After Washington Capitals forward Joel Ward knocked the Bruins out of the 2012 playoffs with a Game 7 overtime winner, he faced a barrage of racist abuse by Boston fans on social media. When New York Rangers prospect K’Andre Miller, who is Black, participated in what he must have believed would be an ordinary question-and-answer session with fans on...

October 23, 2020 • 79 Comments

The war on all professions/vocations/avocations that are deemed “too white” is nothing more than racism by any other name.

At this point, the war on whiteness is nothing more than an admission by the elites manufacturing public opinion that they want your dog to die.

Why? Because veterinarians are “too white.”[Pet Owners Are Diverse, but Veterinarians Are Overwhelmingly White. Black Veterinarians Want to Change That,, October 21, 2020]:

As a child, Tierra Price was mesmerized by Dr. Dolittle, portrayed by Eddie Murphy in the 1998 film—not only because he could talk to dogs and sad circus tigers, but because he was a person of color who treated animals. “That resonated deeply with me,” says Price, who wore an oversized white coat and carried around a stuffed Dalmatian for her first-grade career day. “I grew up thinking that I was going to be one of the first Black veterinarians because I had never seen any,” says Price, now 26.

There were no Black doctors at vet clinics near her Louisville, Ky. home or at the local animal shelter where she volunteered. Price didn’t see her first real Black veterinarian until she was 19 and participating in a veterinary program for minority undergraduates. By the time she started veterinary school, she felt like an outcast. In 2018, Price created an online networking group for Black vets just to connect and commiserate with people who looked like her. “I was going into a profession I didn’t really belong in,” she says.

Years later, not much has changed. Veterinarians are projected to be among the most in-demand workers in the next decade. As more people of all races own pets, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts jobs for vets and vet technicians will grow 16% by 2029. Nearly 65% of white households have pets, 61% of Hispanic households have pets, and almost 37% of Black households have pets, according to the most recent industry data. Yet pet lovers are faced with a...

October 22, 2020 • 37 Comments

Previously on SBPDL: The Logical Conclusion to Ending White Privilege/Systemic Racism: Black Lives Matter-Inspired Racial Attack on White Male in Columbus, Georgia

During the Summer of George Floyd rage, we’ve seen multiple anti-white attacks by b lacks across the USA. There has been virtually zero national media coverage of this events.

Enter another story of anti-white violence from a black individual into the mix. Her name is Christine Summers. The 53-year-old was a wife, a mother, a grandmother, and worked in the vocation of truck driving to provide for her family. She was murdered by a black male, who also attacked white cops and displayed vicious anti-white animus according to the police. Her murderer said he “killed a white lady,” and President Trump made him do it. [Birmingham trucker murder suspect: Trump made me ‘kill a white lady’,, October 21, 2020]:

A naked and bloody suspect in the beating death of a female trucker on a Birmingham street told officers who arrested him that he had “killed a white lady” and President Trump made him do it, according to testimony Wednesday in a Jefferson County courtroom.

Charles Levester Gipson, 39 is charged with murder in the Aug. 19 killing of 53-year-old Christine Summers. Summers was driving a truck for RTR Transportation in Tennessee. She was a wife, mother, grandmother and had been driving a truck for about 30 years.

Summers was found dead about 3:20 a.m. that Wednesday on the side of Interstate 59/20 near the Valley Road exit. Her dentures had been knocked out of her mouth, and she suffered a fatal head injury. Gipson was taken into custody just over an hour later after callers reported seeing a naked man on Allison Bonnett Memorial Drive.

A preliminary hearing in the case against Gipson was held today before Bessemer Cutoff Circuit Judge David Carpenter. Gipson, however, was not in the courtroom. Carpenter informed the court that the defendant, who also is charged with attacking...

October 21, 2020 • 74 Comments

Previously on SBPDL: The United States Air Force “Worries About the Lack of Diversity” Among Pilots (93% White) Being ‘Very White and Very Male’…

Russia and China deploying next generation technology in their armed forces (hypersonic flight and fighter jets flown via artificial intelligence) is of no concern to our top brass in the U.S. Air Force, because we have a secret ingredient we’ve barely begun to tap into and utilize for undeniably advantageous military superiority.

Do you know what it is? Maj. Gen. Ed Thomas, the commander of Air Force Recruiting Service, will now tell you. But, spoiler alert, it’s diversity and embracing the goal of replacing white men – who constitute nearly 9 of every 10 of our Air Force Pilots – with non-whites.

All in the name of George Floyd. [86% of Air Force pilots are white men. Here’s why this needs to change., Yahoo News, October 20, 2020]:

The tragic death of George Floyd and recent events have fueled widespread protests and a renewed call for racial equality nationwide. Amid this, our country has been compelled to reflect on issues that are often uncomfortable, and leaders have been driven to examine their organizations in ways like never before. The Air Force, in many ways, is no different. But as a war-fighting organization we cannot afford to squander this moment, because our future — and national security — depends on it.

Pursuing equality means we must be sure that we are attracting the most capable members of our society, from all races and walks of life, as we prepare for the next fight. This fighting force should be highly capable while reflecting the diversity of the country we serve.

Before I even took command of my service’s recruiting efforts this spring, Air Force leadership made it clear to me that improving diversity would be on the top of my to-do list. And recent national events only serve as an accelerant as we take aim and tackle this vexing...

October 21, 2020 • 46 Comments

Previously on SBPDL: Just Make It Illegal to Call 9-1-1 on a Black Person: Michigan Governor Proposes Making Racially Motivated 911 Calls a ‘Hate Crime’

Seriously, just make it illegal to call 911 on black people. It’s where we headed as a society. Call it the Emmitt Till Act. [San Francisco officials to vote on ‘CAREN’ law to stop 911 calls against Black people not committing crime: The city’s Board of Supervisors will vote on the Caution Against Racial and Exploitative Non-Emergencies Act, Fox News, October 20, 2020]:

Fed up with white people calling 911 about people of color selling water bottles, barbecuing or otherwise going about with life, San Francisco supervisors are set to approve new hate crime legislation giving the targets of those calls the ability to sue the caller.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors will vote Tuesday on the Caution Against Racial and Exploitative Non-Emergencies Act, also known as the CAREN legislation. The name is a nod to a widespread meme using the name “Karen” to describe a specific type of white, middle-aged woman, who exhibits behaviors that stem from privilege, such as using the police to target people of color.

All 11 supervisors have signed on to the legislation, guaranteeing its passage, despite criticism by some that the name is sexist and unnecessarily divisive.

In San Francisco, a white couple was criticized on social media after video was widely shared of their questioning a Filipino American stenciling “Black Lives Matter” in front of his own home in June. They later called police.

James Juanillo said he deliberately chose yellow chalk to match the color of the house, and centered the stencil just so to be framed by the picture box window. Then a couple approached him, repeatedly demanding to know if this was his home because he was defacing private property.

“They tried to cast it as a criminal scene,” he said. “It was me calmly applying...

October 19, 2020 • 38 Comments

Previously on SBPDL: Shreveport Times Admits Record Gun Violence in City and Across America Is by Blacks (Still Tries to Blame Whites for the Violence)

Again, the same pattern is emerging nationwide. It doesn’t matter the city. Only one variable matters. Only one (hint: blacks).

And the true culprit behind this pervasive problem from sea to shining sea is simply… white people and white racism as a “public health crisis” ultimately compelling black people to gun one another down. [‘We cannot arrest the crime away;’ Durham police chief, sheriff address rising crime rates,, October 18, 2020]:

Durham has been seeing a rise in gun violence since the start of the pandemic. Shootings have increased by nearly 40% in Durham this year compared to last year. Those involved in crime are mostly young adults, according to officials.

Law enforcement, faith leaders and political leaders held a news conference on Saturday afternoon addressing the rising crime rates.

“Black lives matter,” Durham Sheriff Clarence Birkhead said on Saturday. “Unfortunately, some have died at the hands of police. But more have died at the hands of those who look like them.”

Durham has seen more than 700 shootings so far this year, according to the sheriff.

This year, there have been an “unprecedented” number of shootings in Durham, he said.

“We need to start today curbing this violence,” Birkhead said. “Addressing this pain and healing our community. I know we can do it, we can do it together.”

There’s a direct connection between a lack of education and crime, Birkhead said. He also suggested that crime is connected to low socio-economic status.

Cerlelyn Davis, Durham police chief, spoke with passion on Saturday’s press conference about how large the problem of rising crime rates is.

“The Durham Police Department cannot handle a problem that is bigger than the Durham Police Department,”...

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Previously on SBPDL: “If Black Lives Really Matter, Black Folks Have to Stop Killing Black Folks”: A Modest Proposal to End Black Gun Crime in America

Kansas City. Atlanta. Birmingham. Charlotte. Indianapolis. New York City. Baltimore. Philadelphia. Washington D.C. Chicago. Nashville. Memphis. Milwaukee. Minneapolis. Buffalo. Cleveland. Cincinnati. St. Louis. Richmond (VA).

It doesn’t matter the city. The variable is always the same.

It’s not systemic racism. It’s not implicit bias. It’s not structural inequality.

Gun violence is (nearly) monochromatic. It’s almost exclusively a problem courtesy of black individuals, collectively responsible for making our major cities uninhabitable for civilized people of any race. [Plague of Black on Black crime devastates neighborhoods, must be addressed holistically, Shreveport Times, October 17, 2020]:

Sadly, the killing of three Black men in Shreveport this past Monday night is a continuing trend. A few days prior to those killings, two black men were killed, and another was wounded, and prior to that a black man was killed and his friend was gravely wounded. This is what Shreveport citizens are inundated with on a daily basis, along with the daily death count for the Coronavirus, which is also affecting black communities disproportionately. The plague of black on black crime is devastating, and must be addressed Holistically.

It is just too much for some people to process and deal with, but they go on without the benefit of mental or psychological intervention, which is sorely needed. There are people in these neighborhoods experiencing classic symptoms of PTSD, and they need help. There are too many guns in the hands of people who should not have them. Real efforts like the ones that the Mayor and Chief have implemented to round up guns and the felons who use them is a good place to start.

In a recent column, John Hudgins of the Baltimore Sun wrote this: “We must realize that...

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A nation held hostage by the word “racist.”

Every action to benefit civilization is held in a vise, because of the power this word (and accusation behind any move to retard the degradation of standards safeguarding polite society) carries to automatically neuter even the most thoughtful, airtight argument on behalf of the continuity of law and order.

In a world where St. George Floyd is a Patron Saint, ordaining every act of civil disobedience against the white patriarchy/systemic racist/implicit bias/structural inequalities created by evil colonizers (h/t Black Panther) to unfairly benefit their posterity at the expense of People of Color, it only makes sense some of the best high-end boutiques in New York City render unto the new Caesar lording over increasingly explicit Black-Run America. [Stealing Soho: Luxury retailers terrorized by shoplifting mobs, New York Post, October 10, 2020]:

Bands of shoplifters are terrorizing Soho’s high-end boutiques, lifting hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of designer merchandise, and in some cases, threatening security guards to keep quiet — or be labeled racist, The Post has learned.

The disturbing pattern began in late May during the riots that rocked the city in the wake of the George Floyd police custody death. High-end Celine was looted of $1.5 million in merchandise then, and the blatant thievery continues “every week” in ritzy stores such as Prada, Moncler, Dior and Balenciaga, one plugged-in local said.

“This is happening every week. Walk around Soho on Wooster Street and Greene Street, Mercer Street. … You have huge bouncers out there trying to deter hit-and-run activity,” the source, a restaurateur, said.

But in some cases, the thieves are given carte blanche to steal.

“If they [store personnel] stop them and say anything in the store before they’ve left the building then it often gets turned into a racial accusation,” the source said.

“The brands … tell their employees to...