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March 21, 2019 • 2 Comments

Here’s an upcoming movie about using ancient DNA to de-extinct a Neanderthal:

“William” is a good name for a revivified caveman, since evolutionary theorist William D. Hamilton was known even to his rugby teammates as “Caveman.”

I recall an Unfrozen Caveman drama in 1984, Iceman, starring John Lone:

And here’s a 2019 Iceman about Otzi the Iceman:

Generally speaking, speculative fiction human nature movie don’t have a really good track record. For example, 2018’s Birthmarked about 1970s scientists Matthew Goode and Toni Collette trying to raise 3 kids the opposite of their genetic predilections to prove Nurture > Nature never really succeeded:

And the 2001 film Human Nature, with a screenplay by Charlie Kaufman and directed by Michel Gondry (the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind team), was surprisingly ungood:

March 21, 2019 • 4 Comments

As I wrote in 2015:

My guess is that about 2070, African-Americans will think back in astonishment at the amazing places where their ancestors had once lived — the heart of Los Angeles; Manhattan, San Francisco and Oakland; the Chicago lakefront; the nation’s capital — and wonder how they let it all slip away.

March 21, 2019 • 107 Comments

March 20, 2019 • 127 Comments

From Australian Broadcasting:

Italian bus driver tries to burn dozens of schoolchildren alive
Updated 8 minutes ago

Italian police have ended a dramatic ordeal for 51 students and their teachers who were tied up and held captive by their bus driver who threatened to torch everyone inside the vehicle.

Police broke glass windows in the back of the bus and got all the passengers to safety without serious injury before the flames destroyed the vehicle, authorities said.

The driver, an Italian citizen of Senegalese origin in his 40s, said he was protesting against migrant deaths in the Mediterranean, Commander Luca De Marchis told local TV. …

iSteve commenter Dave Pinsen observes: “Fortunately, contra Bari Weiss and the musical Hamilton, immigrants don’t always get the job done.”

Italy’s national press agency ANSA quoted one of the students as saying the driver took all their phones and ordered the teachers to bind the students’ hands with cable ties, threatening to spill petrol and set the bus ablaze.

ANSA said the teachers deliberately left some of the cable-tie handcuffs loose.

My impression is that there is a gap in average competence between the few but sometimes horrifically lethal rightwing white male terrorists and the various terrorists like Ousseynou Sy on the side of respectable ideas like More Immigration, Less Islamophobia, and Less White Privilege.

For example, here’s the pro-gay marriage terrorist who tried to shoot up the conservative Family Research Council in 2012 because the SPLC called the FRC a “hate” group. Even though he shot the guard at the front desk in the arm, the wounded guard still took him down one-handed:

March 20, 2019 • 90 Comments

From the New York Times:

A Museum Tackles Myths About Jews and Money

These aren’t even tropes, they are myths. Myths, I tell you!

“Judas Returning the Thirty Pieces of Silver” (1629), by Rembrandt, is the centerpiece of an exhibition called “Jews, Money, Myth” at the Jewish Museum in London.

After all, what better proves that stereotypes about Jews and money are myths than a Jewish Museum lavishly mounting an exhibition on the topic, complete with a Rembrandt lent by a private collector? And who is more notoriously un-clear-eyed than Rembrandt?

By Farah Nayeri
March 20, 2019

LONDON — … an exhibition running through July 7 at the Jewish Museum in London called “Jews, Money, Myth.” The show explores the ways in which Jews have been associated with money over the past 2,000 years. …

The Jewish Museum’s aim is to “debunk a lot of the myths that still circulate today,” said Joanne Rosenthal, the exhibition’s curator, “such as Jews exerting a kind of sinister influence on world events, Jews financing disastrous wars around the world for profit, Jews being naturally drawn to money making.”

These centuries-old “tropes and stereotypes” still circulate on social media and beyond, Ms. Rosenthal added, and the exhibition invites visitors to look in a “calm and levelheaded way at the historical realities.” …

“I’ve never done anything in my life where people have been so scared,” she said in an interview at the museum. “Even the title scares people.” …

The myth of Jews and money can be traced back to the biblical figure of Judas, who betrayed Christ in exchange for some silver coins. In the show’s star attraction, Rembrandt’s “Judas Returning the Thirty Pieces of Silver,” on loan from a private collection, Judas is pictured on his knees, begging a group of priests for forgiveness. …

The video also features campaigners in favor of Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union, who were...

March 20, 2019 • 109 Comments

A journalistic perennial is to dig up some arcane field that requires high skills but doesn’t pay particularly well and complain about underrepresentation of blacks.

For example, Amy Harmon recently complained that less than once percent of the tenured math professors at research universities are black. She focused on the example of one black male professor who was moving from Purdue U. to Pomona College, supposedly due to microaggressions. (That the professor is a Southern California native who probably likes the weather at Pomona more than in northern Indiana, and that Pomona is the highest ranked small liberal arts college in all of California was considered extraneous).

One issue is that very few national journalists understand just how few blacks there are at the stratospheric levels of IQ, and the logical implication: if one institution goes all out to recruit them, it means fewer at other institutions, some of which might offer a better life.

Anyway, if you look up the resumes of blacks who appear to be legitimately top drawer, you notice that they have options in life.

For example, Roger W. Ferguson Jr., got his Harvard Ph.D. in economics in 1981, then went to work for elite New York law firm Davis Polk & Wardwell, then became a partner at McKinsey consulting. In 1999 he became Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve. He was one of the leading candidates to replace Alan Greenspan as top dog, but left after Ben Bernanke got the job.

Now Ferguson heads TIAA CREF, the big (trillion dollars) and quite respectable (hopefully) pension fund for college professors. He got paid $17 million in 2017.

He’s on the board of Alphabet (Google). And he might be Fed Chairman under a Democratic president.

Corporate America would love to clone Dr. Ferguson.

Or James Manyika, a black guy from Zimbabwe who got a Ph.D. from Oxford in electrical engineering, worked at Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and taught engineering at Oxford. Clearly, blacks are underrepresented...

March 20, 2019 • 271 Comments

From my new column in Taki’s Magazine:

Bernie vs. Ta-Nehisi
by Steve Sailer

March 20, 2019

The Democratic 2020 race is shaping up into a battle between Bernie Sanders’ new Old Left and those candidates, such as Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, and Julian Castro, who pay respectful lip service to Ta-Nehisi Coates’ new Woke Left and his signature issue of black reparations.

Senator Warren, with her usual sound judgment, tweeted on Tuesday that it’s “time to start a national, full-blown conversation about reparations,” an old question made fashionable once again by Coates with his 2014 Atlantic article just before the Ferguson debacle.

Coates, a college dropout and semi-employed journalist, improbably rose to being the decade’s most celebrated left-wing intellectual by embodying the comic-bookish spirit of the age. As progressives become more demographically diverse, the ideas that appeal to them become more regressive.

Coates, who went from receiving the MacArthur genius grant for his denunciations of escalator racism to writing the Black Panther comic book for Marvel, epitomizes the essential childishness of the woke.

In contrast, Bernie, the 77-year-old socialist, wishes everybody would just shut up about Coates’ divisive issue of reparations and get back to talking about nonracial kitchen-table issues such as Bernie’s Medicare for All.

Read the whole thing there.

March 19, 2019 • 443 Comments

iSteve commenter Peterike writes:

As I look out my window, I see what will be the tallest residential tower in Queens being constructed. It will be 66 stories high with 802 condo apartments, and top out at 984 feet high. It is expected to sell out at over a billion dollars, making it the most expensive residential tower in New York outside of Manhattan, and one of the most expensive in the world. The developer of this tower is Chris Jiashu Xu.

Chinese are already deep into the NYC real estate game. Many of the smaller apartment buildings, those 8-15 story jobs that are popping up by the dozens, are also developed by Chinese developers. At the street level, there are Chinese everywhere, and not just in the Chinatowns (of which there are now three). New York is awash in Chinese, with the 2017 estimate being 628,763. But who’s kidding who? Chinese illegal immigration is huge, especially at the low end, and my bet is the real number is well over a million.

But by this point you also have a very large population of young Chinese who were either born here or came at a young enough age where they have no accents at all. Many of them still hang out with other Chinese, speaking English and doing typical hipster things like eating in fancy restaurants and beer pubs. The number of Chinese girls you see with white guys is astonishing, and has to be a significant percentage of the total number of couples. In my neighborhood, if you see a couple pushing a baby stroller, odds are about 40% that the couple is white male and Chinese female. The rest are Chinese/Chinese or white/white (I’m rolling Jewish into white of course). And my street level observation is that the better looking Chinese girls tend to be with white guys. Though there’s plenty of prosperous looking, tall Chinese young men with attractive Chinese girls. The same sexual market value rules apply. There are a lot of unattractive Chinese girls, despite all the nerd fantasies to the contrary.

Anyway, Chinese...

March 21, 2019 • 22 Comments

OK! So I finally have a PC again thanks to a scavenging friend.

  • CPU = i5-4670k
  • MoBo = Asus Z87-A
  • GPU = GTX 770
  • 620W PSU and R4 Fractal case

Full upgrade is too costly (around $500 as both the DDR-3 based MoBo and CPU would need to be replaced), and frankly unneeded for another 2-3 years, but I do want to upgrade the GPU and double RAM to 16GB.

Goals: Play any modern game at smooth 60 fps on 1080p screen on Ultra would almost certainly be the main/only constraining factor.

RAM: Corsair Vengeance DDR3 DIMM 1600MHz PC3-12800 [16GB] for ~$100. Some of my apps could benefit from this and might come in handy if I need to work on large databases.

Which GPU?

I like MSI GPUs as they tend to be quiet, reliable, have good cooling, and are OC friendly. I assume these are no different and the reviews appear to be ok.

Getting the RTX 2060 seems like a no brainer. Might be worth considering the 1660-Ti if the price differential was $80 (as it seems to be in the US), but in Russia it’s only ~$40.

Does this sound about right? Am I making any mistakes?

Meta-note: I should have never abandoned the PC master race. Thorfinnsson’s “technical” explanations regardless, I strongly believe that the problems with my Lenovo notebook were the result of God punishing me for my treason. I have gotten the message. Laptops are for bringing to work, or for travel – not for the home.

With 20 days worth of warranty remaining, I will soon send it the laptop off to get repaired, hopefully it could at least continue serving in that modest and more appropriate function.



More notable posts since the last Open Thread in case you missed any of them.

March 19, 2019 • 94 Comments

One persistent criticism of Russia’s decision to annex the Crimea/support its people’s right to national self-determination [cross out as per your ideological preferences] is that it has had dubious benefits not just for Russia, but for Putin himself. This is a common take. For instance, as the 5th anniversary of Crimea’s incorporation into Russia approached, both Leonid Bershidsky and Nina Khrushcheva had articles to the effect that Putin is paying for Crimea. But this isn’t limited to the Western press. The liberal business newspaper Vedomosti recently ran an article in which supposedly high-placed sources expressed regret about the Crimean adventure.

Now I am sure that there are “systemic liberals” in the Russian government that were never happy about the Crimean adventure. For instance, the sorts who whine about no longer being allowed to go skiing in Colorado. Though it’s still probably ludicrous to portray it as a dominant or even significant sentiment within the elites. In a wide-ranging survey of Russia’s political and business elites in 2016 carried out by a Western polling organization, 88% of them disagreed with the idea that it was a violation of international law (10% agreed). This could be considered a proxy for elite sentiments on Crimea. It also happens to be entirely in line with public sentiment, with the latest VCIOM poll a few days ago showing an analogous 88% of Russians supporting the incorporation of Crimea. Both popular and elite sentiment would actually seem to be remarkably united on the “Crimean Consensus.”

However, it is also true that Crimea – and Russia’s consequent involvement in the Donbass – has also created problems for Russia, spurring on Western sanctions, “isolation” from the “international community” (with the caveat that this is largely equivalent to the West), putting a crimp on foreign investment and technological modernization...

March 19, 2019 • 26 Comments

From “anti-extremism” researcher Anton Shekhovtsov who has no anti-Russian obsession whatsoever:

That 74 page manifesto had one mention of Russia*.

There were FOUR mentions of China, three of which were positive, and which he described as “the nation with the closest political and social values to my own.”

Now just to be clear China is not any kind of nationalist state either (regardless of the Alt Right pedestalizing it like it sometimes does with Russia).

However, Tarrant’s “endorsement” of China was clearly far stronger than of Russia.

So… yeah. How come China isn’t an “icon” of Far Right terror? Why no call to disavow Xi Jinping Thought?

This has everything.

Gray cardinal of the Kremlin Dugin. (In reality: An authoritarian SJW who is now far better known in the West than in Russia itself).

The fascist Ilyin. (In reality: Man with standard conservative views in the 1930s-50s, Snyder’s one man slander...

March 19, 2019 • 55 Comments

Well this was unexpected. But Kazakhstan’s President Nazarbayev, who has effectively led the country since 1989, is stepping down and handing over power to the head of the ruling party until a replacement could be found.

I wrote about him here:

In short, [the secret of his success] is pragmatism over ideology. The narrow-minded nationalist would have demanded Russians learn Kazakh or go home. Nazabayev made Kazakh the official language, but at the same time denoted Russian as “the language of interethnic communication,” a status not unlike that of English in Lee Kuan Yew’s Singapore. Incidentally, and unsurprisingly, Nazarbayev is a big fan of LKY, naming him as one two “eminent founding statesmen” (the other is Charles de Gaulle), and his policies reflect these beliefs: Low level economic liberalism, high level state industrial policy and financial management (the oil windfall has not been squandered, but stored up in an investment fund), and a commitment to intelligent authoritarian leadership that does not however overspill into the tyrannical brutality that you see in neighboring Uzbekistan or Turkmenistan.

Unlike LKY’s Singapore, corruption is pretty high; then again, pretty much no strongman apart from LKY ever managed to solve this. Even so, corruption in Kazakhstan is managed and contained – i.e., it is a “known quantity” – so it does not really scare away businessmen and foreign investors. Revolutions bring with them redivisions of the spoils, so elites are very hesitant to commit to long-term development projects in unstable countries like Ukraine or Kyrgyzstan; instead, their incentives are to maximize extraction in the here and now, before new people take their places at the trough. In stable authoritarian polities like Kazakhstan or Belarus, the people in power have more of an incentive to promote development because they have a reasonable degree of confidence that they will still have access to a what would be a much bigger...

March 17, 2019 • 58 Comments

The drones from Wolf Warrior 2.

To date the world’s most successful (non-state) terrorists have only been getting about ~100 kills / death (or capture).

The 9/11 hijackers each killed 2,996/19 = 158 people. Anders Breivik methodically killed 77 people. Brenton Tarrant got 50 while livestreaming it like a video game. Aircraft bombings can take out 100-200 people.

But can these figures go any higher? Let’s do some brainstorming.

Back in 2016, I speculated about attaching gun barrels to drones, and then either operating them manually or coupling them to aimbots and AI recognition software:

A couple of years ago there was a lot of agitation around TrackingPoint, a weapons company that coupled a gun with a tracking system. All you had to do was tag your target, press the trigger, and align the reticle with the tag, which would automatically fire the shot while making adjustments for range, wind conditions, your own motion, etc. Accuracy far exceeds what even the best marksmen are capable of with a traditional rifle and scope outfit. You can also shoot around corners and barricades with special eyeglasses (this was once an exclusively military technology which has now made its way into the civilian market).

Now TrackingPoint’s products aren’t really the sort of weapons you can do a productive rampage with – crucially, it is single shot, and extremely expensive ($20,000) to boot. But it should soon be possible to create far more effective solutions. For instance, a standalone mod that contains a database of common gun models (and maybe the option to input custom data) that you can strap onto any old AK. An accomplice can tag targets remotely through a connected smartphone, or even automate the process entirely on the basis of face recognition. Think of the kind of head shot percentages you can achieve.

Incidentally, just a year later, the Chinese movie Wolf Warrior II featured that idea in their intro scene:

Even more creative solutions can be thought...

March 17, 2019 • 457 Comments

The Ukrainian elections are coming up in a couple of weeks, so there’ll be a number of related posts in the next few days.



More notable posts since the last Open Thread in case you missed any of them.



  • Daniel Friedman: Why Elites Dislike Standardized Testing
    • Under pressure from both the academic left and wealthy parents, hundreds of colleges have become ‘test optional,’ allowing students to submit applications without test scores.
    • Ann Coulter: “Millionaires & celebrities “want to destroy the SAT because it is the only mechanism by which your kid can get into an elite college ahead of their kid.
    • AK: “Soviet Union abolished test scores for university admissions during the 1920s. With “former people” (Russian bourgeois, aristocrats) de facto barred, vast majority of students became Jews and prole activists.





March 15, 2019 • 266 Comments

1. Prophecy

Here is who I predicted would institute basic income back in 2017:

Mainstream Republicans and Democrats are corrupt retards who care naught beyond more tax cuts for the oligarchs and gibsmedats for the ghettoes, respectively. So its likely that it will be some political outsider President who ends up instituting basic income. In practice, given their wealth and high IQ, this in turn probably means some Silicon Valley plutocrat.

So, those first two are basically Trump!2019 and Commissar Kamala, respectively.

Yang is not quite a plutocrat, so I’m not 100% sure he’ll win. And his tech background he’s more East Coast than Silicon Valley. But otherwise, that’s his bio to a tee.

2. The Alt Right has defected to #YangGang en masse.

I am not surprised to see this (except, perhaps, for the alacrity of the change) for reasons I wrote about it back in 2015:

Today, in Europe as in the US, the basis of the welfare state is the use of targeted programs to help low-income members of the population. It is also widely known that certain ethnic minorities are overrepresented, sometimes grossly overrepresented, as a share of the recipients. In net terms, one can also look at it as a transfer of resources from indigenous Whites towards Non-Asian Minorities. As the demographic sluicegates to the Third World get opened up, these trends can only accelerate.

Many Whites are resentful about this, even if it is not politically correct to talk too openly about it. There are formidable psychological barriers just to thinking about things in such explicit terms.

Then comes along the idea of Universal Basic Income, which is not only cool and progressive but also feeds on the majority’s repressed sense of Ethnic Genetic Interests.

No wonder that everybody is jumping aboard!

You can also listen to a 2017 podcast I did with Robert Stark (The Stark Truth) where iirc I made many of the same points.

Yang’s UBI only applies after deducting the value...

March 15, 2019 • 39 Comments

This is a very good summary and syncs with how I view things.


To be fair, I respect Mr. Martyanov’s views and also read his blog regularly. It’s true as well that China’s SSN fleet remains a relative weakness, so even in my opinion he’s certainly correct there to an extent. However, I do think he hugely exaggerates those issues for several reasons.

For one thing, as Anatoly and others have already mentioned, it really doesn’t matter that much around the First Island Chain. Many people also don’t seem to know that China’s has by far the largest MODERN diesel sub fleet in the world. Modern Chinese surface combatants have proper ASW capabilities as well. Modern frigates and corvettes are being introduced in huge numbers. The less known Y-8Q maritime patrol aircraft, China’s answer to P-3 Orion and P-8 Poseidon is finally in active service, too.

This weird notion that “China still won’t have modern nuclear submarines by the year 3000” is just part of the overall “China can’t into (military) tech” meme, which still somehow keeps living on. Martyanov thinks that China is not even close to solving its remaining technological bottlenecks. I, on the other hand, argue that the Chinese are close, and that those issues will have been solved by 2025, or even more likely, a few years earlier.

In this context, I feel it’s important to mention China’s progress in aircraft engines. The “anti-Chinese” narrative here is very similar to the submarine one, but it’s possibly even more clearly false, as China isn’t quite as secretive about that sector, and/or the progress is more difficult to hide, for obvious reason. Many seem to simply think that China has not made major advancements in the field. Some even keep suggesting that the relatively slow progress is somehow indicative of some inherent racial/ideological limitations. But how is that really different from the development of basically most/all other countries and their aerospace sectors?...

March 19, 2019 • 85 Comments

As the kids might say, we’ll just leave this right here:

For contemporary relevance and to avoid racial and sexual orientation confounding, responses are restricted to non-Hispanic whites from 2000 onward who have not engaged in same-sex relations.

Incels don’t do too well. Celibate women, more of whom are likely to be voluntarily so (volcels?), do relatively better. Riding the cock carousel isn’t associated with female happiness no matter how good the women become at it.

For men, on the other hand, the Heartisian poon slayers (over 50 partners) report being markedly happier than do the aspiring alphas who aren’t particularly proficient purveyors of Game (11-50 partners).

Outside of the sexless and sexful tails, the inverse relationship between number of partners and happiness scarcely varies at all among men and women.

The most content are those who from the outset climb on two by two to be sure these days continue, followed by those who ended up doing so after a few false starts.

In a previous post, Twinkie outlines a mechanism for the results presented above:

If there is love – genuine love – before the surrender to lust, there will be love after that lust fades as it inevitably does with familiarity and age (and that’s human nature) while relationships built on lust will have long crumbled.

And when a woman has known no other man but you, she will love you, honor you, comfort you, and make certain that you know there is always one person in this world who will make you feel at home. She will give you her all.

In order to win a virtuous woman like that, you have to practice virtue yourself. You have to earn that trust and sacrifice from her by giving your all without falling into the easy temptations of the world. And that is in my experience how you have a marriage that gets stronger as time goes on and all the while irritations, difficulties, and complications of life pile up.

Mileage will vary. The implied causality could actually...

March 17, 2019 • 66 Comments

Applying the same happiness index as before (% very happy – % not too happy), the following graph shows self-reported happiness by frequency of religious service attendance. For contemporary relevance responses are from 2000 onward and to avoid racial confounding only non-Hispanic whites are considered:

As in the case of marital status, controlling for age does not attenuate the relationship. To the contrary, it actually modestly strengthens it, especially among younger cohorts.

Okay, but belonging to a church creates a sense of community. Maybe the benefits are entirely secular rather than spiritual.

Yeah, maybe. Score one for Pascal, then.

On the other hand, belief alone is associated with higher levels of self-reported happiness. Happiness indices by theistic orientation using the same parameters:

Ignorance is bliss? Again, maybe. Score one for Lisa, then.

Destroy marriage, destroy the church, destroy theism–if I didn’t know better, I might think immiseration was the objective. Time to start painting everything blue.

GSS variables used: ATTEND(0)(1-2)(3-4)(5-6)(7-8), GOD(1)(2)(3-5)(6), RACECEN1(1), HISPANIC(1), HAPPY, AGE

March 16, 2019 • 104 Comments

The progression of events following a Muslim terrorist attack are predictable: Extremist shoots, bombs, or runs over a bunch of civilians. Blue checkmarks preempt a backlash by executing a frontlash. The bolder ones even use the opportunity to point out how the victimized population is the real problem.

The same sort of progression followed the Christchurch massacre, albeit on a smaller scale and mostly by deplorables unworthy of verification. One especially bold Aussie even flipped the script.

That the major media obviously does not treat these things as opposite sides of the same coin is not evidence of a double standard, as is often asserted. Sure, some of the duller media mouths are so lacking in self-awareness they genuinely can’t comprehend what the comparative reactions look like to an objective observer. But in the cases of most of them, it should be taken as even more confirmation of a single standard, a standard which is arrived at by asking Who? Whom? and assigning blame and moral culpability accordingly.

Increasingly, actions don’t matter–a person’s identity is the only thing that does.

Parenthetically, this is the type of response that can only come from someone–assuming it is sincerely put forward–who has never experienced any violence in her entire life:

In a violent situation, the operative assumption of the one being attacked should never be that deescalation has been achieved before confirmation that it has been can be made. When someone is hit from behind with a hard object and an unknown liquid substance, one should not immediately assume it is an innocuous egg but instead assume it is something like a glass vial...

March 16, 2019 • 72 Comments

Predicting Kamala Harris years before she was recognized as a legitimate contender was fun. As she has become a top-tier candidate however, my confidence in the success of her candidacy has actually weakened rather than strengthened. It’s mostly on account of my not doing my homework earlier. When I first started making the prediction, I’d admittedly mostly just read her history, not watched her in action. Some readers tried to warn me but I waved them off. She’s exotic and there isn’t an Original Sin she doesn’t lambaste heritage America for. It was obvious she wanted to run. How could she not win if she did?

Through a combination of political flatfootedness and rhetorical overextension. Referring to America as a historical crime scene is the kind of thing an endangered pale male trying to outdo a member of the POC ascendancy should go for. When a black woman says it, though, normies get nervous.

Speaking of black, let’s get to the real reason I’m getting hot under the collar. A recurring theme here for over a decade now is how the path to the Democrat nomination goes through black primary voters. Their vote is close to monolithic, both in the primaries and in the general. Hillary beat Obama among whites and Hispanics in 2008 but he crushed her among blacks and so he got the nomination. A remarkably similar thing happened in 2016, when Sanders narrowly beat Hillary among whites but got destroyed by her among blacks. Well, here are current approval ratings among blacks for the top Democrat candidates:

The daughter of a mixed Jamaican father and a south Asian mother who is now married to a wealthy Jewish man and who grew up in Canada and has spent her adult life in a state with a relatively small and shrinking black population may not be legitimate enough for South Carolinian blacks. Who knew?

Approval ratings among Democrat pols are reliably high across the board among blacks. It’s conceivable that Harris’...

March 13, 2019 • 224 Comments

In trying to track down convincing evidence for the claim that female happiness is in a state of secular decline, I stumbled into a chasm of self-reported happiness by marital status. The General Social Survey regularly asks respondents about how happy they are. The three potential responses are “very happy”, “pretty happy”, and “not too happy”.

The following graphs depict what I’ll call a happiness index, calculated by simply taking the “very happy” percentage and subtracting from it the “not too happy” percentage. For contemporary relevance, responses are from 2000 onward. To avoid racial confounding, only non-Hispanic whites are evaluated:

Correlation does not necessarily indicate causation, of course. And Tennyson’s assertion that it is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all deserves skepticism.

That said, this is prima facie evidence that the Western world’s increasingly anti-marital zeitgeist is making people miserable.

In anticipation of the objection that older people tend to be happier than younger people are, here are the results by marital status and age cohort:

Oh how our putative moral progress takes away what forever took to find.

GSS variables used: HAPPY, MARITAL(1)(3-4)(5), SEX, AGE(18-34)(35-49)(50-64)(65-89), RACECEN1(1), HISPANIC(1)

March 11, 2019 • 368 Comments

To express his skepticism about the existence of any morally valid proof for the formula:

Somali Muslim + criticism of Jewish influence = white gentiles are evil

, Alabama representative Mo Brooks voted against the anti-ism resolution in the House on account of its failure to condemn anti-white and anti-Christian hate, both of which are hate crime categories tracked by the FBI (to be precise, “anti-Christian” is further divided into several denominational categories, but the point remains).

While there is no apparent reason to doubt Brooks’ sincerity on both accounts–whites and Christians have been on the receiving end of a lot of hate over the millennia!–“anti-white” causes more uncomfortable squirming among normies than “anti-Christian” does.

Consequently, it makes rhetorical sense to marry the two. Even though blacks are more likely to identify as Christian in the US than whites are, when the ideological totalitarians think of Christians, it’s hidebound whites clinging to guns and bibles who come to their minds.

The larger the basket of deplorables is, the better chance those deplorables have in withstanding the onslaught against them.

GSS variables used: RACECEN1(1)(2), HISPANIC(1), RELIG

March 10, 2019 • 101 Comments

The Derb:

Had you even heard the expression “asylum-seeker” five years ago? (In an American context, I mean. In Europe, where the asylum racket has been general knowledge for much longer, everyone’s long since used to hearing “asylum-seeker.”)

He nailed it. From Trends, first in the US:

And then for the UK:

Guess which American state generates the highest relative search volume. Hint: It’s not representative Omar’s, which comes in tied for thirteenth. It’s much more deplorably white even than that–the whitest in the country, in fact (for a few more years, anyway).

March 9, 2019 • 9 Comments

In a recent post on LGBTQ+ identity among those under thirty years old, in going back to look at another figure I realized miscalculated the figure for white women, understating it. I sincerely apologize for the screw up. I’m generally diligent about checking and double-checking but this one fell through the cracks. I’ve updated the post accordingly. I’ve also broken out Jews from non-Jewish whites. Comment there (unless it’s just to give me grief for the mistake–you can do that here or there!).