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September 29, 2022 • 14 Comments

Remember how I’ve been pointing out for years that the New York Times news section often buries the most interesting facts in the second half of an article? Well, today’s Russian spy story doesn’t even mention the most interesting aspect of this story:

Army Doctor and Spouse Plotted to Give Russia Medical Records, U.S. Says

Dr. Jamie Lee Henry, an internist at Fort Bragg, and Dr. Anna Gabrielian gave confidential medical records to an undercover F.B.I. agent who posed as a Russian agent, prosecutors said.

By Michael Levenson
Sept. 29, 2022, 5:42 p.m. ET

A Maryland doctor and her spouse, a U.S. Army doctor, were arrested on Thursday and charged with plotting to give the Russian government medical records of members of the American military, believing that the information could be exploited by the Kremlin, federal prosecutors said.

The couple, Dr. Anna Gabrielian, a Baltimore anesthesiologist, and Dr. Jamie Lee Henry, an Army major and staff internist at Fort Bragg, were indicted after they met several times with an undercover F.B.I. agent who they believed was working for the Russian Embassy, prosecutors said.

At a hotel in Baltimore on Aug. 17, Dr. Gabrielian told the agent she was “motivated by patriotism toward Russia to provide any assistance she could to Russia, even if it meant being fired or going to jail,” the indictment stated.

Dr. Henry told the agent that, “My point of view is until the United States actually declares war against Russia, I’m able to help as much as I want. At that point, I’ll have some ethical issues I have to work through,” the indictment stated. …

A week later, at a hotel in Gaithersburg, Md., Dr. Gabrielian gave the agent medical information on the spouse of an employee of the Office of Naval Intelligence, and highlighted an issue in the records that “Russia could exploit,” as well as the medical records of an Air Force veteran, the indictment stated.

Dr. Henry gave the agent the medical records...

September 29, 2022 • 14 Comments

Of course, the Woker the U.S. Military gets under Biden, the more its recruits’ decline in AFQT scores.

The difference between old-fashioned Sixties leftism and contemporary Wokeness is the former was driven by smart Jewish guys while the latter is supposed to center black women for their intersectionality, so leftism has dropped about 25 IQ points.

The funny thing is that from all the war videos out of Ukraine, the Ukrainian soldiers look like a Wokester’s nightmare of The Other: heavily armed white male patriots with non-ironic facial hair.

I’ve watched a lot of combat footage out of Ukraine and I don’t recall seeing or hearing any women involved in fighting in the field. E.g., when a tank explodes, the guys celebrating all have those really deep Slavic voices. (Some videos are shot back at headquarters of people watching video feeds on screens, and women’s voices show up in those.)

I’ve seen a few headlines in the West about women or LGBT soldiers in the Ukraine army, but the vast bulk of the combat footage depicts soldiers who are white men.

September 29, 2022 • 152 Comments

From the Opinion section of the New York Times:

The Forgotten Lessons of the Recovered Memory Movement

By Ethan Watters

Mr. Watters is a journalist and author whose work focuses on psychiatry and social psychology. Ethan Watters is a co-author of “Making Monsters: False Memories, Psychotherapy, and Sexual Hysteria” and the author of “Crazy Like Us: The Globalization of the American Psyche.”

The latter book is about how American mental health fads influence the rest of the world (usually for the worse). For example, nobody in Hong Kong suffered anorexia until the Hong Kong media, watching American media, started warning of the coming anorexia menace. And, sure enough, moody Hong Kong girls shortly started to develop anorexia.

Obviously, Watters’ perspective is instructive in understanding the current wave of Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria among moody American teenage girls demanding “top surgery.” But transgenderism is sacred, so he writes a long allegory about America’s 1980-90s mania about recovered memories of childhood sexual abuse and bravely squeezes in one mention of “gender dysphoria” along the way.

Sept. 27, 2022

Most students in psychology and psychiatry programs today are too young to have any firsthand memory of the moral panic engendered by the recovered memory movement in the 1980s and early 1990s. This was a time when therapists proudly advertised their ability to help clients unearth supposedly repressed memories of childhood sexual abuse; the accusations that followed shattered families and communities across the country.

The belief that such memories could be repressed and then recovered through special techniques was widespread among mental health professionals for well over a decade. In books and on television, therapists portrayed themselves as the first generation of healers to understand both these mechanisms of repression and how to unlock them without contaminating the story that emerged. The results...

September 29, 2022 • 88 Comments

From The Intercept:


While skeptics doubt the prospects for de-extinction, the CIA’s venture capital firm deems powerful genetic manipulation tools worth the money.

Daniel Boguslaw
September 28 2022, 8:03 a.m.

AS A RAPIDLY ADVANCING climate emergency turns the planet ever hotter, the Dallas-based biotechnology company Colossal Biosciences has a vision: “To see the Woolly Mammoth thunder upon the tundra once again.” Founders George Church and Ben Lamm have already racked up an impressive list of high-profile funders and investors, including Peter Thiel, Tony Robbins, Paris Hilton, Winklevoss Capital — and, according to the public portfolio its venture capital arm released this month, the CIA.

Colossal says it hopes to use advanced genetic sequencing to resurrect two extinct mammals — not just the giant, ice age mammoth, but also a mid-sized marsupial known as the thylacine, or Tasmanian tiger, that died out less than a century ago. On its website, the company vows: “Combining the science of genetics with the business of discovery, we endeavor to jumpstart nature’s ancestral heartbeat.”

In-Q-Tel, its new investor, is registered as a nonprofit venture capital firm funded by the CIA. On its surface, the group funds technology startups with the potential to safeguard national security. In addition to its long-standing pursuit of intelligence and weapons technologies, the CIA outfit has lately displayed an increased interest in biotechnology and particularly DNA sequencing.

“Why the interest in a company like Colossal, which was founded with a mission to “de-extinct” the wooly mammoth and other species?” reads an In-Q-Tel blog post published on September 22. “Strategically, it’s less about the mammoths and more about the capability.”

The embrace of this technology, according to In-Q-Tel’s blog post, will help allow U.S. government agencies to read, write, and edit genetic...

September 28, 2022 • 176 Comments

The Washington Post website pushes its follow-up story on the the sabotage of three of the four Nord Stream gas pipelines from Russia to Germany way down the site. This rather dull article more or less assumes the Russians Dun It but devotes much of its moderate length to analyzing the methane release from a global warming standpoint (which is minor):

E.U. warns of ‘robust’ response against sabotage after Nord Stream blasts

By Meg Kelly and Michael Birnbaum
Updated September 28, 2022 at 5:48 p.m. EDT

BERLIN — European policymakers pointed Wednesday to sabotage as they launched investigations into breaches of three major underwater natural gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea, blasts that experts said could result in the largest-ever single release of methane into the atmosphere from the energy sector.

… Though investigations into the simultaneous leaks in the Nord Stream pipelines have only just started, sabotage appears the most likely cause, policymakers said. Many blamed Russia, which is waging a war in Ukraine and has been using energy supplies to Europe as leverage against the continent.

“There is reason to be concerned about the security situation in the Baltic Sea region,” [Danish Defense Minister] Bodskov said in a statement after meetings at NATO. “Russia has a significant military presence in the Baltic Sea region, and we expect them to continue their saber rattling.”

Some politicians said they believed the explosions were a threat. “These incidents show that energy infrastructure is not safe,” Viktorija Cmilyte-Nielsen, speaker of Lithuania’s Parliament, told a local radio station on Wednesday. “It can be interpreted as a warning.” …

It was not immediately clear how European nations would respond. One European official, speaking on the condition of anonymity to offer a candid assessment, said proof is needed before imposing sanctions, “and for proof you need to have an investigation,” which takes time.

Sanctions are...

September 28, 2022 • 132 Comments

From my new column in Taki’s Magazine:

A Little Learning
Steve Sailer

September 28, 2022

At least since the 2002 book IQ and the Wealth of Nations by Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen, social scientists have been publishing rankings of countries by average cognitive test scores and pointing out how closely these figures correlate with gross domestic product per capita.

The mere existence of this data causes outrage among the growing numbers of science denialists, who are increasingly calling for banning all scientific research touching upon differences in cognitive capabilities among populations.

On the other hand, investors want to know these numbers because they are closely linked to national prosperity. So, I’ll present below my three-part graph of the World Bank’s “Harmonized Learning Outcomes” for 174 countries.

Two main types of cognitive exams contribute to the various lists: IQ and school achievement.

Here’s the bottom of the barrel of this huge graph of the World Bank’s database of school achievement test scores:

Note that the number of datapoints behind the World Bank’s estimates down at the bottom of the graph tend to be few. Niger’s score, 2.7 standard deviations behind the world’s most learned country (try to guess — the answer isn’t surprising) is based on two regional reading tests over the 2000 to 2017 period. On the other hand, if you had to guess who’d come in last, choosing the country with the world’s highest birthrate sounds about right.

Read the whole thing there.

September 28, 2022 • 34 Comments

The FBI is scheduled to finally release its 2021 crime stats this week, almost nine months after the end of the year.

Fortunately, we have had the CDC’s provisional estimates for 2021 causes of death since July. The FBI tracks murders and the CDC homicides. All murders are homicides but some homicides (e.g., self-defense) are not murders. But the two numbers track pretty closely over time. The CDC tracks the identity of victims but not of perpetrators.

We know from the CDC that homicide deaths were 4.1% higher than in 2020 and 36.0% higher than in 2019: e.g., rather than a homicide spike, we have a homicide plateau, a New Normal.

That should be bad news for the Democrats, but there’s an election coming up, so steps must be taken to provide nuanced perspectives to counter this misinformation.

From the Center for Just Journalism:

Covering Crime Data During Election Season

A Journalist’s Guide to the FBI’s 2021 Crime Statistics

The FBI’s crime data release will come less than two months before a national election in which crime is a politicized issue surrounded by a lot of misinformation. There are several steps journalists can take to inject nuance and context into the conversation about this data:

• Note that the data is old, and highlight what is known about 2022. By the time the FBI releases national crime statistics each year, the data is months out of date.

It’s NOT NEW NEWS, people. Maybe everything is all nice now. Can you prove it’s not? I didn’t think so.

Many local and state police agencies publish reported crime statistics much more regularly, and, if not, the statistics can often be obtained through public records requests, making it possible for journalists in many jurisdictions to include more up-to-date information about their communities’ reported crime trends in their stories.

Place the data in historical and geographic context. ‒ The number of reported crimes will always fluctuate from one year to another,...

September 28, 2022 • 244 Comments

The Ukrainians.

That does seem to make the most sense.

They had the personal motivation to hurt the Russians plus the strategic motivation to keep the Germans from figuring they can end their upcoming cold winter with a stroke of a pen and have the Russian gas flowing tomorrow. I don’t know how long it will take to fix the pipeline, but it seems likely that the Germans couldn’t expect it to be back in operation before the worst of the coming winter is over. So the benefit to the Germans of defecting now from the anti-Russian coalition is reduced.

Plus it’s a sign to the Germans that other pipelines could be blown up. If you can set off three bombs 200 feet under the sea, you can probably shoot an anti-tank missile at an above ground pipeline.

For the Ukrainians, it wasn’t much of an escalation — they’ve already been blowing up stuff in Russia, and this didn’t kill anybody.

As for the means, it’s not that hard to obtain a smallish commercial vessel at a port somewhere in the north Atlantic. You might be able to just lower mines down to the pipeline, but you’d probably want divers to place them precisely. Ukraine owned offshore oil wells in the Sea of Azov until Putin took Crimea in 2014, so they probably have some experienced divers.

Ukraine could probably pull off this operation for a budget of, say, one million dollars.

September 28, 2022 • 19 Comments

So how’s life in Ground Zero of the George Floyd Revolution? Wakanda 2.0 right? [Once nicknamed ‘Murderapolis,’ the city that became the center of the ‘Defund the Police’ movement is grappling with heightened violent crime, CNN, September 25, 2022]:

Marnette Gordon was doing laundry at home in Minneapolis one summer morning last year when a call came from her 36-year-old son.

She figured her son, Telly Blair, was checking in to see if she wanted a soda from a gas station down the street, where he often went for fuel and snacks.

“Mom, I’ve been shot,” he said. “Call the police!”

Marnette, her other son Tamarcus and his 12-year-old daughter rushed to the gas station from their home in the city’s north side, a part of town long beset by violent crime.

Blair’s family came upon his blue 1986 Chevy Caprice at pump No. 5 — beating police and paramedics by a few minutes, they said — only to find him slumped in his car, bleeding from multiple bullet wounds in his chest. A 17-year-old male in an orange hoodie had fired nine rounds from a handgun into Blair’s car before running off.

While an off-duty nurse in scrubs who’d been at the gas station tried to stop his bleeding, Marnette — a heart-transplant recipient — couldn’t bear to watch and stood at a distance. Telly was her caretaker.

“It was just horrible to see him sitting there, waiting on the ambulance,” she told CNN.

The 12-year-old called 911 while watching her uncle struggle to breathe.

“Oh my God, please,” the girl, who was crying, said to a dispatcher, according to 911 transcripts of the August 9, 2021 shooting obtained by CNN. “Hurry up, hurry up, hurry, hurry, he’s dead, hurry up!”

Telly Blair was among 93 people who were murdered in Minneapolis last year, city crime data shows. That’s just a few shy of the total killings in 1995, when the city earned the nickname “Murderapolis.” (Neighboring St. Paul witnessed 38 murders last year — a historic high

September 27, 2022 • 59 Comments

The fact the American Colonization Society (ACS) existed is not a cause for lamentation; the fact they failed in their mission to free their posterity of a burden Thomas Jefferson himself knew would be an eternal problem is the cause for perpetual melancholy.

But one fact remains constant throughout our history on this continent and in OUR creation of the United States of America: the answer to the problems outlined in the 1619 Project is not capitulation, but repatriation so those melanin-enriched are forever free of the burden of whiteness and they can now create Wakanda in our absence.

Because the central claim of those proponents of the Wakanda Theory is this: in the absence of colonizers (white people), blacks would flourish.

Well, if America were absent a black population, would this story about gun violence in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania even need to be written? No… [Shootings won’t stop in Harrisburg until Black people feel they can trust police | PennLive Editorial,, September 23, 2022]:

It happened again this week. Gunfire rang out in the 1300 block of Derry Street in Harrisburg, and two men fell. They weren’t killed, but that doesn’t mean they were lucky.

Ask Cal Hollman. He survived being shot in 1991, but he still worries that the bullet lodged in his back might one day kill him. He lives in constant pain. A year after his was shot, doctors threatened to amputate his foot.

He is among the nine people featured in PennLive’s “Forever Wounded” project published last week. The men all survived being shot, but have suffered serious physical and mental trauma. Each described in chilling detail the fear that haunts them years after being shot, as well as the physical disabilities that impact their daily lives.

Some of those forever wounded will share their stories at 6 p.m. Tuesday in the “Hear Their Voices” forum that PennLive will host with community organizations at the Nativity School of Harrisburg, 2101 North 5th St. Among...

September 26, 2022 • 27 Comments

Is saving the planet from climate change or protecting non-whites from the toxicity of white privilege and pervasive white racism the primary objective of not just the EPA, but the entire US Government? [EPA opens new office dedicated to environmental justice and civil rights: The aim is to ensure that environmental decision include marginalized communities.,, September 26, 2022]:

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has formed a new office designed to help marginalized communities deal with the extra burdens of pollution and climate change, Reuters has reported. The Office of Environmental Justice and External Civil Rights will be staffed by 200 EPA employees located in the agency’s Washington head office and 10 regional bureaus.

“The establishment of a new office dedicated to advancing environmental justice and civil rights at EPA will ensure the lived experiences of underserved communities are central to our decision-making while supporting community-driven solutions,” said US Vice President Kamala Harris.

One of the primary jobs of the new office will be to oversea the distribution of \$3 billion in environmental justice grants created by the passage the of Inflation Reduction Act, as part of a \$60 billion investment in environmental justice. It’ll also check that other EPA programs hew to President Biden’s Justice40 initiative designed to ensure that 40 percent of certain government investments flow to disadvantaged communities. Finally, it’ll help communities access grants, enforce civil rights laws and resolve environmental conflicts.

The new office was launched at an event in Warren County, North Carolina, the site of 1982 protests over toxic waste dumping in the region. The resulting civil disobedience actions and arrests failed to stop the 22-acre dump, but gave birth to the modern environmental justice movement. The 40th anniversary of the protests was commemorated by participants last week.


September 25, 2022 • 60 Comments

You know the drill by now.

Say her name, right?

Her name is Nancy Horton, an 80-year white grandmother brutally murdered by two black males in a home invasion.

One of the black males was a career criminal, the other is a juvenile.

[2 charged in Person County home invasion that left 80-year-old woman dead,, September 22, 2022]:

Two people have been arrested in connection to a Person County home invasion where a woman was found dead.

It appeared 80-year-old Nancy Horton had been dead for a while after her body was discovered Tuesday night at her home on Burlington Road, according to the Person County Sheriff’s Office. The sheriff’s office said Horton was killed during the home invasion.

Two sources who spoke to Sheriff Dewey Jones confirmed the break in the case.

On Wednesday evening, Jones identified the suspects as Roger Letroy Wilkerson, 39, and a juvenile.

The sheriff said that deputies along with the SBI executed several search warrants at Wilkerson’s home at E. Morehead Street and Pulliam Street. Wilkerson, who was out on bond for another offense, had three warrants already out for breaking and entering of motor vehicles, He was charged with possession of a firearm by a felon, carrying concealed pistol/gun, possession with intent to sell and distribute marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, simple possession of Schedule III and IV, and resisting, delaying or obstructing an officer.

While executing those warrants, evidence was found in connection with the Horton homicide case, the sheriff said. That evidence led to Wilkerson being charged with murder.

Juvenile petitions have been filed on the other suspect for breaking and entering of motor vehicles and the murder in connection with Horton’s death.

“Sweet, and kind and gentle as anybody you have ever seen,” Phillip Reams said. Reams, who is Horton’s neighbor, said Horton was known to be very active.

Deputies got a call before 8 p.m. from a family...

September 23, 2022 • 55 Comments

When demand exceeds supply…[FBI Agents Accuse Biden of Pressuring FBI to Fabricate ‘Extremist’ and ‘White Supremacist’ Cases, PJ Media, September 15, 2022]:

Current and former FBI agents have come forward saying the Biden administration is deliberately exaggerating the danger posed by white supremacists. They claimed that high-ranking FBI officials were pressuring field agents to fabricate domestic terrorism cases and label people as white supremacists in order to “meet internal metrics.”

“The demand for white supremacy” coming from FBI brass “vastly outstrips the supply of white supremacy,” one agent told the Washington Times. “We have more people assigned to investigate white supremacists than we can actually find.”

The FBI agent, who requested anonymity in order to discuss internal bureau politics, said that top officials in the FBI “have already determined that white supremacy is a problem” and established a policy to prioritize investigations into racially-motivated domestic extremism.

“We are sort of the lapdogs as the actual agents doing these sorts of investigations, trying to find a crime to fit otherwise First Amendment-protected activities,” he said. “If they have a Gadsden flag and they own guns and they are mean at school board meetings, that’s probably a domestic terrorist.”

The FBI denies that they are targeting people based on politics, but sadly, these revelations are the latest in a longstanding pattern of the politicization and weaponization of the Justice Department under Joe Biden and Attorney General Merrick Garland.

Last year, the administration previously came under fire for using the resources of the Department of Justice to target angry parents at school board meetings and treat them like domestic terrorists. Merrick Garland authorized the FBI to investigate parents who protested school board meetings alleging a “disturbing trend” of teachers being threatened or harassed....

September 21, 2022 • 108 Comments

We all know who did it.

We all know what happened.

There’s no need to speculate.

There’s no need to guess.

Say her name, and know as of yet unidentified black male in Baton Rouge was responsible for the deliberate murder of a white LSU coed. [LSU student who was gunned down on her way home from night out was likely killed in ‘random’ attack, DA says, as he is grilled about rumors murder may have been part of a GANG INITIATION, Daily Mail, September 21, 2022]:

Prosecutors believe a Louisiana State University student gunned down in her was murdered at random – as rumors swirl locally the killing may have been part of a gang initiation.

Baton Rouge District Attorney Hillar Moore said in a recent interview with WBRZ that the motive for Allison Rice’s shooting, which occurred on September 16 while the LSU student was sitting in her car at a railroad crossing, is still a mystery.

He admitted: ‘This appears to be a totally isolated, random type act.’

Moore was asked Tuesday about claims within the local community that the 21-year-old’s death was ‘part of a gang initiation.’ But he was unable to offer clarity to those allegations.

‘It’s way too early to tell. We never want to get out in front of the evidence and the facts of the case.

‘Surely, that’s not anything that’s jumping out to me as a person that has done this for years.’ Moore told WBRZ’s Chris Nakamoto during an interview Tuesday.

He was unable to offer any further insight into why the tragedy happened.

No arrests have been made, although local cops say they’ve been flooded with tips as to possible identities of the killers. It remains unclear how credible these tips are.

Officials with the Baton Rouge Police Department also echoed Moore’s statement, telling the Louisiana news outlet that they have found no evidence that the LSU student, just months out from graduation, was targeted...

September 20, 2022 • 101 Comments


A hypothetical question. Remember… only asking for a friend.

What would life be like in America if there was no black population? Seriously? What would happen if our nation wasn’t run by a philosophy and ideology eerily similar to McDonald’s 365Black concept?

Now, think the converse: what if America had no white population? Look no further than what just happened in less than 15 percent white Jackson, Mississippi for the answer.

Which brings us to this interesting tidbit out of Chicago, the home of the Fortune 100 company famously going 365Black more than a decade ago as part of the overall marketing strategy. [McDonald’s CEO sounds the alarm over crime in Chicago, CNN, September 18, 2022]:

New YorkCNN Business — McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski has big concerns about surging crime in Chicago, where the fast food giant is based, saying it is impacting the company’s restaurants and making it harder to recruit corporate talent.

Crime is “seeping into every corner of our city,” Kempczinski said during an event at the Economic Club of Chicago Wednesday.

“Everywhere I go, I’m confronted by the same question these days — what’s going on in Chicago? While it may wound our civic pride to hear it, there is a general sense out there that our city is in crisis.”

Kempczinski said that McDonald’s (MCD) restaurants in the city are suffering, noting that there are about 400 of the chain’s locations across Chicago.

“We have violent crime that’s happening in our restaurants … we’re seeing homelessness issues in our restaurants. We’re having drug overdoses that are happening in our restaurants,” he said. “So we see in our restaurants, every single day, what’s happening in society at large.”

The Chicago Mayor’s Office did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Kempczinski’s remarks.

Starbucks (SBUX), too, has noted similar problems at some of its stores.

Over the summer, the coffee chain announced...

September 16, 2022 • 78 Comments

When the demand for racism and white supremacy required by the ruling elite to fuel their anti-white agenda far exceeds the supply, you sometimes have to manufacture a racial crisis…[Phoenix Suns Owner Robert Sarver Suspended And Fined \$10 Million For Racist Language, Forbes, September 14, 2022]:

The NBA levied a heavy fine and a year-long suspension Tuesday against Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver, after an investigation found he used racist language and fostered a hostile work environment, though the league did not require him to sell the team.

Sarver will pay a \$10 million fine, the largest sum allowed under the NBA’s bylaws, and is suspended for one year from managing or representing the Suns and the WNBA’s Phoenix Mercury, which he also owns, the league said.

The NBA said it found Sarver said the N-word at least five times “when recounting the statements of others,” used derogatory language and sexually charged comments toward and about women and bullied employees.

The probe, which included 320 interviews and the examination of 80,000 emails, texts and videos, came after ESPN released a report on allegations of misconduct in November 2021.

Sarver will be required to undergo sensitivity training in his time away from his teams.

Sarver said last year he welcomed the NBA’s probe, but his legal team denied the allegations to ESPN at the time.


Sarver’s misconduct is reminiscent of former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, whom the NBA banned for life in 2014 when his racist comments were revealed, forcing him to sell his franchise. Last year’s ESPN report detailed the accusations against Sarver using accounts from former employees, including Sarver explaining to staff that the Suns should have a Black head coach because “These [N-words] need a [N-word],” referring to the league’s majority-Black player population. Sarver stepped down as the executive chairman of Western Alliance Bancorporation...