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What I Am Fighting for?
Preface to My Russian Book
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I am Russian. That’s how I feel and therefore, that’s what I am. I was born in Russia, in the Soviet Union – in what was and still is a stunningly beautiful city on the Neva River called Leningrad.

For some reason, out of the almost 20 books that I have written, only 2 (if I am not mistaken) have been translated into the Russian language and published in Russia. How come? My books are available in about 40 languages. Even in Turkey, in the Turkish language, five have been printed.

Perhaps during the Gorbachev and Yeltsin era, Russia and I drifted apart. Not fully, but to a great extent.

I am an internationalist, an anti-colonialist fighter. I have worked in about 160 countries, writing about the horrors that are being spread by Western imperialism. I was screwed many times, battered and injured, tortured and even condemned to death. My Russia is a Russia of principles, of justice and courage. My grandparents fought for such a nation, and half of my relatives died, defending it. In the past, during those few terrible years when Russia was enchanted with the North American and European cheap glitter and lies, we found ourselves, unfortunately, far apart.

Of course, Russia’s obsession with the West did not last long. The country is too educated, too independent-minded. It cannot be fooled for decades. ‘My country’, my abstract, imaginary but nevertheless beloved homeland, got humiliated, robbed and almost destroyed by political and market fundamentalists in Washington, London, Paris. After the demolition of the Soviet Union, the life expectancy of Russian people dropped to sub-Saharan African levels. In those days, during one of my visits, I saw scientists from akademgorodog selling their libraries in the Novosibirsk subway underpass, in the bitter winter cold. Russia was shaken, stripped of its essence, and stepped on. The West gave nothing, it only took. And once the Soviet internationalism was out of the way, the United States, U.K. and France began the unbridled plunder of the world: Iraq, Serbia, Libya…

For several years, I looked in despair at how Russia was collapsing, losing its dignity, selling its great tangible and intangible achievements for a pittance. And how the West was laughing at it; grinning with its muzzle, expressing profound cynicism and scorn.

Yes, this is when Russia and I parted, for a short period of time. I did not want Russia to kneel – I wanted it to fight: for itself and for the world, as it always had done. Like most of the Russian people, I wanted the Soviet Union back; I felt embarrassed to see how cheap and sleazy capitalism was replacing Communist and Internationalist ideals. I felt deep scorn for the naiveté of Gorbachev, and right after that, for the perverted destructive servility of Yeltsin. For the sake of its own people and the world, Russia had no right to be weak; so much depended on it.

I wrote about it, about what I was witnessing, but Russia was not ready for me then. Many people there were searching for shortcuts. Countless honest people were spat at, degraded.

Eventually, majority of people understood. The government changed. Pride returned. The dark days of humiliation did not last long. Russia, indignant and righteous, once again got up from its knees, and confronted the Western usurpers and imperialism. It regained its soul, its compassion, and its great culture.

From that very moment, I regained my Motherland. This was the Russia that I knew, respected and loved. The Russia for which I was willing to, wanted to, fight for.

And a big, tough ideological fight it has been, since the moment that Russia began defending its interests and its people, as well as billions of oppressed human beings all around the world!


I speak the Russian language fluently. It is my ‘mother tongue’. But English is my ‘working language’. I have written some 15 books in English. It has become the tongue of ‘ideological combat’, and I feel comfortable using it for this purpose. The English language is my weapon of choice.

As I said earlier, for some reason, not much of my work is known ‘back home’, in my mental and emotional home, in Russia; a country where I was born and which I love, but where I have almost never managed to live.

The translation of dozens of my essays by the great Russian translator Andrey Maysov may change all this, very soon. I hope it will. I am grateful to him, for his determined labor; more grateful than he knows.


For many years, I have travelled all over the world, making documentary films and writing books. All this was “for the front” – for that intellectual, ideological front; for “my” countries: for Russia and China, Venezuela and Cuba, Syria, as well as many other ones.

I do not believe in ‘objectivity’. Objectivity is yet another British colonialist invention; a cover up for crimes committed all over the globe, and for propaganda with which billions of brains had been infected. In the name of objectivity, the most outrageous and devastating lies have been thrown around.

I fight Western propaganda with my essays, books and films. And by fighting it, I am trying to protect both Russia and all those colonized people of the world.

I do all this because I believe that Western imperialism is the only real danger that our planet is facing right now. If it is not defeated, humanity will not be able to survive.

My work is designed as a detox to Western indoctrination. It is a tough counter dose to the mainstream media lies, to entire institutes and NGOs in North America and Europe, whose only purpose is to turn both victims and victimizers into nihilist intellectual zombies.


I do not expect Russia or China to be ‘perfect’. I do not believe in perfection. I only want them to be human. And human they are. And they behave as such. The other side is not: for centuries it has been plundering, murdering and deceiving entire continents.

I don’t know whether this book will make my writing popular in Russia. I hope it will. Not for my own sake, of course, but simply because I think I now clearly understand how the global dictatorship functions, and I want “my countries” to know, too; to be ready, prepared and alert.

I want to ‘go home’, which for a writer means only this: to be able to share thoughts and feelings, fears and hopes with the people from his, no matter how distant, motherland.


[My book in Russian: “What you are not supposed to read”]

Andre Vltchek is a philosopher, novelist, filmmaker and investigative journalist. He has covered wars and conflicts in dozens of countries. Four of his latest books are China and Ecological Civilization with John B. Cobb, Jr., Revolutionary Optimism, Western Nihilism, a revolutionary novel “Aurora” and a bestselling work of political non-fiction: “Exposing Lies Of The Empire”. View his other books here. Watch Rwanda Gambit, his groundbreaking documentary about Rwanda and DRCongo and his film/dialogue with Noam Chomsky “On Western Terrorism”. Vltchek presently resides in East Asia and the Middle East, and continues to work around the world. He can be reached through his website and his Twitter. His Patreon

• Category: Foreign Policy, Ideology • Tags: Neoliberalism, Russia 
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  1. anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:

    Despite his romanticizing about the other top-down racket known as Communism, I am pleased to see Mr. Vltchek added to the roster of columnists. The Unz Review is living up to its stated purpose.

  2. You are a race traitor and should die in a ditch.

    • Replies: @Lin
  3. I want to ‘go home’, which for a writer means only this: to be able to share thoughts and feelings, fears and hopes with the people from his, no matter how distant, motherland.

    Mr. Vltchek,

    I wish you much luck with your New Russian Book. Reading your Preface reminded me of my own separation. I’m not familiar with your work, and why you left Russia, but in my case it was my parents that chose to immigrate (legally) to the US. As I read your post, I was truly inspired by how you expressed your deep-seated love of country, people and culture. I feel exactly as you do about Russia about my native Mexico! I returned to my country after 50 years in the US, and have never looked back. I was able to help in the new elections that took place last year and convinced family and friends to vote for the new president.

    ‘My country’, my abstract, imaginary but nevertheless beloved homeland, got humiliated, robbed and almost destroyed by political and market fundamentalists in Washington, London, Paris.

    For over 100 years Mexico has experienced more humility, theft and corruption at the hands of those same western powers than anyone else besides Germany. Fighting Spain for their independence and France’s attempt at colonization left Mexico’s military weak and economy in shambles. It was ripe for the pickings and the new US government set their sights on their Western lands. We know what happened after that. What most people don’t know is the “Boot on the Neck” of Mexico, that was placed by the US in the form of a “Treaty”. The “Bucareli Treaty” was a treaty Mexico was forced to sign in order to get US approval of the new elected president. You can find it online.

    The new Mexican president has been trying to cancel that 100 year treaty and it looks like he may have.

    Anyway, I just want to say that I appreciate what you have contributed to exposing the Monster in the West. It’s a terrible soul eating, ugly freak born in the dark forests of western Europe that found its way to the Americas. That parasite has been devouring land, resources and souls with no end in sight, that Monster is the AngloZionistBritishIsraelEmpire (US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand incuded).

    Viva Russia!

  4. Mas says:

    Mr Vltchek is a writer of the first class and a fine human being.

    It is absolutely impossible not to respect and admire him, not if you are in your right mind and well informed.

  5. @J. Gutierrez

    Dear Comrade. I love your country deeply. And I did my best to cover Mexican elections, from Tijuana to Merida. I also spent almost one year in Yucatan, as a young man.

    Yes, there are similarities.

    Thank you for reading and thank you for fighting for New Mexico. World needs your country strong, proud and finally, independent. It is one of the greatest nations on earth.

    Viva Mexico!

  6. anon[210] • Disclaimer says:

    I’m really disappointed in Ron Unz, he’s published so many excellent pieces about the evils of Bolshevism and has himself written movingly about the bravery of the Wehrmacht which through its heroic sacrifice managed to weaken the Bolshevik juggernaut and save Western Europe at least from the Red hordes. Why is he now giving space to a vile Bolshevik like Ultchek, who probably would have been a commissar or in the GPU, gleefully exterminating the bourgeoisie and alleged counter-revolutionaries?
    I really hope this doesn’t start a new trend…please less of such deranged commie nonsense, and more of the good stuff like the supreme David Irving again!

    • Replies: @anonymous
  7. peterAUS says:

    What I Am Fighting for?

    I am Russian.

    Stopped reading there. No need to continue.

    The author is at least honest there. Compliments.

    Now we have two: Saker and this fellow.


    • Replies: @Bay Area Guy
  8. anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:

    I suggest that you read “Why The Unz Review,” upper right corner.

  9. Lin says:

    “You are a race traitor and should die in a ditch.”
    Are you the same Thorfinnsson at Robert Lindsay’s blog?
    That Thorfinnsson seems to be a hindu residing in Finland

  10. @Andre Vltchek

    My Brother,

    Thanks for your response, it was during the World Cup, that I had chance to see your beautiful country, through the lens of the cameras covering the event. I have been following the Russian youtubers and their investigation of the Tartarian Empire. I saw where it stretched from Russia through north America to Mexico. It was a huge Empire that has been hidden from the pages of world history.

    I always wanted to visit your country and see the unique style of architecture that sets itself apart from the rest of the world. Throw in a couple of Russian beauties strolling down the sidewalk and you would have in front of you, a scene that inspires painters.

    I’m going to try and find some of your work, so I can read it.

    Good Luck and let me know if you are ever in Mexico…

  11. @peterAUS

    I wonder how many actual Russians agree with this tankie clown.

  12. Gunnar says:

    Thanks for this great article from a German. I know the fuckers with the “oh my god the commies are coming”- hysteria will foam from their mouths about this article, I see the first “Hitler was defending the civil world against the evil Russkies”-idiots, who think their comments are significant writing their meaningless rubbish. Ignore them, your Russia is loved all over the world by more and more people for its sacrifices and great deeds for a better world. May all these people are right with their fear, Putin might finally reunite the area of the Soviet Union – just to let them suffer so bad, they finally seek the medication they would need today. Thanks again – Благодарю Вас! – Да здравствует Россия!

    • Replies: @Andre Vltchek
  13. @Gunnar

    Thank you tons, my Comrade! I know they are scared, of the truth, and of determined struggle against their centuries of racism, imperialism and bigotry. We are not afraid of them. They are afraid of us. Because, finally, we are winning, and their fascist crap will soon sink their own ship.

    • Replies: @anon
  14. anon[210] • Disclaimer says:
    @Andre Vltchek

    Because, finally, we are winning

    lol, you’re not winning anything, commie.
    Your 3rd worlder friends couldn’t care less about the “ideals” of Soviet fossils like you…they’re probably laughing about you behind your back and think you’re a total fool.
    You and your stupid agitprop movies belong in a museum.

    • Replies: @Andre Vltchek
  15. @anon

    You know, I actually pity a man or a woman, who is so insecure and full of complexes, that he/she has to hide behind “anon” shield.

    We are winning over cowards like you, yes. And this is the last time I am replying to anyone without name, here. Normally, there is only one solution when dealing with fascist, anti-semitic, racist scum – boot into their face.

  16. Gunnar says:

    @anon says:

    Your 3rd worlder friends couldn’t care less about the “ideals” of Soviet fossils like you…they’re probably laughing about you behind your back and think you’re a total fool.

    oh yes, the 3th world doesn’t care for the ideals of @Andre Vltchek?
    That is why they had to kill thousands and thousands of communists in Indonesia?That’s why the West had to sponsor every coup in South America you can think of – every time against a government that was Anti-Capitalist. That is why CIA and the British cunts of MI5/6 had to unleash the mob and bribe the military against president Mossadeq in Iran 1953, because the world doesn’t care for his ideals. That is why the West had to lure and groom Hitler and his ilk to march against the Soviet Union, because – I think they had nothing to fear of her.
    The laughable clowns sit everywhere on the ruins of their “glorious” capitalism, which eats itself greedily: every day a hedge fond buys some company, destroys it and sells it off – the most revenue capitalism has, when nothing works anymore. They sit and laugh about leftist ideas, they don’t understand, they think, having health insurance is communism – and they think, they won a few battles and that the war is over.
    Since they are most of the time historically illiterate they don’t know how often Capitalism was failing before it was finally the leading economic principle. So they don’t get the point of hope, because they think that competition, growth and exploitation are the only principles able to guide an economy – actually to guide everything: Sometimes they can’t even explain the solar system or mating strategies of maggots without using some “market”-metaphors… They are intellectually sterile like Breshnev in his last days with very few exceptions. The last interesting economist they had was Keynes – and that man said they should tame capitalism. So they ignore him.
    They fear Marxism so much they have to mock it every day, they had to invent the term “Cultural Marxism” to have a straw man to fight against. Because usually people hadn’t read a line of Marx and are easily to manipulate. Yes that is true for the West.
    All that, because – you know – they are on the winning side.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  17. Gunnar says:

    I didn’t even mention all the atrocities in Vietnam and Africa, all to hold Socialism in check. Because – yes you guess right – they have nothing to fear from it, It is a ridiculous idea!

  18. For several years, I looked in despair at how Russia was collapsing, losing its dignity, selling its great tangible and intangible achievements for a pittance. And how the West was laughing at it; grinning with its muzzle, expressing profound cynicism and scorn.

    I may strongly disagree with Vltchek on a lot, but I completely recognize what he’s talking about here.

    Born in 1971, I grew up towards the end of Cold War I. I am embarrassed to admit that I actually believed all the nonsense our government and media said about the Soviet Union back then. I hated the USSR as regarded them as the ‘enemy’. But at least back then, whatever the deficiencies of our educational system and media, we were never taught to disrespect the Russians for their culture. We were told, in fact, that Communism is what prevented them from practicing their culture, that they, too, in a sense were victims of the USSR. (I didn’t find this hard to believe, since the leftists in our country always hated us, our culture and our way of life. Why would the leftists who ran the USSR be any different?)

    So when the cold war unexpectedly ended, I was very happy and pleasantly surprised. I thought, ‘At last we can put all that silliness behind us and be friends–or at least not enemies.’ Believing all the propaganda about capitalism as I then did, I expected that, in a few years’ time, Russia would experience a roaring recovery and that we would all live happily ever after.

    Well, needless to say, I was totally unprepared for what happened next–in Russia or anywhere else. Watching what happened to those poor people in the 90s was a real eye-opening experience for me. I am sadder but wiser now.

    As for Russia, I am glad she is back on her feet. I apologize for all the dumb sh*t I once thought about the place, not knowing any better. When the media attack her now, at least I know better.

    Sadder but wiser …

  19. Sucks when you picking the losing side, don’t it, Andre, you whiny pussy.

  20. @Andre Vltchek

    Apparently English is your pteferred language for advocacy but I find it difficult to be sure what you mean when you say that a country is “great” as in your “It [Mexico] is one of the greatest nations on earth”. Sounds very Latin to me though I suppose a Russian could be seeing soul in a way that Western Europeans somehow miss. Would you care to spell out what makes Mexico great bearing in mind it has a world class narcotics problem not yet solved?

  21. @J. Gutierrez

    I am glad to have been introduced to the Bucareli Treaty (even if you omitted to note that it was never ratified either by thecUS or Mexico). There is a Wikipedia article about it which is interesting in several ways. Maybe it is so badly written and confusing that no one has been bothered about the alleged horrendous features of the so-calĺed treaty, apparently designed to inhibit economic development, or the article’s claim that NAFTA was rushed by the US as a replacement which is a surprising suggestion to say the least.

    As for your “Fighting Spain for their independence and France’s attempt at colonization left Mexico’s military weak and economy in shambles” it doesn’t reflect well on you or Mexico. Spain was finished with by 1821 and France by 1867 when North America was in a shambles from the Civil War. What was the problem with Mexicans that they had to have a revolution in 1910?

  22. @Gunnar

    Try to avoid the absurd if you want readers to wade through such a long boring rant. I couldn’t get much past your “the West [sic]had to sponsor every coup in South America you can think of”. I seem to remember Argentina managing coups very well on its own without bothering to enlist support from ourside. Brazil? Bolivia? Ah, you meant right wing coups? Well name me even one where it was “the West” involved tather than the US.

    As for “the West had to lure and groom Hitler and his ilk to march against the Soviet Union” !!!! Are you for real or are you just a freewheeling troll?

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