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Western Anti-Chinese Propaganda Exaggerates Coronavirus Danger, Creates Panic
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Now it is becoming obvious who China’s friends are, and who her enemies are. In the West, many nations and individuals are celebrating the short-term difficulties that the Chinese nation is facing, pouring salt into the wound, while giving birth to anti-Chinese sentiments.

Even the WHO (World Health Organization) has been warning not to impose travel bans against the countries affected by coronavirus. And it is the WHO, which is praising Beijing repeatedly and loudly, for its performance during the fight against the new virus.

But no matter what doctors say, and what the objective data is, several Western countries have been maliciously smearing China’s determined and successful efforts to contain and combat the epidemy. They exaggerate the danger, spreading fear among the people all over the world. In a spiteful, manipulative and illogical way, they are connecting the epidemic to the entire Chinese system.

Whereas Russia, which is a close ally of China, but even Japan which is often politically antagonistic to Beijing, are keeping it relatively cool, feverishly working on developing an effective vaccine, the United States and many European countries are spreading fake news, issuing travel warnings, and effectively banning their citizens from travelling to Mainland China, even banning foreigners who have recently (within 14 days) visited China, from entering the United States.

Following bizarre logic, U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar recently defended the actions of his government:

“The risk of infection for Americans remains low and with these and our previous actions we are working to keep the risk low.”

Anti-Chinese xenophobia in the United States is on the rise. Chinese people are banned from entering some restaurants, and racist punches are thrown everywhere.

Some statements are so racist, that they are actually illegal, even in the United States itself. One of the readers (with the handle name @melpol) of a large media site, recently commented on my re-printed essay about the determined fight of China against the disease:

“The Chinese are DISGUSTING, souless frauds. I hope Coronavirus wipes out EVERY last one.”

Such declarations are shocking, but not really isolated.

Even the world-renowned Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek, who is not always on the side of Beijing, recently snapped angrily at the West and its racist attitude against China, in his essay writer for the RT:

“Coronavirus is all over the news, and I don’t pretend to be a medical specialist, but there is a question I’d like to raise: Where do facts end and where does ideology begin?

The first obvious enigma: There are far worse epidemics taking place, so why is there such an obsession with this one when thousands die daily from other infectious diseases?

Of course, an extreme case was the 1918-1920 influenza pandemic, known as Spanish flu, when the death toll is estimated to have been at least 50 million. Around this time, influenza has infected 15 million Americans: at least 140,000 people have been hospitalized and more than 8,200 people killed this season alone.

It seems racist paranoia is obviously at work here – remember all the fantasies about the Chinese women in Wuhan skinning live snakes and slurping bat soup. Whereas, in reality, a big Chinese city is probably one of the safest places in the world.”

But medical specialists are far from desperate about the outbreak. Coronavirus kills, but at much lower rates than many other diseases.

An analysis by the renowned British medical magazine, Lancet, was mentioned in the BBC report, and they basically revealed that fears of the coronavirus in the West are exaggerated:

“A report on the early stages of the outbreak by the Lancet medical journal said most patients who died from the virus had pre-existing conditions.

The report found that, of the first 99 patients treated at the Jinyintan Hospital in Wuhan, 40 had a weak heart or damaged blood vessels. A further 12 had diabetes.

Most people infected are likely to fully recover – just as they would from a normal flu.

An expert at China’s National Health Commission (NHC) said that one week was sufficient for a recovery from mild coronavirus symptoms.”

Some medical experts, in Asia and all over the world, are obviously on the same page with Zizek and Lancet. According to the recent figures, around 17 thousand cases were reported. 361 patients lost their lives. That is 2% – comparatively lower than the mortality rate from many other diseases.

My doctor-friends in Hong Kong have commented, for this essay:

“Certainly, it is a very infectious virus. But the severity is much less than SARS. It is understandable that any country would not welcome such a virus. But as usual, the West would like to smear and weaken China. This virus usually kills old people with other morbidities. The one in Hong Kong who died was only 39, but had other diseases. The good news is that they have found 2 very effective anti-viral agents to treat this. The local people in the yellow camp try to exaggerate the viral attack to achieve political gains. Disgusting, especially with some medical staff on strike.”


Several airlines have cancelled flights to Mainland China, to all or at least some destinations, including Air France, United, American Airlines, Delta and British Airways. Obviously, when it was time to cash in on growing Chinese market, these airlines were ready to dispatch its biggest birds, including the Airbus 380-800. But during the crisis, instead of standing by its new clients, they stranded passengers, unceremoniously. One of my good friends in Beijing, for instance, has not been able to join her important work mission in Santiago de Chile, because her Air France ticket had been converted into nothing more than a useless piece of paper.

Once again, the better China’s performance is, the more it gets smeared, the more colorful the lies against her are.

Commenting for this essay, Mira Lubis, an Indonesian academic recalled how she was quarantined in Wuhan, even several years ago. She is still impressed by the Chinese health authorities:

“I think China treats all virus cases very carefully. And it doesn’t mean that this latest coronavirus is more harmful than other viruses. I was quarantined in Wuhan just for having a normal flu. Meaning they have very strict procedural standards, compared to other countries, even those in Europe or the United States. And they do it in order to defend people’s health.”

However, it is very difficult to expect objectivity from the countries which have been, for years and decades, been indoctrinated by anti-Chinese propaganda!


[First published by China Daily Hong Kong]


Andre Vltchek is a philosopher, novelist, filmmaker and investigative journalist. He has covered wars and conflicts in dozens of countries. Five of his latest books are “China Belt and Road Initiative: Connecting Countries, Saving Millions of Lives”, China and Ecological Cavillation with John B. Cobb, Jr., Revolutionary Optimism, Western Nihilism, a revolutionary novel “Aurora” and a bestselling work of political non-fiction: “Exposing Lies Of The Empire”. View his other books here. Watch Rwanda Gambit, his groundbreaking documentary about Rwanda and DRCongo and his film/dialogue with Noam Chomsky “On Western Terrorism”. Vltchek presently resides in East Asia and the Middle East, and continues to work around the world. He can be reached through his website and his Twitter. His Patreon

• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: American Media, China, Coronavirus 
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  1. Rational says:


    The Chinese are and have been a sick people. They eat snakes too, not just bats. No wonder they get strange diseases from germs that live on filthy animals.

    Africans spread HIV to the world by eating monkey brains and the Chinese are spreading coronovirus by eating bats. And yes, the Judaists do torture animals before eating them (kosher practices) and do spin chickens over their heads to transfer sins to them.

    All disgusting behaviors of backwards savages.

    There is nothing racist about these basic facts.

    • Replies: @NPleeze
    , @anon
  2. NPleeze says:

    The Chinese are and have been a sick people. They eat snakes too, not just bats

    So what? Americans eat lots of animals too. You’re one of those clueless and morbidly stupid rednecks that thinks however you were brainwashed as a child, is the only proper way to be brainwashed, and everyone else is evil, is that it?

    germs that live on filthy animals

    Filthy animals … like chickens, pigs and cows that are confined to live in their own feces in factory farms in the US? Filthy like that?

    Africans spread HIV to the world by eating monkey brains

    Actually AIDs started at a lab in the US, among green monkeys, apparently a lab “mistake” let to the transfer of the infected green monkeys to be used to generate anti-bodies for some vaccines, and these vaccines were then introduced into Hepatitis C patients.

    the Chinese are spreading coronovirus by eating bats

    Very few Chinese eat bats. But I bet some Europeans/Americans do too. That means you’re guilty, hmm, redneck moron?

    backwards savage

    You have perfectly described Homo Redneck, of which you are obviously a proud, card-carrying member.

    There is nothing racist about these basic facts.

    You mean the facts that you are a low-IQ, unsuccessful, inbred redneck? Yes, agreed, those are just plain facts.

    • Agree: Godfree Roberts
  3. anon[263] • Disclaimer says:

    You mean the facts that you are a low-IQ, unsuccessful, inbred redneck? Yes, agreed, those are just plain facts.

    Define irony. They guy criticizes another guy for doing exactly what he did in response.

  4. I don’t agree with the thesis of this article, or pretty much anything in it. Western media have done essentially everything they can do to underplay Covid-19, not exaggerate its danger. Example: they repeatedly – without evidence – compared it to the standard flu during the initial outbreak. They’ve also uncritically repeated government assurances that the virus posses little danger to the public. Behind the scenes, however, Western governments have worried about supply chain issues concerning China and their own domestic healthcare system’s ability to sustain a sudden influx of critically ill patients.

    Now it is becoming obvious who China’s friends are, and who her enemies are.

    Conspiratorial and unhelpful. The author is guilty of spreading the same kind of hate he accuses Western media of spreading. No nation is an “enemy” to China for acting in their own best interest.

    In the West, many nations and individuals are celebrating the short-term difficulties that the Chinese nation is facing, pouring salt into the wound, while giving birth to anti-Chinese sentiments.

    Not really, not in my opinion at least. Of course, it wouldn’t be difficult to find examples of anti-Chinese sentiment on the internet, but this does not represent Western sentiment in general. Most Western media types are squeamish liberals loathe to look uncouth by appearing to criticize China or Chinese. Chinese internet often spreads similar sentiment itself, such as the conspiracy theory that Corona was engineered by the notoriously competent CIA.

    Even the WHO (World Health Organization) has been warning not to impose travel bans against the countries affected by coronavirus. And it is the WHO, which is praising Beijing repeatedly and loudly, for its performance during the fight against the new virus.

    The WHO is simply wrong to state such a thing in regards to the travel ban. IMHO, they’ve lost credibility on the matter as a result. Corona looks to be more virulent than the influenza strains commonly circulating at this time of year. At the time we first became aware of Corona, it wasn’t clear by how much – maybe 20 or 30 times. In that light, it was nuts to allow travel between affected countries. Imposing a temporary travel ban when an unknown virus from a highly infectious family is spreading is only prudent, especially until more data becomes available.

    The same kind of thing happens in the agriculture industry all the time. When a few American cows tested positive for BSE, Japan imposed a total ban on American beef imports until more data was collected. They weren’t wrong to do so. Optimism bias exists, and it’s sometimes wrong. When BSE broke out in the UK, in the 1970s I believe, local officials assured the public there was nothing to worry about. They were wrong. Over 100 people died. I haven’t checked lately, but the last time I did, the US still imposed restrictions on UK beef imports.

    The WHO’s reasoning in this case was poor and based on essentially no data. Their inadequate initial response bodes ill for the chances of containing a truly lethal pandemic in the near future. They’ve been rightfully ignored by many countries in respect to the travel ban, including Russia. They’ve also been slapped down by the CDC; the WHO recently had to postpone one of their press conferences when the CDC preempted them (likely deliberately) with contradictory information on how the virus spreads. If you want reliable information, consult the CDC and ignore the WHO. Their bizarre behavior makes me think they’ve been co-opted in some fashion.

    Although, very likely, containment efforts will fail at this point and quarantine will be dropped because governments will calculate the mortality is low enough that it won’t be too distressful. However, initial travel bans were not imprudent. If Corona had a 25% mortality during the initial outbreak, we probably wouldn’t have known about it until it was too late absent a travel ban. Having a trigger mechanism for a initiating a temporary travel ban to head off that possibility doesn’t strike me as unwise.

    The initial response by Wuhan city officials of threatening healthcare workers who spoke out is nothing to praise. Those involved should be severely punished instead of dismissing the incident.

    They exaggerate the danger, spreading fear among the people all over the world. In a spiteful, manipulative and illogical way, they are connecting the epidemic to the entire Chinese system.

    1) They aren’t, in general at least. They’ve done the opposite from what I’ve seen. Of course, there are those on social media who have done as you describe, but this does not necessarily represent the mood of the mainstream media.

    2) Well, Chinese officials in Wuhan did threaten to arrest healthcare workers when they tried to warn people of the virus. China’s Supreme Court, in a nearly unprecedented move, vindicated those doctors. If China had a better system, then this wouldn’t have happened (or at least they would have responded better during initial stages). I’m under no illusion that Western efforts probably would have been worse, at least after the virus went pandemic. This is a fact many in the West outside of the mainstream media have commented on – ironically, on social media.

    China’s current system allows for corrupt local officials to subvert the common national good. If China wants to improve future odds that this does not happen again, then reform will be needed. For that to happen, there has to be some room for honestly criticizing the response, not making excuses.

    One reform I would recommend involves strengthening a national disease control system that runs parallel to local systems; this would provide the openness necessary to combat outbreaks – missing in Wuhan. This is something like what the United States does: there are independent local and state agencies that coordinate from a central authority in times of emergency. This kind of system might make it more difficult for incompetent local officials to mess things up. If something happens, the national bureaucracy hears of it and initiates a quick response, coordinating with local experts and officials – overriding them if necessary. There needs to be a mechanism for the centralized bureaucracy to quickly hear of things and act. Other reforms need to involve regulating or even abolishing these wet markets in metropolitan areas. If not, then expect this to happen again. Eventually, people will start to question the government itself if failures continue to happen. IMHO, institutions can lose more credibility by failing to respond than by heroically responding and failing. Better yet, prevent it from happening in the first place.

    One of the readers (with the handle name @melpol) of a large media site, recently commented on my re-printed essay about the determined fight of China against the disease:

    Lol, stop the presses. Someone on Unz has said something controversial, autistic, and/or bizarre.

    I’ll stop commenting here. Most of the rest of the article I don’t find credible. Example: the author complains about travel bans but fails to acknowledge Russia has imposed the same bans, even kicking out people who have tested positive – based; the Japanese have stranded over one-hundred people on a cruise ship, essentially guaranteeing they all get sick, when they could have isolated them separately.

    • Replies: @Godfree Roberts
  5. GR says:

    This article reads like it came from a Red Chinese propaganda mill – wouldn’t surprise me at all if ol’ Andre is on the ChiCom payroll. Why does Unz allow this crap on here? Is he getting something on the side?

  6. melpol says:

    Nobody fears strolling through Chinatown USA after dark. Chinese-Americans don’t rape, rob,or murder. They love education and the arts. Most may be tribal but so are most immigrants. There is nothing to hate about their lifestyle or appearance.

  7. German_reader says:

    The fact that Ultchek is getting outraged over a barely coherent obvious troll like “melpol” (who funnily enough now lauds Chinese on this thread!) just shows what an idiot he is. His tedious commie drivel should be retired from the site.

    • Replies: @German_reader
  8. German_reader says:

    Correction: Apparently the comment Ultchek was referring to wasn’t even from “melpol”, but from another user named “Angharad”.
    Ultchek is still an idiot though, apparently he can’t even get simple things right.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  9. anon[679] • Disclaimer says:

    The Chinese are and have been a sick people

    Yes, the filthy little sub-human antpeople love to beat live dogs to tenderise them, then throw them into boiling water. Then they

    eat them

    They eat spleens of Wolves, Tiger penises, shove live bats up their asses. They spit and hack and cough over actual humans, and they don’t wash their hands after shitting on the floor of their shitty highrise slums. It goes on and on.

    I pray that the U.S Govt deploys a better virus on these awful disgusting creatures, and wipes out a billion chicken-dick eating slopeheads, rather than the 1000 dead chinks we have now.

  10. Biff says:

    The PMS(propaganda main stream) anti-China screed is on WOT(wide open throttle), kicking out at least three articles/broadcasts per day from every outlet. Can’t remember any big incident to garner that much attention since 9/11, and along with the small number of fatalities, the continuos piling on starts to look desperate and ridicules. The fact that other posters can’t see the obvious is telling, and leaves me with only two conclusions – they are getting paid or they are really are that dumb.

  11. @German_reader

    Well he’s a man in a hurry – you can’t expect him to get all his facts right. You know, what with jumping from one flight to another and working in airports, hotel lobbies, and taxis. He doesn’t seem to have many readers, judging by the few comments he gets. I’d suggest he writes something with “Holocaust” in the title or about Nazis in WWII – that is bound to increase his readership here at UR. There, Eric Striker did it recently and easily surpassed 500 comments in a single thread. That’s the way to do it on UR.

  12. @Divine Right

    Western media have done essentially everything they can do to underplay Covid-19?

    Dude! Get a grip!

    Western media essentially did everything they could do to underplay our disastrous failure to contain our domestic Coronavirus outbreak–2009’s H1N1 ‘San Diego’ version.

    The CDC waited six months to issue a health warning after the virus had been identified. By then, 48,000 people had died–part of the 300,000 who would eventually succumb to it. Yet there were no travel warnings, no-one excoriated the CDC, no-one held the USG responsible.

    Yet Covid-19 fatalities will never surpass 0.07% of our H1N1 and Western media and governments are whipping the world into a frenzy of fear and hatred.

    • Replies: @TheDeadRibbits
    , @Anon
  13. @Godfree Roberts

    My own prime minister and the entire media apparatus has
    pumped out article after article and lectured us like we’re little kids about how suggesting travel restrictions or making fun of bat soup or making coronachan memes makes us racist.
    When health officials are asked a question they find inconvienient I’ve seen them just tell the person what they SHOULD be asking and refuse to give the answers to the question that was asked.
    Yes, expertise deserves respect. Sometimes the expert knows when the conversation needs to be moved along to what’s really important especially when time is limited.
    But when I hear a reporter asking a legitimate logical question regarding rates of infection or travel restrictions, and just get shut down and told what to think instead of being respectfully given the figures they’ve asked for, data these experts, these “public servants” surely posess and are discussing amongst themselves… I can’t help but pull out the whetstone and sharpen the populist axe a little more… WE DID’NT ASK YOU WHAT WE SHOULD THINK APPARATCHIK, ANSWER THE GODDAMNED QUESTION.

    My experience throughout this whole thing, is that what mainstream news is calling “fear-mongering”, “conspiracy theories” this week when only indepent media is talking about it is acknowledged by them sometime within the next 7-14 days as a legitimate concern or as fact.

    There’s EVERY goddamn reason to be suspicious of China’s figures, thier official reporting and statements. The facts of how their government is structured (centralized, communist,blame culture) encodes a tendency for chernobylesque “3.6 Reontgens, not great, not terrible” crisis management right into the system’s dna.

    The Chinese are also extremely aware of our ridiculous fear of being called racist, a fear they absolutely do not share. They’re more aware of it than we are, as a people. Chinese students who come to the west to study positively marvel at the absurd amount of effort and resources and emotional energy we pour into such things. They, rightfully, see this obsession as a frivolous and wasteful application of time and resources, and as a weakness within the collective western psyche.

    An exploitable weakness. Which brings us around to the purpose of Andre’s employ here today.

  14. There’s EVERY goddamn reason to be suspicious of China’s figures, thier official reporting and statements?

    China has been publishing its statistics for at least 2200 years so they’ve had plenty of practice.

    I’ve been studying their stats since 1961 and have never discovered a discrepancy between them and observable reality. Nor has the WTO, the World Bank, the IMF, the CIA or the BIS.

    So far, the figures line up: claimed GDP growth matches (actually trails) observed wage rises of 6% a year compounded, for example. The WTO says the country’s exports and imports match its records, that its trade is in balance with the world and that exports are moving up the value chain as predicted.

    Authorities as diverse as Mark Mobius, who invests billions in both countries, says China’s stats are as good as Canada’s. So does Hong Kong University’s Prof. Carsten Holz, who has devoted decades to verifying China’s stats.

    I suggest you go to China regularly, as I do, and visit second, third and fourth tier cities to see if what you see lines up with the official stats.

    Laypeople like us can do our own forensic analysis simply by checking real wages: they are a country’s ‘bottom line,’ because they represent the dividend cheques each citizen receives after all operating expense have been paid.

    American wages have been flat for 40 years. China’s have doubled every decade for 50 years.

    • Agree: NPleeze
    • Replies: @TheDeadRibbits
  15. Anon[109] • Disclaimer says:
    @Godfree Roberts

    Dude! Get a grip!

    No, YOU get a grip Goflee Lobert you useless chinese shill.
    Your made up graphs and statistics are laughable.
    Please stay in your lovely chinese shithole, ‘cos we dont want you or a billion of your fellow subhuman insects in the West.
    You have your own country. Keep your shitty diseases there. 🙂

    • Troll: Godfree Roberts
    • Replies: @NPleeze
  16. NPleeze says:

    @Godfree Roberts wrote: The CDC waited six months to issue a health warning after the virus had been identified. By then, 48,000 people had died–part of the 300,000 who would eventually succumb to it.

    @Anon[109] responded: Your made up graphs and statistics are laughable/

    In this case it is easy to prove that GR’s stats are not made up, since the CDC itself has published the following:

    From 12 April 2009 to 10 April 2010, we estimate that approximately 60.8 million cases (range: 43.3-89.3 million), 274,304 hospitalizations (195,086-402,719), and 12,469 deaths (8868-18,306) occurred in the United States due to pH1N1. Eighty-seven percent of deaths occurred in those under 65 years of age with children and working adults having risks of hospitalization and death 4 to 7 times and 8 to 12 times greater, respectively, than estimates of impact due to seasonal influenza covering the years 1976-2001.

    Of course, those 12,000 deaths were only in the US – as to the global totals, the CDC published additional data:

    The study, co-authored by 9 members of the CDC Influenza Division, used an improved modeling approach which resulted in an estimated range of deaths from between 151,700 and 575,400 people who perished worldwide from 2009 H1N1 virus infection during the first year the virus circulated.

    So, indeed, the CDC attributes an even higher number of global deaths (575,000) to H1N1 than did GR (300,000).

    OTOH, GR was wrong that the CDC waited 6 months to release a health warning, though it’s not clear when they actually issued one. WHO actually released a number of warnings within 2 weeks of the virus having been identified in California. While the CDC had a number of press conferences regarding the virus, it’s not clear when they issued a public warning, if ever. Since you are so knowledgeable, in your own mind at least, please, show us the first public warning the CDC gave to the public to avoid this illness?

    You know, I really despise low-IQ liars like you – all you do is take the carefully researched and presented ideas of people vastly wiser, smarter and moral than you and try to destroy them by spreading your evil lies. Usually followed by unquestioned loyalty and obedience to the darkest forces of the Evil Empire.

    These coronavirus deaths (just over 2,000 2 months into the pandemic) are not even remotely close to the 500,000+ who died from H1N1 in the first year, you f*ing idiot!

  17. Victory to the Chinese people in their heroic struggle against the coronavirus! And may they enjoy a cool refreshing Corona beer when it’s over – they deserved it.

  18. @Godfree Roberts

    Remember that lovely video from italy where the Chinese guy stood in public with the blindfold encouraging the public to make physical contact with him to “reject bigotry related to coronavirus”?

    Well, turns out that video was Chinese propaganda. From red elephants webstite today:

    “China Global Television Network (CGTN) produced a video for Italian and American consumption on February 2, where they encouraged Italian citizens to reject “bigotry” and hug individuals who appeared to have the novel Coronavirus.

    CGTN is registered under China’s state council and therefore directly affiliated with the Communist Party of China. The stated goal of CGTN is to “tell China’s story well”.

    This finding goes against the widely popularized claim that China had warned the West of the impending pandemic. On the contrary, China deliberately fooled many Western countries into downplaying the severity of the outbreak by claiming it was “bigotry” to practice social distancing, particularly from individuals from the worst affected areas within China.”

    Remind me again, how’s Italy’s been making out lately?

    An exploitable weakness in the Western psyche, which they are far more aware of than we westerners are ourselves.

    • Replies: @Godfree Roberts
  19. @TheDeadRibbits

    No, I don’t remember that video and nor does anyone else, I suspect. Kindly share it with us.

  20. Are you implying that I’M the one making things up here, China shill?

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