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‘We Are Waiting for War’: Lebanese Say Israel Has Gone Too Far
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After the recent Israeli attacks against Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq, the Middle East has found itself in the midst of undeclared war.

Almost everyone in Lebanon appears to agree. “This time Israel went too far. In just two days, it bombed three countries,” I am told by a local UN staffer based in Beirut.

The same day, my local barber was talking like he saw it all, his voice full of sarcasm and determination:

“Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is facing tough elections at home, while his wife is on trial for fraud. A bit of excitement during the evening news can only help his chances of regaining attention from his electorate. But we here have had enough; we are ready to fight for our countries.”

But ‘fighting for their countries’ could prove lethal, as Netanyahu threatened to attack Lebanon as a whole, if Hezbollah decides to retaliate.

My barber is not just a barber. He is a Syrian engineer, exiled in Lebanon. The entire region is dispersed, derailed and intertwined, after NATO and Israeli attacks, occupations and destabilization campaigns.

On August 25, Hassan Nasrallah, the head of Hezbollah, put it bluntly during his televised speech in Lebanon:

“The dawn suicide attack is the first act of aggression since August 14, 2006. The Lebanese state’s condemnation of what happened and referral of the matter to the Security Council is good, but these steps do not prevent the course of action to be taken. Since 2000, we have allowed Israeli drones for many reasons but no one moved. Israeli drones entering Lebanon are no longer collecting information, but [carrying out] assassinations. From now on, we will face the Israeli drones when they enter the skies of Lebanon and we will work to bring them down. I tell the Israelis that Netanyahu is running with your blood.”

President of Lebanon Michel Aoun went even further, calling the drone attack against his country a “declaration of war.

Meanwhile, a powerful block in the Iraqi Parliament – the Fatah Coalition – insists on holding the US “fully responsible” for the Israeli attacks, “which we consider to be a declaration of war on Iraq and its people.” The Fatah Coalition wants all US troops to get out of Iraq, as soon as possible.

There is no doubt that Mr Netanyahu, with his recent combat-drone incursions and bombings, has thrown the entire region into great and unexpected turmoil.

Israel has been regularly attacking Syria and bombing Palestine for decades. But Lebanon is a totally different story: only its airspace has been habitually violated by the Israeli jets flying towards the Syrian targets. Bombing Iraq is also clearly an escalation of Israel’s bellicose strategy. A bizarre escalation, considering that Iraq is still de facto a state occupied by Israel’s closest ally – the United States.

Everything that is Shia – short of Iran itself (for now) – suddenly became a ‘legitimate target’ for Israel. For many years, Shia Islam has been synonymous with the ideological resistance to Western imperialism in the Middle East: Iran itself, several factions inside Iraq, and Hezbollah, among others.

Lebanon is deeply divided

Lebanon is one of the most ‘strategic’ countries in the Middle East and the most divided one. It is based on a ‘confessional’ system. Its government is always at least ‘shaky,’ but often totally dysfunctional. Compared to its Israeli counterpart, its air force consists of toy aircraft, like converted Cessnas.

The latest Maserati and Ferrari cars drive past some of the most miserable slums in the Middle East. Posh restaurants and cafes are often just a few meters away from destitute beggars. There are hundreds of thousands of refugees in this tiny country, from all over the region: Palestinians, living in dangerous, overcrowded camps with very little hope; Iraqis fleeing war and NATO occupation; and victims of the Syrian war.

The Lebanese government and the elites are profiting from the refugee crises, allegedly pocketing money from ‘foreign aid.’ Almost nothing is left for social services, or even for defense, let alone for the poor and the lower-middle class.

Hezbollah, on the contrary, is providing social services including food supplies, medical care and education to all people residing on Lebanese territory, regardless of race or religion. Plus, it is fighting Israeli invasions, taking into its ranks all Lebanese citizens who want to join. It also fights terrorists in Syria. It is closely linked to Iran. All this, of course, infuriates the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia. Hezbollah is firmly on the ‘terrorist list’ of the West and its associates.

Israel is using the fight against Hezbollah and against Iranian-allied positions to justify bombing various countries in the region. It keeps ‘uncovering new plots’ and carrying out ‘pre-emptive strikes’ with the full support of the US administration.

During the latest escalation, Israel reportedly conducted three drone strikes in Lebanon’s Beqaa Valley on a base belonging to the secular, Marxist-Leninist, pro-Syrian group, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, which is, predictably, an ally of Hezbollah.

Blue Line

Just a few days ago, I managed to drive to the border between Lebanon and Israel, and then went east, following the so-called Blue Line which is patrolled by the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL), for tens of kilometers.

Israelis have already erected a wall almost all the way from the Mediterranean Sea to the Golan Heights – the Lebanese frontier.

More than a year ago, the government of Lebanon claimed that ‘building the wall would amount to an act of war.’ Israel couldn’t care less. It put up a huge concrete structure right in front of the Lebanese Army, Hezbollah, and UNIFIL.

On many occasions, Israelis actually crossed the border, at least a few meters or centimeters, while erecting the wall,” I was told by several local farmers in the village of Markaba. And nothing happened.

At the town of Kfarchouba, known as a Hezbollah stronghold right next to an eerie wall decorated with children’s drawings, people told me that they are “ready for a conflict; ready to die… if necessary.”

Kfarshouba is where the Israelis ‘discovered Hezbollah tunnels,’ which was an official justification for the construction of the walls.

Nonsense,” I was told by the locals. “Tunnels were there for decades, and Israelis knew about them all along. They were fully barricaded for many years and posed no danger to Israel.

Right in front of the horrid new Israeli fence, three flags are waving in the wind – those of Palestine, Lebanon and Hezbollah. Next to them, three UNIFIL armored vehicles are parked. Indonesian soldiers are resting, taking selfies.

Are you going to take action if Israel crosses the line?” I ask them.

They are grinning at me. No coherent reply is given.

The Israeli-occupied Golan Heights are just 10km from this point. And several Israeli villages and towns are right behind the wall.

With the firepower that Hezbollah has, they could be leveled to the ground in just one minute.

Although Hezbollah is apparently on ‘high alert,’ so far, the talk about ‘retaliation’ is just talk.

Inertia is like slow death to Lebanon’

In order to bomb targets inside Iraq, Israeli jets had to fly either over the territory of its former ally, Turkey, or over Saudi Arabia. As reported by Al-Jazeera:

Israel and the Saudis do not have formal diplomatic relations but are believed to have established a behind-the-scenes alliance based on their shared hostility towards Iran.”

Is Israel trying to provoke several Arab countries of the Middle East into yet another war?


Or is this just another ‘humiliation’? Are Beirut, Damascus, Baghdad just going to count punches and remain idle? Are they going to quote, again and again, the UN resolutions, while Israel continuously bombs their cities and countryside, with total impunity and with the approval of the West?

It is a very tough decision to make. If Lebanon or Hezbollah decide to retaliate, or simply protect their country, thousands will die. Perhaps immediately.

If they don’t retaliate, new walls will be erected, and the ‘low-key’ bombing campaigns by the Israelis will continue for, most likely, many years to come. As a result, the entire region will continue to be paralyzed.

My local colleague was more expressive: “This inertia is like a slow death for the whole of Lebanon.


[Originally published by RT]

Andre Vltchek is a philosopher, novelist, filmmaker and investigative journalist. He has covered wars and conflicts in dozens of countries. Four of his latest books are China and Ecological Civilization with John B. Cobb, Jr., Revolutionary Optimism, Western Nihilism, a revolutionary novel “Aurora” and a bestselling work of political non-fiction: “Exposing Lies Of The Empire”. View his other books here. Watch Rwanda Gambit, his groundbreaking documentary about Rwanda and DRCongo and his film/dialogue with Noam Chomsky “On Western Terrorism”. Vltchek presently resides in East Asia and the Middle East, and continues to work around the world. He can be reached through his website and his Twitter. His Patreon

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  1. A123 says:

    In order to bomb *[Iranian]* targets inside Iraq, Israeli jets had to fly either over the territory of its former ally, Turkey, or over Saudi Arabia.

    There’s a more obvious option. As Russia and Israel are allies, the most direct path for such an attack is over Syria (and possibly Jordan).

    The S300 near Tartus can be avoided via a number of routes, so Syria controlled anti-air has the S200 as its top line available unit. They have managed to down one F16I at low altitude that apparently also had a mechanical problem with countermeasures. The Syrian threat to planes at high altitude is functionally zero.

    An easterly routing near Jordan is most likely as SAR would be available from allied forces H4 or H5 Airbase if a mechanical problem occurred, even if the flight itself was barred from Jordanian government airspace.


    • Replies: @FB
  2. Who benefits from a conflagration in the Middle East?

    Not Iran, not Turkey, not Arab countries nor any other major power in the East or in the West. However, to Israeli expansionists, the destabilisation of the Middle East could put American forces at loggerheads with Iran, the only non compliant power towards Israeli and Western hegemony. Thus, for Netanyahu who can not afford to antagonise Iran directly, the best recourse is to flex his muscles against tiny Lebanon or war battered Syria or occupied and dysfunctional Iraq. In the least, such kind of bravado would give him leverage over his political rivals in the coming elections, and at best he could hit the jackpot by getting the USA to lock horns with the Iranians to the detriment of both parties with Israel picking up the pieces.

    Despite Lebanon’s myriad problems, not responding to the provocation would push the hapless country to the days when Israel could get away with murder the way it had done until the rise of the resistance movement which eventually stopped Israeli war crimes in Lebanon through a balance of terror on the Lebanon Israel border.

    One of Lebanon’s founding fathers, Michel Shiha, did predict that the creation of Israel will one day destabilise the world. Israel’s tentacles in the West are so overwhelming that no Western leader could ever hope to bring this outlaw state to reason. But the people of the Middle East should bide their time for when the coming world depression will strike, Westerners will eventually rise from their slumber and revolt against the Western Establishment that is surviving in a perfect symbiosis with the Zionist backers of Israel who control everything that is afflicting Western society from the deep state to the banksters/media/ MIC complex.

  3. While it is true that Lebanon is divided, it became divided through a lot of hard work by Israel to create the divisions which caused the eruption of the civil war in 1975. Before that time, it was the banking center of the ME, and although there were tensions, there was peace. More telling is Michel Aoun’s “conversion”. The fact that he now accepts Hezbollah’s participation in government and recognizes Israel for the enemy it is, was unimaginable 30 years ago.

    Robert Fisk, in about 2006, commented that at one time, an Israeli invasion of Lebanon meant that people got in their cars and drove to Beirut. Now, an Israeli invasion has people in Beirut getting in cars and driving toward Israel. His reference was to Hezbollah, an organization he had little use for.

  4. APilgrim says:

    Radicalization has destroyed the Lebanon that was.

    The PLO presence accelerated that demise. Israel is simply strafing the rubble, for now.

    Perhaps Israel has a plan. Certainly Lebanon has no plan.

  5. Durruti says:

    Is Israel trying to provoke several Arab countries of the Middle East into yet another war?

    Or is this just another ‘humiliation’? Are Beirut, Damascus, Baghdad just going to count punches and remain idle? Are they going to quote, again and again, the UN resolutions, while Israel continuously bombs their cities and countryside, with total impunity and with the approval of the West?

    It is a very tough decision to make. If Lebanon or Hezbollah decide to retaliate, or simply protect their country, thousands will die. Perhaps immediately.

    To Be or Not to Be is the eternal question.

    How do Humans win their freedom against great power?

    Puerto Rican Patriot, Ramon Emeterio Betances, asked and I paraphrase, “Why don’t they fight?”
    He was saddened by the lack of resistance of Puerto Ricans to the American invasion in 1898. Yes, America is a Large Country, and Puerto Rico, a small one.

    Odds rarely favor people fighting for their liberty. Most Humans acquiesque and continue-Slaves. The institution of slavery has not ended, it has been modernized and made even more demoralizing of an experience. Slavery destroys the will, the soul, THE SPIRIT of Humans.

    Those of Lexington and Concord, those of Thermopylae, those of L’Ouverture, Easter Sunday in Dublin, the Puerto Rican Nationalists in 1950, and 1954, prove that resistance is possible.

    But as the article of Andre Vltchek displays, Freedom is not Free. It must be paid for.

    God Bless!


  6. so long as Zionists – Jews and their shabbatz goy political class – rule America

    Zion will continue to rule Palestine. So long

    as Zionists rule in Palestine, they will continue to torment and murder people in the Middle East and elswhere (see: 9/11).

    the day Zion-in-America is overthrown will be the death knell for Israhell.

    until then, I don’t expect much from the locals except hot air. They are overmatched.

    • Replies: @APilgrim
  7. Talha says:

    Very difficult situation to be in for a country like Lebanon. I mean the option is open for a repeat of 2006, but that was very devastating for the Lebanese so they’d have to decide whether it’s worth it. It would definitely hurt Israel too, especially since Hezbollah would be attacking from Lebanon and Syria.

    Possibly the only option is to see what they can do about taking these drones out of the sky whenever they violate airspace. Now that Israel’s southern front has been neutralized for decades, she has been able to fully concentrate on the North and East.


  8. FB says: • Website

    And what qualifications in piloting or engineering do you have to be squawking about technical issues related to air combat…?

    First off the downed Israeli F16 was flying at *high altitude* when it was hit by the S200 over northern Israel…exactly the opposite of what you claim…

    The crew was flying high in order to surveil and assess the strike that had been carried out…

    Second, the S200 can reach an altitude of 40 km…which is far higher than *any* aircraft has ever flown…

    Third, it is more difficult to down a low-flying aircraft for a number of reasons…air defense radar is limited in range by the earth’s curvature…hence the ‘radar horizon’…aircraft engines have more power at low altitudes due to the denser air…this also means they can maneuver more sharply because the wing has more ‘bite’ in the denser air…

    I would advise you to stick to your mini-troll routine instead of proving yourself an idiot by squirting diarrhea about air combat, of which you know less than nothing…

    The Serb air defense held off a 1,000 strong NATO air armada, downing two F117 ‘stealth’ aircraft, at the time USAF’s flagship aircraft…as well as the F16 of then Lt Colonel David Goldfein who is now a four star general and USAF Chief of Staff…

    I suggest you look up Dr Lambeth’s analysis of the Kosovo air war, which was published in USAF’s flagship professional journal…Aerospace Power…

    Many of the desired flight routes for attacking Nato jets were blocked due to persistent Serb SAM threats…and high value aircraft like AWACS, U2, JSTARS and others had to be kept well away from the action…

    The Serbs only had the Vietnam era S125, a generation older and far inferior to the S200…but their training and professionalism was first rate…

    The Syrians’ problem is the capability of their personnel…but the Russians are slowly bringing them up to snuff…

    Still Israel does not dare to fly into Syrian airspace…launching missiles from Lebanese airspace instead…

    The only reason Syria doesn’t fire on those Israeli aircraft is because of Russia…the job is to defeat the terrorists in Syria and not to get into a pissing match with Israel…whose strikes have no tactical or strategic significance…

    • Replies: @A123
    , @Vendetta
  9. FB says: • Website

    I don’t agree that Hezbolla should retaliate at this point…Sun Tzu tells us that it is best to win without fighting…

    Right now, the resistance axis is winning…simply by dint of the globohomo empire’s path of self destruction…when your opponent is destroying himself, it is best to do nothing…

    • Agree: renfro
  10. A123 says:

    This was well investigated and the *primary* underlying cause of the shootdown was mechanical failure.

    IAF officials say it appears the pilot was unable to engage in evasive maneuvers, as required following the launch of the S-200 missile, due to an operational failure. This allowed the obsolete surface-to-air missile, ordinarily not a threat to the F-16I, to down the plane.

    Some later stories also state pilot error as a possible cause, but there is a great deal of conflict over that interpretation.

    Your assertion about the S200 is accurate but incomplete:

    Second, the S200 can reach an altitude of 40 km…which is far higher than *any* aircraft has ever flown…

    What you missed is the time needed for the S200 interceptor to reach altitude. Given the primitive nature of this munition, there are a number of options available to they targeted plane including launching countermeasures known to be effective against the S200.

    Third, it is more difficult to down a low-flying aircraft for a number of reasons…air defense radar is limited in range by the earth’s curvature…hence the ‘radar horizon’…aircraft engines have more power at low altitudes due to the denser air…this also means they can maneuver more sharply because the wing has more ‘bite’ in the denser air…

    This is a more complex topic. However, most successful shootdowns by less sophisticated munitions are at low altitude. More common cases include:
    — Where the target does not know they are under attack until the time window for a response is closed. [Common term: Bushwhacked]
    — At high altitude one option is to dive and turn out of the ‘targeting cone’ of the attacking weapon. At low altitude, weapons are likely to approach from multiple bearings and the presence of other AA solutions (such as Pantsir guns) make maneuvering clear much less effective. [Common terms: Bracketed or Swarmed]

    Swarm launching was definitely a contributing factor to the shootdown.


    • Replies: @FB
    , @NoseytheDuke
  11. Amon says:

    Everyone is waiting for a war to break out, either at home or somewhere far away. It is the only way left to keep kicking the can of global economic collapse down the road for just another decade or so while the moochers in the government and multinational corporations grows fat from eating the flesh of their own nations.

    And let’s not forget that once the collapse finally comes, all the people who had a finger in its creation are banking on either being dead or having obtained digital singularity to escape the lynching they so rightfully deserve.

  12. Durruti says:


    Sun Tzu tells us that it is best to win without fighting…

    He did not quite say that!

    the resistance axis is winning…

    Are the Palestinians winning? Are the American, French, German, Italian, and a hundred other peoples winning? Have you seen Detroit or Camden? Have you seen American TV?

    Have you seen Casino (thinks he is God), Trump? Hollywood Obomber, Bill Clinton in a blue dress? The American Congress being implanted with devices in the Entity, Epstein hanging himself from a Bunk Bed, Ms Maxwell-missing, Pelosi, Sen Shumer, America $30 Trillion in debt?

    I guess “winning” is not a physical thing, just an opinion.

    You might be right that

    it is best to do nothing…

    That will scare the Rothschilds.

    • Replies: @FB
  13. FB says: • Website

    Look fool…you have zero knowledge about anything having to do with aeronautics…so stop squirting diarrhea…go to your pharmacy and ask for *KAOPECTATE*

    If the Vietnam era S125 could take out two of the pride and joy of the USAF [F117]…that is hardly ‘primitive’…

    For people with an actual brain here, the S200 range and speed are far greater than the US Patriot…[which isn’t really saying much]…

    To put some numbers on that…S200 flight speed is 2.5 km per second…about Mach 8 at high altitude, and Mach 6 at low altitude…that’s *three* times as fast as the Raytheon SM6…

    S200 range of over 300 km is exceeded only by that of the S400…

    In fact the S200 can *throttle* its liquid rocket engine and fly faster or slower as required…this is something that more modern solid fuel rockets like those used on S300/400/Patriot etc *can’t* do…this allows the missile to slow down in order to make a sharper turn…

    A solid rocket doesn’t actually have an engine of any kind…it is just a cylinder stuffed with propellant grain…just like a firecracker, except it has a nozzle on the bottom that allows the hot gases to escape, thereby creating thrust…it cannot be throttled, or even shut down once it’s burning…

    So a solid rocket is *MUCH* more primitive than a liquid-rocket engine [LRE]…

    Of course being a retarded tree monkey, you would know nothing about actual science, aeronautics, or rocket propulsion…

    As for the Israeli F16 that was shot down…I’m not interested in silly excuses, or your hasbarite ‘sources’…

    • Troll: A123
    • Replies: @A123
  14. FB says: • Website

    Sun Tzu said exactly that…

    Supreme excellence consists of breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting…Victorious warriors win first, then go to war…

    The Palestinians are winning the battle of hearts and minds…

    It is only a matter of time before the US Ponzi economy collapses…and then Israel will be discarded like a used condom…

    • Replies: @Durruti
  15. Durruti says:

    breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting…

    But, but, but, the enemy’s resistance must be broken, broken, broken. The Break must be a Goal, or gift from God, or a fortunate stream of circumstance.

    Do you actually predict a coming Break of the power/control of the Zionist Oligarchs? They have had some speed-bumps with Epstein & Maxwell’s links to the top Zionists & their American puppets (Ehud Barak. Bill Clinton, Trump, the Senate majority leader McConnell), being made obvious to millions. Something went wrong, but they are picking up the pieces & replacing the gauleters (Puppet Government of the United States) with others.

    It is most likely that:

    Epstein/Maxwell-MOSSAD have operated (not controlled, but actually Operated) the daily business of, the American Government & our country’s economy/wealth) – at least for the last 3 decades. But I digress.

    The Palestinians are winning the battle of hearts and minds…

    You are possibly correct here – for increasing numbers. But the effectiveness of mainstream media brainwashing is such that the ‘winning’ may be an overstatement (as the majority of Americans & Europeans most likely remain brainwashed). And the Palestinians have suffered casualties & loss of much of their Country/Land.

    As the old saying goes, I’ll see it – when I believe it.

    You also believe that the “Ponzi economy” will crash. Economies occasionally crash, but they usually need a PUSH from someone/s – to trigger the crash.

    I think you are Good, and an incurable optimist.

    I certainly hope you are correct, and that our deliverence will fall from the sky & let everybody get high (that’s original).


    • Replies: @FB
  16. Vendetta says:

    Been waiting to see you go off again about aerospace engineering. Hope you still plan on making some posts on it to that blog of yours. It’d be good to collect some of those ones you did about the missile strikes in Syria and edit them into posts on there. Easier to share as a reference with people than having to dig through 400 comment threads on god knows what articles a year ago.

    • Replies: @FB
  17. FB says: • Website

    Economies have crashed throughout history…sometimes irreversibly…bringing empires and even civilizations down with them…

    See Micheal Hudson on this…his work is carried on this website and he is the pre-eminent scholar on how ‘financialization’ has destroyed economies for 5,000 years…

    The root cause is simple mathematics…I’m sure you’ve heard our oligarchs preaching sweetly about the ‘magic of compound’ interest…?

    Go look up the wiki on *exponential growth* …under the category ‘finance’ you will find two entries…compound interest and Ponzi Scheme…they are two sides of the same coin…

    The math is the same…Wall Street and the Oligarchs can pull any trick in the book…but until they succeed in negating the law of gravity, which is also expressed in the language of mathematics, they will be able to do nothing to stave off the *final* collapse…

    In a nutshell here…money is *created* out of thin air by *private* banks as *loans* that come with *interest* attached…

    That interest grows exponentially by the very mathematical definition of an interest-bearing loan…

    The real economy that produces real goods cannot possibly grow at this artificially set rate…the debt continues spiraling exponentially, but the underlying economy simply collapses in on itself…

    No push is required…and has been happening since antiquity as prof Hudson has meticulously documented…

    The ancients actually figured out a solution…debt forgiveness on a regular basis…that has not happened in our civilization for hundreds of years, and will *never* happen…

    PCR figures the actual US GDP is half the stated amount…due to the cooked numbers on inflation for probably the last 20 years at least…plus the *extractive* financial sector, which has ballooned to a third of the economy is counted as part of GDP, instead of deducted from it…

    It’s a house of cards…the only thing holding it up is smoke and mirrors…plus the dollar’s status as trade currency…[see smoke and mirrors again…]

    But Eurasia is rising…China’s Belt and Road is actually a new development paradigm that will supplant the Bretton Woods global order, and its parasite institutions the IMF, World Bank etc…

    The Oligarchs are living on borrowed time…literally…

    After the collapse…the US will have to figure out how to live within its *real* means…that won’t include lavish spending on MIC…Israel…or useless foreign wars…

    Mother Nature always has the Last Word…those who want to defy the math that underpins our physical world always hit the ground with a thud…

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
    , @Durruti
  18. A123 says:

    It would help if you knew what a fact was,. Alas, you do not.

    I feel great pity for you.


    • LOL: FB
  19. @A123

    IAF officials say…

    Hilarious! Thanks for the laugh there. IAF officials have the same level of credibility as you and your signing off with PEACE does, which is zero, zip and zilch.

  20. FB says: • Website


    I’m really really going to put a bunch of great articles up on my blog…really, I promise…just haven’t found the time lately…will cover a lot of stuff, including Putin’s new ‘wonder weapons’…plus lots more…including the Syria strikes…stealth aircraft…hypersonics…

    Promise, promise…LOL

    • Replies: @anon
  21. @FB

    The ancients actually figured out a solution…debt forgiveness on a regular basis…that has not happened in our civilization for hundreds of years, and will *never* happen…

    Why not? And it has. Entire countries have had their debts forgiven:

    Doesn’t help them much:

    Then we have to ask ourselves who’s at fault here: The lenders or the borrowers? Or why should I suffer because I save and have money in the bank because others are all borrowing like there’s no tomorrow to crash the system?

    • Replies: @NoseytheDuke
    , @FB
  22. 3421367


    And where does aid feature in all this? Some just get free money without ever have to pay it back. Like Israel from the US and these African countries. I agree the system is bankrupt, perhaps has long been bankrupt, it is designed to fail, but still … they can keep at it for a long while yet.

    I see BRICS and the Euroasian Union good as a counterbalance to the West and because it could help develop many countries along the BRI, but I don’t think it has any better or real solutions. China, Russia and all the other member countries are also full of oligarchs and are rife with socio/eco/nomic/political problems. Brazil is chopping down and burning the Amazon forest at an incredible pace, Indians are multiplying like rats and spreading out from their subcontinent to invade the world by all means but military, China’s urbanisation and industrialisation may bring some short term benefits but that’s no way to live for humans crowded in megacities, etc., et., etc.

  23. renfro says:

    Israel deploys mannequin soldiers on border with Lebanon

    ” Israel has positioned mannequins of soldiers in jeeps along the Lebanon border, according to Lebanese and Israeli correspondents, as the army braces itself for an expected attack from Hezbollah.
    Ali Shueib, who works for Hezbollah’s al-Manar satellite TV station, tweeted photos of what appeared to be two military off-road vehicles. In the front sat yellowish dummies in army uniform. Separately, Or Heller, an Israeli military correspondent for Channel 10 News, published a photo of a similar-looking mannequin in another vehicle. lebanon-border-reports-say

    rotflmao….’yellowish dummies in army uniform.’….how fitting. And as if Hez wouldn’t know they were dummies.
    However Isr is trying everything to get Hez to attack them, knowing our US political scum would then let them bomb Lebanon (again).
    My friend in southern Lebanon said today all is quiet except for Israel drones skirting the boarder.
    Said Leb radio and tv is quoting the government declaration…….”Lebanon has the right to defend itself.”
    So I tend to think Hez is holding off unless and until Israel provokes it again…..which it surely will try.

  24. @Commentator Mike

    So, basically the same moral values as a dope dealer, right?

    • Agree: FB
  25. anon[113] • Disclaimer says:

    Did you see the piece by Scott Ritter regarding flight logs of SAA planes that show they were circling, but never in position that allowed a trajectory for missile landing in Khan Shakoum?

    • Replies: @FB
  26. FB says: • Website
    @Commentator Mike

    Wow…you actually believe that loans come from money that people have saved…?

    I guess you’ve never heard of *fractional reserve lending* which underpins the banking sector…?

    So you must be either totally uninformed [which seems inconsistent with your many perspicacious comments on this site]… *or* you are promoting an agenda…


    Since there are readers here who may find it useful to learn the basics of a subject that is at the core of our existence…I will make the effort to elucidate…

    Banks are *nominally* required to keep a *reserve* of 10 percent against loans outstanding…so if that ‘saver’ you refer to walks into a bank and deposits 1000 dollars, the bank can turn around and lend *ten thousand dollars* to the next guy that walks in…

    So the *private* bank has just created *nine thousand dollars* out of thin air…

    In practice, that 10 percent reserve can be as little as five percent, due to various provisions in the regulations…

    Even then, if the bank has nobody coming in to deposit savings…they can borrow the required money to cover the reserve from the FED…which is owned by a consortium of private banks…they get this at the FED interest rate, which only the banks are entitled to…and which has been ZERO for over a decade…

    And where does the FED get the money…the exact same way…they create it out of thin air as long as there is someone that wants to borrow…

    In the case of the FED, that borrower is the biggest one of all…the US govt…which issues paper called Treasury Bonds…for which the Fed gives them *newly created money*

    The govt is not allowed by law to create money…other than coins and paper bills…which accounts for something like *one percent* of the total money supply…

    See Ellen Brown on this subject…one of my favorite anecdotes is about a guy, a lawyer by trade, who decided to stop paying his mortgage…figuring quite correctly that he had already paid back, over the years, more than a fair share…

    The bank tried to take his house but he took it to court…arguing that since the bank created the money it lent him *out of nothing at all* …he owed the bank exactly that… *nothing*

    The bank guy had to admit in court that yes they did create the loan out of thin closed…the court ruled in favor of the homeowner…LOL

    Of course, they don’t want the sheeple to know how this scam works…that’s why you’ll never learn about this from the WSJ…no matter how many thousands of copies you buy…

    The bottom line is that it’s all about getting more *borrowers* to step up to that bank counter…thus creating more money [loans are a bank’s *assets* on the accounting ledger …savings are the liability]

    Of course those loans come with interest attached…so we get the exponential growth in debt…

    Now as for those mickey mouse ‘sources’ you linked to in the Guardian and FT…about debt ‘writedowns’ to third world countries…

    Let’s consider the context here…these countries are like that homeowner who has been paying a mortgage loan for years…and has already paid back multiple times the amount he borrowed…

    Keeping in mind the fact that it’s all about *making NEW loans* the IMF is certainly willing to ‘write down’ some portion… *as long as the borrower signs up for a new and bigger loan* …

    Let’s also examine the nuts and bolts of how these IMF loans actually work…typically the country borrowing needs the money to build some infrastructure…roads, ports, power generating plants etc…

    Once they get the loan…who actually builds that stuff…?…the Chinese, Russians…or western multinationals like GE, Siemens, Halliburton, etc…?

    Sometimes it is even profitable to give this money away for ‘free’ as in ‘aid’ to Israel…which uses the money to buy armaments from the MIC…thus further enriching the parasites that run that particular scam…

    Btw…’aid’ is an Orwellian term that denotes mostly *LOANS* not grants…it is a money making venture…[plenty of govt docs that talk about the profits from ‘aid’…it’s carefully monitored to make sure the yield is sufficient…]

    Also to sew up a few loose strings…Those IMF loans are provided by consortia of western banks…so they get to create that money out of thin air and then get it back as real money as the loan is paid off…as with any other loan to individuals, corporations, or the US govt…

    Let’s note also what happened in 2008 when millions of homeowners were left at the curb, while banks foreclosed…millions of those empty houses were snatched up by vulture corporations that saw a business opportunity to get into the rental market…

    Nice work if you can get it…

    During his election campaign Barrack ‘Hopium’ Obomber talked a lot about a bailout of those families to keep them in their homes…ie a partial debt forgiveness subsidized by the govt…

    Of course that never happened…instead the banks got the bailout while families moved into their cars…LOL…[actually true…my own cousin and her two kids and husband lived for over a year in their vehicle…until they could scrape together the rent to pay one of these vulture firms that had bought up tens of thousands of repoed homes…]

    As to your ‘prediction’ that the Ponzi crash is a long way off…is this based on the deep understanding of the banking system that you have demonstrated here…?

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Commentator Mike
  27. FB says: • Website

    Do you have a link…?

    • Replies: @anon
  28. anon[113] • Disclaimer says:

    Here it is.

    Tulsi Gabbard Gets Some Vindication

    “…. The key question surrounding the Khan Shaykhun incident isn’t whether Sarin was used, but rather who used it.
    ….The OPCW cites radar maps provided by the United States and France that place an Su-22 aircraft over Khan Shaykhun……..”

    • Replies: @FB
  29. anon[113] • Disclaimer says:

    Good on the mortgage, but what do you think about property taxes? You can own a pair of pants in this country, or an alarm clock, but nobody ever really owns real estate. And I’m not so sure about the alarm clock.

  30. Durruti says:

    The Oligarchs are living on borrowed time

    Aren’t we all? But they are living.


    Wall Street and the Oligarchs can pull any trick in the book…but until they succeed in negating the law of gravity, which is also expressed in the language of mathematics, they will be able to do nothing to stave off the *final* collapse…

    In 2019, The Rothschild & other Oligarchs are living well.

    The Key Time is NOW, as the Future never happened.

    Yes the economy of America (the wealthiest nation), is in some decline. Milwaukee, Detroit, Camden, and a dozen other once industrial centers – do I need a verb?

    Your council is to wait, and not attempt resistance, do not attempt to restore our Sovereign Republic that was destroyed in a hail of gunfire on November 22, 1963. Everything will be fine. Just wait. The sky willlll falllll eventually.

    No need for Gilets Jaunes, or Minutemen.

    And when the economy falls (we are talking a real serious crash), people will be living in great misery (even greater than the misery of many millions – in 2019). And then? And Then? Then may we fight?

    When even many of the Rich lose their wealth, these former rich will become revolutionaries & become good people, repent of their sins of murdering Palestinians, Iraqis, Libyans, and Jesus, & JF Kennedy? And then will they fight, or do good deeds? How is it that a collapse of the economy – leads to Liberty? – Nirvana? – Manly sex?

    Your strongest weak point:

    “China’s Belt and Road is actually a new development paradigm that will supplant the Bretton Woods global order”

    Ahh Bretton Woods – 1944. Its still in affect? This Money Laundering – Ruling the slaves Paradigm is still in operation? But China’s Belt and Road, like Mighty Mouse, is coming to the rescue!!!

    I prefer Political Action (A Rabble in Arms) to your Wait its Coming.

    But I’m just an Anarchist.

  31. FB says: • Website

    Thanks for that GREAT Scott Ritter article…

    Scott is the Real McCoy..he flew the Marines version of the Douglas A4 ‘Skyhawk’…

    He didn’t say it but FOR SURE in Vietnam…

    That was a hell of a tough job for any aircrew…flying close air support for troops on the ground…in the line of fire…

    God bless this guy… he’s been demonized by the PTB because he’s a REAL MAN who knows what it’s like to put his neck on the line for armchair fucking warriors…

    Same with Tulsi…God bless her soul…

  32. @FB


    Yes I’m aware of all of that. But they’ve managed to keep it going thus far and it looks like they can keep going still. There is nothing to indicate that Russia, China or anyone else is running things differently; it’s the world system. Interest-free Islamic banking must also have some catch to favour the banks. There is nothing to indicate that the final crash is coming soon enough.

    • Replies: @FB
  33. Smith says:

    Pffft, more barking.

    When I can see shelling on Tel Aviv? That’s what I want, not more empty words.

  34. FB says: • Website

    About the looming collapse of the Ponzi economy, Mike says…

    …they’ve managed to keep it going thus far and it looks like they can keep going still.

    That’s like saying a guy who has been on life support for the last twenty years can just keep on trucking…until medical science figures out how to revive a zombie…

    The world’s central bankers just had their powwow at Jackson Hole, Wyoming…William Engdahl, who has earned strong credibility over the years by often being right…has some very interesting observations about comments made by those central bankers…

    It seem that the banking cabal has decided to ditch the dollar as wold trade currency…they have a detailed plan in mind for the new IMFS [International Monetary Financial System]…

    The IMF basket of currencies known as Special Drawing Rights will be the ‘new’ dollar…and trade will be done by blockchain currencies controlled by the same central banks…

    Right now, after a decade of CBs pumping trillions into the pockets of multinationals at zero interest…which they have used to juice the stock markets by buying back their own stock instead of investing in plant and equipment…we now have a ‘bubble of everything’…

    These pronouncements from the leading global financial nabobs have a definite urgency about them…it sounds like they’re just going to prick the balloon and flush the whole thing down the toilet…that means something even worse than the 1930s capitalist collapse…

    So the question is…do they have yet another parlor trick up their sleeves to keep the zombie alive…or is this just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic…?

  35. FB says: • Website
    @Commentator Mike

    And yet another superb analysis from Jon Hellevig…covering the same earth shattering about face from the central bankers…

    New World Order in Meltdown…

    [Bank of England governor] Carney went as far as flashing the war card saying: “past instances of very low rates have tended to coincide with high risk events such as wars, financial crises, and breaks in the monetary regime.”


    So we are at a major ‘turning point’ it seems…the grand poobahs now walking around with their drawers weighed down by a couple of pounds of ‘unintentional emission’…

    The IMF’s Lagarde noted that…

    There may be a role for the state to supply money to the digital economy.

    Well isn’t that a very BIG change in attitude…up until today the CBs universally insisted that only they and their private banks could ever issue money…while advocates [such as Ellen Brown] for state ownership of money…and using banking and lending as a UTILITY for the public good…have been simply lost in the wilderness…

    What is causing all of these radical departures and about turns among the money gods…?

  36. anonymous[337] • Disclaimer says:

    The latest Maserati and Ferrari cars drive past some of the most miserable slums in the Middle East. Posh restaurants and cafes are often just a few meters away from destitute beggars.

    Yinz talkin’ about Pittsburgh?

  37. 9593 says:

    Let us note the death of Andre Vltchek, September 25, 2020, apparently from complications of diabetes. So sad to lose such a brave reporter. Note that the Turkish authorities at first suspected foul play, so conditioned are they to assassinations in behalf of America and our allies, it seems.

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