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Israel Has Attacked Lebanon and Syria---So What?
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On August 25th, 2019, Israel attacked Lebanon. It has done it again.

Just as it attacked Syria, the same night.

RT reported the same day:

“Israeli drone flights were “an open attack on Lebanese sovereignty” and an assault on UN Resolution 1701, which ended the 2006 Israel-Lebanon war, Hariri said on Sunday, just hours after reports of two Israeli UAV incidents in Beirut.

Hariri called the drone incursion a “threat to regional stability and an attempt to increase tensions.”

He said there’s a heavy presence of planes in the airspace over Beirut and its suburbs, adding he will consult with Lebanese President Michel Aoun on what could be done to repel the “new aggression.””

So, what? Really, we have been ‘here’ before, on so many occasions.

PM Hariri is fuming, but he is one of the closest allies of the U.S. and Saudi Arabia in the region. In fact, he is a Saudi citizen. Is he going to do anything, like getting into a war with Israel? Never.

Can he actually do anything? No; nothing, even if he would want to. The truth is that practically, he can do absolutely nothing. Not he, nor Lebanon’s President Aoun, or even the Lebanese armed forces. Lebanon has no means with which to repel any Israeli attack. Absolutely no means! The country’s air force is pathetic, consisting of several flying toys, like modified Cessnas, old helicopters, and several A-29 Super Tucanos. That could hardly frighten some of the mightiest and well-trained squadrons in the world – those of the Jewish state.

The bitter and uncomfortable truth is, also, that Israel can basically do anything it desires, at least in this part of the world.

Just a few days ago, I dared to drive, again, from Beirut all the way down to Naqoura, and then, along the Blue Line (‘protected’ by the United Nations), east to Kfarkela.

Now, the repulsive Israeli wall which is scarring one of the most beautiful landscapes in the Middle East, has almost been completed, all along the border. One year ago, the Lebanese government protested, calling it almost an act of war. The Israelis did not care. As always, they did what they wanted. They came right towards the line, or more precisely, at least on several occasions, they crossed the line; and constructed their concrete monstrosity right in front of the eyes of the Lebanese soldiers and the UN personnel. “So, now, what are you going to do?” they were practically saying, without pronouncing it.

Nobody has done anything in retaliation. Zero! Now UNIFIL Indonesian soldiers are taking selfies right in front of the Blue Line, leaning against their armored vehicles, while Hezbollah flags are waving only few meters away from Israel. All this horror show is just some 10 kilometers from the Israeli occupied Syrian territory of the Golan Heights. You can see the Golan Heights easily from here. A few years ago I was there, in the Golan Heights; I ‘smuggled’ myself there, to write a damming report. I learned then, and I am getting more and more confirmation now: Israelis are really great experts at building the walls that are ruining and fragmenting the entire region!

But then and now, nothing that can stop them!

Whatever Israel bombs it gets away with it, no one dares to intervene.

Today as the Israel drones, full of explosives, flew into Lebanon, UN battle ships were docked in the harbor of Beirut. After an explosion rocked a Shi’a neighborhood, damaging the Hezbollah Media Center (which I visited some two years ago), the ships did not even change their position, let alone depart from the harbor in order to defend Lebanon!

So why are these ships there? No one knows. No one asks, obviously.

Here, it is always like that. I drive to a Hezbollah area. There is a private checkpoint. I photograph it. They stop me. A huge guy with a machinegun blocks my way. I jump out of the car, put my hands together: “Do you want to arrest me?” He gets insecure. I ignore him. I drive away. I am pissed off: why not better fight the Israelis and their constant invasions, with such a physique and weaponry?

A friend of mine, a top UN official from the Gulf who doesn’t want to be identified, just told me bitterly:

“There is no condemnation: there is complete silence from the United Nations and from the West.”

Hariri feels obliged to protest, as his nation was attacked. But is he really outraged? Hardly. He hates Syria, he hates Hezbollah.

Lebanon is only united by a few iconic dishes, culinary delights; not by politics.

Is the country ready to defend itself? Hardly. Those who have money are too busy racing their European cars, without mufflers, on potholed streets, or showing their legs in various five-star malls.

The poor people of Lebanon do not matter; they do not exist. Palestinians matter nothing, living and dying, cramped like sardines in repulsive camps with hardly any rights. This has been going on for long decades.

Many Lebanese Christians actually secretly cheer Israel. Or not so secretly… And they are so enamored with everything Western, that, as they told me on several occasions, they would love to be colonized by France, again.

Lebanon is so fragmented by race, religion, social status, that it cannot stand on its feet. Turkish powerplant platforms are providing energy. Infrastructure has collapsed. Filth is everywhere. Cynical corruption consumes everything. But exhibitionism and showing off never stop. Money is there only for hedonistic clubs and sojourns to Nice. Hezbollah is the only institution which cares about the welfare of all Lebanese people; the only force ready to defend the country against foreign interventions. Israel and the West know it. And they are doing all they can to destroy Hezbollah.

Lebanon has become a laughing stock in the region. Like this, it is very difficult to face one of the mightiest militaries on earth.


Just a few hours before Lebanon was hit, Israel admitted that its air force hit the Shi’ite militia and Iranian targets in Syria. It declared that it took out “killer drones” prepped by the Quds Force to carry out attacks in Israeli territory.

Israel justifies everything by its ‘defense’. Any outrageous attack, any bombing, is always ‘preventive’. The world has become used to it, by now. The world is doing nothing to stop it.

People die. Many do; annually. So, ‘the Israeli citizens can be safe’. So the West and its allies can control the region, indefinitely.

On August 25th, Hassan Nasrallah, the head of Hezbollah, described the ongoing situation in the Middle East as ‘very, very dangerous’:

“U.S. tries to revive Daesh in Iraq… U.S. helicopters are rescuing Daesh in Afghanistan… “

He spoke about the attack on Lebanon:

“The drones that entered the suburbs at dawn are military aircraft. The first aircraft was a reconnaissance aircraft flying at low altitude to get an accurate picture of the target. We did not shoot down the plane, but some young men threw stones at it before it fell. What happened last night was a suicide drone attack on a target in the southern suburbs of Beirut. Netanyahu would be mistaken if he thinks that this issue can go unnoticed. Lebanon will face a very dangerous situation if this incident goes unaddressed. The dawn suicide attack is the first act of aggression since 14 August 2006. The Lebanese State’s condemnation of what happened and referral of the matter to the Security Council is good, but these steps do not prevent the course of action to be taken. Since 2000, we have allowed Israeli drones for many reasons but no one moved. Israeli drones entering Lebanon are no longer collecting information, but assassinations. From now on, we will face the Israeli drones when they enter the skies of Lebanon and we will work to bring them down. I tell the Israelis that Netanyahu is running with your blood.”

The West and its allies are escalating tensions all over the Middle East. Some say, “war is possible”. Others say “it is imminent”. But it is not just a possibility. There is a war. Everywhere. In Afghanistan and Syria, in Yemen and Iraq. Wherever you look! Even in Lebanon.

[First published by NEO – New Eastern Outlook]


Andre Vltchek is a philosopher, novelist, filmmaker and investigative journalist. He has covered wars and conflicts in dozens of countries. Four of his latest books are China and Ecological Civilization with John B. Cobb, Jr., Revolutionary Optimism, Western Nihilism, a revolutionary novel “Aurora” and a bestselling work of political non-fiction: “Exposing Lies Of The Empire”. View his other books here. Watch Rwanda Gambit, his groundbreaking documentary about Rwanda and DRCongo and his film/dialogue with Noam Chomsky “On Western Terrorism”. Vltchek presently resides in East Asia and the Middle East, and continues to work around the world. He can be reached through his website and his Twitter. His Patreon

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  1. alexander says:

    It seems the world can do nothing to stop it …Why ?… because the USA has “veto power” in the UN Security Council.

    That’s why.

    To change the equation, change the sentiment within the USA as it pertains to acts of aggression by its alleged “allies” in the region.

    Without that, there will be continued “impunity” for all breaches .

    It is just that Simple.

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @A123
  2. Sean says:

    People die. Many do; annually. So, ‘the Israeli citizens can be safe’. So the West and its allies can control the region, indefinitely

    The region was controlled by the Ottoman Empire for a long time. The West defeated Turkey and freed the subject peoples. Unfortunately they hate each other. So that hate has to be burnt out in Persian-Arab and inter Arab civil wars as in the terrible internecine conflicts in Lebanon and much more recently Syria. Vietnam did not start WW3 and neither will these. To suggest otherwise is to endorse a domino theory. Just accept there are lots of distinct peoples in the Middle East and lots of outside powers backing them, so the the regios is never going to be peaceful and free.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
    , @Paw
  3. Realist says:

    To change the equation, change the sentiment within the USA as it pertains to acts of aggression by its alleged “allies” in the region.

    That will never happen…elections are not the answer.

    • Replies: @alexander
  4. A123 says:

    It seems the world can do nothing to stop it …Why ?… because the USA has “veto power” in the UN Security Council.

    If the U.S. had a submissive President like Barak Hussein, how would a UN Security Council resolution help?

    The UN has less offensive military power than Lebanon. There are three words that should immediately spring to mind when you think of the UN, “helpless, hapless, and hopeless”. No major power takes the UN seriously. The organization should be disbanded.


    • Replies: @alexander
  5. A123 says:

    The author’s introduction is missing crucial facts:

    On August 25th, 2019, Israel attacked Lebanon. It has done it again. … Just as it attacked Syria, the same night.

    Let me help. It should read:

    On August 25th, 2019, Israel attacked Iranian forces in Lebanon. It has done it again. … Just as it attacked Iranian forces in Syria, the same night.

    In Syria, the answer is simple. Assad and Putin can insist that the forces drawing strikes leave the country. Once Iranian al’Quds and Iranian al’Hezbollah are gone, the Russian security solution in southern Syria will work and the strikes will stop.

    Iran has so thoroughly occupied Lebanon, there are few options. Currently the best one is underway. When Iran runs out of cash, their colonial effort will come to an end. They will no longer have the means to pay and arm Iranian al’Hezbollah troops in Lebanon.


    • Replies: @FB
    , @Durruti
    , @ANON
    , @anon
  6. The main problem is Zionism. The region was in peace for over 1000 years before the Ottomans and the “conflict has always raged in the region” argument you make is Hasbara. The Takfiris are backed by “Israel” and it’s puppets and Saudi Arabia which is a puppet of the same people. Absent “Israel” Saudi Arabia and a few other fake little kingdoms would fall and the remaining differences would soon be settled. Today it suits the Bankers who control “Israel” to keep the greion in chaos but that chaos cannot protect the Zionist state forever. It is not a tenable state.

  7. alexander says:

    You are most probably right.

  8. alexander says:

    You make very accurate points .

    Without the backing of the USA, the vast majority of UN resolutions are just window dressing for your three “h’s”.

  9. @Sean

    The West defeated Turkey and freed the subject peoples.

    They freed no one. They replaced Turkey with France, Britain, and the Zionists in the ME, and Soviet Jews/Zionists in Eastern Europe.

  10. WTF? What happened to Andre? Very pessimistic post. Not his usual bombastic self. Where’s the bravado? I thought we the people were winning, on the verge of winning in the total war against the oppressors. How about that Israeli wall is nothing, it is no barrier – hundreds of thousands of Hezbollah rockets will fly over to wipe out all targets in Israel, Iran is bringing in more and more missiles by the day, by the hour, Hezbollah’s arsenals will never be depleted, the Lebanese people will never be defeated, nor the Syrian, nor the Iranian. How about some more optimistic and aggressive pronouncements of Nasrallah threatening total destruction of Israel, instead of …what?… defensive statements about bringing down drones… with stones. This is some defeatist post. Not his usual self, the author. Come on commenters, I want some explanation for this turn of reporting by Andre of crucial current events.

    • Replies: @peterAUS
  11. FB says: • Website

    The Israeli ‘strikes’ are meaningless…they are pinpricks on an elephant…no real military harm can be done by this manner of sporadic and and small scale attacks…

    They do not change the Syrian liberation that is ongoing by one iota…it is just a useless firecracker show for domestic Israeli consumption…

    As for the UN…you do not seem to realize that the Security Council has the power to order USE OF FORCE AGAINST ANY UN MEMBER NATION…

    UNSC Resolutions are legally binding on all UN member states…and they can and have been enforced in the past…

    So your silly comment has nothing to do with reality…

    Antisemitism, or at least anti-Israeli sentiment is gaining strength in the US…just look at this website…

    The day may well come when the US pulls its support for Israel in the UNSC…and what then…?

    There are already a number of UNSC Resolutions stipulating that Israel must withdraw from the occupied territories…and the US either supported those resolutions or chose not to veto them…

    What happens when a US respecting the wishes of its population lets a UNSC Resolution pass that calls for an international force to remove Israel from the occupied territories…?

    Don’t think that day will come…?

    Just think back to WW2…how many Jewish refugees fleeing the Nazi gas chambers did the US let in…an entire shipload was turned back…

    Read about the wiki entry on Carter’s cabinet secretary Mike Blumenthal…his family fled Germany at the last minute…got on a ship that sailed to Shanghai…the only open city that would take Jews…

    At each stop along the way…all cities part of the British Empire, Jews were refused…it wasn’t until 1947…TWO YEARS AFTER THE END IF THE WAR…that the US started letting in those Jews, including the Blumenthals, stranded in Shanghai…

    Years after the US and Britain new full well about Auschwitz…

    Read also about the Hollywood mogul Daryl F Zannuck…who was refused membership in an elite LA country club because they MISTAKENLY took him for Jewish…

    Pissed off, he decided to make film about anti-Jewish discrimination, starring Gregory Peck…Gentlemen’s Agreement…

    Anti-semitism is right under the surface in the US…even those who support Israel do it for reasons of US interest…you can be sure some of them aren’t Jew lovers…

    History has a habit of changing in a heartbeat…making big leaps in an instant…

    Your smugness…and especially your lack of education about the world are not going to serve you well…

    And please stop with the ‘PEACE’ bullshit…while cheerleading Israeli crimes…that makes you a simple troll…

    • Replies: @A123
    , @EoinW
  12. A123 says:

    As for the UN…you do not seem to realize that the Security Council has the power to order USE OF FORCE AGAINST ANY UN MEMBER NATION… UNSC Resolutions are legally binding on all UN member states…and they can and have been enforced in the past…

    It is painfully obvious that you do not realize that there is good reason for the U.N. to be considered a joke. U.N. Organizations openly *COMMIT WAR CRIMES*. Here is a good example showing evidence of Hamas weaponry being sheltered at a U.N. Facility (1).

    … UNRWA, the actual agency is run by Hamas operatives who control its schools, using them to recruit and to store weapons. The union representing UNRWA employees is controlled by Hamas and its employees implement Hamas policies.

    The U.N. does more harm than good at this point and should be dissolved. Certainly the correct response to any UNSC Resolution is derision and laughter before it is ignored.

    So your silly comment has nothing to do with reality…

    My comment is based in reality. The fact that you openly deny reality makes you look like a profoundly incompetent and immature troll.




    • Replies: @FB
  13. FB says: • Website

    Look, you’re obviously not very smart…

    UN *agencies* are not the same thing as the Security Council…they have *ZERO* legal powers…

    Their only ability to influence anything is by means of propaganda…

    Also I’m not interested in your mickey mouse troll ‘sources’…

    Like I said already, you have zero credibility here…not only because you are dumb as a rock…but because you peddle hasbara bullshite…


    • Troll: A123
    • Replies: @A123
    , @Sorrow Road
  14. peterAUS says:
    @Commentator Mike

    …Come on commenters, I want some explanation for this turn of reporting by Andre of crucial current events….

    It’s called a “reality check”.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  15. A123 says:

    Like I said already, you have zero credibility here…not only because you are dumb as a rock…but because you peddle hasbara bullshite…

    Thank you for self identifying as a liar. The Muslim devotion of Taqiyya (1), Lying for the Prophet of Jihad, is well known here. The 100% sure way to identify a Taqiyya Liar is they scream ‘Hasbara’ when they are defeated by sound logic.

    So now that everyone knows what you are….. The maximum you can achieve is providing comic relief. If you post more, I will just laugh at you more.

    Achieving PEACE through MIRTH. 😁 👍 😇



  16. FB says: • Website


    The very mention of the word ‘hasbara’…triggers a snowflake JIDF mini-troll into full-blown meltdown…?

    Get out while the getting’s good you little shlump…

    • Replies: @A123
  17. @FB

    Aw, someone had their nerve hit here. It’s amazing that there’s a commentator like you who makes Wally, Renfro and Colin Wright seem human by comparison. Kisses.

    • Replies: @FB
  18. FB says: • Website
    @Sorrow Road


    And who might you be…mini-troll’s supervisor at the JIDF…?

    Or just a saggy old bag with a couple of soggy cornflakes hanging out of her nose…while she devours the latest Julia Keller potboiler…?


    No thanks, miss…

    Btw..noticed your whole two posts on this site…

  19. @peterAUS

    I guess so. But the guy lives in Beirut and travels around the region reporting for rt so he should have always had a good dose of objective reality. Didn’t he write in his piece about why he is an internationalist revolutionary that objectivism is an Anglo disease and that he intends to be deliberately subjective? We’ll see how right he is this time in his current assessment if this is put to the test soon.

  20. Paw says:

    Lebanon can do nothing. So did the Spartans ,Greeks , against Persians , or some gangs in Mogadishu. So did the Czechs , the Czechs ,Mr Vltschek, in the occupied Czechoslovakia ,
    Mr. Vltchek , killed certain Heydrich to his death. Pathetic ,was not it against the best army in the world.
    If you can not do anything in your comfortable .air conditioned office , please do not talk on behalf of others. I myself fought the Russians Army tanks on 21.August 1968 in my city Prague. . I found an axe and we made holes in their barrels. And burned Two.
    Of course I could have sat in the laboratory and keep sitting..And sitting a talking, instead .In the place of my work.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  21. @Paw


    You can’t compare your “heroics” in 1968 against the Russians to this. Russians could have easily crushed your protests most violently and shot you like rabbits in the streets and turned Prague into a Dresden or Gaza if there had been a political will to do so then and there. Jews, on the other hand, will quite happily snipe Arab children just for some target practice and a laugh.

    Andre is not too bad a journalist and does take risks to report. I prefer his more balanced rt report on the same.

    I don’t follow these RU reporters across other more mainstream media, but I do get the impression that when writing for this outlet they tend to be more provocative and fiery. Hmm… makes one wonder… Is it just to get a lively discussion thread going or something more sinister that the editor has in mind, which is actually linked to a more lively debate on the thread anyway.

    • Replies: @Paw
  22. ‘There is a war. Everywhere. In Afghanistan and Syria, in Yemen and Iraq. Wherever you look!’ That is how world war can creep up on nations.

  23. EoinW says:

    Anti-semitism in the US? You must be kidding. The Jews have only one problem in America – there is no anti-semitism. Therefore they have to invent it. The richest people in the country are Jews. Which means they run the country. They own the media, Hollywood and the political class. Where they lack outright wealth and power they increase their influence. Trump’s son-in-law, naturally a Jew. Putin also has a Jewish son-in-law. Who did Chelsea Clinton marry? A Jew!

    Jews have a persecution complex. It’s in their DNA. When they find a place with no persecution they have to invent it. Don’t get me wrong, whether it’s Spinoza, Mendelssohn, Mahler, Jack Benny, Irving Berlin, the Marx brothers etc… I’ve great admiration for them. But the flip side are the power junkies. Leo Franck and Libby Holman were murderers. All that mattered is they were Jewish. The entire Jewish community, led by their elites, came to their defence. This is the dark side and why Israel is such a cancer on the Middle East.

    I understand that the essential point you are making is that the Jews are overplaying their hand. Like they did in 13th century England. However no Edward I is going to come along in America and expel them. If America found a King Edward he’d likely have a Jewish son-in-law! When things do fall apart in the US the 99% will be too busy killing each other over multi-gender toilets. They certainly won’t be targeting the Jewish criminal class because they’ll be the most protected people in the country. Just like Epstein and Maxwell being protected(and likely still are protected).

    We’ll have to rely on Iran and Hizbollah to serve out justice. A war that brings about the end of Israel, plus an economic collapse in the West. Destroy the West financially and you limit the power of the Jews. This is the only way it can end well for the rest of the world. It’s not ending well for us and it shouldn’t. But the idea Americans can perform self-exorcism isn’t realistic. The infection is too deep.

  24. Osama Bin Truth [AKA "Osama Bin CIA"] says:

    Join the Zionist Crusade!
    Join the U.S military and fight for Israel.
    Seven Islamic countries need to be destroyed for Greater Israel Project.
    1.Afghanistan- check
    6.Syria-In Progress

  25. A123 says:

    Nice try. You posted after me …. but as a Taqiyya snowflake you didn’t use the Reply feature. So, not only are you a liar you are a immature.

    Little Muzzie Wuzzie… want a Rattle… Here baby take the rattle wattle….

    You are very amusung. Please continue melting down to provide me a source of humor.

    PEACE and MIRTH to all on EARTH

    😇 😁 🌎

  26. Durruti says:

    In Syria, the answer is simple. Assad and Putin can insist that the forces drawing strikes leave the country.

    But the forces striking, may do so with impunity?


    The Zionist Terrorist Land Thieves can leave Palestine, and by doing so, bring Peace to the area, by removing the Neo-Nazi/Fascist Apartheid Rothschild & other Jewish Oligarchs irritant from the region, by the simple act of returning the stolen Land to its indigenous Palestinian inhabitants.

  27. Paw says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Yes Mike , of course they could have..No one can imagine incredible situation ,when the Russian tank cannon shot holes in the building , into ground I stood, centimetres beside/under me..
    Yes , they could have and, but , they did not. As many invaders before …
    But you missed the point. When so many “writting slaves” pretend to be experts .
    And find apreciations of others. Your “heroic” shows it clear.. Never been in something similar.. Yet you too know…In short they do not know,what they write about..No gift for writting.
    Vltschek is a Czech surname and a bit changed…. I just asked ,why he is not smart. Smarter.
    At last, there are some invisible relations between psychopats and their victims.
    No victims means no satisfaction and no rule for evil, no fear, nothing….So some of “rabits ” have to be kept alive..
    Here is one of unwritten law of our world…

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  28. @Paw


    You don’t know what I’ve been through in my long life, or even what some other posters or Andre have faced in theirs. I’m not trying to disparage your own actions in your youth, nor do I agree with much of what Andre writes, but I felt obliged to reply the way I did. Maybe I misunderstood your comment.


  29. Paw says:

    Living in the different world. My grandpa fought on Italian front , 1914-18, afterwards he only cried, ,never able to talk,/ daily up to 10 soldiers there went insane /, my father /8-10years old/ waited in for bread and got nothing for family, my father later was sentenced to death by communists /1952/,and because his parent were workers he got 15 …Before he had fought on barricades in the May 1945. And as drunk the first time in his life, he was home and was not taken by the Nazis to be shot, after killing the Reich protector Heydrich, and many others etc..Nevertheless those experiences ,communist took revenge on whole family , because apple do not fall far from the tree , later my father was rehabilitated , by communists,as he was found innocent. I do not why , I ran /august 1968/,to those places we Czech traditionally started to resist. Believe me nothing /no thinking/, was involved. Only I did not run away when it started.
    It was response and the defense against their aggression.
    So many Czech can not resist to create something, and squeezed some film scripts through.
    If not, I would not think of to criticize anyone …
    Even I did not know and realized what sort of the deformed life I have to live. After I ran to Australia , as far as possible, more persecutions already waited ,there for me. Soon after I arrived the Detective found me and threatened me with the court because I did not pay the parking fine 10 dollars. Another came , then took me to the head of detectives and keep threatening me again and again /I did not understand too much and was in shock/. They did not even give me time to gather some answers, or explanations. Detectives investigate murders, kidnappings, serious crimes I believed. I bought only a second hand car /with the fine/, because public transport was insufficient at that time. One telephone call by their receptionist would explain everything. At the court I produced proof of the car purchase ,with the date after the fine took place and my passport with the date , I came to Australia after the fine took place !! I write this just for curiosity sake and of only one from hundreds episodes and I believe no one can explain those /not I/, or understand ..Some time after and other problem I was not involved and after the police visit /on my obvious question they said.
    “We can not tell you” !!/ in the night, I went next morning to see a solicitor and she started shaking ,almost fainted .
    ..And be glad you do not know.
    /But I was born in very old Prague ,the Magic city , full of many legend, secrets ,superstitions ,beautiful with so much of it impossible ever fully understand ,unlike other beautiful cities in the world. Then, superficial expressions somehow , provoke.. ..

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  30. ANON[117] • Disclaimer says:

    That country Israel has to be destroyed, has to be wiped off the map by the world . US will improve So will the fate of Australia and UK. Israel is a cancer on humanity . It is cancer on morality . It is a cancer on human reason .
    The latest example of the spread of this cancer known as Israel in Hebrew are these – —Israel attacked Syria Israel attacked Lebanon because Iranian forces were there.

    Hope the God doesn’t attack one day this earth because of the presence of Israel among the nations.

  31. @Paw


    Many go through same. Like Josef K. in Kafka’s The Trial. It’s real.

  32. Durruti says:


    There is a war. Everywhere. In Afghanistan and Syria, in Yemen and Iraq. Wherever you look! Even in Lebanon.

    On September 1, 2019, the war is heating up. We will see the relation of forces – by how the Hezbollah, and the ‘official’ Lebanese Government, and the Syrians are able to defend themselves.

    We are not witnessing a ‘Fair Fight,’ as we used to say during fist fights in old Brooklyn. Nevertheless, the Lebanese, Palestinians, and Syrians, are being pressed to defend their People and their Honor, against the American Armed and Financed Zionist Terrorists, whether or not they are ready. If they do not defend, they will lose the above, and they will not be able to regain them.

    Will we Americans (we have already lost our Honor), be able to regain it?

    Freedom is not Free. It must be paid for.

    • Replies: @anon
  33. anon[114] • Disclaimer says:

    Desperate Netanyahu Hits Iraq, Syria, Lebanon

    Israel Attacked Syria ‘To Prevent Iranian Strike’

    Israel Attacks Palestinian Base Deep in Lebanon

    Netanyahu: I’m Hitting Iran ‘Including in Iraq’

    Hitler had certain reasons to attack the surrounding countries . Netanyahu had his own. Hitler presented it as the remedy to the WW1 treaty . Netanhuy wants to win the election . Czar used to go south and attack Jewish settlement every time he had to divert attention . Netanyahu had his won reason .

    In US , one is allowed to say “ Please don’t do, you dont need , you are better than this, you can ignore the surrounding commotions . Arabs are not interested in peace . You are. You have been doing your best to achieve peace . But we request you to escalate or add to tension.” but not to point out the murderous nature of the Zionist entity -Israel.

    The bastards are supporting a bastards . The bribed and corrupted leaders are supporting a violent Nazi . That includes NYT CNN WSJ and bipartisan galore of bastards .

    Some not so bright bring ups the idea of Taqiya or something which has actually and repeatedly been best exemplified by Shimon Peres, Menachem Begin Israeli Shamir and Netanhyau .Years ago their uncles and grandfathers by name Ben Guiorn and Weizamn did same . They had a school for it- Kibbutz They have a book for it-Talmud.

  34. anon[540] • Disclaimer says:

    I hope that here is no retaliation by Hizbullah. Patience and accumulation of more strength should be their priorities . Netanhau isn’t attacking indiscriminately but calculatedly and has support from entire Israel
    . But revenge can be served after 5,20 , 30 or 100 years when it is least expected . Despite setback , Shite has united the masses from Iran to Syria and Yemen . Shite has shown that sustained and focused resistance pays off . Let Israel do these pinpricks .
    American economy will tank soon, Inner turmoil will occupy the leaders soon. China will be on the list of enemies . Shite will have new allies or at last will have neutral China . Russia will not stick out its neck to help either Iran or Israel. Syria, Turkey and Iran will be forced to find a common position .
    Houthi has damaged Saudi . Saudi has lost UAE . Israel politics other than more violence and stealing have not much to show for . The weather balloon doesn’t show tail wind for these entities – Saudi and Israel.

    Yes , ISIS will try its best to carry the water for Israel. But it’s death is not far off excepting on the mind of some warmongering freaks in US . False flag and ascribing them to some entity like ISIS will be their way of maintaining the pressure .

  35. anon[412] • Disclaimer says:

    Israel has powerful army but has much worse record of lying and grandstanding .

    “Russian TV reporter walks around deserted IDF post hit by Hezbollah missiles
    After RT Arabic publishes report from inside Avivim base, military acknowledges it was evacuated due to threats”

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