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In the U.K. -- Do Subjects Deserve Their Rulers?
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I constantly receive such letters; letters which repeat, again and again, year after year, basically the same thing: “If only we would have an opportunity to vote out our damn system!”

Such letters, emails and messages keep coming to me from the United States, but also from the United Kingdom. Particularly, after certain events, like when the Western empire overthrows some progressive government in Asia, Latin America or the Middle East.

I honestly wonder: “Don’t my readers actually periodically have that proverbial opportunity they are longing for? They can, can’t they, install socialism; to let it storm into Downing Street like an early spring?”

But they keep missing that opportunity, again and again. Or, are they really missing it? Actually, for so many years they have voted in the most extreme forms of capitalism and imperialism, so one has to wonder whether the British voters perhaps truly deserve their rulers?


The results of the British elections became so radical, so conservative, that even the most conformist British press, like The Economist, doesn’t appear to be able to stomach them, anymore.

Of course, I am being sarcastic, because precisely that the mainstream press is one of the main reasons, why the British electorates vote as they do.

But seriously, could anyone in his or her sane state of mind vote for BoJo?

Just put Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn next to each other, and listen to each of them for ten minutes, and it would appear that anyone who would vote for the leader of the Conservative Party should be ripe for the mental asylum.

Unless… Unless! Yes, precisely: Unless he or she actually openly or secretly longs for those neo-liberal, deeply conservative “values”, which were introduced to the “Western world” by Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan, after some wild and extremist theories that were floated behind the walls of the Chicago School of Economics by market fundamentalists such as Friedman and Von Hayek. And after entire nations, such as Indonesia and Chile (both of them now lying in ruins), were raped, tied up and then used as guinea pigs.

Unless the British voters really admire Western imperialism, and that notorious, legendary, sadistic hand of the English teacher holding a ruler over the fingers of a petrified pupil, roaring threateningly: “Shall I?” Unless they truly like this kind of arrangement of the world.

I often wonder: What if they do? Perhaps they do. They most likely do, at least many of them. The voters, I mean…


For years and decades, many thinkers, writers and left-leaning intellectuals are, for some abstract reasons, convinced, that the great majority of Europeans are tricked or coerced into supporting that beastly, insane foreign policy of the United States.

They think that “were Europe to be truly free”, it would embark on a socialist path, as it tried, but was prevented from doing, right after WWII.

I never bought into that argument. Socialist, even Communist European euphoria lasted for only a few years. What followed was the abandoning almost all values and ideals for a series of orgies: food orgies, sex orgies, sports orgies, pop crap culture orgies, and finally the empty travel orgies. Europe is living beyond its means, and is planning to do so, for decades to come. It cannot survive, and it doesn’t want to live without the brutal plunder of the world, or read, without the “conservative neo-liberal regime”.

These days, most of the Europeans support its brutal and unruly offspring, on the other side the Atlantic. Such support guarantees that the complexes of superiority will be pampered, that the working hours will stay short (at the expense of those ‘un-people’ in all corners of the globe), food cheap, and porn and sports free or almost free of charge (at least on television and computer screens).

So, basically, we are talking a clear status quo, which in turn is almost synonymous with the “conservative values”.


The Economist went mental, commenting on the elections in its leading story “Britain’s nightmare before Christmas”. And that was even before the results were announced. Predictably, it trashed Mr. Corbyn and his “bankrupt views” (among them his refusal to antagonize, loot and provoke Venezuela, Iran and Russia), but then it went after BoJo’s throat:

Brexit is not the only problem with Mr. Johnson’s new-look Tories. He has purged moderates and accelerated the shift from an economically and socially liberal party into an economically interventionist and culturally conservative one. Angling for working-class, Leave-voting seats in the north, he has proposed extra state aid, buy-British government procurement and a sketchy tax-and-spending plan that does not add up. Also, he has absorbed the fatal lesson of the Brexit campaign: that there is no penalty for lying or breaking the rules. He promised not to suspend Parliament, then did: he promised not to extend the Brexit talks, then did. This chicanery corrodes trust in democracy… For all these reasons this newspaper cannot support the Conservatives.”

How truly heartbreaking!

Deep drift inside the conservative world?

Not really. Boris Johnson simply broke some rules. He showed himself as unreliable, vulgar and embarrassing. He did it all in public. These things are never forbidden, at least not in the U.K. Racism, even sexual crimes, are fine there, as long as they are kept behind closed doors. Well-camouflaged lies are perfectly fine, too, no matter which party leaders utter them, be it Thatcher or Blair.


But back to voting and the British nation.

To simplify everything: Jeremy Corbyn is a decent man. Not perfect, but decent. It is obvious. He is a person who cares about his fellow citizens. He also cares about those billions, in all corners of the Earth, who have been robbed and brutalized by the Western empire (of which the U.K. is, undeniably, an indispensable part).

Look at Boris Johnson and you get the opposite. And it is not a state secret. I have many friends in the U.K., and a great majority would confirm that he is an upsetting buffoon, if not something much more terrible.


Mr. Corbyn is true Labour. He is trying to reverse what all of us know is taking place: that the U.K. has sunk so low, and many of its children are literally starving. Its social system has collapsed under the right-wing (in the past, both Conservative and “New Labor”) governments. That British citizens cannot afford to live in their own cities, anymore. That both education and medical care, as well as infrastructure, are crumbling, in fact going to the dogs.

He wants to stop the despicable suffering of the millions of victims of the Western reign, in all parts of the Earth.

Of course, these facts would never appear in the pages of The Economist.

Boris Johnson does not give a flying fuck about the issues mentioned above. He is on the stage. Since his youth, he has always been playing and acting, as well as self-promoting. He is perhaps the most embarrassing figure in British politics.

And yet… And yet. Perhaps Corbyn’s humanism is his biggest weakness. At least in Europe, particularly in the U.K.

As The New York Times reported:

“As votes were counted on Friday, the Conservatives were projected to win 364 seats in the House of Commons, versus 203 for the Labor Party, according to the BBC, with almost all of Parliament’s seats decided. That would give the Conservatives about a 75-seat majority, their largest since that amassed by Margaret Thatcher in 1987.”

That is clear message where the public stands, isn’t it?

Of course, I know that soon, my friends and comrades will begin to read into the outcome of the elections: that only a fraction of the population voted. That people were confused. That the mass media manipulated the entire narrative. And many arguments of this nature.

And I am sure that they will be correct.

However, the United Kingdom voted, and these are terribly, outrageous results.

People voted for the most extreme, shameless type of neo-liberalism. They voted for a brigand type of imperialism, neo-colonialism and racism.


My personal observations do not matter, but I’d like to add them, nevertheless.

I come to London at least twice a year. Almost all my visits are work, or “struggle-related”. I am interviewed there, I show my films, promote my books, or speak at the universities.

I used to enjoy my visits. But not anymore.

There is terrible tension in the air. People have become impolite, even aggressive.

As a Russian, I am constantly challenged. Even my very slight accent provokes immediate questions “where am I from?” When I reply, what follows are often direct provocations.

My Chinese friends report much graver abuses.

London is not at peace with itself, that is certain.

I have written about Brexit on several occasions, and as a matter of principle, I refuse to do it in this essay.

Lately, everything is being explained and justified by Brexit.

I don’t believe that it could be. Doing so is a gross simplification.

Perhaps the West is truly an anti-socialist, anti-Communist entity. Perhaps that is why it keeps overthrowing left-wing governments, all over the world. Perhaps that is why it keeps voting in the most unsavory individuals one could imagine.

Perhaps the U.K. deserves the rulers it gets.

There is one little nuance which is being constantly overlooked: the U.K. is not really against Labour. Remember Tony Blair, a closet Thatcherite, and a man who served as an advisor to the murderous Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda, responsible for millions of lost lives in the Democratic Republic of Congo? Blair is also a man responsible for hundreds of thousands of the lost human lives in the Middle East. Remember? Well, he was so-called “New Labour”. But that was obviously just fine, as far as the British voters were concerned.

And there is one more ‘little nuance’ worth mentioning: almost the entire Europe is moving to the right; towards the racist, self-serving right. And it is not only Europe which wants to stay in the EU, or Europe which desires to leave the bloc. Both parts are heading in a similar direction.

Perhaps, after all, the voters deserve their leaders!

Right-wing “leaders” are thriving. While rationality, decency and kindness are kicking the bucket in agony.


[First published by NEO – New Eastern Outlook – a journal of the Russian Academy of Sciences]

Andre Vltchek is a philosopher, novelist, filmmaker and investigative journalist. He has covered wars and conflicts in dozens of countries. Five of his latest books are “China Belt and Road Initiative”,China and Ecological Civilization” with John B. Cobb, Jr., “Revolutionary Optimism, Western Nihilism”, a revolutionary novel “Aurora” and a bestselling work of political non-fiction: “Exposing Lies Of The Empire”. View his other books here. Watch Rwanda Gambit, his groundbreaking documentary about Rwanda and DRCongo and his film/dialogue with Noam Chomsky “On Western Terrorism”. Vltchek presently resides in East Asia and Latin America, and continues to work around the world. He can be reached through his website, his Twitter and his Patreon.

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  1. almost the entire Europe is moving to the right; towards the racist, self-serving right.

    That could be a reaction to immigration and the fact that the left is seen as promoting it. If the left had opposed it maybe people wouldn’t be moving to the right.

    Anyway, in the UK the people voted for BoJo because they had already voted for a Brexit and he promised to deliver it. And they had voted for Brexit because they wanted a stop to immigration. If the EU had been for Europeans only maybe they wouldn’t have voted for a Brexit. They won’t get a stop to immigration with BoJo but whether they’ll get Brexit – we’ll find out soon enough.

    • Replies: @Gordo
  2. Kali says:

    Politics is moving to the right, whilst journalists serve that trend by pandering to their paymasters. Guardian, Independant, Times…. they’re all, essentially, fucking their readership (the electorate) over.

    If the electorate doesn’t have access to fair, honest, unbiased reporting across all issues, then democracy is dead… if indeed “representative democracy” was ever more than a nod in the direction of actual direct democracy.

    To even participate in such a system, be it in Britain, Europe, America… or any othrr “western democracy” is surely a sign that ones mental faculties aren’t what they ought to be.

    And yet people seem still, even now, almost 2 decades after 9.11, when journalism and honesty were divorced, to think that if only they vote hard enough things will get better. Or that the promises politicians make during election campains have some substance. Evidencing yet more mental decay. – Could toxic diets, fluoridated water, murcury fillings, etc, be to blame?

    On the other hand, one third of the eligable public didn’t vote. In the UK, spoiled ballots aren’t counted, so we don’t know how many of those were cast.

    In the UK the words “none of the above” are prohibited from appearing on the ballot.
    It’s my guess (or prefered fantacy?) that if those words Did appear on the ballot, then not only would that 1/3rd have voted, but many of the votes that were cast would have gone to “none of the above.”

    In other words, politics has failed and Anarchy is on the ascendant.

    I guess that thought may scare a lot of people. But only those who don’t know what real Anarchy is.

    Happy Solstice for yesterday everyone!


    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  3. @Kali

    Well yes, but a lot has to be left unsaid. Merry Christmas everyone! For an honest anarchist view on holidays, here’s Victor Serge’s A Festival of Lies and Weakness below the tag. Some truths in it, but what an unhappy lot these revolutionaries, eh? Why can’t they just be like everyone else and get along? But I’m sure the real Jesus Christ would agree with a lot of this.


    The Festival of Lies and Weakness

    Men are inaugurating the new year with an apotheosis of hypocrisy and weakness.
    The earth begins its life again. It has traced one more circle in luminous space. One cycle of life ends and another begins. The enigmatic future, with its mysteries of joy and suffering, stands before man. And I would like it if man on this day looked life in the face and felt serene,
    determined, and strong. But no, he lies. He lies and his plaintive weakness is exhaled in timid murmurs.
    “Happy New Year, good health, happiness . . .” These wishes are on all lips and fly around the world in the millions of letters written by millions of unconscious and lying hands.
    For these men who universally congratulate each other and exchange wishes of happiness and longevity are brutes who will ferociously slaughter each other the next day. And even this evening, murmuring affectionate words, they thought the contrary and smilingly committed acts of hatred, hostility, and evil.
    This person wishes long life to parents whose inheritance he impatiently awaits. Another congratulates his hated boss, his abhorred rival,
    the competitor he sneakily defames.
    The hideous faces of bloodthirsty and rapacious beasts hide behind smiles of propriety. Not a single face isn’t covered by a mask. Not a mouth that hasn’t proffered lies. For a few hours the wolves have disguised themselves as lambs.
    And it was the festival of great social hypocrisy, the apotheosis of the stupidity, the illogic, and the cowardice of vast human herds, carrying out together the most inept and insane rites.
    The festival of lies is also that of weakness. Those who, servile, humble, and timorous, don’t know how to desire; the immense rabble of those who allow themselves to be gagged by life without making the least effort to assert themselves: the spineless have formulated hopes and murmured wishes. Hopes for happiness that the year will convert into hopelessness. Wishes that will be as sterile as the old-fashioned prayers of the devout.
    They wish for a prosperous life, happiness, joy. They wish because they don’t have the strength to will. After having wished for life, they’ll continue to work at death. Serving the authorities, slaves of dogmas and the masters of the moment, they’ll waste their existence at evil tasks and will tear each other apart.
    You who express wishes for love, you’ll bow before convention and the laughter of imbeciles. You who wanted to be free, your weakness will lead you to forge chains for yourself and others. You, who stupid pride makes desire glory, for appearance’s sake you will commit base, low acts, infamies.
    Wishes of the timid, stammerings of the humble, prayers of those with illusions: all will be in vain. The only wishes that will be fulfilled are those of the strong, whose robust will shall be affirmed in acts. The others, the gray rabble of marionettes will every day see hopes, illusions, and beautiful dreams fade away in smoke . . .
    Life doesn’t offer itself, it must be conquered. Beautiful and implacable, it reserves its splendors for the strong and virile. They despise conventions and don’t deign to lie. They don’t formulate wishes, whose pitiful inanity they know, but their peremptory will tames all adversity.
    Freed of the hindrances that the weak struggle against, the strong advance without stopping. The mirages of the future don’t deceive their minds, avid for immediate life. They don’t agree to wait and want to extract a bit of joy from each moment.
    Let those who don’t know how to want make wishes and allow their dull, monotonous, and foggy lives to evaporate . . . We won’t lower ourselves to such puerilities. Not amazed by fabulous hopes, weary of disappointing expectations, anarchists formulate neither wishes nor vows: they want, and immediately act according to their will.
    (l’anarchie, December 30, 1909)

    • Replies: @Kali
  4. They just want Brexit. And the reason they want Brexit is because they want the immigrants out.

    All else is blahblahblah.

    They are not xenophobes. They are not racists. They want the immigrants out because they take away jobs, destroy unionization, disrupt established communities, thus helping TFIC to continue in charge, without any boat-rocking at-tall.

    They voted for Boris Johnson because he said he would get Brexit done. They voted against the other guy because he is some kind of wuss who isn’t exactly sure he is going to get anything done ever.

    Thus, they voted on issues. Which is what you are supposed to vote for. Not the moral standing or cuteness or speechmaking ability of a candidate. Issues.

    Why is this so hard for commentators to understand? Perhaps because they get paid by the word.

  5. Onebornfree says: • Website

    Yawn. Another article from Unz’s seemingly unending parade of dunderhead commie writers who claim, with all seriousness [because they don’t know any better , presumably] that the likes of Thatcher, Reagan, Friedman and Hayek were capitalists, or that much more recently, the commie in [thin] disguise named Boris Johnson has anything to do with capitalism.

    And so it goes…

    No regards, onebornfree

  6. Current Proggism is an alliance of peoples who reject their own kind.

    Whites who reject their own kind make alliance with non-white immigrants who reject their own nations, peoples, and cultures.

    White progs reject the white race and seek to turn white nations brown.
    And non-whites reject their own nations and flee from their own kind to go live with white people.

  7. Anon[235] • Disclaimer says:

    He [ Jeremy Corbyn] also cares about those billions, in all corners of the Earth, who have been robbed and brutalized by the Western empire (of which the U.K. is, undeniably, an indispensable part).

    The US and EU (UK, France, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands) are MONSTERS. They BOMBED and DESTROYED Libya, then confiscated more than $100 BILIONs Libyan financial assets. They disgust me. As a Canadian, i don’t wnat to do business with the EU and UK anymore. NO FTA, NON INPORTs, NO EXPORTS. They are are liars, manipulators, and WAR CRIMINALS. They haven<t been punished yet by the Hague. They disgust me.

    “Libya’s frozen overseas financial assets are estimated to be of the order of $150 billion, with NATO countries holding more than $100 billion.

    Prior to the war, Libya had no debts. In fact quite the opposite. It was a creditor nation investing in neighboring African countries.

    The R2P military intervention is intended to spearhead the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya into the straightjacket of an indebted developing country, under the surveillance of the Washington based Bretton Woods institutions.

    In a bitter irony, after having stolen Libya’s oil wealth and confiscated its overseas financial assets, the “donor community” has pledged to lend the (stolen) money back to finance Libya’s post-war “reconstruction”.”

    From: War is Good for Business: Rebuilding Libya with Stolen Money

  8. Biff says:

    “If only we would have an opportunity to vote out our damn system!”

    One of the biggest reasons Trump got elected – and the voters are still oblivious to the fact that it is the un-elected that still run the show.

  9. Mr. Corbyn is true Labour.

    Sorry to burst you bubble, but he’s not. True Labour hasn’t existed since before WWII, and it was opposed to immigration, because immigration creates excess labour that employers use to suppress wages and working conditions. To be sure, Corbyn is more Labour-like, but he is not true Labour.

  10. Kali says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Whilst I do largely agree with Victor Serge in the piece you shared, Commentator Mike, (vast swathes of “humanity” really are as described above) I’m somewhat more optomistic in my outlook.

    Victor doesn’t offer any prognosis for the future, but 111 years later people, in my experience, are no longer trapped by the religious and social traditions and attitudes predominant in 1909.

    Sure those traditions do still abound, but we have more freedom to examine and reject them, to question and explore the politics of religion and of politics. Even the great unwashed, the poorly educated, the rejects, the natural-born revolutionaries, have enough freedom and enough access to information, opinions, scholastic endeavours, philosophies, to break free of so-called “social contracts” and societal norms and to explore life on their own terms.

    And it strikes me that, as slow as our collective progress as revolutionaries and free-thinkers may seem, in terms of Ages, we’re actually moving at a fair, and accelerating, pace.

    People now, free of religious dogma yet surrounded by brutal inequities, are asking questions and seeking answers. And finding answers too.

    Would you believe, if I told you I grew up in poverty educated to repeat, that I left school with nothing at all to show for those years of imprisonment of mind and body? No work, no qualifications and no prospects.

    And yet here I am, at 52, almost 100% free of the society which mentally, economically and politically binds so many. And I have hundereds of friends and famy members either out or in the process of finding their way out.

    As I said above, Anarchy is on the ascendant.

    My prognosis: Give it another 50 -100 years or so and either vast swarhes of “humanity” will be living outside of the systems which currently bind, free in mind and body, and providing alternatives for all, or will be at war with the brutal opressors of “the establishment”.

    Winter Solstice has just passed. Now the light returns (unless you’re in the southern hemesphere, in which case, you’re messing up my corny metaphor!).

    Kind whatsits,

  11. Nodwink says:

    Mencken was right: People deserve the government they get, and they deserve to get it good and hard.

    But he was only partially right. Most of those who will suffer didn’t vote Conservative.

    • Replies: @Onebornfree
  12. Corbyn was weak. Frail. Submissive. Politically correct. Neutered. A total cuck.

    Why on Earth would you put any faith whatsoever in him?

    You are blind. Stupidly so.

    It’s obvious why BoJo won. Just as it was obvious that Trump would.

    To not clearly see that? Belies your intellect.

    Stupid elitist. Why do you write such ignorance?

  13. Onebornfree says: • Website

    Nod wink says: “Mencken was right: People deserve the government they get, and they deserve to get it good and hard.”


  14. There is one little nuance which is being constantly overlooked: the U.K. is not really against Labour. Remember Tony Blair, a closet Thatcherite, and a man who served as an advisor to the murderous Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda, responsible for millions of lost lives in the Democratic Republic of Congo? Blair is also a man responsible for hundreds of thousands of the lost human lives in the Middle East. Remember? Well, he was so-called “New Labour”. But that was obviously just fine, as far as the British voters were concerned.

    Tony Blair and Margaret Thatcher are almost as rancid as Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan, but they are only slightly less rancid because the American Empire has taken over most of the duties previously carried out by the British Empire, which croaked 70 years or so ago.

    Thatcher and Reagan and Clinton and Blair used monetary extremism and mass immigration to attack and destroy their own nations.

    Thatcher that rat whore bought and paid for the support of certain generational cohorts in England by giving the British bastards their government apartments and government houses in a one shot deal that highly benefited the bastards getting the newly privatized housing but it grievously harmed the future generations who saw the cost of housing go through the roof.

    Thatcher was pushing mass legal immigration and mass illegal immigration, just like that corrupt dirtbag Ronald Reagan, and Thatcher knew damn well that she was attacking future English generations by putting in motion all manner of policies that would harm the ability of future generations in England to enjoy AFFORDABLE FAMILY FORMATION.

    Any bastard who praises Reagan or Thatcher or Blair or Clinton can go straight to bloody Hell!

    Globalization and financialization and transnationalism and using monetary policy to attack future generations are what Reagan and Thatcher and Clinton and Blair were all about.

    English YouTuber Ed Dutton made my blood boil recently by praising that treasonous Limey tart Margaret Thatcher.



    Sir Edward Dutton — The Jolly Heretic Mutant Expert — has let us down horribly.

    Sir Edward Dutton revealed himself to be a medium level IQ MUTANT who can’t make the connection between that filthy HAG MUTANT GLOBALIZER TART Margaret Thatcher and the high cost of housing in England and Affordable Family Formation and monetary policy and mass legal immigration and mass illegal immigration and genetic mutants attacking the young through inter-generational violence of a disgusting sort.

    Sir Edward Dutton also peaked out and reached the upper limits of his astonishing ability to mimic actual human people and caricatures of certain ethnic and ancestral and genetic groups. Sir Edward’s mimicry of Angela Saini is the best he has ever done and he will never again reach that sublime extremity of melding as one with his mimicry subjects. Ed Dutton is on the downslope and he knows it! How disappointing Sir Edward!

    Back to that nasty globalizer whore tart Margaret Thatcher.

    I was watching Sir Edward Dutton and his overly thin Scottish pal go on and on about their joy that the Labour Party had its tits put through the wringer by the Tories — with the help of the Brexit Party — and then Sir Edward disappointed me terribly when he banged on like a mutant dope about how wonderful it was that one of his blood relations was able to purchase a council house in a council estate — or something similar — due to the machinations of globalizer tart mutant Margaret Thatcher and the Tories and that the value of that abode had boomed in a most extraordinary way, thereby enriching one of medium level IQ Ed Dutton’s blood relations.

    The horror of watching the Scottish dope and the disapponting Ed Dutton reveal themselves to be accomplices to inter-generational violence that hampered AFFORDABLE FAMILY FORMATION made me boil with shock at the antics of Sir Edward Dutton!

    Attention Sir Edward Dutton:

    That damn globalizer tart Margaret Thatcher set in motion a vicious and disgusting attack on the ability of future English people to be able to enjoy AFFORDABLE FAMILY FORMATION and you cheered it on because one of your blood relations of a certain generation was able to buy his council house on the cheap and monetary policy and immigration policy ballooned the frigging Hell out of the value, thereby doing direct and deliberate harm to the younger people who now have to face massive increases in housing costs due to that globalizer tart Thatcher and, in part, your damn blood relation.

    This guy Sir Edward Dutton is a mindless genetic mutant who absolutely adores this dead globalizer tart Margaret Thatcher and her frigging Tory Party and their efforts to crush the young by massively inflating the cost of housing for young English people.

    Sir Edward Dutton:

    You are the damn genetic mutant, you pudgy English turd!

    Just having fun, Sir Edward Dutton, but my point is rather clear to many young people and to this geezer middle aged White Core American.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! Even To That Margaret Thatcher Loving Dope Named Sir Edward Dutton!

  15. Gordo says:
    @Commentator Mike

    If the EU had been for Europeans only maybe they wouldn’t have voted for a Brexit.


  16. Chile and Indonesia are both doing rather well. The rest of this article is just as accurate.

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