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How Can the U.S. Dare Lecture China About the Rights of the Muslims?
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In 2019, I have written a long analysis about “the Uygur issue”; analysis which will be soon published as a book.

For some time, I have been warning the world that the West, and the United States in particular, are helping to radicalize the Uyghurs in Xinjiang Province and outside.

And not only that: I clearly mapped movement of the Uyghur radicals through some countries like Indonesia, towards Turkey, from where they are then injected into brutal war zones like Idlib in Syria. I worked in Idlib area, with the Syrian commanders, and I spoke at length with the Syrian internally displaced people; victims of the Uyghur genocidal attacks.

The majority of Uyghur people are Muslims. They have their own, ancient, specific culture and most of them are, of course, very decent human beings. Northwest China is their home.

The “problem” is that Urumqi, Xinjiang, are located on the main branch of BRI (The Belt and Road Initiative) – an extremely optimistic, internationalist project which is ready to connect billions of people on all continents. The BRI is infrastructural as well as cultural project, which will soon pull hundreds of millions of people out of poverty and under-development.

Washington is horrified that China is taking a lead in building a much brighter future for humanity. It is because, if China succeeds, it could be the end of Western imperialism and neo-colonialism, leading to real freedom and independence for dozens of until now suffering nations.

Therefore, Washington has decided to act, in order to preserve the status quo and its dominance over the world.

Step one: to antagonize, provoke and to smear China by all means, be it over Hong Kong, Taiwan, South China Sea or, above mentioned “Uygur Issue”.

Step two: to try to turn a part of China’s constitutionally-recognized national minority – Uyghurs – into “rebels”, or more precisely, terrorists.

Turkey, a member of NATO, offered the U.S. a helping hand. Uyghurs were flown with their families to Istanbul, with Turkish passports, through hubs in Southeast Asia. Then, their passports were confiscated in Istanbul. Many Uyghurs were recruited, trained, and then transported into war-torn Syria. Smaller group stayed in places like Indonesia, joining jihadi cadres there. When terrorist groups in Syria were almost thoroughly defeated, some Uyghurs were moved to Afghanistan, where I also used to work, and investigated.

Needless to say, Afghanistan has a short but important border with China.

Why all this complex operation? The answer is simple: NATO/Washington/West hope that the hardened, well-trained Uyghur jihadi fighters will eventually return home to Xinjiang. There, they would start to fight for “independence”, and while doing that, they would sabotage the BRI.

This way, China would be injured, and its most powerful global project (BRI) would be disrupted.

The Chinese government is, naturally, alarmed. It is clear that the West has prepared brilliant trap: 1) If China does nothing, it will have to face extremely dangerous terrorist threat on its own territory (remember Soviet Union being dragged into Afghanistan, and mortally injured by Western trained, financed and supported Mujahedeen? West has long history of using Islam for its Machiavellian designs). 2) If China does something to protect itself, it will get attacked by the Western media and politicians. Precisely this is what is happening now.

Everything is ready, prepared.

On 12 September 2019 , South China Morning Post, reported :

US Senate passes Uygur Human Rights Policy Act calling for sanctions on Chinese officials over Xinjiang camps

  • Bill also urges Trump administration to prohibit export of goods and services to state agents in Chinese region where upwards of 1 million Uygurs are being held
  • Beijing describes move as a ‘gross interference in China’s internal affairs’”

Naturally, the so-called rights act to interfere in Xinjiang’s affairs is one great exercise in hypocrisy and intimidation.

Let us not forget that the United States is treating Muslim people with absolute spite. It even bans them from entering the country, if they happened to live in certain nations. It arbitrarily bombs them in Pakistan, Afghanistan and elsewhere, worrying nothing about the loss of civilian lives. It tortures Muslims, and it humiliates them at home and even in their own countries.

And frankly: by trying to trigger the Uyghur insurgency in China, Washington is clearly doing a great harm to the Uyghurs themselves, and actually to all people of Northwest China. It is not just wrong; the United States is committing crime against humanity.


China is a multi-national, multi-cultural country. The Muslim culture is part of PRC’s identity. I suggest anyone who doubts that, to travel to Xi’an, one of three ancient capital cities of China.

Xi’an is where the old great Silk Road originated (ancient BRI, one could argue). Until now it is proud of its tremendous Muslim monuments, as well as of wonderful Muslim food and music. Every year, tens of millions of Chinese visitors travel to Xi’an, to understand its legacy, and enjoy its culture. The city is loved and appreciated, mainly because of its vibrant Muslim identity.

It is thorough nonsense that China is ‘anti-Muslim’. Both China (and Russia) are much more tolerant towards Islam than the West. Historically, and currently.

The same nonsense is to claim that China is building “concentration camps” in Xinjiang.

China’s position is clear: what the West describes as camps, are “vocational training centers” where “trainees” can learn Chinese and gain job skills to stop them becoming victims of “terrorism and religious extremism”. A group of Muslim Indonesian leaders, which gained access to these so-called ‘camps’ in Xinjiang, recently told my colleague, that people who spend some time in these institutions can actually sleep at home, at night.

Hardly a Guantanamo Bay, frankly speaking.

The self-proclaimed “judge”- the United States – has hundreds of high-security prisons, scattered all over the country. It is well known fact that throwing often innocent people to jail is big (privatized) business there, already for long decades. Millions of people are locked in for nothing. How can a country with one of the greatest number of prisoners on earth (on per capita bases) dare to preach anyone about justice? It is actually a great mystery.


What is the true purpose of such acts?

The answer is easy to define: It is that the determined unwillingness of the U.S. to share influence on the world, with other, much more humanistic countries, such as China; it is its unwillingness to compete, on the basis of great ideas and goodwill.

The more nihilist the U.S. foreign policy becomes, the more it accuses others of ‘murder’.

The way things function is simple: Washington creates some terrible conflict, somewhere. When the victim-country tries to resolve the conflict, and so-to speak ‘extinguish fire’, it is accused of ‘violating rights’ and gets slammed by sanctions.

All this has to stop, at some point, soon. This policy of Washington turns millions of human lives into agony.


[First, in shorter version, published by the China Daily]


Andre Vltchek is a philosopher, novelist, filmmaker and investigative journalist. He has covered wars and conflicts in dozens of countries. Five of his latest books are “China Belt and Road Initiative: Connecting Countries, Saving Millions of Lives”, “China with John B. Cobb, Jr., Revolutionary Optimism, Western Nihilism, a revolutionary novel “Aurora” and a bestselling work of political non-fiction: “Exposing Lies Of The Empire”. View his other books here. Watch Rwanda Gambit, his groundbreaking documentary about Rwanda and DRCongo and his film/dialogue with Noam Chomsky “On Western Terrorism”. Vltchek presently resides in East Asia and the Middle East, and continues to work around the world. He can be reached through his website and his Twitter. His Patreon

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  1. Biff says:

    The way things function is simple: Washington creates some terrible conflict, somewhere. When the victim-country tries to resolve the conflict, and so-to speak ‘extinguish fire’, it is accused of ‘violating rights’ and gets slammed by sanctions.

    This should be obvious to everyone by now, but the propaganda machine is still quite effective. The only way out is dropping the paper dollar and going crypto.

  2. A123 says:

    There is a huge difference between Han Islam (a.k.a Hanslam) and Arab Islam.

    To be an approved Mullah, Imam, or other leader in Hanslam one must be approved by the state. Near 100% of Hanslam, state-approved leaders are Han Chinese. The lessons of Hanslam from Han Chinese leaders conform to the will of the Central Party and affirm the primacy of the Han over all others. Thus you never hear of Hanslam terrorism against Han Chinese, because that would not serve purpose of the Party that created & controls Hanslam.

    Non-Han Muslims such as the Uyighurs in Xinjiang Province are entirely different. They resist Han Chinese / Central Party rule. Honest reporting shows that like other non-native Muslim populations, the consequences of allowing Uyighar occupation of Chinese land is violence, terror, and death.

    One has to salute China for setting a good example. The fact that China is willing to be harsher than Israel with its Arab/Turk Muslims is a good sign for the long-term stability of China.

    Alas, the divided party structures of the EU and U.S. Do not allow for the equivalent of a single party controlled replacement ‘faith’. This part of the China model cannot be replicated.

    Single sex camps keep the reproduction rate less than the replacement rate, and this mechanism can be replicated. Eventually the EU will catch up to Chinese values and begin placing its Muslims into single sex re-education camps. One can only hope that that they start soon and show Chinese levels of commitment to their decontamination project. It is almost too late for Europe.

    PEACE 😇

  3. Lin says:

    The American accusation is just a naked attempt to maintain its global hegemony. The yanks see size(be it military, economics, tech…) as enemy; that include former USSR, japan in the 80s&90s(even though the latter is under US occupation) china.
    I know little about Russian islam, but I notice some russian notables were of muslim background like Rudolf Nureyev and Rachmaninov(Russian version of Rahman). It means they’ve done their efforts of assimulation.
    Let me re-post(as a part-time dietary muslim;I avoid pork&alcohol..)
    Religions always mesh with tribal/racial/nationalistic interests; Judaism(The chosen people), Hinduism(Brahmins on top) and (sunni)Islam are prime examples:
    –The person who has the final say on the fate of mankind is an arab
    –Most of the do’s and don’ts in islam were originally arab cultural customs,like polygamy, burqa..
    –Arab is the official language of Jannah/paradise. Allah speaks Arabic according to some mullahs.
    –Sunni Islam,geopolitically, is obviously a vehicle of arab power and when that vehicle was once hijacked by the Ottoman Turks, the very religious Salafi Saudis allied with the infidel anglos&french to fight against the Ottoman muslims. In present day Saudi arabia, islam has even become the embodiment of the power and wealth of the House of Saud.
    ** Being said, they can’t be blamed for the above because that’s how religions work
    Many arabs claim petroleum is Allah’s gift to them but Allah might gift other new forms of energy to the Kufirs; and can one name a truly economically/technologically powerful muslim country?
    For the long term propects of islam, some said islam needs reform while some said it doesn’t. That illustrate what muslims define their religion to be. ‘Reformed Islam’ might lose much of it’s Arabic cultural colors and become just a branch of ‘judeo-christianity’.

  4. d dan says:

    Go to youtube and search “安妮古麗” for a series of short beautiful videos about Xinjiang introduced through the eyes of a Uighurs girl, like some below (hint: Xinjiang is not a “police state” like what most westerners thought)

  5. The fact of the matter is Xinjiang is not Chinese land, it is Uyghur land and is part of Central Asia. Uyghurs are closely related people to Uzbeks and Kazakhs, etc.

    The irony is Communists like the author of this article are normally extremely against imperialism of the sort that China is engaged in in the Uyghurs’ homeland, yet seem to make an exception for the Chinese and presumably other non-whites. Only “white man” bad in their view.

    • Disagree: Blinky Bill, Mitleser
    • Replies: @d dan
  6. d dan says:
    @Europe Europa

    “The fact of the matter is Xinjiang is not Chinese land, it is Uyghur land and is part of Central Asia.”

    Sorry, you don’t decide. Further, you don’t seem to know that Han Chinese has been ruling Xinjiang much longer than Uighur has been there.

    “… imperialism of the sort that China is engaged in in the Uyghurs’ homeland…”

    Yes, the “sort” of things that try to detoxify multiple CIA infiltration and disinformation, de-radicalize terrorism, stabilize the region and promoting trade, economic development and cultural exchange. These, of course, are Chinese sort of “imperialism”, as “bad” as US and European countries bombing in Middle East and elsewhere, according to your view.

  7. What has humanism to do with Muslims?
    They can’t even fit under the simplest humanistic declaration of human rights.

    • Replies: @Barr
  8. Barr says:

    We have it here in US. Have you been to the jail recently ? Solitary confinement for possessing weed ne of many places where US’s humanism flourish splendidly .

  9. Barr says:

    India has been quite active under the radar in inciting Uighur against China.

  10. What a bullshit article. And I have no dog in this fight!

    • Replies: @nymom
  11. nymom says:

    I think sometimes the US functions as a ‘higher power’ myth for many people. For some reason it gives them comfort to think that everything that happens in the world, good, bad or indifferent is controlled by this ‘higher power’ and all that needs to happen to effect change is to appeal to this ‘higher power’ to cease and desist and everything will be fine.

    The real truth is things are much more complicated than that in the real world and the US has little or no control over most of it.

    Sorry to disappoint.

    • Replies: @d dan
  12. d dan says:

    “‘higher power’ myth”

    It is not a myth that US sponsors terrorism in many countries, including Xinjiang. It is not a myth that CIA sponsors many revolutions, including Tibet. It is not a myth that many NGOs like NED sponsors anti-government protests, including Hong Kong.

    It is not a myth that US has been involving in wars in over 220 years out of its over 240 years of existence. It is not a myth that in a single year, e.g. 2016 when a Nobel “Peace” Prize President was in office, or in 2017 when an “anti-war” President is in office, US had bombed 7 countries in a single year.

    It is also not a myth that US sought regime changes in over 100 countries (including democratic ones and alliances)….. And on and on.

    Sorry to disappoint.

    Yes, hiding your head in the sand is the most comforting position. You won’t be disappointed.

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