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Evo Overthrown, But Bolivian Socialism Will be Victorious!
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Huge public housing projects in El Alto

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They pledged to do it, and they did – Bolivian feudal lords, mass media magnates and other treasonous “elites” – they overthrew the government, broke hope and interrupted an extremely successful socialist process in what was once one of the poorest countries in South America.

One day, they will be cursed by their own nation. One day they will stand trial for sedition. One day, they will have to reveal who trained them, who employed them, who turned them into spineless beasts. One day! Hopefully soon.

But now, Evo Morales, legitimate President of Bolivia, elected again and again by his people, is leaving his beloved country. He is crossing the Andes, flying far, to fraternal Mexico, which extended her beautiful hand, and offered him political asylum.

This is now. The striking streets of La Paz are covered by smoke, full of soldiers, stained with blood. People are disappearing. They are being detained, beaten, and tortured. Photos of indigenous men and women, kneeling, facing walls, hands tied behind their backs, are beginning to circulate on social media.

El Alto, until recently a place of hope, with its playgrounds for children and elegant cable cars connecting the once dirt-poor communities, is now beginning to lose its native sons and daughters. Battles are raging. People are charging against the oppressors, carrying flags, dying.

A civil war, or more precisely, a war for the survival of socialism, a war against imperialism, for social justice, for indigenous people. A war against racism. A war for Bolivia, for its tremendous pre-colonial culture, for life; life as it is being perceived in the Andes, or deep in the South American rainforest, not as it is seen in Paris, Washington or Madrid.


The legacy of Evo Morales is tangible, and simple to understand.

During almost 14 years in power, all the social indicators of Bolivia went sky-high. Millions were pulled out of poverty. Millions have been benefiting from free medical care, free education, subsidized housing, improved infrastructure, a relatively high minimum wage, but also, from pride that was given back to the indigenous population, which forms the majority in this historically feudal country governed by corrupt, ruthless ‘elites’ – descendants of Spanish conquistadors and European ‘gold-diggers’.

Evo Morales made the Aymara and Quechua languages official, on par with Spanish. He made people who communicate in these languages, equal to those who use the tongue of the conquerors. He elevated the great indigenous culture high, to where it belongs – making it the symbol of Bolivia, and of the entire region.

Gone was the Christian cross-kissing (look at the crosses reappearing again, all around the oh so European-looking Jeanine Añez who has grabbed power, ‘temporarily’ but still thoroughly illegally). Instead, Evo used to travel, at least once a year, to Tiwanaku, “the capital of the powerful pre-Hispanic empire that dominated a large area of the southern Andes and beyond, reached its apogee between 500 and 900 AD”, according to UNESCO. That is where he used to search for spiritual peace. That is where his identity came from.

Gone was the veneration of the Western colonialist and imperialist culture, of savage capitalism.

This was a new world, with ancient, deep roots. This is where South America has been regrouping. Here, and in Correa’s Ecuador, before Correa and his beliefs were purged and ousted by the treacherous Moreno.

And what is more: before the coup, Bolivia was not suffering from economic downfall; it was doing well, extremely well. It was growing, stable, reliable, confident.

Even the owners of big Bolivian companies, if they were to care one bit for Bolivia and its people, had countless reasons to rejoice.


But the Bolivian business community, as in so many other Latin American countries, is obsessed with the one and only ‘indicator’: “how much higher, how much above the average citizens it can get”. This is the old mentality of the colonialists; a feudal, fascist mentality.

Years ago, I was invited, in La Paz, for dinner by an old family of senators and mass media owners. With no shame, no fear, openly, they spoke, despite knowing who I was:

We will get rid of this Indigenous bastard. Who does he think he is? If we lose millions of dollars in the process, as we did in 1973 Chile and now in Venezuela, we will still do it. Restoring our order is the priority.”

There is absolutely no way to reason with these people. They cannot be appeased, only crushed; defeated. In Venezuela, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador or in Bolivia. They are like rats, like disease, proverbial symbols of fascism as in the novel The Plague, written by Albert Camus. They can hide, but they never fully disappear. They are always ready to invade, with zero notice, some happy city.

They are always ready to join forces with the West, because their roots are in the West. They think precisely like the European conquerors, like North American imperialists. They have double nationalities and homes scattered all over the world. Latin America for them is just a place to live, and to plunder natural resources, exploit labor. They rob here, and spend money elsewhere; educate their children elsewhere, get their surgeries done (plastic and real) elsewhere. They go to opera houses in Paris but never mingle with indigenous people at home. Even if, by some miracle, they join the Left, it is the Western, anarcho-syndicalist Left of North America and Europe, never the real, anti-imperialist, revolutionary Left of non-European countries.

They don’t need the success of the nation. They don’t want a great, prosperous Bolivia; Bolivia for all of its citizens.

They only want prosperous corporations. They want money, profit; for themselves, for their families and clans, for their bandit group of people. They want to be revered, considered ‘exceptional’, superior. They cannot live without that gap – the great gap between them and those ‘dirty Indians’, as they call the indigenous people, when no one hears them!


And that is why, Bolivia should fight, defend itself, as it is beginning to do so right now.

If this, what is happening to Evo and his government, is “the end”, then Bolivia will be set back by decades. Entire generations will again rot alive, in desperation, in rural shacks made of clay, without water and electricity, and without hope.


The ‘elites’ are now talking about ‘peace’, peace for whom? For them! Peace, as it was before Evo; ‘peace’ so the rich can play golf and fly for shopping to their beloved Miami and Madrid, while 90% of the population was getting kicked, humiliated, insulted. I remember that ‘peace’. The Bolivian people remember it even better.

I covered the civil war in neighboring Peru, for several years, in the 90’s, and I often crossed over into Bolivia. I wrote an entire novel about it – “Point of No Return”. It was an absolute horror. I could not even take my local photographers to a concert or for a cup of coffee in a decent place, because they were cholos, indigenous. Nobodies in their own countries. It was apartheid. And if socialism does not return, it will be apartheid once again.

Last time I went to Bolivia, few months ago, it was totally different country. Free, confident. Stunning.

Remembering what I saw in Bolivia and Peru, quarter of a century ago, I declare, clearly and decisively: “To hell with such ‘peace’, proposed by elites’”!


None of this is, of course, mentioned in Western mass media outlets. I am monitoring them, from the New York Times to Reuters. In the US, UK, even France. Their eyes are shining. They cannot hide their excitement; euphoria.

The same NYT celebrated the massacres during the 1965-66 US-orchestrated military coup in Indonesia, or on 9-11-1973 in Chile.

Now Bolivia, predictably. Big smiles all over the West. Again, and again, ‘the findings’ of the OAS (Organization of American States) are being quoted as if they were facts; ‘the findings’ of an organization which is fully subservient to Western interests, particularly those of Washington.

It is as if by saying: “We have proof that a coup did not take place, because those who had organized the coup say that it actually did not happen.”


In Paris, on the 10th November, in the middle of the Place de la Republique, a huge crowd of treasonous Bolivians gathered, demanding the resignation of Evo. I filmed and photographed these people. I wanted to have this footage in my possession, for posterity.

They live in France, and their allegiances are towards the West. Some are even of European stock, although others are indigenous.

There are millions of Cubans, Venezuelans, Brazilians, living in the US and Europe, working tirelessly for the destruction of their former motherlands. They do it in order to please their new masters, to make profit, as well as various other reasons.

It is not peace. This is terrible, brutal war, which has already taken millions of lives, in Latin America alone.

This continent has the most unequally distributed wealth on earth. Hundreds of millions are living in misery. While others, sons and daughters or Bolivian feudal scum, are attending Sorbonne and Cambridge, to get intellectually conditioned, in order to serve the West.

Each time, and I repeat each time, a decent, honest government is voted in, democratically, by the people, each time there is someone who has invented a brilliant solution and solid plan to improve this dire situation, the clock begins ticking. The years, (sometimes even months) of the leader are numbered. He or she will either be killed, or ousted, or humiliated and forced out of power.

The country then goes back to, literally, shit, as has happened just recently to Ecuador (under Moreno), Argentina (under Macri) and Brazil (under Bolsonaro). The brutal status quo is preserved. The lives of tens of millions are ruined. “Peace” returns. For the Western regime and its lackeys.

Then, as a raped country screams in pain, countless international NGO’s, UN agencies and funding organizations, descend upon it, suddenly determined to ‘help refugees’, to keep children in classrooms, to ‘empower women’, or to fight malnutrition and hunger.

None of this would be needed, if the elected governments which are serving their people were to be left alone; left in real peace!

All this sick, pathetic hypocrisy is never discussed, publicly, by the mass media. All this Western terrorism unleashed against progressive Latin American countries (and dozens of other countries, all over the world), is hushed up.

Enough is enough!

Latin America is, once again, waking up. The people are outraged. The coup in Bolivia will be resisted. Macri’s regime has fallen. Mexico is marching in a cautiously socialist direction. Chile wants its socialist country back; a country which was crushed by military boots in 1973.

In the name of the people, in the name of the great indigenous culture, and in the name of the entire continent, Bolivian citizens are now resisting, struggling, confronting the fascist, pro-Western forces.

Revolutionary language is once again being used. It may be out of fashion in Paris or London, but not in South America. And that is what matters – here!

Evo did not lose. He won. His country has won. Under his leadership, it became a wonderful country; a country full of hope, a country that offered great prospects to hundreds of millions all over La Patria Grande. Everyone south of the Rio Grande knows it. Marvelous Mexico, which has given him asylum, knows it, too.

Evo has won. And then, he was forced out by the treasonous military, by treasonous business thugs, feudal land owners, and by Washington. Evo and his family and comrades have been brutalized by that extreme right-wing paramilitary leader – Luis Fernando Camacho – who is calling himself a Christian; brutalized by him and by his men and women.

Bolivia will fight. It will bring back its legitimate President where he belongs; to the Presidential Palace.

The plane which is taking Evo to Mexico, north, is actually taking him home, back to Bolivia. It is a big, big detour. Thousands of kilometers, and months, perhaps even years… But from the moment the airplane took off, the tremendous, epic journey back to La Paz began.

The people of Bolivia will never abandon their President. And Evo is, forever, tied to his People. And Long Live Bolivia, Damn It!


[First Published by 21 Century Wire]


Andre Vltchek is a philosopher, novelist, filmmaker and investigative journalist. He has covered wars and conflicts in dozens of countries. Four of his latest books are China and Ecological Civilization with John B. Cobb, Jr., Revolutionary Optimism, Western Nihilism, a revolutionary novel “Aurora” and a bestselling work of political non-fiction: “Exposing Lies Of The Empire”. View his other books here. Watch Rwanda Gambit, his groundbreaking documentary about Rwanda and DRCongo and his film/dialogue with Noam Chomsky “On Western Terrorism”. Vltchek presently resides in East Asia and the Middle East, and continues to work around the world. He can be reached through his website and his Twitter. His Patreon

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  1. Powerful take: “Evo did not lose. He won.”

    Following the wisdom of American Hyberborea’s great master of disguise; When you are removed from power by your enemies, you win.

    • Replies: @getaclue
  2. G. Poulin says:

    Ho-hum. We’ve heard all this shit before, word for word, about every alleged socialist paradise ever concocted by the fevered imagination of the progressives. Somehow the paradise never turns out to be quite so wonderful as advertised. You people need to learn some new tricks. You’re boring the hell out of me.

    • Agree: Rich
    • Disagree: the grand wazoo
  3. You bastards are probably in favor of the coup-thugs. In favor of military takeovers. In favor of evil right-wing dictators. In favor of mass executions. And against just plain old making things better for regular people, which is what Morales did, and if you say he didn’t you are a fucking lying asshole.

    • Agree: J. Gutierrez
  4. Socialism or not, Bolivia has poor human capital.

    It all comes down to race and culture.

  5. Add Evo to the short list right of good men who put nation and people first.

    • Replies: @Rich
  6. melpol says:

    Millions of entrepreneurial natives of Bolivia will be given free shovels to dig out Lithium deposits and be paid by the excavated pound. Lithium deep in the ground is available to all hard working Bolivians. Dig we must for Democracy will be the National motto.

  7. So basically this is analogous to the South African situation where people of European descent have been the ruling class for centuries but who have always been a minority population, and who clash with the indigenous people of the continent, who are the majority population, and who want to throw the European people out.

    Doesn’t seem like socialism is really the issue. Any excuse will do.

  8. All you braindead Jew obsessed morons should know that Morales was one of the few in the world who recognized and loved Palestinians, and stood up to Israeli terrorism. Along with Maduro and Ortega who are on the CIA regime change list. Funny that so many here despise Jews and also hate anyone who actually stands up to them. Congratulations, your CIA programming is complete.

    These same idiots will tell you muh free market capitalism is going to make Bolivia great again! Just like Honduras that was over thrown by the CIA in 09 and is now a failed state, narco-dictatorship murder hellhole, with caravans of people now fleeing to our border. The Presidents brother just convicted in US for gun and drug trafficking. This is their model for Bolivia. Our drug epidemic here in America will be made worse, more refugees, as usual. This is what the CIA and Wall St fascists do folks, old playbook. Win-Win for them. A big LOSE for everyone else.

    No question of who did it, the usual suspects CIA, Zionists, Nazis, Fascists, Capitalists, Mafia, Cartels, all the same people. I’m sure the European and Canadian gangsters had a role as well. The Cocaine Coup and Operation Condor 2.0.

    Under Evo Morales, poverty in Bolivia was cut in half. Has 2nd smallest foreign debt in Latin America. Has also lead Latin America in economic growth, not an easy thing to do for a landlocked country. Also guaranteed healthcare for all its citizens, something even the capitalist shithole 3rd world country of America cannot do, but muh freeduhm and libertah!
    National extreme poverty declined from 37.7% in 2007 to 17.3% in 2014.
    Rural extreme poverty from 63.9% to 36.1%.
    Urban unemployment fell from 8.5% to 2.3% under Evo’s leftist govt.

    But don’t lets facts get in the way of the fake ass CIA talking points you all love to parrot so much!

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
    , @J. Gutierrez
  9. Dumbo says:

    I know very little about the politics of Evo but he’s an indigenous dude in a country that is mostly indigenous, so at least from this angle it seemed to make sense. The problem of Bolivia, of course, is that it’s full of Bolivians, so there’s not too much to work with. Also they don’t have oil like Venezuela, and they don’t even have a coast. So it’s a kind of a poor, humble place. Not as hopeless as Haiti, but calling it a “wonderful country” seems a bit of an exaggeration.

    I’ve heard that lots of Bolivians migrate to Argentina where they live in the slums.

    On the other hand, until the recent troubles we hadn’t heard much internationally about Bolivia and he had been in power for a while, so perhaps he was doing something right (usually in those cases, no news are good news).

    Anyway, this author is not one of the more subtle columnists at Unz. Did he write for Pravda before, or what?

  10. Rahan says:

    Glorious People’s Article style aside,
    It’s difficult to disagree. American stewardship of South American countries has a pretty abysmal record. The only countries in the world that thrived after US intervention, are the ones that already had the civilizational capacity for this: Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea.
    The ones that actually need to develop a civilizational capacity from zero, in order to thrive–there US influence seems far from benign.
    Good at redirecting pre-existing civilization, bad at building it up from scratch.
    It really is high time for the US to get its back yard in order, in the sense of making it at least as functionally normal as the ASEAN countries, with some–like Argentina–with the potential of being Eastern Europe.
    But first–kill the deep state, otherwise nothing good will come out of anything.

    • Replies: @J. Gutierrez
  11. tygertgr says:
    @G. Poulin

    I used to always assume “the western narrative” was a pack of lies, but every time I tried to dig into these “the CIA overthrew such-and-such” stories I come up empty. Exactly who did what where and when? It’s always innuendo. My whole life I repeatedly heard the CIA overthrew Mosaddegh. When I tried to seriously read about it I find the USG provided some printing presses and splashed around fairly small amounts of cash. I’m like, that’s it? This is the “overthrow”? Similar deal with the claimed Allende coupe. It was essentially domestic with effectively irrelevant USG involvement.

    When you press for the specifics on these alleged USG coups nobody ever has the specifics. It’s always a hand-wave and a claim the CIA did it. Well, we now know the CIA is full of complete morons who never got anything right for the duration of the cold war. Why would you think they could

  12. TheJester says:

    Hitler won then?

    Hitler did win! The Europian Union, as it developed, is almost a perfect match for what Hitler envisioned for a post-war Western Europe … with the assumption, of course, that Germany won WWII in the European theater and established itself as the dominant European country.

    The EU is the “Fourth Reich”. The Euro is a redesigned “Deutschmark”. The European Central Bank is controlled by Germany.

    A clear example of Germany’s dominant power in the EU is Frau Merkel unilaterally suspending the Schengen Agreement over EU borders in 2015 by inviting waves of alien immigrants into the EU, including crossing the borders of other member countries en route to asylum in Northern Europe … or, stopping short and implanting themselves in the countries they were crossing. Please note: Frau Merkel is not an EU official.

    Another example includes Germany forcing austerity measures on the PIGS (Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain) as the only approved response to their economic depressions.

    The latest example of thuggery on the part of Germany is forcing its candidates into senior positions in the EU bureaucracy (i.e. Jean-Claude Juncker being replaced as the President of the European Commission by the failed German Defense Minister and Merkel ally, Ursula von der Leyen). This ensures Germany’s continued control over the EU, its policies, and its regulatory structure.

    Comment by Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage: “It’s a classic Franco-German stitch-up. The French and Germans have got all the top [EU] jobs with one lobbed in for Belgium, so nothing really changes. The south of Europe has been completely shut out of everything.”

    P.S. Merkel and Macron were in a contest for the top jobs in the 28-state European Union. Germany won! France got “second fiddle” with Christine Lagarde as head of the European Central Bank.

    • Agree: Crawfurdmuir
    • Replies: @Crawfurdmuir
    , @Pat Kittle
  13. @G. Poulin

    You’re one of them. In favor of thugs. Against helping regular people, which is what Morales did, it is proven beyond a doubt, and he would have gone further, helping people much more, had he not been stymied by the US. You are the enemy. You like watching people get a boot in the face. You are on the side of the boot. Rot in hell.

  14. @redmudhooch

    You are so right the assholes are speechless in the face of your relentless truth.

    • LOL: Twodees Partain
  15. @tygertgr

    Idiot. Or else troll. You don’t have to be smart to kill or bribe people or both.

    • Replies: @silviosilver
  16. Zimriel says:

    “You bastards are probably in favor of the coup-thugs.”

    Which thugs? This is Latin America. The best the US can hope for is a thug who serves the American interest.

    It’s that or the Chinese interest. When Americans pretend to be supporting independent thuggery over there, it is always – ALWAYS – a cover for an anti American agenda supported from abroad. From Communist Moscow in the old days; from Emperor Xi in ours.

    I suppose Unz gotta pay the bills like the rest of us, and fifth-dimensional genius Vytzlplk here should be commended for delivering his anti American screeds in our own language. None of this means we readers need to take him seriously.

    • Replies: @peterAUS
  17. Dumbo says:

    The only countries in the world that thrived after US intervention, are the ones that already had the civilizational capacity for this: Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea

    Economy has improved there, but all these countries have a low morale and even lower fertility rate. Germany, South Korea and Japan especially don’t have much independence from USA/ZOG.

  18. peterAUS says:

    I suppose Unz gotta pay the bills like the rest of us, and fifth-dimensional genius Vytzlplk here should be commended for delivering his anti American screeds in our own language.


    None of this means we readers need to take him seriously.

    Except, maybe, taking a peek, every now and then, at a “progressive” modes of..ahm…thinking…and feeling.

  19. Yee says:


    “Also they don’t have oil like Venezuela, and they don’t even have a coast. So it’s a kind of a poor, humble place. ”

    Actually, Bolivia is one of the most resource-rich countries in the world… They have abundant of various mineral reserves, the world’s largest for lithium, 2nd largest for stibium, 25% of the world’s tin, iron is only second to Brazil. They have oil, and very large reserve of natural gas, they also have gold, silver, and many more other stuff. Further more, half of their country is coverd by forest.

    This is exactly the kind of un-develop country that can’t be allowed to go socialism by the rich of the West… No, natural resources must be privatized, not nationalized…

    Bolivia’s major problem is that it’s not political stable. All Latin American countries are political unstable, for a reason. Monroe Doctrine might shed some light for you.

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
  20. @TheJester

    Europian Union, as it developed, is almost a perfect match for what Hitler envisioned for a post-war Western Europe … with the assumption, of course, that Germany won WWII in the European theater and established itself as the dominant European country.

    Actually the vision was much earlier – the EU is pretty much Theobald von Bethmann Hollweg’s September Programme of 1914, with a few cosmetic changes to make it conformable to modern politically-correct notions.

  21. Rich says:
    @the grand wazoo

    What is this Evo’s net worth since he took over Bolivia? How much money did his family members and associates steal? Do you really believe a “good” man is ever elected to high office? Are you an idealist, or nine years old? Evo and his gang fed off the accomplishments of the Spaniards who built Bolivia, they built nothing, only fed off the corpse and would have led the country into starvation once they’d stripped the meat from the bone.

    • Replies: @nymom
    , @Showmethereal
  22. Hibernian says:

    Vltchek – Polish or Czech? What do you think of what marxism did to the land of your forbears/ (I am 25% Polish.)

  23. Smith says:

    Will Andre book a flight to Bolivia?

    He can witness and support the protesters there, same for Chile.

    He will see the exact protesting tactics that are used by the HK protesters that he badmouthed last month.

  24. @obwandiyag

    I don’t imagine Bolivians would be too keen to share their country with negroids. If so, good on them.

  25. My question is why while in power didn’t Mr. Morales either neuter or co-opt the country’s military? How can you allow this nest of traitors to continue to exist? You know sooner or later they will be used by the elite to overthrow the elected leaders.

    Also this is another example of why citizens must have the right to bear arms. Mr. Morales should have armed the indigenous population. That would have made the elite think twice about supporting a coup.

  26. nymom says:

    Well I guess that’s the irony of Democracy. Sometimes you have to let the people’s elected leaders drive the country into complete degradation before a new leader can be elected. If you short-circuit the process, it just doesn’t work out and everyone winds up hating you even more for trying to save the country before it hits rock bottom.

    South Africa is a good example of this. The electric grid will have to totally fail, every water source be completed polluted, no food produced and people starving, cholera and ebola ravishing the population and ONLY THEN can a new government be re-elected…


    Sadly, it’s just the way it is…

  27. @Yee

    “Bolivia’s major problem is that it’s not political stable. All Latin American countries are political unstable”

    You mean in the way that fat people are physical unfit?

  28. @TheJester

    Hitler won then?

    If Hitler won…
    — Europe would not be controlled by avaricious genocidal anti-White Jew supremacists.
    — Europe would not be destroyed by endless millions of over-breeding criminally-inclined alien invaders.
    — Merely questioning European history (“Holocau$t denial”) would not put Europeans in a European prison.
    — White people would not be indoctrinated with primordial guilt.

    Clearly Hitler did not win. You know (((who))) did win.

  29. @G. Poulin

    There is no such thing as a socialist paradise… But the reality is undef Evo – Bolivia improved in just zbout any human development measure. So if the claims are that the elections were rigged – the Bolivian people suddenly turned dumb and wanted to vote for the opposition when their lives were improving so much??? Or did the companies who “lost” when he ordered them to stop letting the nations resources be reaped with no benefit to the people – conspire to get him out with a coup??? I dont gamble – but my money would be on the latter scenario

  30. @Rich

    What did the Spaniards do for Bolivia??? The same the Brits did with their sugar colonies… Extract extract extract… Then give “freedom” when it makes no economic sense to keep the colony.. Leaving it in the hands of a purposely undereducated population – set up for failure to say “see we told you”.

    • Replies: @Rich
  31. @tygertgr

    Plenty of declassified docs on CIA intervention in the Americas. Then dissidents who participated – exposed some like Agee– and also the book “Diary of an Economic Hitman” . the CIA fails more than it wins.. But it tries. That is basically wha5s its budget is for.

  32. Rich says:

    What did the Spanish give the natives who lived in what the Spanish colonialists decided to call the nation of Bolivia? Let’s see, medicine, roads, schools, modern farming methods, electricity, air conditioning, automobiles, in fact, all the conveniences of the modern world. And their language. Other than that, not much I guess…

    • Agree: Marshall Lentini
  33. @Rich

    The Spainards gave Bolivia “medicine, roads, schools, modern farming methods, electricity, air conditioning, automobiles” before Bolivia became independent in 1809?

    • Agree: Showmethereal
    • Replies: @Rich
    , @J. Gutierrez
  34. Rich says:

    By “Spaniard”, I’m referring to those with mostly Spanish blood. Whites, if you will. Those of European heritage. Descendants of that first Caucasian man, the guy who stood up straight somewhere in the North, then set out to conquer and civilize the world. You know who I mean.

  35. Hegar says:

    Why is this tripe in Next up, copying DSA propaganda about the beautiful, SUCCESSFUL socialist California.

    “But now, Evo Morales, legitimate President of Bolivia, elected again and again by his people, is leaving his beloved country. He is crossing the Andes, flying far, to fraternal Mexico, which extended her beautiful hand, and offered him political asylum.”

    Mexico’s beautiful hand! Hilarious! A failed narco state flooding the U.S. with its impoverished, criminal population. Beautiful!

    Just propaganda language. “Elected again and again” is not sticking to reality but trying to make reality a propaganda poem. But that “elected again and again” is the problem, isn’t it? Socialist Vltchek of course doesn’t care about laws, but it is illegal in Bolivia to run for president a third time – precisely to keep corrupt criminals out of power. Those who use state coffers, other people’s money, to bribe the voters. Those who make as many as possible dependent on government handouts by impoverishing normal society with taxes, so you need the handouts. And then thank the socialist “giver” for it.

    A referendum put a stop to Evo Immorales plan to be president for life. But he simply had the kritarchy overturn the referendum, so he could run again. With more bribes, with government control over much of the media, and the schools and universities – yes, he could count on being re-elected “again and again”.

    When will Vltchek write about the economic success of Pinochet’s Chile?

    The socialist Allende took power by exploiting the defective electoral system, where there was no second round in the presidential election if someone didn’t get enough votes the first time. The majority of the Chilean people were conservatives, but their votes were split between two candidates, allowing Allende to claim “victory”. He proceeded to stealing private property to enrich himself and his cronies, and use the money to bribe voters for future elections.

    When middle-class Chileans protested in the streets, they were attacked by communist gangs. Usually Indians and Blacks. When the police put the political terrorists in jail Allende simply let them out right away – illegally. He had no right to do so. This was a serious crime.

    Chilean communists were training in Cuba, and they received Cuban advisers, guns and explosives to take over Chile. They fomented riots, they beat up shopkeepers and looted their stores, and attacked conservative protests and meetings. This is standard procecure before a communist takeover, like in Hungary when *Bela Kun took control, in Russia when the *Bolshevik leaders took over, and it is what they tried to do in Spain.

    Knowledge about the imports of arms were known in the highest echelons of the government. Possibly Allende himself knew. But he did nothing. Except going to Cuba to watch a parade together with mass murderer Castro, who killed a larger percentage of Cubans than Stalin killed Russians. Castro gave him a Soviet AK 47 which he cherished.

    Finally the Senate and Supreme Court officially asked Pinochet to remove the criminal president and restore order. Pinochet did so. He also promised to return democracy once the communist cells and network in institutions had been uprooted, and he did so as well.

    Allende, for his part, committed suicide with his beloved Soviet AK 47.

    Pinochet invited a Nobel Prize winner in economics to restore the Chilean economy, and the country flowered. The people loved Pinochet. This is something we are never told when Hollywood writes its hateful propaganda.

    When Pinochet died the communist Indians once again rioted and vandalized the cities. The media showed this as “the people” being angry. They were angry that they didn’t get a chance to torture and kill Pinochet, who had deprived them of their communist takeover, where they could have raped and murdered Whites and taken everything they had.

    The media didn’t tell us that at the time of Pinochet’s death, long after he had left office, the majority of Chileans approved of his rule – removing the criminal and his political terrorists, and saving the country from becoming a Soviet satellite. Instead of starvation they got prosperity.

    So, Vltchek, when will you write about this? Except for just spouting leftist propaganda about Chile and “forgetting” what happened.

  36. As much as I love this site for its independence and courage, I realize there is a price to pay for that, which is withstanding the occasional lunacy, and unfortunately for a Latin American guy like me, they are mostly about Latin America.

    This article is so bad, so poor in actual information, so misleading, so self-evidently a piece of (ineffective) propaganda that I will refrain from commenting extensively about it.

    There is only one thing that I will say, because it has been concealed from the reader: there will be a presidential election in a month or two in Bolivia, and Evo Morales’ party will be allowed to place a candidate in it (as long as it is not Evo himself). I think I have said enough. If you think I haven’t, nothing I say will be enough for you.

  37. @tygertgr

    I have to agree. The Chilean coup was basically a domestic military takeover where the USA picked a side. Why did they pick the side they did? Allende was a communist working with and for the Soviets who had weapons on the way to the New World. Anyway, when a country goes socialist, the CIA doesn’t have to do anything but wait for the economy to start faltering on its own.

  38. @Rich

    Complete nonsense. Most of that didnt exist when the Spaniards ruled. And in case you didnt know – i digenous people taught Europeans how to farm in this side of the globe. You guys are comedians. But in any event the indigenous never asked for Spaniard or European help and the reality is that is why Evo was forced. He gave too much power to the indigenous for lighter skinned peoples liking.

    • Replies: @Rich
  39. Yes, Bolivia was doing well. It was doing well for its people, not for the compradore elites and their imperial masters. Evo planned to nationalize nickel production, so that the people of Bolivia would do even better, while the imperial thieves and their local enablers would do worse. In response, the Empire orchestrated yet another “color revolution”. The false pretext was “democracy”. Mass killings today show vividly what imperial “democracy” means.

    But I can fault Evo with this: he ran away, instead of fighting back. Being a president means responsibility for your country, not for your sad ass. He shirked his responsibility. Hopefully someone more responsible will wrench the country back from the thieves.

  40. Rich says:

    You obviously don’t understand that the people who ruled the country were still, for the most part, Spaniards, and that it was Europeans who built the modern world? Are you really so poorly educated that you think Europeans didn’t know how to farm before they came to the Americas? It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. Unfortunately, you were propagandized to the point of being unable to understand history, or reality. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

    • Replies: @Showmethereal
  41. @Onebelowall

    The Spainards gave Bolivia “medicine, roads, schools, modern farming methods, electricity, air conditioning, automobiles” before Bolivia became independent in 1809?

    Shit, I didn’t know the Spaniards had Electricity, Air Conditioning and Automobiles before 1809! Onebelowall, thanks or sharing that with us, I need to get myself back to school…I thought all those modern inventions didn’t exist 20 years after the American Revolution! Wow….

    I also forgot that European farms were using modern farming techniques way back then. Tractors, Chemical Fertilizers, Soil Conservation and GMO seeds. Wow, I wonder how the hell the indigenous Americans ever managed to create Corn? Without those damn Spaniards how were they able to grow potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, avacados, pumpkins etc.

    If it wasn’t for the ‘White Man” the indigenous people wouldn’t even exist, according to you!

    • Agree: Showmethereal
    • Replies: @Showmethereal
  42. @redmudhooch

    Redmudhooch…My Brother! On the fuckin money with your comment and supporting information! These Red Cap wearing numbskulls can’t even respond with anything that can prove what you said is a lie! No, they comment about communists and socialists being so terrible that its destined to fail.

    But, we know one day Americans will wake up and find that they have no Health Care, Social Security Checks can barely put food on the table, Seniors living out of their cars, an Education System they can’t afford , Credit Card debt at 35% interest, a Home repossessed and 21 trillion dollars in debt. All this caused by the Capitalists system their government wants to impose on other countries. Don’t mention the word Socialist around that crowd, they will get their pitchforks out and kill you! These same fools believe Socialism is a failed system and they point to Cuba and Venezuela to confirm it! Never mentioning the sanctions, embargoes and tariffs imposed by their Capitalist government as the reason. The US Capitalist system doesn’t even need the sanctions, embargoes or tariffs to reach the scenario I described, because it is already there!

    Take care my brother! These people don’t know how close they are to having their debt called!

    J.G. From beautiful Mexico rich in Resources and ready to fight to keep them!

  43. @Rahan

    The best way the US can help it’s southern neighbors is to just stay the fuck out of there and I will guarantee you they will be just fine. Go and read a little bit, before you point to Argentina! Argentina is a perfect example of taking a prosperous country and literately destroying it! The US, Wall Street and the IMF have made the most successful Latin American country into a Neo-Liberal Capitalist hell hole that was forced to privatize their state owned companies, only to be run into the ground taking their profits and burying them with loans that Argentinians have to pay back.

    But we are waking up, buddy and we want nothing from you! Keep fucking with us and the pitchforks are going to come after you! Ain’t it funny how the regular folk end up paying for what the Zionist pigs that you so adore cause! I sometimes wonder, “Why is everyone in the world pushing back against the powers that be, and Americans are just sitting back”! The Matrix in the US? Cuckold? Stupid?

    You tell me, buddy!

  44. Crazy Horse [AKA "Gall"] says:

    Even though you seem to be able to type words you seem to be illiterate. Since there are thousands of declassified files that prove you are full of shit.

  45. @Rich

    Oh no – I get it perfectly “modernization” is the word that washes away all racist sins. Except the recipients usually dont agree with you amd you can never seem to figure out why. I know the story well.

    • Replies: @Rich
  46. @J. Gutierrez

    You responded to the wrong person. It was “Rich” who made the comment. “Onebelowwall” was responding with a rhetorical question.

    • Replies: @J. Gutierrez
  47. Rich says:

    “Racist” means White, nothing else. It’s a word that you communists thinks frightens everyone around you. Voodoo doesn’t work in the real world. No matter how hard we try to drag you guys into the modern world, you still believe in “magic”. Crazy stuff.

    • Replies: @Showmethereal
  48. @Rich

    Calling me a communist amd someone who believes in voodoo only renders you an imbecile. But to persons like yourselves “white is always right”.

    • Replies: @Rich
  49. Rich says:

    I thought all supporters of Evo were commies, am I misinformed? Calling someone a “racist ” and believing that wins the argument is a true sign of imbecility, I’d say. But like the cur that bites the hand that feeds it, you’ll continue to insult Mr White. It’s very sad that you don’t have any appreciation for all Europeans have done for you and the rest of the world. Very sad.

    • Replies: @J. Gutierrez
  50. @Rich

    I thought all supporters of Evo were commies, am I misinformed?

    Yes you are, come on Rich,

    You know there are no more communists with the end of the Soviet Union and China’s domination of the Capitalist system! Venezuela, Bolivia and Mexico run their economy using the the Original Capitalists system, they sell their resources on the New York Stock Exchange, at least until the US lets them. Unlike the Mutated Capitalists System currently being used by the US, profits from the sale of our country’s resources are used to finance various social programs *free healthcare, education, social security, etc.) that benefit the citizens, not the 1% Rich Corporate Owners as is done in the US.

    This brings us to the true reason for US aggression towards those countries that refuse that failed, mutated form of Capitalism. Globalism is the new Capitalist way of making sure the “Rich” stay that way and Nationalism is the way to fight against their new model being forced on those countries. Globalism and Nationalism are the new divide between the Rich and Poor as we move into the worldwide markets. Globalists can’t attack a country’s leadership by calling them out as being Nationalistic (because that is a good thing) so, they keep using the communist, socialist, fascist scare tactics that worked so well for them in the past!

    It’s very sad that you don’t have any appreciation for all Europeans have done for you and the rest of the world. Very sad.

    Yeah you’re right Rich, Europeans have done so much for the world, but their leaders have used it as a stick to beat the rest into submission and compliance or else! You say “or else what”, just ask Germany…and they were white Europeans just like the rest of us!n Imagine what we can do to Africans, Indians, Mexicans, etc. We don’t have to, because we know what we have done in the past! That’s why I choose to be Mexican and not support a dumb-ass because he is white like me, if you do…then you’re a racists at some point we have to distinguish between good and evil and see beyond just color.

    That is my way of seeing things, and you are perfectly entitled to see things your way, say it and write it where you are comfortable doing so! I wouldn’t do it in a bar in Mexico 🙂 LOL

    • Replies: @Rich
  51. Rich says:
    @J. Gutierrez

    Haven’t been in a bar in Mexico in a long time. The last time was many years ago in Nogales where there were just ugly prostitutes and drunks. Wasn’t a fun place. I don’t have any problem with Mexicans, or any Hispanics, but to pretend that Bolivia isn’t a country founded by White Spaniards and maintained by mostly White Mestizos at least since its founding is just untrue.(Mexico also falls into this category). That being said, Evo and his cronies were robbing the nation blind, getting richer, while slowly trying to turn the country into a “communist Utopia”. Those of you who aren’t communists who don;t realize how communist these Latin American leftists are, are foolishly naive.

    You can choose Pale leadership and prosperity, or the poverty associated with all non-White nations. You can’t have both. That’s not “racism”, that’s fact. Just look around with an unjaundiced eye, and you’ll have to admit it’s true. Sorry.

    • Replies: @J. Gutierrez
  52. @Rich

    You can choose Pale leadership and prosperity, or the poverty associated with all non-White nations. You can’t have both. That’s not “racism”, that’s fact. Just look around with an unjaundiced eye, and you’ll have to admit it’s true. Sorry.

    It is not true, Rich and you know it, Evo Morales himself proves that it’s not true. He took control of Bolivia from a white president that had the country in tremendous debt, wanted to borrow more money and had sold the country’s resources. Thinking Evo couldn’t do it, he challenged him and stepped down (Quit) and “let him try to run Bolivia better) as he said during his news conference. Evo took the challenge and did it, an indigenous president took the country with the worst economy of Latin America and turned it into the one with the highest GDP.

    Haven’t been in a bar in Mexico in a long time. The last time was many years ago in Nogales where there were just ugly prostitutes and drunks. Wasn’t a fun place.

    Next time you feel like enjoying the Mexican night life, let me know, because I can tell you honestly Nogales is not the place to ind it. Monterrey, is that place Rich, hot fucking women and best restaurants and clubs 2 hours from the boarder. With me showing you around, fun will be the only thing you will experience!

    I don’t have any problem with Mexicans, or any Hispanics, but to pretend that Bolivia isn’t a country founded by White Spaniards and maintained by mostly White Mestizos at least since its founding is just untrue.(Mexico also falls into this category).

    You just proved what I have been saying all along, European whites have run every country in Latin America and that’s why they are the way they are! European white Mexicans for example see themselves as white first and Mexican second, so they tend to support the sacking of their country by other whites from the US. Me on the contrary am Mexican first and white by birth second. I support my people, not my color and that is how I think. Watch Mexico in the coming years and you will see a change with the new Indigenous president, it won’t take long.

    You know me Rich, we’ve had plenty of exchanges on this site! I’m not bullshitting you. The only thing that can stop Mexico is a coup or an invasion by the US, which is most likely. The US can not have a rich country next door while their country is joining the rest of the shithole countries.

    You white guys have done a great job running the US! Yep, 21 trillion dollars in debt, endless wars and an economy ready to crash, so don’t tell me anything different Rich, because I don’t buy it!

  53. @Showmethereal

    Thank you, I have Rich in my sights, lol…”Stay Real” brother!

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