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China's BRI Could Save Destroyed Southeast Asia
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Bangkok - 6 Star Hotel and a Slum

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Most of the people in the West or in North Asia usually never think about it, but Southeast Asia is one of the most depressed and depressing parts of the world.

It has been through genocides, wars and atrocious military regimes.

Then, those monstrous income disparities.

According to The Bangkok Post, in 2018, “the 10% poorest Thais had 0% wealth.

50% of the poorest Thais (25 million people) had 1.7% of the country’s wealth while 70% (35mn) controlled 5%.” In the same year, 1% of the richest Thais controlled 66.9% of the country’s fortune.

Indonesia is not doing much better. In fact, if it were to provide correct, unmassaged statistics, it would easily overtake Thailand as the most unequal country on earth. But Indonesia does not even declare the precise number of people, as I was informed by my colleagues, UN statisticians. It still claims that it has around 270 million inhabitants, while in reality, even ten years ago, there were more than 300 million people living on the archipelago.

Except in the Communist Vietnam, super-rich Singapore, and (still) relatively wealthy Malaysia, poor people matter very little. Or more precisely, they do not matter at all. They do not exist. And poor people form the great majority in this part of the world, although you would hardly read it from the pages of official government bulletins.

It is enough to see Jakarta, Manila or Bangkok from the air, to understand that the Southeast Asian megapolises are totally fragmented, so they can serve the elites. Skyscrapers, malls and enormous hotels are surrounded by miserable houses and slums. Terribly inadequate public transportation (corrupt governments have been regurgitating every year, for decades, great numbers of cars and polluting scooters wishfully called ‘motorbikes’, instead of providing decent massive public transit systems) has made Jakarta and periodically Bangkok, some of the most polluted and depressing cities in the world.

Crime is out of control. Thailand has, per capita, according to Interpol, a higher murder rate than the United States. In the Philippines, before President Duterte came to power, cities such as Davao and Manila were suffering from some of the most horrid crime statistics in Asia. Indonesia, again, has escaped scrutiny, simply because of the absolutely amazing ability to hide the truth – most of the crimes committed there, particularly sexual ones, are never reported, and if reported, not registered.

The modern history of this part of the world is perhaps the most brutal on the planet. Brutal, but hushed up. The education system in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand is geared not to educate the children and young people about the monstrous genocides committed on the territory of Southeast Asia.

To mention just a few ‘occurrences’, the West murdered several million people in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, during the so-called ‘Vietnam War’ and ‘Secret War’. It carpet-bombed poor Laos and Cambodia, while supporting the most atrocious feudal regimes all over ‘Indochina’. It also displaced millions of peasants. As a result, multitudes died from hunger.

Indonesia perpetrated three genocides, killing millions. First, during the 1965-66 one, triggered by the U.S.A. and its allies, murdered 1 – 3 million intellectuals, artists, teachers, Communists and members of the Chinese minority. The second was the U.S.A, U.K. and Australia-backed occupation of East Timor, which took lives of 30%-40% of the islanders. The third genocide is the on-going, horrendous occupation and plunder of West Papua.

Burma, broke and divided by British colonialism, is yet another story. And so are the monstrous Malaysian massacres, which took place in 1969. And various massacres of the opposition as well as of immigrants, in Thailand. The Thai bombing of Vietnam and Laos, to impress handlers in Washington. And the U.S. massacres in the Philippines, as well as the brutal civil war there, in Mindanao.

The list goes on and on. It is a brutal horror show, the never-ending awfulness of Western neo-colonialism, as well as the sleazy servility of local rulers.

The results are omnipresent: the beaches of entire countries are devastated. Whole enormous islands like Borneo, Papua and Sumatra are finished, scarred and poisoned by local and multi-national corporations. It is smoke and filth, clogged rivers, collapsed cultures, entire civilizations. No mercy, no compassion, no future.

But it is all hushed up. Crimes are denied. Outraged, confused nations are called ‘lands of smiles’, or ‘’friendly and tolerant archipelagos’.

It is insane, but tens of millions of foreign tourists descend on this ruined part of the world, annually. They see nothing. Some like it. They only nurture their complexes of superiority here. They do not want to understand anything. They choose to be blind. Cheap sex, shitty alcohol and beach food, as well as monumental sunburns. They continue the demolition work which has been triggered by their governments.


The mood is terrible. In Indonesia, foreigners and even locals get insulted in the middle of the day, just for being ‘different’. Whites are. Chinese are. Indians are. Black people are, with terrible regularity and brutality.

In Thailand, foreigners get killed and raped, for almost no, or very little reason. The terrible occurrences are reported almost weekly by the local and foreign press.

Poor people feel that their beaches, their cities, have been stolen from them. In Indonesia, on the Bali and Lombok islands, everything has actually really been looted from the locals.

Societies have crumpled. The plunder of the resources, of nature, of everything, was already taking place for years and decades, even centuries.

No one knows the way out of this nightmare. Most of Southeast Asia knows nothing else than this subjugation. And it is not even called a nightmare. In Southeast Asia, or in the West which controlled these societies for as long as one can remember, the horror is being glorified.



And yet, yet… On the same continent, not far away, an enormous country, governed by the Communist Party, and professing ‘socialism with Chinese characteristics’, has been building a totally new society, defining and implementing an ‘ecological civilization’, pulling hundreds of millions of citizens out of poverty, constructing a great scientific base, the fastest trains on earth, massive mass transit systems in each and every city, first rate schools and universities, and stunning concert halls, opera houses and museums.

And all this with only a fraction of the financial resources, calculated on a per capita basis, of those of the West.

China… A country with 6,000 years of history and culture, with about 1.4 billion inhabitants, and with an absolutely, diametrically opposite economic and social system from that which was force-fed, for decades, to the people of Southeast Asia by the West.

A country, which, by 2020, as promised by her President Xi Jinping, will have no one, be it in the cities or in the villages, living in extreme poverty.

China, a country which is growing in order to serve its people. A country which is using capitalist companies in order to fulfill Communist and socialist goals. A country with a centrally planned and greatly successful economy. Where all land belongs to the government, and the entire future – to the people.

Imagine this country, near the decaying colossus of the mainly miserable, oppressed Southeast Asia. Southeast Asia, with mostly failed systems which has forced hundreds of millions of human beings to live in filthy, destitute cities and in the feudal countryside.

And now, China, with its culture based on communalism and internationalism, is extending its hand, and basically saying: “Let us grow together! Let us help our people, let’s struggle side-by-side for a much better world. Let us save, liberate, empower your hundreds of millions of men, women and children; let us protect them from hunger, illnesses, functional illiteracy and the lack of a decent future!”

All this, despite the fact that in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and elsewhere, Chinese people were often treated like animals, killed and raped in pogroms, and kept away from the governments.

This extension of the hand is called “BRI” – “The Belt and Road Initiative.”

And it is, most likely, the greatest global and internationalist initiative in the history of humankind.

It is the most optimistic, truly socialist, vision for our planet, based on sharing and the genuine commonwealth of nations.

An enormous belt of high-speed railroads, roads, super-fast communication corridors, ports and airports, but also schools and universities, high-quality hospitals for all, of film studios and publishing houses, theatres and museums.

As this essay goes to print, China just inaugurated amazing, 4.300 km long railroad, cutting across Africa, from Tanzania to Angola. This project alone will save dozens of millions of lives. I worked in Africa, for several years. I know.

I have worked in more than 160 countries on this planet. I have seen a lot. But I have never encountered any vision so confident, so positively revolutionary, and at the same time, so kind.


The West will fight. It will do everything in its power to prevent the BRI from succeeding.

It will not let Southeast Asia go without a struggle. As it is not letting Central Asia go.

Recently, I analyzed the so-called “Uighur Issue”, in my detailed report compiled in Turkey, Syria, Afghanistan and Indonesia – “March of Uighurs” it is called. The West and its allies are radicalizing, arming and militarizing the Uighur ethnic minority, doing all they can to sabotage the BRI, by attempting to destroy its important center – Urumqi – in Northwest China. This may slow the projects aimed at inter-connecting China, entire Central Asia, Iran, and even Turkey and parts of Russia.

The same has been happening in Southeast Asia. The West has unleashed a tremendous propaganda force; it has employed countless NGO’s, as well as thousands of local ‘academics’ and ‘journalists’, trying to smear all China’s attempts to pull the region out from slumber and above all, from the toxic dependency on Western colonialist powers.

I have been monitoring this occurrence, in among other places, the Philippines, where the administration of President Duterte has moved the country much closer to Beijing, and away from Washington, improving greatly the lives of the great majority of the Filipino people. President Duterte enjoys the support of around 80% of his citizens, but is brutally attacked by Western media and NGO’s. He calls China “the kindest nation on earth”. This can never be forgiven in the West.

The same can be said about Laos, where China is basically revamping everything; pulling this poor and historically ruined country back to its feet, by building a high-speed rail system, modern energy sector, while constructing hospitals, schools, and even brand-new cities. And what did West do in Laos? It fought a ‘Secret War’ here, a side-kick of the Vietnam War, basically carpet-bombing with B-52s, a big part of the countryside, killing hundreds of thousands of people, just ‘preventively’, so they do not become Communists. Washington and Thailand never even apologized for these crimes against humanity.

Now when China is rescuing its neighbor, a fellow Communist nation, the West is blabbing nonsense about the ‘environment’ and ‘debt-trap’. Anyone who bothers to travel to the Plain of Jars or other ruined parts of Laos, will discover minefields left after the carpet-bombings. People are still dying there, and Western companies which produced these monstrous cluster bombs do not even share technical specifications with the de-mining agencies. Great concern about the environment! Here, U.S. bombs are used as village fences.

A similar situation in Cambodia.

And several other nations in the region, including Burma.


Nobody is laughing out loud, at those Western NGOs and propaganda outlets, mainly because the West and its servile local regimes have managed to sweep their crimes, genocides and economical plunder, under the carpet.

The downfall, or call it the near collapse of Southeast Asia, is not being defined as a downfall. Far from it.

Nowhere has brainwashing been so intense and so successful, as in this part of the world. The great majority of local people are nowhere near to even beginning to comprehend what had been done to them. People do not know that they are the true victims, or that a different world is actually possible.


The Brits, Dutch, French, Portuguese and Spaniards, have all managed to get away with the plunder and murder, mainly because ‘education’ has been shaped by the local ‘elites’, read: shameless treasonous servants of the Western imperialism. Talk to ‘educated’ (pro-British) Malaysians; read the books of their contemporary writers (almost all funded ‘from abroad’). Then you will understand.

The United States is still admired in Indonesia, a country thoroughly impoverished and ruined by Washington’s greed and geopolitical ambitions.

But Indonesia with a quality of life equal to that of poor Sub-Saharan African countries, is not officially considered to be poor, or deprived, or fascist or even feudal. Nobody seems to be questioning its ridiculously perverted statistics. The Philippines, too, was not defined as poor and destitute, before the arrival of President Duterte, even as millions were fleeing to all corners of the world, attempting to make living often under horrid conditions, in places such as the Gulf.

No one is laughing, because people were stripped off their ability to compare.

The glorification of capitalism and imperialism has been too powerful.

As has the smearing of Communism.

And as has been the professional and consistent attempts to discredit everything Chinese, first by the racist European colonialists, and later by Cold War warriors and propaganda gurus from Washington and London.


China led by the Communist Party; socialist China with its own characteristics, is clearly misunderstood. The BRI is also, and absolutely, misunderstood. Not because it is not transparent – transparent it is. But because Western propaganda is, so to speak, constantly and professionally muddying the waters.

Everything about China’s success is turned upside-down. The biggest fear, total horror, of the West and its lackeys in the new type of colonies here, is that China is both Communist, and a tremendously successful nation.

I am not going to argue here whether China is Communist or not, and if it is, to what extent. To me, it clearly is . Both Communist and successful. As well as internationalist. That is why I am decisively on its side, and on the side of BRI.

What is indisputable is that the intentions of the West to discredit both the PRC and BRI have absolutely nothing to do with trying to find solutions to the horrid problems our world in general, and Southeast Asia in particular, are facing.

The West does not want to find solutions. It wants Southeast Asia to remain ignorant, divided and servile.

The intentions of the West are clearly self-serving. Their only goal is to keep control over this resources-rich part of the world. And to prevent China from gaining its rightful position in Asia.

For centuries, the West kept plundering, killing and enslaving Southeast Asian people. That simple. Full stop. The nightmare is continuing, to date. This time, local elites are fully involved, although, frankly, they were always involved, acting shamelessly as go-betweens for the colonialists and the enslaved people.

It is time to try a different approach. An approach which has already saved hundreds of millions of people from misery; by giving them new lives, education, health, culture and dignity. An approach which now puts ecology and the quality of life well above business and economic growth.

The people of Southeast Asia have to be informed about the choices they have.

It will not be easy, as there is no free, no alternative press there. The mass media and ‘education’ are controlled by the elites who, naturally, want to maintain the status quo.

But there are choices. For the first time in many years.

Once the people of Southeast Asia know the truth, colonialism will end. Rapidly, almost immediately.

China and its system are showing great example by their deeds, not just by words. Wherever China comes, new winds are blowing. New societies are beginning to grow. Rationality blossoms. Nihilism disappears.

Soon a new chapter of Asian history will begin. The continent will be united, by belt and by road, by solidarity, determination and a great revolutionary spirit which will lead to the unstoppable renewal of this part of the world.

[First published by NEO – New Eastern Outlook]

Andre Vltchek is a philosopher, novelist, filmmaker and investigative journalist. He has covered wars and conflicts in dozens of countries. Four of his latest books are China and Ecological Civilization with John B. Cobb, Jr., Revolutionary Optimism, Western Nihilism, a revolutionary novel “Aurora” and a bestselling work of political non-fiction: “Exposing Lies Of The Empire”. View his other books here. Watch Rwanda Gambit, his groundbreaking documentary about Rwanda and DRCongo and his film/dialogue with Noam Chomsky “On Western Terrorism”. Vltchek presently resides in East Asia and the Middle East, and continues to work around the world. He can be reached through his website and his Twitter. His Patreon

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  1. CCP killed 10s of millions, burned books in the Cult Revolt, and backed the Khmer Rouge.

    Since Mao died, mainland China has done better for the same reason that Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Chinese minorities in SE Asia have done well. Chinese are smarter and have Confucian culture moderated by modernity.

    If China had tons of Indonesian native morons as the majority, it’d be a mess EVEN IF ruled by CCP.

    • Replies: @last straw
  2. Biff says:

    Crime is out of control. Thailand has, per capita, according to Interpol, a higher murder rate than the United States.

    Well, say what you will about Bangkok, and I probably won’t argue a whole lot, because this place is quite dynamic, and I certainly don’t know all the facts after only a few years of living here, but I will say that compared to where I used to live in the U.S., Thailand is quite crime free. The group of ex-pats I hang with are mostly from large European cities and they all say the same thing – walking around late at night is not a problem, and there aren’t any no-go zones – there is one area along Sukhumvit where Africans hang out selling fake drugs and other scams, and the police move in about every three months and shake them down, and deport any illegals – you can call them racist all you want, and they will just agree with you – it becomes a moot argument real quick. It keeps the peace.

    As for slums, I will admit that certain homes just aren’t pretty, but there are far less homeless people here in Bangkok than back in the U.S., and most importantly, is the general mood Thai people have is that they seem happy or at least satisfied with there situation; you have to realize things are improving around here – standard of living is getting better – can’t say that about the working class in America though.

    Political turmoil is still ongoing considering they are still hanging to the stupidity that is democracy, and the scam of stacked elections, but they did rid themselves of the toxic politics of Thaksin and his bankster cronies who wanted to put the entire country into debt servitude much like they did to Greece, and Ireland. I was thinking the bankers were going to win, but the Thais braved it out, and ran them out of town and the country like a flock of gypsys. Yay for that.

    One more thing – China is building high seed rail to link the north to the south. Yay for that too.

    • Replies: @alma123
  3. Scotto says:

    Well, one can call China communist or socialist all she/he wants, but the start was with the “Chinese Miracle of the 70’s” Deng did more for China by allowing market reforms(that is Capitalism, or Free Markets) than any other Chinese person in thousands of years. Don’t take my word for it, read the history yourself. There no use arguing this fact: freer people live better lives. It may take them a while to get there, but they will.

    • Replies: @DB Cooper
  4. I don’t like the Chinese government and its “social credit” totalitarianism but I wish them luck in providing an alternative to the Western plunder-based system of capitalism. Maybe the poor in Thailand and Indonesia will have some hope after all.

  5. Let’s get a couple of things straight.
    Capitalism/Empire are manifestations of Talmudism, just as Communism is. Look at who prospered most in the (((Dutch))) (((French))) and (((British))) Empires, as well as in the (((Bolshevik))) USSR. Both systems seek to concentrate power in the hands of a few.
    Mao’s scorched earth policy allowed the reforms to succeed, whether he intended it or not, because there was almost nothing left to work with other than the labour of the people.
    It’s not “the West” or “capitalism” that is opposed, it’s the people who control the financial system and media who are opposed. It is they who stand to lose the most, as the Chinese use the same tactics to their advantage.
    It is good to see that the author understands that there is a difference between socialism and communism. The Chinese model is a blend of both. Many of the private companies have large worker participation in ownership. Unlike the capitalist model, the management is actually interested in what they think.

  6. DB Cooper says:

    I would say 1979 and 2003 are the two momentous years most responsible for China’s rise. 1979 is the year of the ‘reform and opening’ up initiated by Deng. 2003 is the year when Deng took the famous ‘southern tour’ that once and for all put China on the right path to today’s prosperity.

    • Replies: @Adude
  7. While it is definitely honorable for Andre Vltchek to support Duterte despite UN’s annoying squeals and screeches about human rights violations, you can tell Andre Vltchek is still not even remotely interested in helping ANY working class citizen regardless of race, ethnicity or creed. Considering how he still demonizes the Western working class all because they deeply care about there people more than others and even lumping them in with Western elites. Is the former even so wrong? Are we supposed to say that they are “not being oppressed and exploited as others”? How will this make them any less oppressed and exploited by their own elites? This isn’t a contest, but it seems Andre Vltchek is very willing to use the Oppression Olympics as much as he can for his own narratives. So by his own logic, the plight of the Yellow Vests “never mattered” because they’re only protesting about the wellbeing of their people instead of wars. Very ridiculous argument. How is this Marxism, again? How in the world is this class solidarity?

    As I’ve said before, no one’s going to benefit from destroying the borders of the West BUT the elites doing the imperialism in the first place. This will severely cripple the Western working class. As well as create even more inequality, cheap labor, exploitation, and neoliberalism. But our boy tankie comrade Andre Stalin here says otherwise. Because he’s now more or less willing to divide them from the rest of the world’s working class all because they’re Westerners. Even willing to make the Soviet Union look like the Land of Milk and Honey. Despite one of its biggest legacies creating Russian poets and writers writing all about the disturbing apathy of the Soviet citizens and the iron will of the prisoners of the GULAG.

    Even acknowledges these Soviet atrocities: While Andre Vltchek here acts as one of the tankies left out there in the scene to defend everything it stood for. Even if it means demonizing and chastising the exploited Western working class. I was once told that the left nowadays is now all about identity politics instead of class solidarity. From I’ve seen, Western or sometimes even non-Western in Andre’s case, I cannot deny that. So, I will put on this favorite comment reply of mine again from his other article:

    Here it is in all of its glory:

    Andre Vltchek: “Tiny Lebanon managed to survive an influx of 2 million refugees at the height of so-called “Syrian crises”. Crime rate did not skyrocket, country did not collapse.”

    Joe Levantine: “Well knowing the Lebanese very well, I beg to differ with what you have claimed. Lebanon was unable to stop the flow of Syrian refugees not because the Lebanese are such compassionate people but more because they have a totally dysfunctional government courtesy of their sectarian and multiculturalist society. The influx of Palestinian refugees in 1948 was the direct catalyst to the brutal and devastating civil war for which Lebanon is still paying a high price up to today. In fact the people who were mostly in favour of opening the border to the Palestinian refugees in 1948 and the recent Syrian refugees were the Sunnis out of religious solidarity and to get an numerical edge over other sects in Lebanon at the behest of the American government and its regional allies. Needless to say that the greatest danger to Lebanon, just like any other third world country that had to contend with Imperial occupation, is the rampant corruption that has taken hold of the country especially after the end of the civil war whose main protagonists are big business and ex militia leaders who joined in an unholy alliance. The same applies to most other countries who yell ‘ imperialism’. While I do agree with you about the evils of imperialism, when it comes to Western ‘ White’ imperialism one should set the record straight as to whose imperialism it actually is; the imperialism of the people or that of the elites and specifically the Zionist bankers. We cannot blame the people for enjoying the bread crumbs of the imperial loot or equally blame the British commoner about being proud about the British Empire. The people are always ignorant of the facts and misled by their rulers. And who are those people advocating unrestricted immigration to the West? Well they are the same elites who want to keep down the wages of their nationals. So we cannot blame populist parties for advocating a restriction on foreigners entering their country. Your claim of Western Imperial guilt about the recent influx of refugees from Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Honduras and other countries that were devastated by wars and coup D’etat perpetrated by the combined aggression of the US, U K and France is very much true. Yet, this kind of imperialism is no different from the one the Southern American Federation suffered at the hands of Northern Unionist aggression. American Southerners were White and victims of imperialism. And populist parties have the duty to bring their governments to account for their evil deeds in all the afflicted countries which contributed to the refugee crisis. But to chastise the people for wanting to protect their culture from the influx of unassimilable refugees is a form of intellectual and cultural terrorism.”

  8. alma123 says:

    Agreed. I live in BKK as well and in general people seem satisfied. On a recent trip to KL, Malaysia, which is filled with glitz and obviously wants to be a world-class city, I thought that Thailand seems to have no such aspirations for the cookie-cutter high rises filled with overpriced malls (though there are plenty here). Thai people mostly seem to want to be good Buddhists. As for safety, maybe they don’t attack foreigners, but I walk for miles at ALL HOURS, DAILY, completely unmolested. I actually think they take me for a local. My Thai friends say they know lots of people with credit card debt, but how would that change with more Chinese-funded development? On a recent trip to Laos we saw the Chinese construction of the railway in action. Lots of temporary housing for imported Chinese labor, they even bring in much of their own food, so where’s the benefit to the locals? My guides there said the Chinese probably paid off local politicians to get the right to build. Maybe in the future there will be a benefit to the Lao people, who will leave their villages after they discover the array of junk food and makeup available in the cities and have their local lifestyle and traditions die out. It’s their choice, of course, but who’s telling them the crappy products won’t make them happy in the long run?

    • Replies: @Biff
    , @Anon2020
  9. J. D. says:

    tens of millions of foreign tourists descend on this ruined part of the world, annually. They see nothing. Some like it. They only nurture their complexes of superiority here. They do not want to understand anything. They choose to be blind. Cheap sex, shitty alcohol and beach food, as well as monumental sunburns. They continue the demolition work which has been triggered by their governments.

    Excellent description of the typical Western tourists protected by the NATO-backed kakistocracy.

    Great article!

  10. Tusk says:

    Chinese colonialism = GOOD
    European colonialism = BAD
    I wonder if the countries that feel for China’s debt trap diplomacy think that China was their saviour? Further, isn’t it interesting that Singapore can be a stable, safe and efficient country when compared to some of the other disasters surrouding it. I wonder what could possibly be different?

    I laughed at this:

    “It is time to try a different approach. An approach which has already saved hundreds of millions of people from misery; by giving them new lives, education, health, culture and dignity…The people of Southeast Asia have to be informed about the choices they have. Once the people of Southeast Asia know the truth, colonialism will end”

    What irony!

  11. Luno says:

    Typical leftist political hate against the West. After decolonization countries with lower average IQ are going backwards because of their own problems.

  12. Another thing about this Andre guy. It wouldn’t surprise me if he’ll try some fleeting mental gymnastics to justify the killing of his so called enemies. In this case it’s any Westerner, Eastern European and Japanese. He might not suggest such things, but again it’s very plausible. Now, being against modern Western degeneracy (feminism, progressivism, modernity, LGBT propaganda, trannyism, etc.) is very understandable. And yes I said progressivism, because how is it not a Western concept? Why is Andre Vltchek trying so hard to forget about this fact? Anyways, he cares more about identity politics than class solidarity. I’ve said this so many times, but only because there might be a slight chance he’ll hear about this comment. But since he did block me on Twitter, he might not even do such a thing.

    No one in these countries would even waste their time guilt tripping Western tourists for being Westerners. I say this as an actual Filipino. They’re mostly liberal and leftist degenerates, but still. Even in China, Cuba or Iran, barely anyone says what Andre says about Westerners. In fact, anti-White and anti-Christian racism/prejudice is more prevalent on their own Western countries from Western liberals and leftists who are all very anal for identity politics. While also simultaneously believing in the same Western degeneracies as if they are “liberating” and “revolutionary.” In fact the Chinese, Russians and Iranians view feminism, trannyism, and LGBT propaganda as pure cancer. Good on them. I don’t even know if Andre Vltchek supports all of those Western degeneracies while laughably claiming it’s “anti-Western.” Because if he does, then that would just be extremely pathetic, nonsensical, ahistorical, and retarded.

    It was literally colonialism that spread such Western degeneracies. And yes again, this includes progressivism that Andre Vltchek oh so worships like a religion. The greatest irony on his part. I blame all of this historical revisionism on “decolonial studies” residing in Western universities, to be honest.

  13. Jason Liu says:

    It’s 6000 years now? Note that the oldest civilizations, Egypt and Sumer, are 5000 years old.

    I appreciate the support, Andre, but your rhetoric is over the top. Despite the horrible things done under western colonialism, a lot of SEA countries still look up to the US. The thinking seems to be “Westerners were bad before but China is bad/worse now.” This is the product of American soft power, and China’s lack of soft power.

    The most pro-China countries seem to have friendly governments, but often skeptical citizens (Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand), and are propped up by Chinese investment. That’s a shaky relationship and cannot be considered real friendship by any means. Many are fence sitters who would easily side with America if something goes wrong with us (Malaysia, Indonesia, all Polynesian nations).

    China comes off as a bully to many SEA nations, not a protective big brother like I would prefer (except maybe with Myanmar). Whether it intended to do this or not is irrelevant, it’s the other party’s perception that matters. It’s possible to turn this around, but it’ll take time. We have to starting courting SEA now with new diplomatic methods before the US tries to consolidate the region against us.

  14. Biff says:

    Lots of temporary housing for imported Chinese labor

    Are you sure they’re Chinese? Most of the imported(low wage) labor in Thailand is from Burma.

  15. @Jason Liu

    Let’s all just see what happens. I have my own experiences as a Filipino myself. I’ve already watched Empire of Dust many times before. Honestly, I can’t blame the Chinese for being frustrated about Africans, at all. Hundreds of years of colonialism and yet they’ve learned nothing from their revolutions. As if all of it just went about as normal occurrences in their daily lives. And I an tell you, not one of them tried to uplift themselves from poverty despite living above the most valuable resources in the entire planet. The Middle East was able to advance after colonialism, just before they were all blown back to the Stone Age. So why couldn’t they do the same?

    As for Southeast Asia, specifically Malaysia and Indonesia, the only country they’re truly against is Israel. All the rest are pro-Israel including my own country (the Philippines). Russia, China, Iran, and Venezuela follow through their own interests. Not some French Revolution-esque fantasy as Andre would claim. The former two nations are very much willing to have ties with Israel. While the latter two nations always show great hostility towards Israel. Iranians also see Saddam Hussein as a corrupt communist dictator backed by the Soviets and Western powers. When it comes to the attitude towards the US in the two Muslim-majority countries in Southeast Asia, they’re just simply against US foreign policy, not the American people, just like Iran.

    As for Russia and China, they just want more global influence. They don’t really much interfere with Iran’s or Venezuela’s affairs. Likewise, Putin is many things but he’s really more conservative compared to how tankies like Andre Vltchek see him as such. Even once said that mass immigration and open borders is nothing more than a Western liberal idea that is hellbent on displacing cultures. Same thing he said about Western LGBT propaganda. In this case he’s very much right, they should never be allowed to displace the majority culture. Because that’s how divide, alienation, animosity, separatism, and extremism prevails. Whether “right” or “left”, as Westerners would put it.

  16. Adude says:
    @DB Cooper

    Southern tour was in 1992. Deng died in 97.

    • Replies: @DB Cooper
  17. DB Cooper says:
    @Jason Liu

    “China comes off as a bully to many SEA nations..” ” … it’s the other party’s perception that matters.”

    The fact of the matter is once the CCP came into power it has been giving away Chinese land left and right. Even Myanmar got a piece of China because the CCP agreed to the alignment of the so called McMahon Line, which is a diplomatic forgery and that no Chinese government has ever recognized. In the 1970s the Philippines got some islands, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia all got some islands. And the CCP make no fuss when the issue of Diaoyutai island first came up in the 1970s. It was Taiwan that kept the issue alive. And South Tibet was invaded and annexed by India under the CCP’s watch.

  18. DB Cooper says:

    Yes you are right. I was thinking 1993 but for some reason I typed 2003. But may be it should be 1992. I am getting old.

  19. DB Cooper says:
    @DB Cooper

    FYI the so called MacMahon line (which is a diplomatic forgery) extend all the way to from India Myanmar.

  20. @Priss Factor

    CCP killed 10s of millions, burned books in the Cult Revolt, and backed the Khmer Rouge.

    Tens of millions Chinese (maybe 5% of the population) died of starvation in a famine that was started by a combination of Mao’s crazy economic and agricultural policies and natural disasters, and then exacerbated by the subsequent mismanagement by Mao’s one-man rule government at the time. But it was not murder.

    The U.S., U.K., and the West also backed Khmer Rouge.

    • Replies: @mep
  21. Jason Liu says:
    @DB Cooper

    I know, but it’s not necessarily a matter of territorial concessions. People are emotional creatures, it’s about how a certain country makes them feel. The 1970s seem like ancient history right now, they’re all focused on current disputes. If China is liked, it might not even matter if we held onto those lands forever, or at least maintained the status quo.

  22. DB Cooper says:

    Make no mistake it IS territorial concession and the CCP (specifically the piece of shit and traitor of a thousand years Mao) is responsible for it. And what this obsession of to be liked? If China is not to be liked its other countries problem, not China. If you want to be liked be wealthy and prosperous. If you are poor you can be the niceness country giving out territories left and right and people will hate you, understand?

    1970s is not ancient history. I can assure you Chinese all over the world including in Taiwan will hate the CCP more if the CCP don’t get back South Tibet from the shithole India and the islands in SCS.

    • Replies: @Jason Liu
  23. Anon2020 says:

    Demography is destiny. What differentiates Northeast Asia from the rest of Asia is simply this: IQ. Here’s a look at the average IQ of these countries:

    Northeast Asia (incl. Greater China):


    China: 105
    Japan: 105
    South Korea: 106
    HK: 108
    Singapore: 108
    Taiwan: 104

    Southeast Asia:
    Vietnam: 94
    Malaysia: 92
    Thailand: 91
    Brunei: 91
    Cambodia: 91
    Laos: 89
    Indonesia: 87
    Myanmar: 87
    Philippines: 86

    Central Asia:
    Kazakhstan: 94
    Kyrgyzstan: 90
    Uzbekistan: 87
    Turkmenistan: 87
    Tajikistan: 87
    Azerbaijan: 87

    South Asia:
    Pakistan: 84
    Bangladesh: 82
    India: 82
    Sri Lanka: 79

    The level of development in each region mirrors their average IQ: Northeast Asia being best developed, followed by Central Asia thanks to oil, the USSR and a sparse population, then Southeast Asia with pockets of modern development mixed with pockets of poverty, but still prosperous compared to South Asia, the sewer pit of humanity. Brunei and Malaysia are more prosperous due to oil. Malaysia also has the largest % of Chinese immigrants at 22%. Thailand’s next at 12%. The rest all have <3% Chinese. Vietnamese are probably closest in kinship to the Chinese. The rest like the native Cambodians, Malays, Indonesians, Filipinos, South Indians are brown rather than yellow and are Australoids not Mongoloids.

    Yes the west did lots of evil things to Southeast Asia and South Asia through colonialism and post war imperialism, but we did equally horrible things to Northeast Asia as well, and those countries still managed to claw their way out of poverty and into first world status. For how long can you continue to use imperialism as an excuse to explain away these places' corruption and poverty?

    IQ is destiny.

  24. Anon2020 says:

    I am not quite a fan of BRI as Mr. Vltchek is. The Chinese are calculating businessmen. It is not all kumbaya-we-are-the-world completely altruistic motives behind the BRI. China has to be getting something out of it. More connected countries = more connected markets for Chinese goods = more jobs for Chinese people. Ultimately it is all about business for these mercantile people.

    But the Chinese are playing with fire, and could end up bringing more chaos everywhere by getting everyone all connected. It’ll make it much harder for countries to control their borders. As of now we could still sort of control who gets on an airplane and who could get through airport security. Once we are all connected by railways and roads, this will be much harder, like the Europeans who ended up having to establish the passport free Schengen area. If the Europeans are wary of Africans arriving by boats, just wait til’ all of the Mideast and Asia start arriving by train. This is globalization on steroids.

    I’m just glad America will not become part of this BRI globalization deathtrap thanks to the two oceans around us. Can you imagine all the effing poor all over the world just hopping on a train and moving here?

    • Replies: @Biff
  25. Anon2020 says:

    Yep. Chinese style development focuses on materialism and is ultimately soulless. All the countries touched by BRI will lose their soul to Chinese driven materialism.

    Of course, America’s multinational corporations and Hollywood started this whole material girl for material world shtick. Now China is just taking it to a whole new level, turning all 7B people in the world into high consumption soulless materialistic zombies like the Chinese.

  26. Anon2020 says:
    @DB Cooper

    It’s a good thing they gave away those territories. The CCP has enough trouble with 1.4 Billion mouths to feed. The last thing China needs is more people. Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered.

    • Replies: @DB Cooper
    , @DB Cooper
  27. Biff says:

    I’m guessing you would piss and moan if a place lacked infrastructure and it was difficult to get around, and obviously you’re pissing and moaning about too much.

    Can you imagine all the effing poor all over the world just hopping on a train and moving here?

    I can dream can’t I?

  28. DB Cooper says:

    Is that what the CCP told you? Fuck the CCP then. “It’s a good thing they gave away those territories. ” Yeah right. No wonder the CCP is hated by all Chinese outside mainland. This is probably the first time I heard someone say dumb shit like that. Even Putin said there is not one inch of Russian territory that can be conceded when Russia’s territory span eleven time zones.

  29. DB Cooper says:

    By the way outer Mongolia is rich in minerals and South Tibet is lush and is rich in hydroelectric potentials. It is under the CCP’s watch that outer Mongolia became independent and South Tibet was invaded and annexed by the filthy smelly rapey cow piss drinking open defecating uncivilized eat-with-bare-right-hand-wipe-ass-with-bare-left-hand low IQ slumdog fourth world shithole India.

    Free South Tibet from the shithole India.

  30. Jason Liu says:
    @DB Cooper

    Making friends is by far the most important geopolitical goal for China right now. In American white papers, the first suggestion for confronting China is always “Gang up on China with our rich, first-world allies.” They know that their allies are their most powerful weapon short of total war.

    Since America is a smaller country, this is their primary advantage (and our primary weakness). Being rich is no guarantee to being liked, that’s the mistake Chinese foreign policy has been making for the last twenty years.

    As for the territorial concessions, I’d wager most people around the world don’t even know about them, or would care if they did. They judge China by what it is now.

    • Replies: @DB Cooper
  31. mep says:
    @last straw

    The West indirectly back the Khmer Rouge after it had not only been removed from power in Cambodia (except for a few areas along the Thai border) but after it repudiated Communism and stated its commitment to a multiparty system. The crimes committed by the Khmer Rouge were done when its only international ally was China, and its policies were entirely consistent with Maoism.

    • Replies: @last straw
    , @last straw
  32. @mep

    “Almost two million Cambodians died as a result of Year Zero. John Pilger argues that, without the complicity of the US and Britain, it may never have happened.”

    Mao and the Chinese government did not have a genocidal policy. Maoism has nothing to do with genocide. I’m very surprised you do not even know such basic fact.

    • Replies: @byrresheim
    , @Reg Cæsar
  33. @mep

    The fact that the West continued their support to Khmer Rouge after the full exposure of the horrors of Cambodia genocide speaks volumes about their hypocrisy.

  34. DB Cooper says:
    @Jason Liu

    ” I’d wager most people around the world don’t even know about them”

    It is the responsibility of the Chinese government to let the world know. Starting from the annexation of South Tibet by the shithole India.

    “They judge China by what it is now.”

    So? Because they drank the MSM kool aid.

    I don’t understand your obsession of being liked. Most China’s neighbors actually has a pretty good opinion of China. After the death of the fuck shit Mao China image actually improves a lot especially after China become more prosperous. But if you read the MSM and drank its kool aid, which you apparently do, everybody hates China. I advise you to travel around in China’s neighborhood and talk to the ordinarily people there instead of reading the MSM in a cave.

  35. @last straw

    Maoism has nothing to do with genocide. I’m very surprised you do not even know such basic fact.

    Thank you, sir, for your refreshing bit of much needed sarcasm.

    • Replies: @last straw
  36. @byrresheim

    Where is your evidence that Mao directly and indirectly advocated genocide, or even eugenics, like Hitler did in Mein Kampf, during his promotion of Nazism, and as the Nazi leader? Furthermore, was there any genocide under Mao’s rule, or in general, under CCP’s rule?

  37. At first I thought this perpetual virtue signaling and prejudice against Whites was just a Western phenomenon. But it seems there are some exceptions. The only others I can think of who also have the same rhetoric is South Africa’s EFF, and that’s about it. Tankies like Andre Vltchek are very interesting. They have very wild fantasies only rivaled by the most hardcore of far righters and Antifa supporters. And it’s less rooted on class solidarity regardless of race or creed (including the Western working class, of course) and more rooted on, well, a lot of things. Sometimes it’s about Eurasian domination of the West. Other times it’s about the revival of a much larger USSR. All that jazz. I can’t even tell which is worse, anymore. The anti-White, self-hating, virtue signaling agenda of the modern Western left. Or whatever tankies like Andre Vltchek will ramble and virtue signal on about. The former is very whiny, degenerate and laced with so much identity politics, while the latter is very over the top, which is also laced with so much identity politics. I hope this RT article will help:

  38. (corrupt governments have been regurgitating every year, for decades, great numbers of cars and polluting scooters wishfully called ‘motorbikes’, instead of providing decent massive public transit systems)

    The original public transit systems that the rest of the world copies were built by private entities. If a significant number of those on scooters were willing to hop off them and pay the fare for a trolley, modern railroads would be interested in expanding their service. As they were a century ago.

  39. @last straw

    Maoism has nothing to do with genocide.

    Yes, it was equal-opportunity starvation. No discrimination.

  40. Yes, it was equal-opportunity starvation. No discrimination.

    Famine and starvation caused by a combination of bad agricultural and industrial polices and natural disasters is not genocide.

  41. But Indonesia with a quality of life equal to that of poor Sub-Saharan African countries ….

    I wondered if you were going to make a valid comparison before writing SE Asia off as the shithole of the world, and you almost did, but ….

  42. @Jason Liu

    China comes off as a bully to many SEA nations

    Which is silly, because it’s not like China has previous form, right? Surely “many SEA nations” have forgiven and forgotten all that sordid history?

    • Replies: @DB Cooper
  43. DB Cooper says:
    @Oleaginous Outrager

    Jason Liu doesn’t know what he is talking about because this is embarrassing shit from the CCP. I hope no one will forgive and forget because these SEA nations have all grabbed some islands from China in the 1970s, with Vietnam being the most aggressive. Even the shithole India grabbed a piece of China in the 1950s under the CCP watch.

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