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It is getting ugly, extremely ugly.

It is increasingly looking like a war – at least a new ‘cold’, ideological war.

But in the shadow of COVID-19, it goes almost unnoticed.

The blind horseman, who hates China intuitively, without knowing hardly anything about it, is leading the pack, pushing his president into a confrontation with the most populous country on Earth. His name is Peter Navarro.

Not that the president is ‘innocent’. Under him, the White House has become a haven of bigotry, of anti-Chinese racist sentiments. Here, not only China, but also Iran, Venezuela, Cuba and Russia are hated. It was already converted into the global headquarters of the combat against the much more logical and humane, socialist, systems.

Red warning lights are blinking. All indicators are pointing downwards; economic ones, social ones, as well as medical. More disastrous is domestic policy of the Empire, more aggressively it behaves towards the world. U.S. warships are repeatedly being deployed, near Taiwan and the South China Sea. They are right near the territorial waters of Iran and Venezuela.

And the insults, terrible insults, are flying.

Trump and Navarro are abusing China publicly, with no shame. There is no diplomacy, and no restrains. Nation which just a few months ago stood alone, facing an unknown enemy, battling and at great cost but rapidly defeated the pandemic, all over its vast territory, is now smeared day after day.

All this is being done shamelessly and arrogantly.

The world is watching. Part of it in disbelief and outrage, and the other part lethargically and submissively, as always.

On April 19, 2020, the New York Post reported:

“White House trade adviser Peter Navarro on Sunday called on China to prove that a Wuhan laboratory played no role in the coronavirus pandemic — and accused the nation of hoarding personal protective equipment and profiting off the outbreak.

Navarro took aim at China on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” accusing the country of taking several actions that worsened the ongoing crisis and “led to the deaths of many people worldwide.”

“First of all, the virus was spawned in China. Second of all, they hid the virus behind the shield of the World Health Organization. The third thing they did was basically hoard personal protective equipment and now they’re profiteering from it,” Navarro said.

U.S. President Trump, perhaps taking Navarro’s advice, has already cut all funding to the World Health Organization (WHO), something until recently unimaginable, considering that the Planet is in the middle of a war with the virus, and the WHO is at the frontline of it. But the WHO is being accused of “colluding with Communist China”, which this administration increasingly sees as its greatest enemy.

One day later, on 20th April, 2020, Reuters carried a report about Peter Navarro’s accusation of China for withholding data on COVID-19:

“One of the reasons that they may not have let us in and given us the data on this virus early, is they’re racing to get a vaccine and they think this is just a competitive business race, it’s a business proposition so that they can sell the vaccines to the world,” Navarro told Fox Business Network.”

“But we’re going to beat them. We’re going to beat them because of President Trump’s leadership. We’re going to beat them because HHS has already got a five-company horse race,” said Navarro, referring to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.”

The attacks against China are bordering on hysteria. Trump and his advisors appear to be thoroughly desperate.

And this extreme desperation, this fear of losing a grip on power, all over the world, is extremely dangerous for the survival of humanity.

China, but also Russia, have been extremely patient. They use diplomacy, instead of threats and insults. They are observing the behavior of the U.S. leaders with certain amusement, as if it was the behavior of a spoiled child who is throwing a tantrum. But their patience has boundaries. Once the U.S. attitude begins harming the lives of Chinese or Russian citizens, two big and independent countries will be forced to act. And the U.S. is pushing, as if, paradoxically, the confrontation was the only chance for its survival.

It is pushing, provoking, on all fronts: from the South China Sea and Taiwan to Hong Kong, from Venezuela to Iran, from insulting China and Russia, to a bizarre battle already being fought on the COVID-19 front.

One scratch, one tiny error in the Iranian territorial waters, or in the South China Sea, and the fragile peace may go up in flames. Nerves are stretched.

The world had been tolerating, uneasily but tolerating, the aggressive behavior of Washington, for years and decades. But now, with the COVID-19 confusion, and with the imminent global economic and financial collapse, almost all countries are extremely edgy. This is not the same world as we knew it to be just a year ago. Trump, Navarro and the others in their ‘camp’ should pay close attention, if they want to avoid a global tragedy.

Unfortunately, they do not seem to be trying to avoid a conflict. They are trying to provoke one, by all means!


This has to be repeated, again and again: You cannot call China, a country which was first attacked by the coronavirus, and which defeated it, alone and with great determination and sacrifice, “a country which infected the world”, or “a country which is profiteering from the crisis”. That would be insane, incorrect, and thoroughly vulgar.

If anything, China has helped almost the entire world to fight this pandemic. It also quickly shared expertise, and helped those nations which have been hit the most, with both advice and invaluable medical equipment.

Statements such as those of the White House trade adviser Peter Navarro calling on China to prove that a Wuhan laboratory played no role in the coronavirus pandemic, are extremely irresponsible and dangerous, and could easily lead to dire consequences.

Many experts worldwide, actually believe that it was the U.S. that brought the virus to China. Earlier, the Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian tweeted one of the theories, which says that it was the US military that brought the new coronavirus to the central city of Wuhan.

But in the end, the Chinese officials decided not to point fingers in the direction of Washington, at least for now, as these are extremely explosive topics and exceptionally volatile times.

The United States, however, has misread these wise and conciliatory moves of the Chinese government and the Communist Party, as weakness. It has turned the tables around, and began the lowest imaginable set of ideological attacks, obviously convinced of its invincibility.

Eventually, Washington crossed all the lines. And now it has become almost certain that its propaganda salvos will not go unanswered.


The attacks against China are unjust and racist.

They smell of cultural supremacy and of a superiority complex.

The Western world in general, and the United States in particular, have brought death and destruction to hundreds of millions of human beings, all over the world. Washington has no moral mandate to lecture any country on our planet, particularly not China, which has no history of imperialism or harming humanity.

“Hiding facts”, or using chemical and biological warfare is something that is in line with Washington and its ‘foreign policy’. China has no chronicle of such behavior.

One should just recall Indochina, Iraq, Cuba and many other places, to see what Washington is capable of.


It has all been evolving in accordance with the script penned in Washington, London, and other Western capitals: pro-Western militants were first identified, then recruited. Riots were financed and supported; society, at least to some extent, destabilized. When the government could not just stand by and watch, when it finally acted, the Western media went into overdrive, attacking it ferociously for ‘violating rights’ and for ‘acting undemocratically’.

Nothing new, really. Tens, perhaps hundreds of governments have already been overthrown, all over the world, with the help of this ‘libretto’.

It is always done “in the name of freedom and democracy”, at least on paper. In reality, the burlesque and cheap tragi-comedy is performed for one and only reason: to keep power in the hands of Western governments, particularly Washington. It goes without saying that the West never really cared about the lives of non-Westerners. In virtually all parts of the world, including China, the lives of ‘The Others’ have been continuously sacrificed for the mercantile and other pragmatic interests of Western empires.

Hong Kong is no exception. And it takes great discipline not to see and understand it.

All that has been done in 2019 and 2020, is to harm the most populous and greatly successful socialist country – China. And the reason why China is, among a few other nations on Earth, singled out for smearing and continuous attacks, is because it has managed to develop and implement a much more prosperous political, economic and above all, social system, than the West. It puts its people first, and it is relentlessly searching for novel concepts which bring benefits to its population of 1.4 billion, and to the entire world.

The more successful China gets, the more endangered the Western regime becomes.

Washington, London and others, have already tried to infiltrate Mainland China with propaganda, with countless hostile NGOs and an entire army of ‘academics’ and journalists. But they have squarely and patently failed. Subversions and interference in China’s domestic affairs have been detected, confronted and finally stopped.

Hong Kong was identified as the “soft spot” or “Achilles Heel”.

The West has thrown tremendous resources into the territory, first in 2014 (during the so-called “Umbrella Revolution”), and later in 2019. On both occasions, it recruited mostly young people who have been frustrated with the fundamentalist capitalism, corruption and prohibitive cost of living. Highly professional Western propagandists made sure of totally twisting the reality, directing the wrath of some uninformed and unsatisfied people towards socialist Beijing, instead of at the reminiscences of the perverse regime which had been injected into Hong Kong by the British colonialists.

But even this approach and strategy, which has been so ‘successful’ in countless countries worldwide, has failed again.

With great determination, China (including Hong Kong), defeated COVID-19, all over its vast territory. While the West has clearly failed its people, and instead of fighting the virus, resorted to ugly propaganda and the cheapest imaginable disinformation tricks, snapping at China, Russia and other confident and socialist countries.

But the West has never really given up: Hong Kong, until now is still designated as the place to be destabilized.


This is how Reuters began its report, reprinted by The Globe and Mail, and many other publications, on 19 April, 2020:

“Suppressing Hong Kong’s democracy movement is a priority for China, even in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, a top pro-democracy leader said on Sunday, a day after police arrested him and 14 others in a surprise crackdown.

The United States and others criticized the arrest of the 15 on charges of organizing and participating in anti-government protests last year, the biggest crackdown on the pro-democracy movement since the outbreak of the protests almost a year ago.

“This is all happening while we are in midst of a pandemic,” pro-democracy activist Avery Ng told Reuters by telephone.”

This is how propaganda works. Instead of reporting the news first, or quoting official Chinese or Hong Kong sources (as would be the case if the arrests, including of such dissidents like Mr. Assange, took place in London or New York), Reuters opens its piece with some quote from a militant. Not only is this bad journalism, but it goes against all norms of ‘objective’ reporting.

But all gloves are obviously off, and reporters seem to be paid not just by the number of words they produce, but by how much they succeed in smearing China.

The logic of such articles is obviously pitiful. It can, and should be thrown back to its source, and read:

“Suppressing democracy all over the world is a priority for Washington, even in the midst of the coronavirus crises, which so far has infected 755, 533 people in the United States (by 19 April, 2020), while claiming 33,903 lives.”

On top of it, the proposed Hong Kong Extradition Bill (from 2019) has never clearly been explained to anybody by the Western mass media. The Bill was actually designed to protect the people of Hong Kong from the oligarchy, corruption and the safeguards erected exclusively for the elites, at the expense of the ordinary citizens. This point will be addressed by me, as well as documented, in detail, during and after my next visit to Hong Kong.

The 15 people who were recently arrested, actually broke the laws of Hong Kong, interfered in the due legislative process of their own territory, and helped to ignite violence which threw their amazing city onto its knees. All this was done under the British and UK colonialist flags, and under the banners of the U.S. and Germany. All this, while the National Anthem of the United States was blasted from the portable speakers of rioters. Public property was destroyed and people were injured, some killed. The Police which reacted in extremely restrained, mild manner, was shamelessly smeared by countless Western media outlets. I witnessed this violence, reported on it, and documented it.

As was noted above, the script has already damaged countless countries. But it is an old script. And it no longer inspires almost anyone, except those in the old and new imperialist countries of the West.

• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: American Media, China, Coronavirus, Hong Kong 

Now what? President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines is outraged. He wants an end to the U.S. military presence in his country. He wants to curb all cooperation with the U.S. armed forces. He hits hard, talks big. And his people seem to be behind him, no matter what – his popularity rating is high and rising, now around 87%, which is something unimaginable anywhere else in Southeast Asia, or in the world.

Under a colorful headline on February 7, 2020, ‘End that son of a b*tch’: Duterte confirms US-Philippines military collaboration agreement is toast’, RT reported:

“Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte is “terminating” the Visiting Forces Agreement, which provides legal immunity to US military drills, in retaliation for the US canceling the visa of a political ally and fellow drug-warrior.

“The president said he is terminating the VFA,” Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana told ABS-CBN News on Friday. “I asked for clarification and he said he is not changing his decision.” The agreement provides legal immunity for US soldiers conducting military exercises in the Philippines.

Enraged by the US decision to cancel the visa of former police chief and Senator Roland dela Rosa last month, Duterte had given Washington a month to fix its ‘mistake,’ refusing to back down even as other members of his government urged him to reconsider.

“I’m warning you… if you won’t do the correction on this, I will terminate the… Visiting Forces Agreement,” Duterte said last month, daring the US to call his bluff.”

Then few days later, on February 13, 2020, a letter was sent to his country’s tormentor and former colonialist master: ‘The Philippines has notified the United States that a major security pact is over.’“

Some say, all this is nothing new. The United States, the European Union, and even the United Nations keep attacking President Duterte. He hits back, insults his counter-parts, regularly threatening to kick out the U.S. and its military forces. He personally insults the leaders of Western countries, international organizations and even the Catholic Church which, in the Philippines, used to be untouchable.

Making Western leaders desperate, he calls China “the kindest nation on earth”, and he admires Russia and its President Vladimir Putin. In Manila, the Russian leader is now a masculine idol.

President Duterte is a self-proclaimed socialist. Critics say that many of his economic policies are still capitalist, even if his social policies are left-wing. But he has done precisely what most of his fellow citizens wanted him to do: he introduced free medical care and free education all the way to university level; something unthinkable in most of the Southeast Asian countries.

“Not enough has been done to improve the state of the nation,” says the academia, as well as the NGOs. But the poor love him, and so does the middle class. For them, what he has done is enough; much more than enough. Nobody did more for them in the past. 87% is an unprecedented level of support! The majority of Filipinos do not just support him – they love him, unconditionally.

Western mainstream media trashes Duterte left and right. Pro-Western NGOs are calling him a mass murderer, because of the war on drugs, which allegedly has taken thousands of lives.

His supporters reply:

“But before Duterte was sworn in, millions were rotting alive in desperate slums and enormous crime-infested cemeteries. Drug lords were murdering innocent people, and no Western NGOs were protesting.”

I listen to both sides of the story. For three years, I have been all ears.

The criticism and attacks from the West, all this seems to matter nothing to Duterte – he is moving forward like a tank. And his long-suffering country is improving, year after year. It is moving up, even according to the Human Development Index (HDI, compiled by the UNDP).

“I will kill you, you son of a bitch!”

Western media loves such statements, blasting them all over, as if they were some sort of proof that the President of the Philippines is a mafia-style murderous maniac.

But I am told by many in his restive home base in the south; in Davao City:

“No way; this is how we speak on Mindanao Island. President is Visaya – he says what comes to his mind. Tagalog people are polite, but their actions are often brutal. Talking dirty means nothing bad where Duterte comes from”.


But for the Southeast Asian region, the most important topic is how President Duterte is handling foreign policy.

All over Asia Pacific, the United States, desperate to keep its global hegemony, is antagonizing Beijing on all fronts. It is pushing China from all directions. The South China Sea is constantly in the spotlight, through the international courts (often controlled by the Western countries and interests) as well as through the Western mass media. The dispute over the Spratly Islands has been poisoning the relationship between Beijing and Manila for decades.

However, after Duterte became president, things changed, dramatically. The rhetoric significantly softened, and both China and the Philippines clearly stated that they are willing to talk, negotiate and compromise. To the great dismay of the West, any military conflict between two countries is now out of question.

This approach is having an enormous (although grossly under-reported) influence on the entire region’s policy towards China. The country that is watching particularly closely is China’s historic rival, and a fellow Communist state – Vietnam.

For quite some time, President Duterte expressed a desire to diversify his foreign policy, extending a hand towards both Moscow and Beijing.

In January 2020, in an exclusive interview for the RT, he stated, rebelliously:

“I want to open new fronts with Russia and China as US lived off the fat of our land… America is not the Philippines and the Philippines is not America. It ain’t that way anymore, and I refuse to dovetail under American foreign policy…”

But then again, his statements and actions do not seem to be adequate for everybody. Like in the West, many Marxist Filipino intellectuals are “purists”; they demand utopian Western-style Marxist, or even Anarcho-syndicalist methods of ‘governance’.

President Duterte is neither of the above. He is a spontaneous, emotional leader. He is pragmatic. He often acts on the spur of the moment; he makes good moves and he also makes blunders. Sometimes, after he makes mistakes, he corrects them; he steps back, and tries again.

He is not a simple man; he is tormented individual. Sexually molested by a priest when he was a child, he holds a grudge against Christianity. He grew up in a complex family. His mother and father came from different political spectrums: a socialist and an official, a civil servant.

To the horror of some, he has a soft spot for the former dictator Marcos. So were several members of his family.


The legendary left-wing academic, Roland Simbulan, a professor at the University of the Philippines (UP) and a good friend of mine, is even increasingly skeptical about the direction of the Duterte’s foreign policy. He wrote for this essay:

• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: American Military, Duterte, Philippines 

Now it is becoming obvious who China’s friends are, and who her enemies are. In the West, many nations and individuals are celebrating the short-term difficulties that the Chinese nation is facing, pouring salt into the wound, while giving birth to anti-Chinese sentiments.

Even the WHO (World Health Organization) has been warning not to impose travel bans against the countries affected by coronavirus. And it is the WHO, which is praising Beijing repeatedly and loudly, for its performance during the fight against the new virus.

But no matter what doctors say, and what the objective data is, several Western countries have been maliciously smearing China’s determined and successful efforts to contain and combat the epidemy. They exaggerate the danger, spreading fear among the people all over the world. In a spiteful, manipulative and illogical way, they are connecting the epidemic to the entire Chinese system.

Whereas Russia, which is a close ally of China, but even Japan which is often politically antagonistic to Beijing, are keeping it relatively cool, feverishly working on developing an effective vaccine, the United States and many European countries are spreading fake news, issuing travel warnings, and effectively banning their citizens from travelling to Mainland China, even banning foreigners who have recently (within 14 days) visited China, from entering the United States.

Following bizarre logic, U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar recently defended the actions of his government:

“The risk of infection for Americans remains low and with these and our previous actions we are working to keep the risk low.”

Anti-Chinese xenophobia in the United States is on the rise. Chinese people are banned from entering some restaurants, and racist punches are thrown everywhere.

Some statements are so racist, that they are actually illegal, even in the United States itself. One of the readers (with the handle name @melpol) of a large media site, recently commented on my re-printed essay about the determined fight of China against the disease:

“The Chinese are DISGUSTING, souless frauds. I hope Coronavirus wipes out EVERY last one.”

Such declarations are shocking, but not really isolated.

Even the world-renowned Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek, who is not always on the side of Beijing, recently snapped angrily at the West and its racist attitude against China, in his essay writer for the RT:

“Coronavirus is all over the news, and I don’t pretend to be a medical specialist, but there is a question I’d like to raise: Where do facts end and where does ideology begin?

The first obvious enigma: There are far worse epidemics taking place, so why is there such an obsession with this one when thousands die daily from other infectious diseases?

Of course, an extreme case was the 1918-1920 influenza pandemic, known as Spanish flu, when the death toll is estimated to have been at least 50 million. Around this time, influenza has infected 15 million Americans: at least 140,000 people have been hospitalized and more than 8,200 people killed this season alone.

It seems racist paranoia is obviously at work here – remember all the fantasies about the Chinese women in Wuhan skinning live snakes and slurping bat soup. Whereas, in reality, a big Chinese city is probably one of the safest places in the world.”

But medical specialists are far from desperate about the outbreak. Coronavirus kills, but at much lower rates than many other diseases.

An analysis by the renowned British medical magazine, Lancet, was mentioned in the BBC report, and they basically revealed that fears of the coronavirus in the West are exaggerated:

“A report on the early stages of the outbreak by the Lancet medical journal said most patients who died from the virus had pre-existing conditions.

The report found that, of the first 99 patients treated at the Jinyintan Hospital in Wuhan, 40 had a weak heart or damaged blood vessels. A further 12 had diabetes.

Most people infected are likely to fully recover – just as they would from a normal flu.

An expert at China’s National Health Commission (NHC) said that one week was sufficient for a recovery from mild coronavirus symptoms.”

Some medical experts, in Asia and all over the world, are obviously on the same page with Zizek and Lancet. According to the recent figures, around 17 thousand cases were reported. 361 patients lost their lives. That is 2% – comparatively lower than the mortality rate from many other diseases.

My doctor-friends in Hong Kong have commented, for this essay:

“Certainly, it is a very infectious virus. But the severity is much less than SARS. It is understandable that any country would not welcome such a virus. But as usual, the West would like to smear and weaken China. This virus usually kills old people with other morbidities. The one in Hong Kong who died was only 39, but had other diseases. The good news is that they have found 2 very effective anti-viral agents to treat this. The local people in the yellow camp try to exaggerate the viral attack to achieve political gains. Disgusting, especially with some medical staff on strike.”


Several airlines have cancelled flights to Mainland China, to all or at least some destinations, including Air France, United, American Airlines, Delta and British Airways. Obviously, when it was time to cash in on growing Chinese market, these airlines were ready to dispatch its biggest birds, including the Airbus 380-800. But during the crisis, instead of standing by its new clients, they stranded passengers, unceremoniously. One of my good friends in Beijing, for instance, has not been able to join her important work mission in Santiago de Chile, because her Air France ticket had been converted into nothing more than a useless piece of paper.

Once again, the better China’s performance is, the more it gets smeared, the more colorful the lies against her are.

Commenting for this essay, Mira Lubis, an Indonesian academic recalled how she was quarantined in Wuhan, even several years ago. She is still impressed by the Chinese health authorities:

“I think China treats all virus cases very carefully. And it doesn’t mean that this latest coronavirus is more harmful than other viruses. I was quarantined in Wuhan just for having a normal flu. Meaning they have very strict procedural standards, compared to other countries, even those in Europe or the United States. And they do it in order to defend people’s health.”

However, it is very difficult to expect objectivity from the countries which have been, for years and decades, been indoctrinated by anti-Chinese propaganda!


[First published by China Daily Hong Kong]

• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: American Media, China, Coronavirus 

Steve Bannon, a former White House strategist and Breitbart editor, was finally kicked out of an Italian monastery, which even Newsweek wittily described as a “far-right boot camp”.

This author, along with a few others, has been warning for some time that the former Trump’s top advisor had crossed all lines, and began directly interfering in the internal affairs of the European Union, by promoting and amalgamizing dangerous extreme right-wing alliances of all natures; political, philosophical and religious. The monastery was supposed to offer “classes”, which Bannon described as “the kind of underpinnings of the Judeo-Christian West”.

Tactics? “A modern gladiator school”, according to Steve Bannon’s own assessment.

Journal NEO (New Easter Outlook) has already published one essay in 2019, analyzing Bannon’s activities in Italy and beyond: “Steve Bannon – a Profile of a US Apparatchik. From China to the Pope”. There, it was argued:

“Steve Bannon is a talented propagandist and promoter of Western supremacy and imperialist “culture”. He is extremely dangerous, mainly because he knows precisely what he is doing and what he wants to achieve: total control over the world.”

Last year, it was hard to imagine that Italy would dare to rock the boat, disturbing the activities of one of the most powerful and canny neo-cons in the world.

But the unimaginable suddenly took place.

Reported by Newsweek’s Rosie McCall:

“The Italian culture ministry has announced it evicted what has been described as a far-right political bootcamp from a thirteenth-century monastery, AFP reports. The bootcamp has ties to Steve Bannon, a former adviser to President Donald Trump, through its Dignitatis Humanae Institute (DHI), which Bannon funds.

According to AFP, the bootcamp—which had been established to train students to “defend the West”—had been given a 19 year lease on Trisulti Charterhouse in the Province of Frosinone, central Italy, in February 2018. However, the ministry said on Thursday that the group had falsely tendered for the lease, and thus they were evicted. This follows reports from May that the ministry was intending to revoke the lease due to “violations of various contractual obligations,” according to The Telegraph.

This will come as a blow to Benjamin Harnwell, a British conservative and the director of DHI, who had hoped to launch the first three-week course to a small group of students this year and was in the process of securing planning permission to revamp the venue. Harnwell is an associate of Bannon, who had reportedly promised to give \$1 million to the project.”

Of course, the “boot camp” has been evicted on technicalities, not on ideological bases.

My contacts inside the ruling 5-Star-Movement (Movimento 5 Stelle) are hushed and cautious on the topic. Usually outspoken, they are reluctant to go on the record. I am only receiving bits and pieces of news. But what I get is telling. This are big, and extremely dangerous issues. Mr. Bannon has not been on Donald Trump’s team, for quite some time, but only few have any doubts that he is still working on behalf of the President’s neo-con crew.

What do I get from Rome? Barks of confused inside news, and requests not to use real names in my essays, when it comes to Bannon’s case:

“We have orders not to speak to the press, Andre… Until a decision is made by State Council… Here, inside the administration, it is a war; more than a war; a battle inside the government… and the Church. Pope Francis is against conservatives. The new Minister of Culture, Franceschini (PD) is linked to the Church… Things are uncertain until now. The Tar (Administrative Tribunal), threw its support behind Bannon and blocked the decision of the Minister of Culture. And now the State Council has to decide.”

Another source coming from Rome offered much more concrete analyses:

“There are parties in Italy, like the Northern League and “Fratelli d’Italia” [Italian Brothers] who are producing propaganda and take direct orders from Bannon, yielding to his hate towards China.”

Of course, this is big. The Northern League and “Fratelli d’Italia” are some of the most powerful political forces in Italy. The fact that they are under the boot of a U.S. right-wing extremist, is tremendous and scandalous news.


For a long time, Steve Bannon has been cheering right-wing forces in Italy and beyond.

According to La Presse (23 September, 2018), he praised Italian right-wing movements, claiming that “with them here in Italy the revolution works”:

“On the Roman stage of “Atreju”, the event of Fratelli d’Italia, Steve Bannon praises the parties of Salvini and Meloni: “In the elections the Italians spoke against the system, saying that it is time for a change. They are tired of the feeling of being told that they are racist and xenophobic, just because they want to defend their culture and their country,” said the former White House strategist. “Yours is the most important experiment, if the revolution works here, then it will spread,” added Bannon.””

Unsurprisingly, Steve Bannon evokes wrath in those on whose behalf he is claiming to be speaking for; the modern-day Catholic Church, and even Christianity in general.

Pope Francis, whom Bannon has personally insulted on several occasions, is clearly against his politics.

I also approached one of the most important living theologists/philosophers, my friend John Cobb Jr., who clearly stated his point for this essay:

“Steve Bannon makes it clear that one can today renew Charlemagne’s kind of Christianity without embarrassment and gain significant support from other “Christians.” He makes little if any pretense to follow Jesus or the Hebrew prophets. His heroes are the gladiators. He is preparing people to fight in all sorts of ways including, it seems, violent ones. The war is in support of the West rather than any one nation, what we once called “Christendom.” From the point of view of the Bible, devotion to a nation state or to the West is idolatry.”

John Cobb concluded:

“Christians of the first sort, those who seek to be followers of Jesus are called to love even those who spread hatred. But one aspect of that love must be to identify those who make the defense of the West their highest priority as idolaters. Christians should go on to show the consequences of this idolatry. It is destructive of society. It also damages the idolater. If we truly love Steve Bannon, we are called to try to reduce the damage that his idolatrous thought and action does both to others and to himself. If his understanding of Christianity gives any place at all to the teachings and ministry of Jesus, we can point out how radically his work opposes that of Jesus. If he has any interest in the Biblical God, we can point out that he is profoundly failing to serve those whom God calls him to serve. If he really cares about the future of the West we can show that he is blocking paths to a flourishing future. Perhaps, just perhaps, he can listen.”


It becomes clear that for Steve Bannon, it is not going to be easy to sail through the turbulent waters of European politics. True, Europe has been moving, consistently and alarmingly, towards the right. Some would even say, towards the extreme right.

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The Sultan of Oman – Qaboos bin Said Al Said – passed away at the age of 79. He was the longest serving monarch in the Gulf. Within 24 hours, an envelope with his will got opened, and the new ruler was announced and sworn in before the governing family council.

His name is Haitham bin Tariq Al Said, and he is a former Minister of Heritage and Culture of the Sultanate of Oman, as well as a cousin of the late Sultan.

I was given this news before it hit the wires, in Tokyo, by my friend, Dr Hamed Alhamami, Director of UNESCO Regional Bureau for the Arab States and Representative to Lebanon and Syria. We know each other well, from my “Lebanon years”, and now he came to Japan for just a few days, in order to forge a closer co-operation with the Japanese government and to seal support for Yemen and Syria.

Dr. Alhamani, an Omani himself, is a good friend of the new ruler.

We were just ready to depart together for Nikko, an ancient World Heritage Site north of Tokyo, when I noticed that he had tears in his eyes. He explained:

“Our ruler died in Oman, after years of terminal illness. He was the most important person in my country. He changed everything there. When I was a child, we could not even afford a pair of shoes. Now, the citizens of Oman are enjoying free education, medical care and each 20-year-old person, either a woman or a man, has the right to receive from the state, 600 square meters of land.”

While visiting Oman, which is, at least on paper, not as wealthy as Saudi Arabia or Bahrain, I did not witness any misery as in the above-mentioned countries. It is a nation tolerant towards the Shi’a, a friend of Syria and Iran, as well as both parts of the bitterly divided Yemen. It is a “unique”, different Gulf state, respected by all Arab countries, having no disputes with its neighbors.

Throughout the bitter war in Syria, a war ignited by the West and its allies in the Gulf, Oman has been maintaining its diplomatic presence in Damascus. It has also been sending regular flights to Yemen, bringing the injured and ill people to Muscat, so they can be treated by the best medical facilities in the country, of course for free. The relationship between Muscat and Teheran is also good, even now, when the White House is igniting military conflict in the region.


Oman has been maintaining very good relationship, with both Beijing and Tokyo.

Dr. Alhamami came to Japan to strengthen collaboration between UNESCO – Arab Region, and Japan, particularly to support the education sector in both Syria and Yemen.

And so, it happened that during his visit to Japan, Oman’s monarch died, and the new one took the reins of power.

During the train journey, Hamed explained to me, in detail:

“The former Sultan built the nation with a focus on the people, lifting the country out of poverty and modernizing and developing it with educated, healthy people. Education all the way to the highest level is free and students are even paid a monthly stipend of up to US\$300.”

Health care is also free. There are centers that attend to primary care, and for more complex cases, patients are referred to hospitals.”

Dr Hamed Alhamami used to work in the education sector of Oman:

“For education, the former Sultan was particularly hands-on. When I was the director general of curriculum at the Education Ministry, I used to get his hand-written notes with comments on the textbooks…”

Sounds like socialism, Arab-style? Yes, perhaps, except that it is not called like this in the Middle East, even when it actually is.

As the old, beautiful local train was climbing up towards the mountains and the ancient city of Nikko, itself a UNESCO protected world heritage site, Hamed could not stop counting the great achievements of his former monarch:

“And you know, for the poor students, things improved dramatically, too. They could be enrolled in private universities at government expense and would still be eligible for a government stipend.”


And now? Sultan Qaboos did not have children. And so, Haitham bin Tariq Al Said was handpicked before the old monarch passed away.

Oman and its ruler have been, especially recently, obsessed with culture; local, Arab and foreign. A new lavish opera house in Muscat, and new elegant museums, were clear proof of it. The choice of Haitham bin Tariq was therefore logical.

Culture and harmony, in the turbulent sea of the region. The Middle East is on fire, but Oman appears to be calm, at least for now.

I asked Hamed, what he predicts will happen now, in the near future?

He replied without much hesitation:

“Externally, the former Sultan enforced a non-interference foreign policy. The country maintained good relationships with all other states in the area. He paid very close attention to Palestine, Yemen and Syria, providing countries and peoples with both material support and policy advice. I expect the country to closely follow the path laid out by the former Sultan.”

And something close to the spirit of UNESCO:

The new Sultan is a former Minister of Culture and Heritage and was instrumental in signing the co-operation with Syria for its cultural restoration work.”

Oman, perhaps the most stable country in the Gulf, just lost its esteemed ruler who governed for half a century. But it gained another enlightened monarch. It appears that admirable continuity has been quietly ensured.

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All objective reports coming out of China are praising the country for its determined and successful battle against the new and treacherous disease known as Coronavirus.

The government in Beijing takes no chances. It is studying the situation, allocating massive resources to medical research. It is setting up temporary hospitals and medical centers, informing citizens about the recent developments, while controlling the flow of people in all affected and high-risk areas.

All this is impressive. China is fighting for its own people, and it is trying to minimize the impact on foreign lands. And it is much more effective than what takes place in Western countries during the same or similar national emergencies.

But how is the Chinese government rewarded for its life-saving efforts?

The better prepared China is, the more successfully it gets in fighting the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic, the louder the critical voices smearing it in the West become, and even in its own territory of Hong Kong.

On January 27, 2020, RT reported shocking occurrences which took place there:

“A small bomb prompted evacuation and temporarily disrupted work at a hospital in Hong Kong. Masked protesters had earlier firebombed a proposed quarantine area for possible coronavirus victims.

On Sunday, masked anti-government protesters threw a Molotov cocktail at an empty public building, where authorities planned to quarantine people who may have contracted the deadly coronavirus that is currently raging in mainland China.”

These cowardly and selfish acts will only further discredit the rioters, exposing their destructive and selfish spirit.

Instead of showing solidarity and supporting people in dire need of help (as the citizens in Mainland China are doing with great determination), these hooligans are reducing future medical facilities to ashes.

Committing such crimes, the rioters are not “fighting for Hong Kong”; far from it! Needless to say, both people from Mainland China, as well as Hong Kong residents, are travelling back and forth, for family visits, cultural exchanges, tourism and work. Do rioters want, for instance, a local mother and her child who just returned from Wuhan, to die on the streets of Kowloon in agony, with no help? Or even if not a local: would they want an unlucky man or a woman from Mainland China who earlier contracted the disease, to have no place to go and get help?

If this is what they really want, then one has to wonder if there is really any Chinese blood left circulating in their veins, or whether they got converted into compassionless and brutal subjects of Western colonialist masters.

One wants to shout: “Shame! This is Spring Festival time. And Hong Kong is part of one of the oldest, deepest and the most compassionate cultures on Earth! If you do not want to help, at least do not dare to spoil the efforts of those who do.”


A friend of mine who practices medicine in Hong Kong, wrote to me recently in what appeared to be despair:

“People in the West criticize China, no matter what it does. If it barricades a city they say it has hidden some important information. If it doesn’t do it, they say that Beijing is acting irresponsibly. They smear China either way.”

He lamented about the changes which are taking place in his city:

“I have been working the whole morning in a public hospital. The medical staff are working as usual. But some doctors and nurses threaten to strike, probably for political gains. Many of them take sick leaves. I am so ashamed of them. When we had SARS in 2003, we were not like this. We continued working and even some young doctors died…”

Another Hong Kong-based doctor wrote to me, bitterly, using WeChat:

“…In contrast, doctors in China volunteer to work in Wuhan!”

On 30 January 2020, Reuters reported:

“Trade unions in Hong Kong, including hospital and rail workers, are threatening to go on strike unless the government closes the border with mainland China to stop the spread of a new coronavirus that has sent jitters around the world.

While Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam has ordered the suspension of the high-speed rail service between the city and mainland China from midnight on Thursday and all cross-border ferry services, the unions said it was not enough.”

These occurrences may not be as “spectacular” as the ones in which rioters are burning or beating their fellow citizens in broad daylight – citizens who simply disagree with them.

But what is taking place is enormously significant.

It appears that the rioters have managed to make solidarity totally collapse. Hong Kong has been infiltrated by savage individualism, or call it Western-style selfishness. The manual on how to behave and live one’s life is not printed in black and white, but it can always be guessed: “Let victims collapse in the middle of the street, and if they are ill, cross to the other side. Shelter yourself. Do not show compassion. You are all that really matters.”

This is most likely a result of too many Western flags waving, and of repeating endlessly, “Me-me-me”.

What is certain is that the People’s Republic of China will eventually defeat the coronavirus. It will happen sooner than later. In a few months, or perhaps even weeks, the people on the streets of Beijing and Wuhan will be celebrating yet another great victory. If it doesn’t come to its senses soon, Hong Kong will be left behind. It will feel far from being proud of itself, in fact it will be depressed; depressed and defeated by its own selfishness.


[First published by China Daily Hong Kong]

Andre Vltchek is a philosopher, novelist, filmmaker and investigative journalist. He has covered wars and conflicts in dozens of countries. Five of his latest books are “China Belt and Road Initiative: Connecting Countries, Saving Millions of Lives”, China and Ecological Cavillation with John B. Cobb, Jr., Revolutionary Optimism, Western Nihilism, a revolutionary novel “Aurora” and a bestselling work of political non-fiction: “Exposing Lies Of The Empire”. View his other books here. Watch Rwanda Gambit, his groundbreaking documentary about Rwanda and DRCongo and his film/dialogue with Noam Chomsky “On Western Terrorism”. Vltchek presently resides in East Asia and the Middle East, and continues to work around the world. He can be reached through his website and his Twitter. His Patreon

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China has been hit by coronavirus as if by a brick over the head; heavily and mercilessly. Instead of help, Beijing has received criticism, even verbal attacks.

In spite of doing tremendous job fighting the epidemy, China is getting almost no tributes for its performance.

Now Bangkok, Jakarta and other regional capital are in panic. After trying to sweep the crises under the carpet in order not to rock their tourist industries which are heavily dependent on annual arrival of the millions of Chinese package tourists, they are trying to introduce coherent health measures. A bit too late, complain their own citizens. However, the West has no appetite to criticize them. All criticism is reserved, as always, for China.


No one knows precisely where the present disease really comes from. Chinese doctors (as well as the Russian ones) are working days and nights, trying to find the answers, as well as the cure. But until now, people are still dying. The mortality rate of the infected patients is very high; some sources say at about 50%. As this article is being written, around 210 have already lost their lives, mainly in China.

In 2013, The Guardian wrote that there were similar cases in Saudi Arabia, where the research was brutally swept under the carpet:

“A doctor in a Saudi hospital was fired for reporting a new, deadly strain of the coronavirus. Now, with half of all confirmed cases ending in death, the World Health Organization has issued a global alert and scientists are preparing for the worst…”

This example exposes an approach so commonly adopted by different nations.

In many countries, similar emergencies are not confronted directly. The governments hope that they will, quietly, go away, until it is often too late to prevent disaster.

My doctor friends in Hong Kong commented on the above-mentioned case:

“That was MERS, and MERS is a corona virus, and so is a common cold. The present virus has not got a name yet, but belongs to the corona virus family, too.”


China has risen, with zeal and determination. It is confronting deadly disease frontally, as if it would be confronting enemy military battalions. It has been clearly a Communist approach, similar to that which already saved millions of lives in Cuba.

From Szechuan and elsewhere, I began receiving brief but powerful messages, penned by my friends and colleagues; messages reflecting heroic struggle of Chinese nation against the disease:

“China is now introducing the highest level of emergency. Treatment and prevention are the most important political missions.”

“Nobody can now neglect his or her duties… In my city’s education department, they issued an order to postpone school opening day.”

“A factory in Zhejiang province was told to produce 80 million masks in just a few days. In the same time, the government ordered factories and shops not to raise the price of the masks. It also allocated billions of RMBs for preventive measures and products, including paying for trucks and trains distributing the equipment.”

“Patients infected with this virus get free medical care.”

A young Chinese diplomat, a friend of mine whom I will only identify by her first name – Langqi – here, reported to me from her hometown in Northern China, near Beijing:

“Despite the ineffective response of the Wuhan government at the initial stage, all governments, from central to local, have been doing everything they can to contain the spread of the virus. It is not an easy task, considering the “biggest human migration” happening during the Chinese New Year. It is with immense commitment and voluntary contributions, from doctors, nurses, people working in service and delivery industry, as well as from Wuhan people themselves, that China is able to manage the spread of the virus to its current situation. The responsive measures are also largely backed up by experts, including those who contributed during the SARS epidemic. It can be said that the whole country now is working as a whole to face our common challenge: the coronavirus. The solidarity comes not only from the trust in the government, but also from the identity as part of the community.”

A doctor with whom I work in Hong Kong, re-confirmed, in summary:

“In Wuhan, some officials tried to hide the information at the beginning. But the higher authorities made everything clear and the world appreciates government’s work, afterwards.”

Not all do, of course; unfortunately, not all.

Attacking China (as well as Russia, Iran and other independent nations) is now a sport, or a well-paid profession, or both, for many individuals, particularly those living in the West.


But many people, particularly those with the first-hand experience, decided to line-up in their support for China:

An Indonesian student Yessy Liana, based in Wuhan, recently sent passionate plea to her native country, which has an on-going tendency to smear everything Chinese, on behalf of its Western masters:

“Today I am in Wuhan City and I want to share the situation where I am now. We all heard about the coronavirus and for those of you who are worried or curious, hopefully this video can give light on the situation.

This is my school canteen, usually closed during winter holidays. But because of the coronavirus, the school reopened the canteen although only on the 1st floor… Because the school wants students to stay in the school and reduce the interaction with the outside.

This is the street in front of the campus. Now in Wuhan, public transportation is not in operation for a while. But private vehicles can go around without a problem. You can see for yourself that… it quieter than usual.

Now we are at one of the Chaoshi (market) that is still open. You can see the stock of food and drinks in this chaoshi are plentiful, and usually those of us who stay in dormitory in Wuhan buy food and drinks here.

Now we are in campus area and in front of us is a campus hospital and it is still open.

The building in front of us is a dormitory for international students. There are basketball courts and also place to play table tennis…

Now we are at my dormitory. Next to the entrance, there is a security guard who is on duty, and he will check the temperature of all people entering and leaving the dormitory.

For parents and friends who are worried about friends or family in China, please don’t worry because the government here and the school are taking care of us…”

Similar stories are circulating all over social media, uploaded by foreign students and workers who are based in China. They speak about the determination and strength of the state, the Communist Party and the citizens.

Entire factories are ordered to produce protective gear, laboratories are working on developing vaccines and medicine, to fight this latest type of coronavirus. Hospitals are constructed literally overnight.

My friend, a doctor from Hong Kong, has no doubts why the West ignores this dedicated fight of China, against the deadly disease:

“People are accusing China, from everywhere. This means that China is really strong!”

He shared with me an image, with a comment:

“Look at this. A Danish newspaper insults China by using the coronavirus as the stars of the national flag. This has lots of feedback from the citizens of China. The Prime Minister refused to apologize because ‘there is freedom of expression in Denmark’.”

Things are getting wilder and wilder. Attacks are intensifying.

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Hong Kong rioters would like to believe that they are unique, and that the West has handpicked them – them alone – for what it identifies as the “noble fight for democracy”, and for “Western values”.

The problem is that Hong Kong, which likes to promote itself as “Asia’s World City” (at least that is what the advertisements and billboards used to shout, till recently) is actually very far from being global, cosmopolitan, or internationalist.

Hong Kong is a Chinese, Cantonese city, but one which is still under the tremendous influence of Western/British propaganda, dispersed though mass media outlets, social media, as well as education.

Itself a former colony, Hong Kong has been conditioned not to sympathize with the plight of countries that are until now being colonized by the West and its allies. There are a great number of nations still being brutalized by Western neo-colonialism, in all parts of the world, but many in Hong Kong don’t seem to be noticing it.

Countless young Hong Kong inhabitants like to perceive themselves as members of the ‘elite’ club of the “rulers of the world”; as those who are close to potentates in London, Washington or Tokyo. And they ignore, often even despise those that form the great majority of people living on our planet – the wretched, humiliated and exploited.

I don’t say it only theoretically. I have spoken to the ‘rebellious’ Hong Kong people, for years. Their lack of knowledge regarding Western imperialism and the horrors it is spreading, world-wide, is remarkable. They do not even know much about British colonialism, or, concretely, about what the United Kingdom did in order to damage, humiliate and weaken China.

While the young people of Hong Kong know close to nothing about the genocides committed by the United Kingdom (and other Western countries), they repeat, again and again, all mass-produced propaganda fabrications about the PRC and its Communist Party. China, which is clearly the most peaceful large country on earth, China which has lifted hundreds of millions of people out of poverty, is demonized and smeared, by British and North American propaganda; by those countries that have been actually murdering millions, in Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and Asia.

All that, while the young people of Hong Kong are playing North American and British national anthems, waving their flags, and inviting them to re-invade and “liberate” their city “from China” – meaning from themselves.


In Hong Kong, many young people see countries that are fighting against Western imperialism – Russia, PRC, Iran, Cuba, Syria, Venezuela, to name just a few – as some sinister freaks, as dictatorships, and as ‘anti-democratic’ entities.

It is because they know very little about them, and even about their own country – China – which they have become accustomed to observe through the dark nihilist lenses, supplied by the West.

They were told that to support Communism, socialism, or even anti-imperialist forces, is “uncool” and unfashionable in the 21st Century. And they listen to such nonsense; they so desperately want to be “cool”. In fact, to many of them it is all that really matters. They have fully adopted Western selfishness, individualism, and “me-me” world view.

Now, they read about the murder of the great Iranian commander, General Qassem Soleimani. He was assassinated, in fact extra-judicially executed, against all international laws and norms, by the US military, on the direct orders of the U.S. Commander in Chief, Donald Trump.

General Soleimani fought against terrorism, helped to destroy ISIS. He was defending the Middle East against the NATO implants, be they terrorist cells, or ethnic groups that have been trained by those cells.

What are Hong Kong “pro-democracy” activists going to say now?

This is their game. By taking dictates from the West, they should be held responsible for the international actions of their handlers.

They should be asked, squarely: “Is it justifiable, to kill a man; in fact, the second most important man, in a country which (like China), has never attacked anybody, in the entire modern history? Could it be tolerated? Is this what you call ‘democracy’?”

In just the last month, the West has overthrown genuine democracy in Bolivia, enslaving, once again, millions of indigenous people. It has continued starving tens of millions, in places such as Venezuela and Iran. It keeps occupying (against the will of the great majority of people) countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq. Is this how the “pro-democracy” activists are perceiving democracy?

And what comes next? Would they support the assassinations of leaders in Russia, or even in China?

These are serious questions, and they have to be asked.


Hong Kong is just one piece of mosaic in a huge neo-imperialist game, which the West is now playing on the entire territory of our planet.

On the other hand, China is one of the countries that is defending our world; making sure that it will not be consumed, once again, by greed and the endless brutality of the West.

The young people who are smearing China relentlessly, are not only attacking Beijing. They have taken sides, against their own country, and against the entire oppressed world. They are committing treason, and they are also betraying their race, and all those billions of human beings who are suffering under the neo-colonialist whip. Are they really “cool”? Perhaps in Berlin and Chicago they are, but even there, only in certain circles.

There can be no greater contrast than that between the great patriot General Soleimani, and the rioters in Hong Kong.

People in countries such as China, Russia, Iran or Cuba know that the Motherland is never for sale. The West, with its ‘divide and rule’ strategy, is perfecting tactics on how to encourage people to sell their Motherlands, all over the world, either for money, or for several moments of selfish fame.

To realize how grotesque Western “foreign policy” is, just reverse the sides: Imagine that Beijing bombed Joshua Wong’s car, somewhere near the airport of Haneda in Tokyo, or Incheon, South Korea, killing him, and few others, just because the Chinese government does not like his face.

That is precisely what happened a few days ago outside Baghdad!

Unimaginable? Yes, I agree. This is not what China does. And so: who is playing by the rules? Who is more respectful of international law, Beijing or Washington?

The answer is obvious. What is missing is to ask: Who is more dangerous for Hong Kong? A restrained Beijing with its aims of a harmonious civilization, or the rioters who are spreading global, Western-style violence?


[First published by China Daily Hong Kong]


There are obviously some serious linguistic issues and disagreements between the West and the rest of the world. Essential terms like “freedom”, “democracy”, “liberation”, even “terrorism”, are all mixed up and confused; they mean something absolutely different in New York, London, Berlin, and in the rest of the world.

Before we begin analyzing, let us recall that countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Germany and the United States, as well as other Western nations, have been spreading colonialist terror to basically all corners of the world. And in the process, they developed effective terminology and propaganda, which has been justifying, even glorifying acts such as looting, torture, rape and genocides. Basically, first Europe, and later North America literally “got away with everything, including mass murder”. The native people of Americas, Africa and Asia have been massacred, their voices silenced. Slaves were imported from Africa. Great Asian nations, such as China, what is now “India” and Indonesia, got occupied, divided and thoroughly plundered.

And all was done in the name of spreading religion, “liberating” people from themselves, as well as “civilizing them”.

Nothing has really changed.

To date, people of great nations with thousands of years of culture, are treated like infants; humiliated, and as if they were still in kindergarten, told how to behave, and how to think.

Sometimes if they “misbehave”, they get slapped. Periodically they get slapped so hard, that it takes them decades, even centuries, to get back to their feet. It took China decades to recover from the period of “humiliation”. India and Indonesia are presently trying to recuperate, from the colonial barbarity, and from, in the case of Indonesia, the 1965 U.S.-administered fascist coup.

But if you go back to the archives in London, Brussels or Berlin, all the monstrous acts of colonialism, are justified by lofty terms. Western powers are always “fighting for justice”; they are “enlightening” and “liberating”. No regrets, no shame and no second thoughts. They are always correct!

Like now; precisely as it is these days.

Presently, the West is trying to overthrow governments in several independent countries, on different continents. From Bolivia (the country has been already destroyed) to Venezuela, from Iraq to Iran, to China and Russia. The more successful these countries get, the better they serve their people, the more vicious the attacks from abroad are, the tougher the embargos and sanctions imposed on them are. The happier the citizens are, the more grotesque the propaganda disseminated from the West gets.


In Hong Kong, some young people, out of financial interest, or out of ignorance, keep shouting: “President Trump, Please Liberate Us!” Or similar, but equally treasonous slogans. They are waving U.S., U.K. and German flags. They beat up people who try to argue with them, including their own Police Force.

So, let us see, how the United States really “liberates” countries, in various pockets of the world.

Let us visit Iran, a country which (you’d never guess it if consuming only Western mass media) is, despite the vicious embargos and sanctions, on the verge of the “highest human development index bracket” (UNDP). How is it possible? Simple. Because Iran is a socialist country (socialism with the Iranian characteristics). It is also an internationalist nation which is fighting against Western imperialism. It helps many occupied and attacked states on our planet, including Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia (before), Syria, Yemen, Palestine, Lebanon, Afghanistan and Iraq, to name just a few.

So, what is the West doing? It is trying to ruin it, by all means; ruin all good will and progress. It is starving Iran through sanctions, it finances and encourages its “opposition”, as it does in China, Russia and Latin America. It is trying to destroy it.

Then, it just bombs their convoy in neighboring Iraq, killing its brave commander, General Soleimani. And, as if it was not horrid enough, it turns the tables around, and starts threatening Teheran with more sanctions, more attacks, and even with the destruction of its cultural sites.

Iran, under attack, confused, shot down, by mistake, a Ukrainian passenger jet. It immediately apologized, in horror, offering compensation. The U.S. straightway began digging into the wound. It started to provoke (like in Hong Kong) young people. The British ambassador, too, got involved!

As if Iran and the rest of the world should suddenly forget that during its attack on Iraq, more than 3 decades ago, Washington actually shot down an Iranian wide-body passenger plane (Iran Air flight 655, an Airbus-300), on a routine flight from Bandar Abbas to Dubai. In an “accident”, 290 people, among them 66 children, lost their lives. That was considered “war collateral”.

Iranian leaders then did not demand “regime change” in Washington. They were not paying for riots in New York or Chicago.

As China is not doing anything of that nature, now.

The “Liberation” of Iraq (in fact, brutal sanctions, bombing, invasion and occupation) took more than a million Iraqi lives, most of them, those of women and children. Presently, Iraq has been plundered, broken into pieces, and on its knees.

Is this the kind of “liberation” that some of the Hong Kong youngsters really want?

No? But if not, is there any other performed by the West, in modern history?


Washington is getting more and more aggressive, in all parts of the world.

It also pays more and more for collaboration.

And it is not shy to inject terrorist tactics into allied troops, organizations and non-governmental organizations. Hong Kong is no exception.

Iran, Iraq, Syria, Russia, China, Venezuela, but also many other countries, should be carefully watching and analyzing each and every move made by the United States. The West is perfecting tactics on how to liquidate all opposition to its dictates.

It is not called a “war”, yet. But it is. People are dying. The lives of millions are being ruined.


[First published by China Daily – Hong Kong]

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