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Invade the World Invite the World

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Oh, well, I thought I was done blogging about John McCain, but he is the gift that keeps giving: From the Washington Examiner:
It's worth looking back on the 2000 race for the GOP presidential nomination between George W. Bush and John McCain to try to puzzle out how they actually disagreed on the great issues of the 21st Century: intervention and immigration. At the time, Bush said he was for a "humble" foreign policy (in contrast to... Read More
From the Editor of The Atlantic: John McCain Would Have Passed the Anne Frank Test The senator spent decades demonstrating his willingness to fight powerful men who abused powerless people. JEFFREY GOLDBERG 8:47 AM ET A decade ago, on one of his seemingly countless visits to Iraq, John McCain, who was generally immune to the... Read More
An essay by one of former New Republic owner Marty Peretz's Bright Young Men (along with Andrew Sullivan and Al Gore), James Kirchick: Another substantive difference is our views on immigration. While I always have favored high levels of immigration ... Miller is a severe restrictionist. ... This provided one of the most improbable spectacles... Read More
From the Washington Post: For example, on March 2, 2016 Max Boot told the New York Times: "I would sooner vote for Josef Stalin than I would vote for Donald Trump.” For example, in Politico on March 2, 2016: "In a March 1 interview with Vox, Max Boot, a military historian at the Council on... Read More
From CNN: And from Vox: In unrelated news, from ABC News: From The Independent (UK): Stockholm attack: police arrest man 'claiming responsibility' Man detained after four killed as truck is driven into cro
From Democracy Now! in 2008: Old Slavoj does have kind of a point there about American elites' reigning philosophy of Invade the World / Invite the World. One long run consequence of the government electing a new people will be the new people eventually electing new elites or in some other, perhaps undemocratic, fashion getting... Read More
Obama is said to have bombed 5 of the 7 countries, with barely a peep. It's right there in the Negative First Amendment: "Invade the World, Invite the World!" It's who we are.
The Establishment is going nuts over Khizr Khan because his story so perfectly supports the bipartisan imperial consensus: Granted, the actual numbers aren't very promising. As far as I can tell, 14 Muslim-American U.S. soldiers have died in this century versus 15 American soldiers murdered in a couple of terrorist attacks by Muslim-American U.S. soldiers.... Read More
And another graph that explains the migrant crises of 2016-2100
The demographers of the United Nation's Population Division have quietly released their World Population Prospects: 2015 Revision report. Above is a graph I put together from their new data that explains much about the "Migrant Crisis" of 2015. As you can see, way back in 1950, the population of the Middle East was only 18%... Read More
Radio comedian Will Rogers is often said to have sagely advised, "If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging." Western Europe has found itself in a hole over the last generation, having imprudently admitted large numbers of Muslims. Germany's two-pronged solution: - Double down - Bully Germany's eastern neighbors into the same mistake so... Read More
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