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Who Whom Whooping Cough And Whooping Cranes Why We Can't Have Nice Things Willful Ignorance Woke Capital World Cup World War G World War H World War Hair World War R World War T World War Weed World War Z Wretched Refuse Wretched Refuseism Writing Yamnaya Yezidis Yogi Berra's Restaurant You Maniacs You Blew It Up
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Something Here
The federal government has a website for creating custom data sets from the FBI's official crime stats. Here's a helpful graph I generated where the jagged red line represents what percentage of known murder offenders were black from 1980-2019. The low point for black homicidality relative to nonblacks was 1984, when blacks accounted for 45.2%... Read More
The Jutes. Sure, the Saxons lost out to the Angles in getting their name on the language and country. But that's nothing compared to the marginalization of the Jutes. We need to fight back against the erasure of the Jutes by getting Biden to declare a Jute History Month. Just tell him that kids these... Read More
What explains the bizarre sudden disappearance over the last two years of virtually all the white students from the official demographic accounts of the San Francisco Bay Area's upscale and liberal (Biden won 78% of the vote in the county) San Mateo Union High School District and their presumptive transubstantiation into Two or More Race... Read More
The AP in the Guardian: If San Diego is like Honolulu, another Navy town, blacks in San Diego likely did above the national black average: black students score quite high in Hawaii. People always think this is some kind of Ultimate Gotcha, but, once again, it works backwards. If you dropped people like Barack Obama... Read More
My new neighbor's car got bashed up pretty bad in front of his house when some guy in a pickup truck backed into it at high speed, apparently intentionally according to various other neighbors who saw it happen. I've been wondering what the purpose of the explosion of car theft over the last year has... Read More
From KPTV in Portland: And from the New York Post:
Burlingame High School is a public school in the affluent suburban San Mateo school district just south of the San Francisco airport. It's student body used to be about half white, with the rest Asian and Hispanic. Suddenly, two years ago, virtually all the white students (blue in the graph) vanished, from 712 in 2018... Read More
Do people these days really talk like in a Vincent Price horror movie: "I'm mad, mad I tell you! Ma-a-a-a-a-a-ad!" In 1980 I visited the Museum of Art Brut in Lausanne, Switzerland, which was built around Jean Dubuffet's collection of art from insane asylums and the like. But the artworks weren't particularly ma-a-a-a-ad, they were... Read More
From The Intercept, the website Glenn Greenwald co-founded but recently quit: In contrast, the well-paid journalists from the prestige press all went home long before the violence started every night. Why? Because the looti
South Africa averages a somewhat higher number of total murders each year than the U.S., despite the U.S. having 5.5 times as many people. So you might think that South Africans would have a lot of local violence to think about without getting too worked up over local police blotter items in the U.S., but... Read More
The IQs of NFL players are back in the news due to the controversy over race-norming cognitive testing used in the NFL's payout to retired players for dementia caused by concussions. Here's a 2012 study in the Journal of Sports Economics that tabulated the Wonderlic IQ test scores for 350 black and 146 white NFL... Read More
The YouGov polling firm asked Americans which animals win in a fight. In random head to head matchups of various animals, rhinoceros and elephants were expected to win 74% of the time, but unarmed humans only 17% of the time and geese 14%. Then YouGov asked if you could beat various animals in fights. I'd... Read More
Stunning national news from the New York Times: Black Student Athlete Was Forced to Remove Hair Beads During Game Nicole Pyles, 16, of Durham, N.C., says that a rule banning the use of hair beads by student athletes is discriminatory. By Johnny Diaz May 13, 2021 A North Carolina high school softball player says she... Read More
From the New York Times news section: A more accurately informative headline would be: Back to the NYT's spin: To be pedantic, 2018 was the best year for fewest homicides in New York City since Joe DiMaggio played for the Yankees. 2019 was slightly worse. Whether the 2018 to 2019 uptick was just random fluctuation... Read More
George Floyd died on Memorial Day 2020. Granted, George Floyd did not, technically, die fighting in the nation's armed forces in some half-forgotten war. But, in a higher sense, did he not die fighting in the New America's greatest and most long-running war: against racism, against white supremacy, against statistical disparities in racial performance, against... Read More
From the New York Times news section: 2,800 miles away! Is this Portland place even in the United States? ... “Let’s be honest with the American people: It was not an insurrection,” Mr. Clyde said, adding that the House floor was never breached and that no firearms had been confiscated. “There was an undisciplined mob.... Read More
One difference between the Hindu caste system and the emerging Woke caste system is that it's not stated who is on top, just who is at the bottom.
Will the Great Awokening become unfashionable and fade away? Scott Alexander thinks it's a matter of cyclical fashion, but then again isn't so sure since the last year: The Rise And Fall Of Online Culture Wars How do Internet atheism and Internet feminism help us understand the current cultural moment? May 10 ... We tend... Read More
From CBS New York: After all, America is home to countless traditional Hindu pilgrimage sites. The New York Times says most of the men are Dalits. I've never gotten this clear in my head: are Untouchables into Hinduism or are they against it?
From the New York Times: The use of the word "process" as a verb used to be restri
Rockefeller Center in mid-town Manhattan has a number of heroic giant statues, often of an allegorically progressive nature. Rockefeller Center's artworks couldn't be too far left -- the oil capitalist family canceled Diego Rivera's mural of Lenin and Marx and replaced it by Jose Maria Sert's American Progress featuring Lincoln and Emerson. But most of... Read More
From my new book review in Taki's Magazine of the already-canceled biography of novelist Philip Roth: Read the whole thing there. I'm interested in career arcs. Here's a graph I made of the number of Goodreads ratings for each of the novels of Updike (blue) and Roth (red) with each author's age at publication along... Read More
My default presumption on nature vs. nurture is that the environment counts for a lot. I usually start off assuming that nature and nurture each account for about half. On the other hand, numerous intensive students of the scientific studies scoff at my baseline assumption that the environment is responsible for 50% of the variance,... Read More
I suspect the conventional wisdom of the current era downplaying biological and behavioral differences between men and women may have a little to do with a big shift in recent centuries in which animals humans most come in contact with, from farm animals to pets. Not all, but many farm animals, such as cocks and... Read More
From NBC New York: Other than that only three people got hit by bullets so it's not quite a Mass Shooting (four or more struck), this Times Square in NYC shooting would be a pretty classic case of Sailer's Law of Mass Shootings (more wounded than dead, the shooter is likely black; more dead than... Read More
The Spanish language doesn't have neuter nouns, which drives Woke Anglos crazy: thus, they concoct ghastly neologisms like "Latinx." It's not our business to solve this problem that Anglos perceive in the Spanish language. Fortunately, in English we have a perfectly good neuter noun/adjective, which was widely used in baseball not long ago. "Latin" was... Read More
This "Humans of CIA" Diversity Video about the CIA's gay librarian who curates for the agents a selection of board games like Mastermind is not as funny as the all-time classic Woke CIA Lady with Generalized Anxiety Disorder: but it's fun to imagine Christopher "Best In Show" Guest being hired by the CIA to make... Read More
Autogynephilia is a sexual fetish where men who are attracted to women get obsessed with a fantasy of themselves as a woman. It appears to account for most of the high profile M-to-F ex-men, but that fact has been kept hushed up for years, with disastrous effects on naive adolescents who aren't autogynephilic. Ray Blanchard... Read More
From the Wall Street Journal news section: Maybe the reason is because the murder surge has been concentrated among blacks?
Any bets on whether Sailer's Law of Mass Shootings applies in this case? From the New York Times news section:
Ten percent! Follow the science. You can't argue with statistics. Ma’Khia Bryant’s Journey Through Foster Care Ended With an Officer’s Bullet The 16-year-old girl was fatally shot while threatening a young woman with a knife. She had spent two years shuttling among Ohio foster homes, hoping to return to her mother. By Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs, Ellen... Read More
The most elegant "handshake link" of a living celebrity to Napoleon Bonaparte, who died 200 years ago this month, is likely via singer Paul McCartney, who was taught to oppose the Vietnam War in 1965 by mathematician Bertrand Russell (1872-1970), who grew up in the house of his grandfather, Prime Minister John Russell (1792-1878), who... Read More
From the New York Times news section: Let's not mention the Racial Reckoning. Here's the U. of Pennsylvania's graph of 7 day moving average of homicides in Atlanta in 2020 (red line) vs. the average for 2015-2019 (grey line).
From the New York Times news section #10 Downing Street really isn't as lavish as the White House, and Prime Ministers are expected to pay for expenses for party business. E.g., in The Crown, Mrs. Thatcher is regularly shown personally frying up some kedgeree in her small kitchen for Conservative Party boffins when they stay... Read More
Is closing your downtown HQ a good way for a firm to reduce its chance of being held hostage by woke employees? If you appeal more to suburban and small town workers, you are less likely to have to deal with an internal crisis if, say, the CEO forgets somebody's pronouns than if you make... Read More
From the New York Times news section yesterday: Seems like this wouldn't do much good at boosting supply in the short run for reasons Alex Tabarrok outlines at Marginal Revolution, It's not like the whole world has lots of practice at how to churn out mRNA vaccines at mass scale and all that's keeping them... Read More
From the New York Times news section: Psychiatry Confronts Its Racist Past, and Tries to Make Amends But there is a lot to apologize for — from Reconstruction to today. By Judith Warner April 30, 2021 ... In the late 20th century, psychiatry’s rank and file became a receptive audience for drug makers who were... Read More
Obviously, Caitlyn Jenner was always a little girl on the inside. What little girl hasn't wanted to grow up to own her own aircraft hangar? @JimmyGandhi asks: I don't know if the left can realize that late onset ex-men like Bruce Jenner tend to be on the right for reasons of John Galt-style self-image. The... Read More
A friend writes:
With Bill Gates in the news for announcing he and his wife Melinda, who got married on 1/1/1994 are getting divorced, I'm remind of an anecdote I've trotted out many times before about the arduous set of tests Gates devised to find his first wife. Back in 1988, my wife and I were staying with... Read More
From the Washington Post news section: But, as we now know, statistics are racist. I can never remember: Is it racist to not adjust medi
From my new column in Taki's Magazine: Reality Check Steve Sailer May 05, 2021 ... What can be done instead? First, we must recognize that blacks have a very good deal in America even if they aren’t as rich as everybody else. While African-Americans are the poorest Americans, they should feel grateful that they are... Read More
From the Los Angeles Times: Police say gangs were often to blame; disputes at homeless encampments were another major factor. ... Preliminary data from the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department show that homicides in surrounding areas increased by more than 113% in the first three months of this year, with 64 killings, compared with 30 during... Read More
There was a big change in political standards regarding ethics during the Watergate scandal of 1973-1974. Interestingly, the current President is one of only of two federal officeholders who were elected to Congress before Watergate. The other is Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska), who lost in the 1972 election in which Joe Biden was first elected... Read More
From CBS58 in Milwaukee, as Wisconsin answers Minnesota's challenge for the lead in the 2021 iSteve content generator run for the roses: More than 300 gunshots ring out at Midtown Center in Milwaukee; 2 injured By: Victor Jacobo Twitter Posted: May 3, 2021 5:03 AM CDT MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – Milwaukee police are investigating a... Read More
From Psychology Today, which was considered a very liberal magazine 40 years ago but now seems to be on the free speech right. I wonder if it has changed or maybe just the times?
Here's a question I haven't seen much discussion about. There are currently a number of spending booms going on, with the first I noticed -- last July 4th's orgy of backyard fireworks -- being literally booming. For example, homes, home furnishings, cryptocurrency, etc. are up, up, up. There's even a new way to waste your... Read More
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