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Bush George Zimmerman Germans Germany Gladwell Global Warming Google graduate-degrees Graphs #GreatWhiteDefendantPrivilege Gregory Cochran Guest Workers Haim Saban Halloween Hamilton: An American Musical HammerHate hate Hate Crimes Fraud Hoax Hate Hoaxes Hate Hypochondria HateGraphs HateStat Health Hegira Height Height Privilege Hereditarianism Heroes Hillary Clinton Hispanic Hispanic Crime hitch Hodgepodge Holder Hollywood Homer Simpson Homicide Homicide Rate Houellebecq Housing Hox Hoxby Huddled Masses Hug Thug Human Genome Humor Hungary Hunt For The Great White Defendant Hypocrisy Ibn Khaldun Idiocracy immigration-policy-terminology Immigriping Incompetence India Indo-Europeans Inept Smears Inequality Infrastructure Intellectual Discourse Internet Interracial Marriage Intersectionality Invade Invite In Hock Invade The World Invite The World Iran Ireland Is It Good For The Jews? 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Who Whom Whooping Cough And Whooping Cranes Why We Can't Have Nice Things Willful Ignorance Woke Capital World Cup World War G World War H World War Hair World War R World War T World War Weed World War Z Wretched Refuse Wretched Refuseism Writing Yamnaya Yezidis Yogi Berra's Restaurant You Maniacs You Blew It Up
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A few years ago, the University of California Board of Regents, incensed that Asians are pulling away from blacks and Latinos on SAT scores, demanded than an expert panel of professors nominated by the UC Academic Senate study whether the SAT actually complemented high school GPA in predicting whether students could survive the rigors of... Read More
Self-identifying lesbians appear to be fading away numerically as young women of the sapphic persuasion are increasingly persuaded to declare themselves males and take male hormones. But old questions about lesbian domestic violence were revived this week -- Is it really as common as cops and emergency room workers say? If so, why are lesbians... Read More
In 2021, autogynephilic fetishists rank near the tippy-top of the Intersectional Hierarchy of Sacred Humans, far above straight black men like Dave Chappelle and straight white women like J.K. Rowling or normal teenage girls who want to use what used to be the girl's room without being raped by a boy in a skirt. From... Read More
From the New York Times: J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter books, is the world's best-selling writer. Dave Chappelle is, arguably, the top stand-up comic in America at present. Neither is
Las Vegas Raiders NFL coach Jon Gruden just got fired for writing politically deplorable private emails a decade ago. In contrast ... From the Daily Mail: Nike Jordan chairman Larry Miller, 72, reveals he murdered an innocent teen when he was a gang member in 1965 and served time in jail: Has kept it secret... Read More
Killing a bunch of people in Norway doesn't sound very Norwegian, but doing it with a bow and arrow doesn't sound very non-Norwegian. We now apparently have an answer to this conundrum. From the Daily Mail:
What will be the long term effect of Critical Race Theory growing ever more dominant in schools? Perhaps the biggest social science finding of the second half of the 20th Century was the 1966 Coleman Report's discovery that differences among schools were surprisingly unimportant in student performance compared to what nature and/or nurture kids brought... Read More
Thursday night's playoff game at 9 pm EDT between the San Francisco Giants (109-57 on the year) and Los Angeles Dodgers (109-58) marks the third time the two venerable franchises met in a deciding game after the regularly scheduled season. In 1951, the Giants famously won a playoff for the National League pennant 5-4 on... Read More
From Yahoo News: Interesting ... so NASA is going back to the moon to erase the moral stain of only white men ever having been there? And, unlike in 1969 when NASA could get to the moon themselves, NASA is going to have to pay at least one of the world's two richest white men... Read More
From the New York Post: Sixty years ago, Sidney Poitier was a big movie star because he was A Credit to His Race who did not act in a stereotypically black way. Today, however, the most admired black man is George Floyd. Similarly, in the past, one might have expected the first out-of-the-closet NFL player,... Read More
From my new column in Taki's Magazine: Read the whole thing there.
From PsyPost: These psychologists are Israelis, so, yeah, people in Israel likely get interrupted a lot. (My impression is that Israelis rank with Lebanese, Germans, and Russians for brusqueness.) While some people can easily brush off these moments of hurt, others tend to ruminate over them and persistently paint themselves as a victim. The authors... Read More
Racist Botanist would be a good name for a band. From the Associated Press: The father of modern taxonomy, Linnaeus was a scientific giant: Yeah, but what did Rousseau and Goethe know? Back to the science denialist 21st Century: Recently, though, Linnaeus has been criticized for his 18th century book “Sys
Unsilenced Science has the latest average SAT college admission test score data. Lots of tumult in recent years, such as a new test a few years ago, some pushes to get states to make the SAT mandatory and free). And now there's a big decline of about 30% in students taking the test in the... Read More
The recent Tesla court case established that the latest going rate for paying off a black plaintiff for having to endure the agony of living in a multicultural society in which Hispanic, black, and perhaps white co-workers like hip-hop and thus use its vocabulary in your presence is $137 million. But is the dingy-looking Duluth... Read More
From the New York Times news section: Aspirin Use to Prevent 1st Heart Attack or Stroke Should Be Curtailed, U.S. Panel Says Adults at high risk for cardiovascular disease may face serious side effects if they start a daily regimen of low-dose aspirin. By Roni Caryn Rabin Oct. 12, 2021 Doctors should no longer routinely... Read More
From the BBC: Dr. Hansson summed up:
From the New York Times: Raiders Coach’s Emails Included Homophobic and Misogynistic Comments A trove of emails in a separate workplace misconduct case show Raiders Coach Jon Gruden went beyond previously disclosed racist comments to issue broad tirades. By Ken Belson and Katherine Rosman Oct. 11, 2021 When the vaunted professional football coach Jon Gruden... Read More
From the Nobel Prize foundation:
Sailer's Law of Mass Shootings: But what if the crowd appears to be mostly white, as in last night's St. Paul shooting of 15? From the Minneapolis Star-Tribune: GO 95.3 describes its music as "modern hip-hop [black] and modern alternative [white])." The DJ is white. The bar's website video shows mostly white patrons. Here's a... Read More
The Art Institute of Chicago's 1942 Edward Hopper painting Nighthawks reminds me of a history of architecture question I've often wondered about: when did huge panes of plate glass become feasible and when did they become fashionable? My native San Fernando Valley isn't a hotbed of architectural history, except that it has a number of... Read More
I will show you fear in a handful of dust. Much to my surprise, artificial intelligence, after decades of only grinding progress, has made dramatic advances over the last ten or fifteen years, with huge steps forward in, say, language translation and facial recognition. Tere's been a radical change in artificial intelligence in this century... Read More
It's not uncommon for organizations to fire well-paid older white workers in the name of fighting racism and replace them with poorer-paid People of Diverseness, such as that orchestra in Britain. But here's a case in which unpaid white women were fired in order to pay women of color to do the same work (worse,... Read More
From Nature: Note that by science, they mean physics, chemistry, and medicine/physiology, but not economics. Whether economics is even a Nobel Prize or not is a separate question. The lack of diversity among the recipients of Nobels and other prestigious scientific prizes is frequently discussed. Since the Nobels were first awarded in 1901, there have... Read More
Back in August 2020, a Kenosha, Wisconsin policeman shot armed wanted criminal Jacob Blake. The Democratic governor Tony Evers immediately denounced the action as done "mercilessly." Not surprisingly, bored youth soon started burning down and pillaging the Kenosha business district. The next day, after the first night of rioting, Joe Biden egged on the rioters:... Read More
From Vox: My impression is that, so far, they can only come up with new insights by random luck. The output mostly sound like high school students padding out an essay with half-remembered bits and pieces that they don't understand. Gwern kindly had GPT-3 write my bo
From Bloomberg: Greater Racial Integration Would Boost U.S. Growth, Moody’s Says Jill R. Shah 4 hrs ago (Bloomberg) -- Fuller racial integration across the U.S. would meaningfully boost long-term economic growth, according to a study by researchers at Moody’s Analytics. If communities across the country were comparable to the nation’s most integrated areas, the real... Read More
From Dirt:
From the Washington Post: The evolution of New Yorker cartoons sounds potentially interesting but it would require a lot of work on the part of the reporter to do right. For Christmas about 15 years ago I received a massive coffee table book of all New Yorker cartoons of the 20th Century in chronological order.... Read More
From the Financial Times opinion section: Rising sea levels will explain why Afghans must move to Louisiana, Bolivians to Miami, Ethiopians to Washington D.C., Rwandans to Belgium, and Cape Coloreds to the Netherlands. We must bridge the gap between the hyper-sensitised and short-term political discourse around migration and the collective strategy needed to house humanity.... Read More
From the New York Times Science section in 1991: HEADLINE: Behind Monty Hall's Doors: Puzzle, Debate and Answer? BYLINE: By JOHN TIERNEY, Special to The New York Times DATELINE: BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., July 20 Mr. [Monty] Hall [host of Let's Make a Deal] said he was not surprised at the experts' insistence that the probability... Read More
In other words, Trump's "extraordinary effort" didn't take much thwarting: Trump: "Do it!" Officials: "We'll resign." Trump: "OK, you win."
From L.A. Times/Yahoo News: Op-Ed: AI flaws could make your next car racist Theodore Kim Thu, October 7, 2021, 3:15 AM·4 min read ... Using the same algorithms that Hollywood used to assemble the Incredible Hulk in “The Avengers: Endgame” from a stream of ones and zeros, photorealistic images of emergency vehicles that never existed... Read More
From the New York Times news section, an explanation of the life and works of the Zanzibar-born winner of the 2021 Nobel literary prize that attempts to compress his complex identity into the usual lowbrow Black vs. white paradigm of the times. Uhhhm, just looking at him, I'd guess about half of his ancestry is... Read More
The dictator of Belarus is punishing the European Union for objecting to him stealing the last election by inviting 3rd Worlders to his country to sneak across the Polish border into the E.U. as illegal immigrants. On the New York Times opinion page, a pundit explains why it's bad for Europeans not to let themselves... Read More
From Science: Vikings in paradise: Were the Norse the first to settle the Azores? Seafarers may have come and gone from lush archipelago more than 1000 years ago 4 OCT 20213:00 PM BYMICHAEL PRICE In 1427, the Portuguese navigator Diogo de Silves first set foot on an uninhabited, Sun-kissed island with white sand beaches, crystal... Read More
From Russell Warne's blog: Left: Estimated appearance of Sherry Black’s kil
The Carmine's Italian family-style restaurants saga remains an amusing portrait of 2021 prejudices about vaccines, Texans, black jubilation, Koreans, and so forth and so on. From the New York Times news section I've now heard the term "mutual combat" twice in two days to justify black violence. Texans! After a
From my new book review in Taki's Magazine: Rational Treasure Steve Sailer October 06, 2021 In Steven Pinker’s latest book, Rationality: What It Is, Why It Seems Scarce, Why It Matters, the best-selling cognitive scientist comes out, perhaps unsurprisingly, in favor of rationality. Since the 1990s, Pinker has been a leading spokesman for a sort... Read More
From the Chicago Sun-Times news section: Prosecutors reject charges against 5 suspects in deadly gang-related gunfight in Austin: ‘It’s just like the Wild West’ The suspects are members of two warring factions of the Four Corner Hustlers street gang who allegedly shot it out Friday morning in the 1200 block of North Mason Avenue, where... Read More
When you walk around the nice parts of London, you quickly come across oval blue plaques bearing the name of some historic personage who once lived at this spot. For example, the first I can remember in 1980 is the plaque for the doomed South Pole explorer Robert Scott. There really have been a lot... Read More
From the New York Times news section: ... The jury agreed with Mr. Diaz’s assertion that Tesla had created a hostile work environment by failing to address the racism he faced. A vast majority of the award — $130 million — was punitive damages against the company. The rest, $6.9 million, was for past and... Read More
From the New York Times science section: So the question would be whether Maltese-style lapdogs had a certain amount of genetic continuity over the last 2400 years?
One test of whether our culture possesses any will to resist Wokeness are the three hard science (Medicine, Chemistry, and Physics) Nobel Prizes awarded each October. Unlike the disgraceful MacArthur Genius grants last week (e.g., Dr. Prof. Ibram X. Kendi), the hard science Nobels have stayed mostly serious and scientifically respectable through 2020. After all,... Read More
From MIT's official website, accessed via the Wayback Machine as of September 13, 2021: This year's lecture by Dorian Abbot of the U. of Chicago sounds like a fun one: Climate and the potential for life on other planets Understanding planetary habitability is key to understanding how and why life developed on Earth as well... Read More
Sunday is the last day of the 162 game baseball regular season, with 6 teams still battling. With one game to play, in the National League West, the Los Angeles Dodgers, the top franchise of the last half-decade, find themselves one game behind the San Francisco Giants, an aged club with four mid-30s players (MVP... Read More
From the New York Times news section: Violent Crime Spikes Among Arabs in Israel as Officials Admit Neglect Killings of Arabs by Arabs have soared in Israel. The prevailing assumption, an official said, was “as long as they are killing each other, that’s their problem.” By Isabel Kershner Oct. 2, 2021, 10:37 a.m. E ...... Read More
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