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Remember how I've been pointing out for years that the New York Times news section often buries the most interesting facts in the second half of an article? Well, today's Russian spy story doesn't even mention the most interesting aspect of this story: Army Doctor and Spouse Plotted to Give Russia Medical Records, U.S. Says... Read More
Of course, the Woker the U.S. Military gets under Biden, the more its recruits' decline in AFQT scores. The difference between old-fashioned Sixties leftism and contemporary Wokeness is the former was driven by smart Jewish guys while the latter is supposed to center black women for their intersectionality, so leftism has dropped about 25 IQ... Read More
From the Opinion section of the New York Times: The latter book is about how American mental health fads influence the rest of the world (usually for the worse). For example, nobody in Hong Kong suffered anorexia until the Hong Kong media, watching American media, started warning of the coming anorexia menace. And, sure enough,... Read More
From The Intercept: THE CIA JUST INVESTED IN WOOLLY MAMMOTH RESURRECTION TECHNOLOGY While skeptics doubt the prospects for de-extinction, the CIA’s venture capital firm deems powerful genetic manipulation tools worth the money. Daniel Boguslaw September 28 2022, 8:03 a.m. AS A RAPIDLY ADVANCING climate emergency turns the planet ever hotter, the Dallas-based biotechnology company Colossal... Read More
The Washington Post website pushes its follow-up story on the the sabotage of three of the four Nord Stream gas pipelines from Russia to Germany way down the site. This rather dull article more or less assumes the Russians Dun It but devotes much of its moderate length to analyzing the methane release from a... Read More
From my new column in Taki's Magazine: Here's the bottom of the barrel of this huge graph of the World Bank's database of school achievement test scores: Note that the number of datapoints behind the World Bank's estimates down at the bottom of the graph tend to be few. Niger's score, 2.7 standard deviations behind... Read More
The FBI is scheduled to finally release its 2021 crime stats this week, almost nine months after the end of the year. Fortunately, we have had the CDC's provisional estimates for 2021 causes of death since July. The FBI tracks murders and the CDC homicides. All murders are homicides but some homicides (e.g., self-defense) are... Read More
The Ukrainians. That does seem to make the most sense. They had the personal motivation to hurt the Russians plus the strategic motivation to keep the Germans from figuring they can end their upcoming cold winter with a stroke of a pen and have the Russian gas flowing tomorrow. I don't know how long it... Read More
Radek Sikorski was the Foreign Minister of Poland from 2007-2014 in Donald Tusk's center-right government. His wife is journalist Anne Applebaum. He also retweeted: Sikorski attributing it to the U.S. could be disinformation to cover up a Polish operation? Of course, speculation rapidly gets lost in a wilderness of mirrors. Personally, I don't know who... Read More
My impression of families that are happy owning an electric car are ones where dad drives a Tesla to work but mom owns a V-8 three-row SUV that they take for all long trips. Also, they own a single family home with a driveway, ideally a double wide driveway. From the Washington Post: It's hard... Read More
This is increasingly the conventional wisdom among the media class like this NBC reporter: that it's undemocratic for Italian voters to have any say in who gets into Italy, that everybody in Nigeria has a civil right to relocate to a beautiful Italian city in Italy. After all, why should the Italians get all the... Read More
The means "conversation" now means, "Shut up and listen and then do what I tell you." If the Atlanta Braves baseball do change their name, they should become the Atlanta Cowards.
From Rozado's Visual Analytics substack: I look forward to Professor Rozado extending his analysis of terms denoting "far right" and "far left" in the news media to 2020, when leftists rioted hundreds of times (but mostly peacefully!), and to 2021 when January 6 no doubt caused coverage of "far right" to go to infinity and... Read More
But individuals with their "unique genetic code" share more of their genetic code with members of their nation, family, and sex than they do with random consumers. It's possible for the genetic code glass to be both part full and part empty simultaneously. Similarly, it's possible for ethical obligations to be more concentric than leapfrogging.... Read More
Rumors are flying that last week's Eradicate Hate Global Summit conference in Pittsburgh, featuring lots of Biden Administration speakers, was not a love-in, with lots of unhappy campers. Among speakers, I don't see many blacks, but many whites, especially Jews: Among the 13 keynote speakers at the Eradicate Hate Global Summit conference this month, I... Read More
Astrology was big when I was in junior high school. It was part of a general boom in new age nonsense (talking to plants, bending spoons with your mind, pyramid power, the President having an astrologer via the First Lady (as perfectly predicted in Stranger in a Strange Land two decades prior, etc.) from the... Read More
To be precise, today's "holistic admissions" tended to be invented about a century ago to keep Ivy League colleges from being inundated by Eastern European Jews. On the other hand, the development of national standardized testing like the SAT and ACT tended to come a number of years later and be part of the push... Read More
From Marginal Revolution: Here are some questions I thought of:
Maybe it wasn't Pujols dragging down the Angels for all those years, maybe it was the Curse of the Anaheim Franchise dragging down Albert? Maybe if Albert Pujols had stayed with the St. Louis Cardinals, his St. Louis magic would have continued and tonight he'd have hit his 800th homer? Pujols is not actually a... Read More
In the real world, the Corvette didn't debut until 1953, but here's one new artificial intelligence program's image of what a 1940 Corvette would have looked like: From Curbside Classic: What If: AI Generated Cars That Never Were BY TOM HALTER – POSTED ON SEPTEMBER 22, 2022 Images generated via artificial intelligence “Text to Image”... Read More
Artificial Intelligence systems, which are basically vast pattern-noticers, are frequently accused of being racist (because noticing patterns is now racist). But now one has stumbled upon a protective work-around: accuse me of being racist. Lou Smeet (@CornChowder76) asks a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence system, the one from Open AI (which was originally founded by Elon Musk... Read More
From the Washington Post, a threatened long series of articles on how NFL teams don't like to win (or something), which is why only 3 out of 32 NFL head coaches are black compared to a sizable majority of the players: In reality, there's isn't that much correlation between having an NFL quality body and... Read More
I'm finally up to 50,000 followers on Twitter. That took forever ... Julie Salomon's celebrated book The Angel's Dog Food attributes The Steve Sailer Story's failure at the box office to various high-level poor decisions, such as: The tonal incongruities resulting from Paul Schrader's somber screenplay being subjected to a last minute uncredited punching up... Read More
From Valley News Live: Man admits to killing teen after political dispute in Foster Co., court docs allege By Renee Nygren Published: Sep. 19, 2022 at 3:13 PM PDT MCHENRY, N.D. (Valley News Live) - A community is mourning the loss of an 18-year-old man from Grace City, North Dakota, as investigators look into what... Read More
From my new column in Taki's Magazine: Read the whole thing there.
Rick Perlstein is a progressive journalist who writes well-regarded books on the history of American conservatism since 1960: So, he's a well-informed person. Hence, I got into a Twitter battle with him. As Walter Sobchak would say, he seemed like a Worthy Foe. It started out with him complaining about speed cameras in Chicago dinging... Read More
You know, in this century it often seems like fraud rings tend to be heavy on the Diverse. But now federal prosecutors in Minnesota have filed United States v. Aimee Marie Bock, et al. for stealing $240 million of covid relief by making up the names of vast numbers of children their purported charities supposedly... Read More
After a long period obsessing over African American history, a certain amount of attention is being reapplied to American Indian history, which is in a key way much more impressive: the Indians fought back for an incredible 275 years. From the New York Times news section: A Finnish Scholar Wants to Change How We See... Read More
From MSNBC: iSteve commenter Sparkling Wiggle writes: Highway placement is a funny no-win situation. If it goes down the middle of a black neighborhood, it splits the community. If it goes along the edge of a black neighborhood, it separates it from nearby white communities. If it is far away f
I wrote in 2011 about documentarian Ken Burns' curiously black-heavy quasi-history of the National Park System, America's Best Idea: It was a different time, you understand. In 1957 or 1958, if you were black and you were an astronaut, you were outta work. In 2007, Latino pressure groups successfully exploited Burns' notorious lack of interest... Read More
If white liberal Americans were serious about police reform, they'd call for objective speed cameras to replace subjective and thus no doubt racist traffic stops. But, instead, they don't because they would prefer to explain to cops that, while they might have been driving a little too fast, hey, they aren't the gangbangers you are... Read More
In mid-20th Century America, the most famous sports record was Babe Ruth's 60 homers for the 1927 New York Yankees, which was broken in 1961 by Roger Maris with 61 when the season was lengthened by eight games. In the 1990s, a large number of players finally figured out you could hit more homers by... Read More
From CNN: Yeah, it's not the Babylon Bee: From Breitbart: EXCLUSIVE: Venezuela Empties Prisons, Sends Violent Criminals to U.S. Border, Says DHS Report RANDY CLARK 18 Sep 2022962 A recent Department of Homeland Security intelligence report received by the Border Patrol instructs agents to look for Venezuelan inmates released from entering the U.S., according to... Read More
From City Journal: Crash Curse In New York City, traffic deaths are up as enforcement is down. Nicole Gelinas Summer 2022 ... Since the Covid pandemic hit New York City in March 2020, traffic deaths have skyrocketed, just as they have across the country. Locally and nationally, these deaths have paralleled the same double-digit trajectory... Read More
Politico considers a topic I wrote about recently in Taki's Magazine in my column on Jackson, Mississippi's water infrastructure problems: that heavily black neighborhoods tend to depopulate. What Will Become of ‘America’s Blackest City’? In South Fulton, Georgia, two radically different ideas about Black political power are vying for control. The fate of the city... Read More
Via Marginal Revolution, from the Journal of Adolescent Health a minor study that helps fill in one more piece of the puzzle: This fits in with my 2021 discovery of the dual Ferguson-Floyd Effects for homicide and traffic fatality deaths. With the rise of Black Lives Matter in later 2014, cops started to hassle bad... Read More
From the Daily Mail: When I was a kid around 1970, I avidly read the Guinness Book of World Records, which sets the historical baseline for me for a lot of items. Back then, the longest running Broadway play was somewhat less that 8 years: Fiddler on the Roof had run for 7.8 years, Life... Read More
From Mankind Quarterly: National Intelligence and Economic Growth: A Bayesian Update George Francis* Independent Researcher, United Kingdom Emil O.W. Kirkegaard* Independent Researcher, Denmark Since Lynn and Vanhanen’s book IQ and the Wealth of Nations (2002), many publications have evidenced a relationship between national IQ and national prosperity. The strongest statistical case for this lies in... Read More
Andrew Sullivan carries on dredging up my ideas in order to deny them, first about gay marriage and epidemics like monkeypox, now with my 2005 worry that gay marriage might make straight marriage less popular: Way back in 2005, I wrote in The American Conservative: Is that happening? Beats me. All sorts of other things... Read More
Look, the point of immigration is to turn Texas and Florida blue. Martha's Vineyard, on the other hand, is already blue, so call out the National Guard and clear out the migrants.
In the New York Times news section: Ahhhhhhhh … But then the NYT blows it by posting Senor Nazareth’s picture: “’I left my country to support my family’ said Ardenis Nazareth, a Venezuelan
In reality, the more we hear about "white supremacy," the less of it there is. For example, on the same day, Biden addressed the Hispanic Congressional Caucus Gala. After noting that Hispanics now make up 28% of public school students, he congratulated the Latino politicians: "Y'all are going to own the country, man." Remember, the... Read More
From a few weeks ago: Now, Florida governor Ron DeSantis has upped Texas governor Greg Abbott's strategy of paying to send new migrant volunteers to Washington D.C. and New York City by sending 50 volunteers to Martha's Vineyard, the Massachusetts island paradise that is the summer home of the Obamas. Outrage ensues, from the reasonable... Read More
The latest federal consumer price index report two days ago surprised Wall Street by how bad it was, with food inflation being particularly severe. The Standard & Poor's average dropped 4.3% in the trading session, from a total value at the opening bell of $4,111 billion to 3,932 billion at the close, for a one-day... Read More
Under Joe Biden, everything old is new again. For instance, the nation is trembling on the verge of a railroad strike, which sounds like a headline from Joe's first term in the Senate. I don't know if there will be a national railroad strike on Friday, but I did want to point out that labor... Read More
From Business Insider: And it's happening in general in Congress: the youngest Congressmen are older than they used to be. A few suggestions for why: Elites are living longer. The working class is not, but the kind of high-energy people who get elected to Congress tend to be healthy-livers. There has been a certain amount... Read More
From my new column in Taki's Magazine: Read the whole thing there.
It is said that the rapper's girlfriend posted to social media (against his prudent wishes) a picture of their meal, so a robber went to the Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles in Los Angeles to steal his bling. The news media is constantly criticizing social media, but very seldom for the large amount of... Read More
Across much of the Sunbelt, there appears to be a sizable Los Angeles Diaspora of former Angelenos who still root for the L.A. Dodgers: e.g., it sounds like there are about 10,000 Dodger fans at this Arizona Diamondbacks home game in Phoenix. My impression is that this phenomenon of the Dodgers getting loud cheers in... Read More
From the New York Times news section, a pretty funny article about how efforts to turn utopian Sweden into Detroit in 1967 are finally paying off: It's almost as if Merkel Mistake wasn't a good idea after all... All those unsolved cases
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