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Masha Gessen.  Credit: Bengt Oberger/Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0
Masha Gessen and Her Questionable Views
“I have spent a good third of my professional life working to convince the readers—and often editors—of both Russian and American publications that Vladimir Putin is a threat to the world as we know it.” Thus spake Russian-born journalist and author Masha Gessen, a current heroine of the more intellectual part of the PC hive.... Read More
The mainstream media’s narrative that the Russian government interfered with the United States election, and that this interference invalidated, or at least tainted, Trump’s election has culminated in President Obama taking a series of measures against Russia, which consist of: imposing sanctions on the GRU and the FSB (the two major Russian intelligence organizations), four... Read More
The Hidden History of How the U.S. Was Used to Create Israel, by Alison Weir
Alison Weir’s relatively short book covers the history of Zionism in the United States from the last decades of the 19th century until the creation of the state of Israel in 1948. (She is working on a second volume that will carry this history to the present.) Its brevity does not mean, however, that it... Read More
Ironic, to say the least
Despite the fact that they are forever scrutinizing Donald Trump, the mainstream media seem to have largely missed the fact that he advocates policies more supportive of Israel than those of any American president. They missed the fact, too, that if Trump became president, he would enjoy closer connections with American Jews than any of... Read More
Let me begin with this disclaimer. This essay is not intended as an endorsement of Donald Trump for president. There are many valid reasons to criticize Trump. In his presidential campaign, he has been vulgar, childish, and extremely general in most of his political positions; and when he does express something specific, he tends to... Read More
Mitt Romney, who in the past was considered a moderate Republican, has surrounded himself with neoconservative foreign-policy advisors. Romney's chameleon approach to politics is to simply say, and sometimes do, whatever would appeal to his current audience. To win the governorship of Massachusetts, Romney had to be something of a liberal. To win the Republican... Read More
Mainstream publishers have recently come out with a number of books dealing with the neoconservatives, and it is significant that those works acknowledge some obvious truths that were denied and even largely taboo some time ago. For example, they admit not only that neoconservatives exist — something that was denied a few years ago, most... Read More
The conservative columnist and former assistant editor of National Review, Joe Sobran, passed away September 30 at age 64 from complications of diabetes, a disease that had seriously afflicted him for years. Much can be said about Sobran. He was an extremely talented writer and political commentator who dissected the politically correct cant of the... Read More
My book, The Transparent Cabal, has received a favorable review in the Spring 2009 issue of Middle East Policy. The review is not on line, but it is mentioned at The publication is a major scholarly journal on foreign-policy developments in the Middle East, characterizing itself this way: "Hard evidence is available that Middle... Read More
The Establishment media essentially removed Howard Dean from the presidential race. As Sam Smith puts it in his article at CounterPunch, "Dean in Freefall: Howard's End?", the primary cause of Dean' demise was "the most excessive and gratuitous media assault on a presidential candidate in recent times." Dean has indeed received a bad press. For... Read More
Comments on Ronn Neff's The Peace of Objectivism
I know little about Objectivism, and what I have to say may be so obvious that Mr. Neff saw no need to deal with it in his column. But when he writes that the Objectivists' cheerleading for the "war on terrorism" signals their rallying around a flag, I have to say it looks to me... Read More