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The modern world is a world of ephemerality in every way.  Accordingly, the concept of a home has been lost to the meat-robots who are rapidly replacing humans.  According to the U.S. Census Bureau, “a person in the United States can expect to move 11.7 times in their [sic] lifetime”; the propensity of Americans to... Read More
Hamsun: “I apologize for sending you my medal.”
Knut Hamsun is widely acclaimed as one of the greatest Norwegian authors—perhaps even the greatest of all time.[1]  He visited the United States in the 1880s; he found, “In the [eighteen-] fifties there were signs of an intellectual elite in two of the oldest Southern states, but the war came and uprooted it before it... Read More
As I search history for inspiration on how to overcome the New Dark Age, I have not infrequently focused on three great leaders:  Caesar, Napoleon, and the last and greatest leader of Western Civilization, Adolf Hitler.  For except insofar as the Jews were concerned, the Suicide of the West was not a race war:  “It... Read More
“The Mayflower set sail from Portsmouth on 16 September 1620. It was battered by violent storms on the Atlantic, but...
For the subtitle, and for the general inspiration, I give thanks to the magnificent Revilo P. Oliver.[1] On September 16, 1620, a small group of degenerate religious fanatics left noble Old Europe, where, despite the limited tolerance they had found in the Netherlands, they were generally unwelcome as agitators and antisocial renegades deadset on destabilizing... Read More
My interpretation: When Westerns stopped worshipping their ancestors, they became degenerate and lost their posterity.
In the following, I quote an excerpt from William S. Haas, Destiny of the Mind: East and West, MacMillan, New York, 1956.  (I will someday try to find a better link than I found this remarkable book via R. P. Oliver, America’s Decline: The Education of a Conservative, pp. 271–274 of the Historical Review Press edition, in... Read More
I am a deeply caring person.
I recently contemplated some cases of people who were traumatized by online leftist lynch-mobs before “cancel culture” became a buzzword:  Decent-seeming, intelligent, productive people—sensitive souls; sympathetic characters—naïve, blindsided, uncomprehending and emotionally crushed as innocent jokes, misinterpreted remarks, and everyday banter were cruelly twisted to make vicious calumny and false accusations.  I hesitate to raise such... Read More
In memoriam.
Happy 120th birthday to Magda Goebbels, deutsche Idealfrau. This message is belated and abbreviated, but assuredly not forgotten.  I spent the day thinking about her, her nation, and all that she stood for in her life and in her death.  Frau Goebbels, her family, and her people shall be remembered forever. ®
Heil Deutschland—Heil Europa!
Vergesst nicht, wofür sie gekämpft hat.  Remember the men who fell on November 9, 1923:  Felix Alfarth (b. 1901-07-05), Andreas Bauriedl (b. 1879-05-04), Theodor Casella (b. 1900-08-08), Wilhelm Ehrlich (b. 1894-08-19), Martin Faust (b. 1901-01-27), Anton Hechenberger (b. 1902-09-28), Oskar Koerner (b. 1875-01-04), Karl Kuhn (b. 1897-07-25), Karl Laforce (b. 1904-10-28), Kurt Neubauer (b. 1899-03-27), Claus von Pape (b. 1904-08-16), Theodor von der Pfordten (
Achtung, archivists: The so-called “Internet Archive” has officially merged with Orwell’s Ministry of Truth.
Achtung, archivists:  The so-called “Internet Archive” has officially merged with Orwell’s Ministry of Truth.  I had heard about censorship before, but not seen a clear example of it—let alone one so blatant and ridiculous.  As stated below, I believe that this started on July 21, 2021: Archive of “Archive” (shortlink); HTTP Status 403 “Forbidden”:  How... Read More
“μῆνιν ἄειδε θεὰ...” / “αἰὲν ἀριστεύειν καὶ ὑπείροχον...
Proems has a new old logo—a visual identity; a battle standard for a guerrilla of the mind—as first seen in my second-ever video.  I believe that this is what money-grubbing capitalists call “branding”.  Well, would it be an Enigma, were I not cryptic? By mine Teufelswitz, how do I array myself? ®
Why women, most of all, must learn to encrypt their private communications.
The Guardian’s transcript is wrong; so I prepared my own, for those who dislike videos.[1]  I do recommend the video, even for those who prefer text—and I kept this one short, under three minutes!  Please help to spread the word by sharing on Bitchute, Gab, and even (yuck!) Twitter (@Snowden, @NSAGov, @ggreenwald). Although Snowden is... Read More
My own Revolution des Geistes: There is nothing weird about admiring Hitler—unless you act like there is.
This goes both ways: An anonymous German provided this excellent video, with the message, “Für die Töchter, für die Söhne, für das Wahre, Gute, Schöne”: It immediately brought to mind a video, which I present in reply with the message, “Vergesst nicht, wofür das Deutsche Volk gekämpft hat”: That was a perfect moment in German... Read More
In memoriam.
The above quote of Frau Goebbels fits into the part of Professor Oliver’s quote that I elided. This is why I had to set video as a priority.  It is also my first newbie foray into video editing.  I did all of the video-editing part with ffmpeg; it required enough time to make this tardy,... Read More
Raches is an enigma.
I rarely watch Internet videos; I usually consider them to be a waste of my time.  But the following video gave me the best 75 minutes of my life!  —Then, I died of despair at how hopeless security is. It is a technical presentation.  For those who are unfamiliar with this field, I should explain: ... Read More
A general Proems thread for discussion of money, monetary theory, banking, etc.
In another thread, discussion diverged into a tangent on money, monetary policy, central banking, the history thereof in various countries, and the application thereof in present-day American politics.  As I thereby observed, my own views “are rather nuanced:  As an admirer of Hitler’s régime (and of Schacht’s work at the Reichsbank), I obviously do not... Read More
Reach out and get in touch with me—if you at least minimally qualify.
A criss-crossing dragnet of corporate mass-surveillance and intelligence agency mass-surveillance perpetually sucks up the essence of you.  Your soul is stolen, filed away in a data warehouse, and held at the mercy of those who may wish to examine it, buy it and sell it, use and abuse it.  The mass-violation is enormous—indescribable.  And you... Read More
One plays hard to get; the other is an eternal virgin.
As his setup for going Beyond Good and Evil, Nietzsche asks:  “Supposing that Truth is a woman—what then?”  In his own way, he then observes that, in substantial essence, philosophers are clueless, clumsy, cowardly beta-boys who do not know how to win a woman. Thereupon, he, as an alpha-philologist, moves in on the philosophers’ turf... Read More
The Dangerous Sex.
When the Himalayan peasant meets the he-bear in his pride, He shouts to scare the monster, who will often turn aside. But the she-bear thus accosted rends the peasant tooth and nail. For the female of the species is more deadly than the male. When Nag the basking cobra hears the careless foot of man,... Read More
In large part, the Americans waged a war of jealousy and covetousness. America is a nation of gangsters.
In reply to a German-hating commentator, another commentator recently remarked:[1] As I have previously commented upon, and will blog more about in the future, the Americans bragged about how they looted the brains of the Germans—by unavoidable implication, the Germans’ superior brains. Quoting ultra-mainstream, classy (for an American magazine) Harper’s, C. Lester Walker, “Secrets by... Read More
—And why they should be loved.
When I was a child, I had my first experience with Communism.  I did not yet know it. It was a popular fashion amongst ejucaters[a] to assign shared projects with shared grades to pairs of students.  Of course, the smartest kid must be paired with the stupidest kid.  Equality!  The smart one shall not be... Read More
In memoriam.
They all died the same day.  Therefore, I also give them individual, and collectively symbolic memorials on their respective birthdays. I do this every year.  —And now, I have a blog.
According to, the following photo was published in Life magazine, May 22, 1944.  The caption visible in the image reads, “Arizona war worker writes her Navy boyfriend a thank-you note for the Jap skull he sent her” (click to enlarge). According to, that photo was “taken by Ralph Crane (later a staff photographer... Read More
Gambler’s Fallacy is too oft preached by FAQs, help guides, wallet UIs, and people who should know better.
A common canard in Bitcoinland:  “Blocks take about 10 minutes.”  This is wrong—factually wrong; and it is a practical problem, not an exercise in pedantry.  The distinct statement, “blocks take 10 minutes on average”, is strictly correct in a mathematical sense; but in practice, it is no less misleading. When people are told this misinformation,... Read More
Wouldst thou slay me?
Although Because it’s racist for me to rhyme, I must quote Nietzsche, The Gay Science, “‘Jest, Ruse and Revenge’. A Prelude in Rhyme”, #31: Thank you, Herr Professor Dr. Nietzsche. ®
Art reveals the Original Sin of liberalism: Christianity.
As I have said, all that is good in Christianity is a residue of native European culture... ...which Christianity only corrupted.  Observe that Michael is depicted as androgynous, as is traditional for Christian angels and archangels.  I wish to be delicate here, because I actually like St. Michael as an almost European hero character.  Out of... Read More
A temporal measure of vision.
In reply to a thoughtful comment by TG, Resartus remarked: That invokes the question of malice or incompetence—the latter being, in this case, temporal myopia. I have a model that categorizes people by their magnitude of foresight: • \(Order\ of\ 10^{\leq 0}\ years:\)  Young child.  Next birthday is a major milestone, if one even sees... Read More
I should record this somewhere—I never told anybody: When I was young, I began to write a book entitled, The Domestication of Man.  My thesis was that there is a world-controlling conspiracy to turn humans into a species of domesticated animal.  This conclusion was entirely original and independent by me. It was based almost exclusively... Read More
—and feminism. And feminism is also misogyny.
This is the head of a holy statue of Aphrodite, as desecrated by degenerate Christian blasphemers: Aphrodite, the Goddess of Sex, was sometimes respectfully called by the epithet of Ἀφροδίτη Ἑταίρα, Aphrodite Hetaera, ‘Aphrodite the Courtesan’—or even called Ἀφροδίτη Πόρνη, Aphrodite Porne, ‘Aphrodite the Prostitute’ (e.g., Ath. XIII.31).  The Greek root πόρνη gives us the English... Read More
An innovative approach to comment moderation.
The Unz Review is a serious publication.  That is a part of what has attracted me to read it, and now to write for it:  This is a webzine run with traditional publishing standards, by a man who has experience with the publication of a classy print magazine; it not some sloppy blog.  Mr. Unz does... Read More
Take your best shot at me, ad hominem—or ad feminam, if you prefer.
Mood music:  Listen whilst you read.  Let’s keep it classy. People are known by the company they keep.  On the same grounds, they who stand bravely for good and right on controversial issues may be measured by the hatred they evoke from their enemies. To cultivate a high-quality discussion on my Proems, I lay down... Read More
I have always proudly declared that I am an authoritarian.
I will soon set forth my comment moderation policy, and start to open comments.  By way of preparation for this great moment in history, I hereby give a visual sneak peek at what to expect. The Unz Review is a respectable publication.  On August 5, 2021, I encouraged Mr. Unz to consider a moderation policy that... Read More
A Note on the Meaning of Life
What is a living creature’s most fundamental motivation in life? On the deepest level, what differentiates a healthy creature from a sick creature? My most basic premises:  Earthly creatures are mortal.  A healthy creature wishes, above all, to defeat Death:  And in so doing, he or she is willing to risk life, and even to... Read More
Wherefore am I become Raches?
Readers usually want biographical information about the author, so as to add some “human interest”. Thus, amidst the twilight of a New Dark Age, I hereby formally introduce myself to a world gone mad. By historical mandate, and by Destiny, this is become my family: I am become what I am, from my striving objectively... Read More
The Surprising Elements of Talmudic Judaism
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