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Mitt Romney

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ON ROUTE 66, NEW MEXICO - If the United States of America ever had the ultimate Main Street, that would be Route 66 - The Mother Road, as John Steinbeck coined it; the graphic illustration of the American Dream, Utopia finally achieved. Mustang convertible, top down, the desert wind blowing in our face, the stereo... Read More
ON THE ROAD IN NEVADA AND UTAH - In the search for the (remixed, imploded?) American dream the road goes on forever. I left San Francisco in an Otis Redding's Pain in my Heart mood - past the playground of Silicon Valley Google/Facebook whiz kids, lanky blondes talking into their McBook Pros on the sidewalk,... Read More
SAN FRANCISCO - Make my day, punk. Dirty Harry - and his double - showed up big time at the "foreign policy" debate in Boca Raton, Florida, on Monday, although sometimes the show looked more like a trashy American Idol rehearsal than a polished ode to American Exceptionalism. It was all about the world's "indispensable... Read More
LOS ANGELES - It's the meme cycle that ate this city - and the nation, for that matter. No one can escape the attack of Binders Full of Women; from Tumblr to a tsunami of tweets, from the coolest Facebook page in ages [1] to a 2 Live Crew impersonation (2 Live Mitt?) and onwards... Read More
LOS ANGELES - There's no question: US President Barack Obama finally got off the bench in New York, came out swinging and actually scored a few three-pointers at the second presidential debate. The debate also shed further light on the economic and foreign policy of the Republican robot posing as a product (or is it... Read More
It's time for the 3am question. A crisis erupts - or is manufactured - in some turbulent part of the world and putative US President Mitt Romney must rise to the occasion. What is a gallant server of the 47% to do to save the free world? An inkling of 47% Mitt's foreign policy vision... Read More
Willard "Mitt" Romney comfortably sees himself as the chief executive officer of a US$1 billion enterprise - the Republican Party election campaign that should place him as the next President of the United States (POTUS). Meanwhile, current POTUS Barack Obama is increasingly convinced he just needs to deploy a secret weapon to clinch re-election. That... Read More
This is the moment everyone was waiting for in the 2012 US presidential campaign; the hardcore drawing of first blood. Whatever one's judgment on Nobel Peace Prize winner and warmonger US President Barack Obama, technically this is an absolute masterpiece of political advertising. It deserves an Oscar for sound editing alone. It may be over... Read More
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