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It will be fascinating to watch how the (Dis)United States will deal with post-coup Myanmar as part of their 24/7 “containment of China” frenzy. The (jade) elephant in the elaborate room housing the military coup in Myanmar had to be – what else – China. And the Tatmadaw – the Myanmar Armed Forces – knows... Read More
BANGKOK - It's an honor to be part of a group that includes the spectacular Michelle Yeoh. Malaysian-born film superstar Yeoh - of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon fame, among countless others - confirmed this week she was deported on arrival from Burma/Myanmar on June 22, "for no reason and without providing any justification". Well, the... Read More
Somewhere in imponderable nirvana, the Buddha may be exhibiting the faintest of smiles. Or is he? What a heavenly sight - the discreet, barefooted, crimson- and maroon-clad Buddhist monks of Myanmar, formerly Burma, able to affirm publicly their supreme moral authority and righteousness, supported by an exhausted, abused population, against the ravages of a pitiless,... Read More
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