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Black History Month concludes this Tuesday, February 28. Over at the LatinoNetwork website, my fellow Hispanics celebrated it like good little communists. “We wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate and honor the Black peoples, cultures, and traditions from around the world,” the website said, and “especially want to highlight the intersection between the Black... Read More
Earlier:“No Hiding Place”—The Woke Virus Spreads World-Wide Via The English Language To me as a Venezuelan immigrant, the full meaning of the federal holiday for Martin Luther King, Jr. finally became clear two days ago: San Francisco’s “Reparations Committee” recommended that the city pay $5 million to every black resident and forgive their debts, despite... Read More
Earlier: Stand And Deliver: In 2020, President Trump Proposed Missile Strikes On Mexican Drug Cartels Everyone and his dog talks about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine or China’s coming invasion of Taiwan. But for America First patriots, the No. 1 security question is at our southwest border with Mexico, and not just with the Great Replacement... Read More
Earlier: FL Governor Ron DeSantis Addresses Mass LEGAL Immigration: “Just The Sheer Number Of People Overwhelms Communities” The ordeal to which President Donald Trump is being subjected—from the January 6 witch-hunt to the recent FBI raid of his Mar-a-Lago residence—is a Banana Republic persecution and another sign of the institutional rot that will eventually bring... Read More
Earlier (2003!) by Steve Sailer: The Wind from the South—Anti-White Populism A loyal reader recently sent me Michael M. Rosen’s piece in the Washington Examiner that tried to explain Venezuela’s economic and political collapse [How Venezuela was destroyed from within, July 14, 2022]. Rosen blamed corruption and the socialist economic policies of successive regimes.... Read More
Above, left to right : Sundar Pichai, Jeet Heer, Nikki Haley, Jia Lynn Yang, Saira Rao, and Karen Attiah Republicans who denounce illegal immigration, but then stress the “need” for more legal immigration, as VDARE has said through the years, aren’t just myopic: they are blind to the reality that immigration will soon change the... Read More
With its invasion of Ukraine, Russia disproved New York Times’ pundit Thomas Friedman’s Golden Arches Theory which posited that no two countries that have McDonald’s franchises had gone to war. [What is the Golden Arches Theory of Conflict Prevention?, by Jonathon Haeber, CBS News, January 28, 2008]. But what strikes me most about the war... Read More
Earlier, November 2020: POLITICO Discovers Trump-Supporting Tejanos on the Border If only because of the illegal-alien invasion at the southwest border, Republicans have been rightly optimistic about crushing Biden’s party in November. And Mexico-born Mayra Flores’ victory in the special election for Texas 34th congressional district has reinforced those not-unwarranted hopes [Newly elected Mayra Flores... Read More
Texas holds its primaries today, March 1. “Republicans have been eyeing districts along the southern border since shortly after the last election, and the districts could be an early test of whether Republicans can continue their gains among Latino voters,” Politico’s Zach Montellaro reports [What to watch for in Texas’ primaries, March 1, 2022. Link... Read More
So it looks not impossible that our new politically-purified multiracial multicultural U.S. Army might actually have to fight, you know, a war in Europe against Russia. This raises lot of interesting questions, but one of them is what is happening to the reputation of the last U.S. Army that fought and won a major war... Read More
Earlier: Is The Black-Brown Coalition Unraveling? Immigration is one issue on which Hispanics do not speak in one voice. Contrary to Karl Rove, many don’t really care for mass immigration and are even quite hostile to it. And if you put Hispanics under the microscope, you’ll find that hostility increases even more when it comes... Read More
Since Glenn Youngkin’s victory in the Virginia gubernatorial election last month, Conservatism, Inc. has been making the rounds with the usual brag that the GOP sweep was a big win for diversity. Of course, they showcased the victory of Winsome Sears, a Jamaican immigrant, for lieutenant governor, and Jason Miyares, the son of Cuban exiles,... Read More
Exploiting friction within the Democrat’s coalition of the fringes is the most effective action the GOP/GAP can take for the sake of its electoral future. The easiest way to do so: by branding the Democratic Party as the Black Party, as I explained last month. Realpolitik is not the strong suit of Republican leaders, who... Read More
Earlier, by Steve Sailer: Sailer Strategy Supplement: Rebrand Democrats As The Black Party Growing up in a non-white neighborhood offers one a startling perspective about the multicultural inferno that awaits America in the years to come. But watching petty crime and highly-organized ethnic gangs taught me two things. One, whites—the Historic American Nation—need not endure... Read More
See also: Jefferson's Prophecy, The Rest Of The Story: "The Two Races, Equally Free, Cannot Live In The Same Government" President Donald Trump’s strong defense of Western civilization during his speech at Mount Rushmore back on July 3 provoked the usual caterwauling from the Dem/ Mainstream Media Treason Lobby Complex. Yet that likely wouldn’t have... Read More
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