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Siri, why did Sundown Towns once exist? [Chicago curfew tightened after killing near ‘Bean’ sculpture,, May 16, 2022]: Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot tightened a citywide curfew for young people on Monday, a day after she restricted access by unaccompanied minors to downtown Chicago’s Millennium Park following the weekend shooting death of a 16-year-old boy... Read More
Isn't the answer to an organization, be it a tech company or an orchestra, boasting too many white participants in said activity just to fire all the white people and only hire non-whites if diversity, inclusion and equity is the primary goal? Why spill so many needless words when the solution is just to ban... Read More
Remember, even the New York Times admitted 75 percent of mass shooters in America are black. [A Drumbeat of Multiple Shootings, but America Isn’t Listening: Most shootings with four deaths or injuries are invisible outside their communities. And most of the lives they scar are black., New York Times, May 22, 2016] Repeat this ad... Read More
We already know, courtesy of the heroic Milwaukee Homicide Review Commission, almost all fatal and nonfatal shooting suspects in Milwaukee are black. And now we know a black mass shooting after the Milwaukee Bucks NBA game on Friday night forced the cancellation of the outdoor watch party for game seven on Sunday night. It wasn't... Read More
When you realize the Globalist American Empire (GAE) represents the greatest threat to the people of Western Civilization, you understand "equity" exportation means the destruction of everything we love and hold dear... well, you begin to realize who the true enemy is and what they represent. It's not Russia. [Here Are the 90+ 'Equity' Plans... Read More
In your best Field of Dreams voice: "If you put up a rim, they'll put down the gun." Just throw them a basketball around midnight, and black people will magically stop shooting each other. Isn't this the idea behind Gremlins and making sure Mogwai doesn't eat after midnight, or else he'll spawn evil spores of... Read More
It Was Never Going to Stop With Confederate Statues... [The WASHINGTON Post says George WASHINGTON University must change its name because racism, Post Millennial, May 10, 2022]: By those standards, The Washington Post should follow suit and rename their own publication if they are truly serious about racial justice in America, as they claim to... Read More
Question: if Cedar Rapids, Iowa were 100 percent white, instead of 83 percent white and 7 percent black, would the following story be necessary? [NAACP official: National narrative around policing means Cedar Rapids Police need to do more to gain trust,, May 9, 2022]: CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - An official with the NAACP... Read More
The more we learn, the more we realize Trump wanted to destroy our enemies. [President Trump suggested missile strikes in Mexico against drug cartels, former defense secretary says, CBS News, May 6, 2022]: Former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper says President Trump suggested firing missiles into Mexico to combat drug cartels there. Esper also says... Read More
Remember, even the New York Times admitted 75 percent of mass shooters in America are black. [A Drumbeat of Multiple Shootings, but America Isn’t Listening: Most shootings with four deaths or injuries are invisible outside their communities. And most of the lives they scar are black., New York Times, May 22, 2016] But when a... Read More
Just erase whiteness and white history and be done with it. That's end game, right? [Now 'woke' radicals target cricket and KNITTING: How taxpayers' cash from Arts Council England has been spent on 'decolonising' specialist museums of 'racist narratives' depicting history of 'white, wealthy, able-bodied men', Daily Mail, April 24, 2022]: There has been continued... Read More
Previously on SBPDL: How Can We Blame This on White People? In 83% Black Jackson, MS, Black Pastor Puts Up Signs Reading: "“If Black Lives Matter Then Why Are We Still Killing Each Other?” You can have nice things, or you can see public events in your city cancelled because black people can't engaging in... Read More
A rolling gun battle between black gangbangers in Shreveport, Louisiana ends with an innocent white teenage girl getting hit in her own home by a bullet fired indiscriminately from one of the participants in this rolling gun battle between black gangbangers. She was just trying to enjoy life in her home. Her name is Landry... Read More
free speech has become an obsession of the mostly white, male members of the tech elite Our elite hate you. It's that simple. [Elon Musk and the Tech Bro Obsession With 'Free Speech',, April 29, 2022]: They say that something is worth what someone will pay for it. If that’s true, then protecting “free... Read More
Is this it? Did a white South African just spend $44 billion to make the slur of white supremacist irrelevant? Because when trying to uplift the idea of free speech and defeat the concept of censorship and baseless accusations about "white power" when faced with undeniable truth, Elon Musk's bid to acquire Twitter may have... Read More
During the anti-white George Floyd riots of 2020, a statue of Christopher Columbus was destroyed in Baltimore. In fact, it happened in front of police, who did nothing as the statue of Columbus was thrown into the Harbor. But nature heals... what was it Senator Bilbo said about rebuilding our cities? Even if they destroy... Read More
The architects of Black Twitter worry Twitter's new African-American owner might allow too much free speech, which somehow impacts the ability for blacks on Twitter to promote lies like #BlackLivesMatter and #ICantBreathe.[Column: With Elon Musk in charge, it’s the beginning of the end for #BlackTwitter, LA Times, April 25, 2022]: It’s all rather disturbing and... Read More
A 95 percent white, 1.2 percent black city. A white father who goes to work early, just so he can see his son's baseball games. One of the few blacks in the city murders him at 3 a.m. as the white father was headed to work...[Oxford Township man charged for killing father he thought sent... Read More
Say it like a mantra. Black. Lives. Matter. [Shocking surveillance footage shows security guard, 51, being shot in the back of the head and robbed before another man steals items from his dead body, Daily Mail, April 20, 2022]: Anthony Frazier, 51, was shot and killed outside an American Seafood and Wings - where he... Read More
Welcome to a country where five black teenagers can attack a white woman for cultural appropriation (i.e. wearing a black hairstyle). [Teen girls charged with beating woman in Downtown Crossing over hairstyle, BOSTON25NEWS.COM, April 21, 2022]:
Out of 318,000 people,St. Louis is 49.2 percent black 43.9 percent white(as of 2010 US Census). Our good friends at the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department not only put out an annual report on crime broken down by race, but a weekly analysis of the yearly crime rate. Also, conveniently, breaking out violent crime by... Read More
Previously on SBPDL: Remember, the NY Times Admitted 75% of Mass Shootings Are by Blacks: Mass Shooting By Black Male in Norfolk, VA Happened Because of a "Spilled Drink" As my late friend Colin Flaherty would say, the fellas just can't help themselves. Not even between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Three mass shootings across... Read More
We all know what happened. We all know who pulled the trigger of the gun killing Dr. Matthew Willson, an Englishman visiting his girlfriend in Atlanta. But in a country dominated by black privilege, to admit who is behind Dr. Willson's death is tantamount to upholding white supremacy, white privilege, systemic inequality, implicit bias, and... Read More
In a nation where the demand for white supremacy outpaces the supply for white racism, black originated hate hoaxes (to entrap whites) happen far more than actual hate crimes committed by whites. [HATE HOAX: Black students responsible for racist death threat at Sacramento High School: Security footage obtained by school officials showed two juvenile black... Read More
When coffee is deemed racist and a symbol of whiteness, perhaps it's time you admit the importance of cream. The one-drop rule, and all... [The unbearable whiteness of coffee: A slew of Black-owned coffee companies are reclaiming American coffee culture using design and branding that tells a rich story of Black history, Fast Company, March... Read More
Sacramento, California is 43 percent white and 13 percent black. Virtually all gun crime and homicides in the city is committed by blacks. [Gun homicides are up 50% in Sacramento County. Here’s who is dying,, April 6, 2022]: Sacramento County homicides involving firearms have jumped sharply in the pandemic, reflecting a trend seen across... Read More
Previously on SBPDL: Anti-White Terror Attack: Black Career Criminal - Proud Supporter of Black Lives Matters - Released Days Prior on $1,000 Bail, Kills 5 and Injures 40+ by Driving SUV Into Christmas Parade in 90% White Wisconsin City Another black mass shooting by a black nationalist who wrote about hating white people. In fact,... Read More
Serious question: why do we allow the Bill of Rights to apply to blacks? The 2nd Amendment exists, but is perpetually being hollowed out because black people can't stop shooting one another, and white Communists use the former to try and take away white conservative's right to own firearms. After all, even the New York... Read More
Never forget the Democrat Party is the party promoting The Great Replacement. It was never going to stop with statues or monuments of Confederates... there are no brakes on the anti-white train. Worse, there's no getting off this ride. [Michigan Democrats set to gather amid dissent about priorities,, April 7, 2022]: LANSING — Michigan... Read More
Why exactly did sundown towns exist throughout Florida so long ago, when white elected officials passed laws to not only protect their constituents and local businesses (producing tax revenue), but also for their posterity? There had to be a reason, right? They wanted to protect the reputation of their cities, right? Well... welcome to 2022.... Read More
For many white liberals, God has been supplanted, with these true believers devoted to the religion of anti-whiteness. [Chicago-area church announces it is ‘fasting from whiteness’ during Lent, NY POST, April 5, 2022]: A church in suburban Chicago said it is “fasting from whiteness” during Lent, the 40-day period preceding Easter — by abstaining from... Read More
You can have nice things or you can have a diversity. It's one or the other. You can't have both. [LAPD chief warns about wearing expensive jewelry amid spree of armed robberies,, March 23, 2022]: Moore said the public needs to be "vigilant." "What we're asking the public to do with these crime increases... Read More
Because black people commit nearly every fatal/non-fatal shooting in Philadelphia, black journalists and trauma surgeons agree local media shouldn't report on individual black violence because it hurts black people's feelings. Seriously. [Stop doing ‘breaking news’ for more accurate gun violence coverage, panel says: One solution: Build relationships to restore trust in local media.,, April... Read More
Welcome to a country dominated by Black Privilege. [Family of high school track star sucker-punched during race are considering lawsuit 'after they were stopped from pressing charges by cops who threatened to arrest THEIR son if they filed a report', Daily Mail, April 2, 2022]: The runner goes down and stays on the ground as... Read More
We all know what happened. We all know why the MSM won't cover it. We all know if Philadelphia were 100 percent white, the city would have virtually no homicide or nonfatal shootings. But Philadelphia is not 100 percent white. And with a population that is more than 60 percent People of Color, Philadelphia is... Read More
At this point, it's okay to cheer for the moon. [Biden’s ‘Equity’ Budget Mentions Term Over 100 Times, Washington Free Beacon, March 30, 2022]: President Joe Biden's budget allocates billions of dollars toward advancing "equity" in dozens of government agencies, even as his administration attempts to sell it as a moderate proposal. Biden's spending plan... Read More
Previously on SBPDL: In 2021, Walt Disney Declares War on Whiteness Via Critical Race Theory; In 1950s, Walt Disney Embraced Whiteness as Key to Tomorrowland   Reimagine Tomorrow is the bold new initiative by Disney to create a world where white men have basically no part in the corporation, save ponying up money for their... Read More
The first episode of The Walking Dead is perhaps the greatest achievement in the history of television. Our hero, Rick, comes upon a decaying zombie. His only goal at this point in the show is to find his family. But upon waking up in a world where the living dead are real, Rick encountered a... Read More
Shot. [St. Pete native leads first all-Black Oscars producing team,, March 25, 2022]: Chaser:  
Just make it illegal to arrest non-whites and use white taxpayer dollars to allow non-whites to have free public transportation. Better yet, just force every white person to give a non-white individual their car. This is America's future if white people don't learn to say "no."
So even a landscaping company is nothing more than a corporation dedicated to promoting anti-whiteness. [Home Depot hammered for shaming employees for their ‘white privilege’, NY Post, March 23, 2022]: Workers at the Home Depot branch were also urged to discuss their “white privilege” while being told that “th
It's like something out of a horror movie. In broad daylight, being attacked by four people as you try and enter your car, your arm and clothes ripped off as your assailants try and speed off in your car. Her last moments on earth were being dragged down the street by four carjackers on the... Read More
White privilege? Systemic inequities? Implicit bias? Explain this. [Rantz: WA schools adopt race-based discipline, white students to get harsher punishment,, March 21, 2022]: A Washington school board butted heads over a new student discipline policy that considers a student’s race before deciding on a punishment. The Clover Park School District debated its new “culturally... Read More
Why does the 2nd Amendment apply to Africans in America? Hint: it originally didn't. Nor should it. And in 2022, every mass shooting over the weekend of March 18 - 20 involved a black shooter. Including an event in Arkansas, where 27 black were shot and one black person is dead courtesy of mass shooting... Read More
We've spoken about Jackson, Mississippi before. The capital city of the state, Jackson is 83 percent black and 15 percent white. It has one of the highest murder rates in all of America. Academics have tried to blame the shocking violence in 83 percent black Jackson on the state's weak gun laws, when no similar... Read More
Dayton, Ohio is 52 percent white and 38 percent black. Home to an Air Force base, Dayton is also home to a city dominated by black violent crime. And now, with virtually all violent crime committed by blacks against blacks, even the NAACP is begging black people to stop killing/shooting other black people. [NAACP president... Read More
As white people from Russia wage war on white people in the Ukraine, and white people in both Europe and the United States care about the event unfolding - potentially plunging the world into another pointless world war - one black writer at CNN is mad we aren't focusing our attention on Africa. Moky Makura... Read More
Go Dawgs! Sic'em! In a more civilized time, the University of Georgia football team would actual reflect the student-body enrolled at the Athens, Georgia collegiate institution (hint: white males). In our more racially advanced time line, we know have perhaps the first murder by a former UGA football player. And it's black on white. His... Read More
Were white privilege real, you'd know his name. You'd know his story and how he died. Were America truly dominated by implicit bias and structural inequalities, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution would publish the faces of who is behind the fatal and non-fatal shootings in the city, making America's purported Black Mecca one of the most dangerous... Read More
Read this story and pretend America has a future. [Thousands apply for free monthly guaranteed income for single mothers in Birmingham,, March 8, 2022]: More than 8,000 single mothers completed applications for Birmingham’s test pilot program that will offer free monthly income for a year. “Response to the opportunity to participate in the Embrace... Read More
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