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Abu Ghraib

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The Paintings of Fernando Botero
Seattle, Washington The Columbian artist Fernando Botero has produced a brilliant collection of life-sized paintings depicting the horrors of Abu Ghraib. The works show prisoners bound and gagged, stacked on top of each other, and being beaten by American soldiers. The paintings have a haunting, frenzied feeling to them, like Pieter Bruegel's medieval "The Triumph... Read More
Reincarnating Mengele The Torture Doctors of Abu Ghraib
No need to inquire about co-payments at Abu Ghraib prison facility. Rummy's HMO will cover the whole thing. And, there's no sense in worrying about those nagging medical malpractice suits either. American doctors can pursue their own diverse inclinations without inhibition or fear of reprisal. The Pentagon now provides cover for dilettantes in the ancient... Read More
Real Men Don't Muslims The Price of Victory
The pictures of prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib have put the Bush Administration into full damage control mode. That is evident by the fact that President Bush made an appearance on Arab TV. Normally, Bush would never lower himself to express his concerns to the Muslim world. That is why his statement was so carefully... Read More
Empire of Torture America's Dirty Secret
The now famous picture of the hooded Iraqi prisoner standing precariously on a box with electrical wires dangling from both hands is affixed to my refrigerator with the bold subtext; "Join the Bush War on Terror." There's something otherworldly about the skeletal figure draped in sackcloth, something eerily symbolic in his pose. For many, this... Read More