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William Arkin

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Update 9:30pm Eastern. The NBC logo photoshopping continues... Reader Roger sends this one: Update: It's official. Shocker! The NBC lawyer who originally nixed the pro-troops ads is a big Dem donor. More. *** You've all been following the moonbat-influenced decision by NBC to turn down pro-troops public service ads from Freedom's Watch. If you haven't... Read More
You remember WaPo blogger William "obscene amenities" Arkin. Well, he's at it again--this time taking a swipe at milbloggers: Blackfive responds: John Noonan at Op-For lays the smackdown:
WaPo weasel William Arkin would do well to read page A13 of his own paper published Friday before he smears any more troops as mercenaries. There's an article there titled "Troops Shared Firm Belief in Iraq Service." Meet Marine Sgt. Joshua J. Frazier: Marine Sgt. Joshua J. Frazier, 24, from Virginia's Spotsylvania County was killed... Read More
We haven't forgotten WaPo weasel William Arkin's troop-bashing about the "obscene amenities" supposedly enjoyed by our soldiers on the battlefield. Hot Air and Sout al-Kuffar have teamed up to bring you a special video response. Click on the sandstorm pic to watch: Bet those ski trip amenities were nicer, eh, Arkin:
The Left's definition of a "hero" Just in tonight from Ft. Lewis via the Seattle P-I: The court-martial of 1st Lt. Ehren Watada ended in a mistrial Wednesday. The case's judge, Lt. Col. John Head, declared the trial over after a day of wrangling over a stipulation of facts that Watada had signed before the... Read More
Glenn Reynolds recommended this new documentary by former Marine, TV journalist, and milblogger J.D. Johannes last week, and I was able to watch it this weekend. It is terrific. We're featuring the trailer over at Hot Air--which WaPo weasel William Arkin and every member of Congress should be made to watch. You can get the... Read More
Here's our discussion of WaPo weasel William Arkin on O'Reilly last night. The transcript is here. Notice I defended NBC News, which, after all, aired the segment with the troops that sent Arkin into loony land. One of O'Reilly's producers, Jesse Watters, caught up with Arkin and tried to get the journalist to answer some... Read More
Here's Washington Post national security reporter/blogger William Arkin's screed against NBC's report, which quoted troops who want Americans to support their mission. An excerpt from Arkin's unhinged diatribe: So, we pay the soldiers a decent wage, take care of their families, provide them with housing and medical care and vast social support systems and ship... Read More
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