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Laura Loomer: Disrupter for Congress by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2019 The Beltway swamp is clogged with miserable crapweasels: smug incumbents, status quo lemmings, Constitution infringers of all flavors, Silicon Valley lackeys, jihad apologists, open borders freaks and, oh, that Trump-deranged lurker, Mitt "Pierre Delecto" Romney. In a country of 325 million people, can't... Read More
The amazing family (from L to R: Sarah, Jenn, Lori, William, Jesse, Doug, and Brett) With fellow history/tinkerer nerd, Glenn Beck It's been a hectic couple of months at Casa Malkin! As many of you have noticed, I've been absent from the TV airwaves since the summer. That's because I've been immersed in research... Read More
Get caught up: Twitter suspends another conservative account; Update: Chris Loesch free, flag-spam prog brigade still loose; Update: Loesch suspended again Twitter, you have a problem: An infestation of radical flag-spam abusers Dissent for me, but not for thee: liberals justify Twitter gulag for conservatives
Last week, we launched -- a ground-breaking Twitter curation/aggregation site staffed 24/7. On Friday, we scored our first Drudge Report link with a Twitchy exclusive story on liberal actress Cher's rampage against conservatives. Our Android mobile app developed by Ed Burns is available here. iPhone and iPad apps will be rolling out shortly. Here's... Read More
Wanted to share an exciting announcement with you all and encourage you to join and support our new web venture, TWITCHY.COM. We've been working furiously on the project since last fall and are now LIVE. Press release is reprinted below. Meet our awesome staff from across the country here. If you are a newbie to... Read More
I said last week after Andrew Breitbart's sudden death that "his legacy online and in the conservative movement is built to last." To put a super-sized exclamation point on it, be sure to visit the re-launched empire. All of the Big sites are now under one gorgeous umbrella, and the feature piece is Breitbart's... Read More
So, here is Twitter's criteria for the "Top Tweets of 2011" list it shared with ABC News. Pay attention to the phrases in bold: Well. Ahem. That would certainly describe former Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner's tweets and twitpics seen 'round the world. But not a mention of Weinergate to be found. Instead, the top 10... Read More
There is perhaps no greater image of irony tonight than that of anti-capitalist, anti-corporate, anti-materialist extremists of the Occupy Wall Street movement paying tribute to Steve Jobs -- the co-founder, chairman and former chief executive of Apple Inc., who passed away this evening. While the Kamp Alinsky Kids ditch school to moan about their massive... Read More
A creative genius. American original. Entrepreneur extraordinaire. His vision transcended politics. His success showcased the power of the free market and individual initiative. R.I.P. From Apple CEO Tim Cook: Apple has lost a visionary and creative genius, and the world has lost an amazing human being. Those of us who have been fortunate enough to... Read More
I've been so preoccupied with family matters that I've neglected to tell you that our tech wizard Ed Burns of BlogRescue has written a super-cool iPhone/iPad app for the blog. You can now get it at the App Store. Click here for more info and be sure to tell your Apple-using friends and family. ***... Read More
Meet the new Internet traffic cops Internet access is not a "civil right" by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2010 When bureaucrats talk about increasing your “access” to X, Y, or Z, what they’re really talking about is increasing their control over your lives exponentially. As it is with the government health care takeover, so... Read More
For those of you who use Twitter, be advised to stay off and stick to third-party apps like Tweetdeck or Twhirl. Twitter's website has been hacked. Visitors will contract a malicious "mouse-over" bug that causes pop-up windows to open merely by pointing your cursor over infected links. Do not be a silly looky-loo. Stay... Read More
A few weeks ago, many of you helped out as beta testers for the Android app. My website tech guru Ed Burns informs me that our free blog app is now up and running. Just go to the Android Market on your phone and search for "Michelle Malkin." If you have a smartphone with... Read More
The U.S. Court of Appeals unanimously rejected the Obama FCC's bid to expand its regulatory powers over the Internet this afternoon. As Clarice Feldman headlined the ruling succinctly: "Nyet to 'Net Neutrality.'" Your refresher course via ReasonTV (more background here): Adam Bitely's right. The speech redistributors may have lost this battle, but they won't give... Read More
I had the pleasure last year of attending the 2009 Sammies Awards ceremony in Chicago held by the Sam Adams Alliance. The awards honor the country's finest in citizen leadership and political activism -- and I met some amazing grass-roots leaders, entrepreneurs, creative artists and whistleblowers. The group has just announced the 2010 winners, including... Read More
Heckuva job, Gov. Ritter!
Scroll down for updates... Reader Monica e-mails about how my governor, Colorado Democrat Bill Ritter, is squeezing folks who make money online through the Amazon affiliates program. Politicians don't want to make tough spending cuts, so they're targeting Internet commerce. First, some background: The enduring skirmish in Colorado between and lawmakers over collecting online... Read More, the domain registration giant, was founded by tech entrepreneur and decorated Vietnam veteran Bob Parsons. The company pays tribute to Independence Day with a wonderful video celebration here. Isn't it nice to see an Internet company embrace American patriotism? More about Parsons here. (Hat tip - reader Elyse at Eagles Up)
Information providers and their conduits, like people, just want to be free. No matter. Outmaneuvered by dissidents on Twitter, Facebook, and blogs, Iran has declared war on the Internet. It's a war the Luddite mullahs will lose:
So, the president is going to tell us who his computer security czar soon. Let's hope it's not the same person who ran the Obama campaign's grossly insecure online credit card donation operations.
Yesterday, I noted that Silicon Valley expressed its displeasure with President Obama's plans to require corporations to pay billions of dollars in U.S. taxes on foreign earnings that they have previously been allowed to defer. Today, there's more whining from the tech companies that boosted Obama's campaign and filled his coffers. Calll the wahmbulance (hat... Read More
Top Conservatives on Twitter have launched a new action project targeting the "three little piggies" -- UAW President Ron Gettelfinger, GM CEO Rick Wagoner, and Chrysler CEO Robert Nardelli. I know I've got a lot of fabulous Photoshoppers out there. This one sounds fun. So go and check out Operation Three Little Piggies here and... Read More
Government domain names (".gov") for websites are supposed to be restricted to eligible government organizations and programs. Does Barack Obama's transition website, -- which is basically a souped-up version of his campaign site -- qualify? As Ed Morrissey pointed out yesterday, "The incoming administration technically has no status as a government organization or program... Read More
"The Case Against Senator Obama’s National Chief Technology Officer."
A Web 2.0 editor blows the whistle.
Love hurts.
...not as much as Charlie Rose loves his MacBook Air. Vid here. Wow. Ouch.
Live. Unedited. Unfiltered.
Update: So, what did you think? The punditocracy is going into overdrive parsing the speech and weighing the electoral consequences. For me, it's simple. Any day a Republican can turn the tables on the "tolerance" squad and cast light on our great American tradition of religious liberty is a good day. If you missed the... Read More
Talkin' 'bout the Tech Generation.
I love this story in the NYTimes about a young tech entrepreneur who's so committed to starting new companies and forging new successes that he was too busy to sleep in his unused Silicon Valley home: Max Levchin is not easily distracted from his work. A few years ago, Mr. Levchin, one of the young... Read More
Hot Air and I are co-sponsors with techPresident's new project, "10 Questions," a "people-powered online presidential forum." We think it's important to add balance, so we're asking our readers to create their own questions to the presidential candidates and go vote on the questions already posted on the site. Bryan explains: What would you ask... Read More
The United Nations is trying to figure out how to get its paws on the Internet and take over governance of cyberspace. The good news, for now, is that it can't decide on how to do it. Via Declan McCullagh: One British MP, Derek Wyatt, who follows Internet regulation says we should breathe a little... Read More
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