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Oh, the incivility!
Funny. The Washington Post just recently ran a massive A1 story on the dangerous "incivility" of conservatives. Remember? But their own reporters and editors can't keep their own potty mouths and fists from flying when they disagree: It’s come to this: The Washington Post Style section, for years known as “the sandbox” because it was... Read More
"...sour, angry, even dangerous."
The Sunday edition of the Washington Post featured a massive, front-page article by Ann Gerhart decrying the "incivility" of conservatives. "The nation's political discourse seems sour, angry, even dangerous," Gerhart frets. The introduction of the article spotlighted an e-mail from yours truly to Obama-philic author and Jamestown Project member Charisse Carney-Nunes. Does the e-mail contain... Read More
Looks like shark-jumping season at the Washington Post. The PR team has just launched a contest for "America's Next Great Pundit." Really. Just arrived in my e-mailbox: The prizes? The ultimate winner will get the opportunity to write a weekly column that may appear in the print and/or online editions of The Washington Post, paid... Read More
Ouch, my sides hurt from laughing. The Washington Post says its newsroom didn't know about the pimp deal its business/marketing side was making. The flyer advertising pay-per-view meetings with Washington Post reporters and editors and Obama officials wasn't properly "vetted," the paper tells Politico. Uh-huh: The statement goes on to say that WaPo is still... Read More
Pimps and things.
I half-joked grimly the other day on Twitter that Joe Jackson was so crass he'd charge admission to his son's funeral. And now this: While we're on the subject of pimps, how about those Washington Post mack daddies? For $25,000 to $250,000, The Washington Post is offering lobbyists and association executives off-the-record, nonconfrontational access to... Read More
In the tank.
In the tank. No reports of fainting, ogling, or drooling yet, but I will bet you there are cheering followers in the WaPo building who will not wash their hands for a week after greeting the Savior-in-Chief. Howard Kurtz *Correction: David Nakamura* breathlessly reports: Oh, don't worry, WaPo. Your "journalistic objectivity" went out the window... Read More
Look in the mirror, MSM.
Yesterday, I noted that moronic Washington Post piece decrying the whiteness of the GOP convention. Reader Daniel G. points to this photo of the working media. He e-mails: "While this is a good story on the media defensiveness over Palin, I couldn’t help notice that the attached photo illustrates that the MSM is the LAST... Read More
The Washington Post prints a typical, racial bean-counting piece on how the Republican Party is too "white." Yes, the leftists want to see more minorities in the Republican Party -- so they can immediately proceed to tear them apart as race traitors and sellouts who are acting, you know, "white." The piece is here if... Read More
Awaiting fairness and balance.
Ahem. Well?
Hey, WaPo: Your bias is showing.
What if tens of thousands of protesters poured into Washington, D.C., exercising their free speech and joining peacefully to participate in public debate? How would the MSM cover them? If it's tens of thousands of pro-illegal alien marchers, they get front-page, banner headline-plus-multimedia bonanza, panoramic coverage gushing over their ability to "flood the Mall" with... Read More
***scroll for updates*** Washington Post reporter Dana Milbank turned up on an MSNBC show to talk about the Cheney accidental hunting trip shooting wearing this costume: Download and watch the video (Windows Media .wmv file). Hat tip: Tom Elia at The New Editor, who rightly raises his eyebrow at Milbank's display of less-than-objective journalism. What... Read More
Time and again, Washington Post Style reporter Robin Givhan hides behind fashion snarking and culture reporting to savage conservatives. She did it with Katherine Harris and Dick Cheney and John Bolton--and I'm sure you can remember many more examples of partisan mockery. Well, today's conservative-bashing Style commentary sinks to the lowest low. The piece, "An... Read More
Washington Post editorial: The Washington Post's managing editor, Philip Bennett, apparently has a more upbeat view about China. He was quoted by People's Daily Online three months ago saying: Bennett subsequently said some of his comments were transcribed incorrectly, but he has not disputed the above passage and has not responded to requests to release... Read More
The Washington Post laid into the Air Force Academy this weekend over claims of religious intolerance by chaplains, instructors, and a coach. For a more informed perspective, read analysis from The Claremont Institute's Ken Masugi, who taught at USAFA, here and here.
A former Marine corps reservist takes on the Washington Post's Rajiv Chandrasekaran and the rest of the newspaper's Baghdad bureau. A sample: Iraq veterans often say they are confused by American news coverage, because their experience differs so greatly from what journalists report. Soldiers and Marines point to the slow, steady progress in almost all... Read More
Shorter Washington Post Style section: Intrepid writer Laura Sessions Stepp discovers a species of young males known as "players." Stepp puts her Washington Post expense account to good use by accompanying some teens to their high school dance for some on-the-scene reporting: This 2,668-word, front-page Style Section article manages to quote poet A.E. Housman, Johnny... Read More
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