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Ward Churchill

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In Denver, the verdict in the Ward Churchill trial was just read. The jury found that University of Colorado terminated him based on his speech, but awarded him $0 for past economic harm and $1 for current damages. Caplis and Silverman, lawyers who have followed the case closely and host a top talk show on... Read More
Can you think of two more unpleasant trolls to pair together than unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers and unrepentant moron Ward Churchill? Last night, they teamed up in the People's Republic of Boulder, Colorado, to whine about their victimization at the hands of their academic oppressors, stroke each others' massive egos, and pat themselves on the... Read More
"Bush-bashing is one of my favorite things to do."
BDS? Check. PDS? Check. Profanity-laced classroom? Check. All he's missing is the Che beret and AK-47.
Loons, goons, and maroons.
Rarrrrrrghhh! Via Slapstick Politics, we have word that the looniest professor is back on campus for an unsanctioned class at the University of Colorado: Thuggish as ever, Churchill's goons engaged in some trademark roughhousing: Two men who identified themselves as event organizers turned away three male CU students at the door, calling them "agitators." One... Read More
"D-Day" for the king of the moonbats: University of Colorado ethnic studies professor Ward Churchill faces dismissal...
Update 11:15pm Eastern. Photographer El Marco captured the followers of Ward Churchill in their natural habitat... Update 9:03pm Eastern. Slapstick Politics posts photos from the circus and has video coming up. Also, it seems that Flipping the Bird 101 is a mandatory course at CU: Update 8:52pm Eastern. Who cast the sole vote against firing... Read More
Fight the power Source: NYSun The New School gave the nation's preeminent moonbat academic a rousing reception. He returned the favor by trashing the college's president, former Senator and Vietnam War veteran Bob Kerrey as a "mass murder and serial killer." Via the NYSun: Fabrication? Churchill knows plenty about that. More: Mr. Churchill also called... Read More
It's out today. Read it here (PDF file). Pirate Ballerina, the blog that was central to pushing the story forward, has analysis and points to the bottom line of the report: While we are unanimous in finding that Professor Churchill’s research misconduct is serious and that we should express the degree of that seriousness through... Read More
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