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Christian Bible publishers in Turkey murdered by throat-slitting jihadists.
Back in April, I noted the brutal murders of three Christians who worked at a Bible publishing house in Turkey who had their throats slit by vengeful Muslims. The alleged killers exulted: "Let this be a lesson to the enemies of our religion." The trial of the five accused murders began last month, but is... Read More
Parliamentary elections: Submission or resistance?
7/23 8:45am Eastern update: We shall see... Update: 1:19pm Eastern. Election results coming in... Turkey's Islamic-rooted ruling party was headed for victory Sunday with more than half the votes counted in parliamentary elections that pitted the government against opponents warning of a threat to secular traditions. With 56 percent of votes counted,
Robert Spencer reports.
Three workers at a Christian publishing house in Turkey had their throats slit. Robert Spencer notes the whitewashing of those who have attacked the publishing house in the past. They're..."nationalists."
Breathe a small sigh of relief: Unfortunately, the law still stands and the aggrieved will soon find another target.
Looks like Pope Benedict XVI is safe so far. Via Maybe if Muslims stopped using swords and bombs and guns in the name of Islam, and if more Muslims stopped embracing violent jihad, and if more Muslims urged others to renounce jihadism without having to risk reprisals and their own lives, the self-inflicted wound... Read More
Thousands and thousands take to the streets in Turkey to demonstrate against rising Islamic influence over the government: Meanwhile, in Germany, a priest makes a dramatic statement, via the Times of London: A retired priest committed suicide by setting himself on fire in a German monastery in protest at the spread of Islam and the... Read More
Ten Brits hurt in Turkish holiday resort. BBC: Update: Total up to 22 injured. ABC News:
...for not wearing a head scarf.
Jim Geraghty, blogging in Turkey, sends along breaking news: Jim e-mails that it's an "ominous sign - somebody put a bomb in an Istanbul cafe frequently used by their riot cops. Yeah, the same riot cops protecting the Danish consulate there a few days ago. Sure looks to me like somebody's trying to send a... Read More
Father Andrea Santoro, Requiescat In Pace I noted the murder of Italian Catholic priest Andrea Santoro over the weekend and followed up yesterday with news that a witness heard the alleged murderer shout "Allah Akbar." Now, a culprit has been caught. And the motive is reportedly--you guessed it--the Muhammad Cartoons: The
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