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She knew.
Early yesterday, I noted the story of a TB-infected woman who was able to fly unimpeded earlier this month and is now in isolation in northern California. There are more details today in the San Francisco Chronicle: The authorities have finally seen fit to release specifics on her flight and whereabouts: County health officials, along... Read More
Remember Andrew Speaker? He's the TB-infected American who was able to slip through several airline security layers and fly around the globe despite being on a no-fly list in May. There were several other TB/security incidents this year that have fallen down the memory hole. Looks like we still haven't learned anything (via SJMercNews): A... Read More
Our ailing homeland security.
Sara Carter of the WashTimes chats with Hot Air's Bryan Preston about the TB-carrying frequent flier from Mexico who crossed the border and racked up flying time with impunity. Several lawmakers are calling for an investigation. Let's hope it gets off the ground.
Sara Carter and Audrey Hudson at the WashTimes have the scoop: Excellent work uncovering this latest travesty, ladies. But be careful. You know you're not allowed to write about TB and open borders. Someone might threaten to spit on you.
Democrats, homeland security, and double standards.
Since it's politically correct to talk about tuberculosis only if the carriers are white, it's acceptable for Democrats to point out the homeland security lapses that led to TB carrier Andrew Speaker roaming around the country and undermining domestic security and public health rules.
Open borders insanity.
Remember the illegal alien TB carrier in Atlanta? They're letting him go and trusting him to show up for a deportation hearing in a few weeks. Yes, really. It happens all the time. That misplaced trust is why we have hundreds of thousands of deportation fugitives on the loose today. The "notice to appear" letter... Read More
Open borders and tuberculosis.
Via the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: More about his, you know, irrelevant immigration status:
The national media covered tuberculosis carrier Andrew Speaker wall-to-wall earlier this month. That hubbub has died down, but TB scares across the country continue. Why no follow-up on this national health crisis? Because calling attention to it might earn you the wrath of Geraldo, Lindsey Graham, Linda Chavez, President Bush, and the rest of the... Read More
He is Andrew Harley Speaker--and what a selfish, reckless man he is. Update: A strange new twist...Speaker's father-in-law is a CDC microbiologist who specializes in TB. *** Related: What's that I hear? The sound of ACLU lawyers on the way. Related: The government is investigating how Speaker got across the border: The government is investigating... Read More
...if a banned passenger can still get on a plane? That's the question the feds need to answer in the case of the Atlanta man infected with a super TB strain: An Atlanta-area man -- infected with a rare, potentially deadly type of tuberculosis -- is under federal quarantine at Grady Memorial Hospital with an... Read More
I have a feeling the Wall Street Journal is going to get a lot of feedback about this unbelievably muddled piece by a Greenwich, Conn., neurosurgeon who ultimately sings the praises of an illegal alien with tuberculosis. A social worker tracked down the illegal alien's friends and family. They all tested positive for TB and,... Read More
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