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Trent Lott

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The stink of bipartisan elitism.
We've all had fun with the Snob-ama story the past week (ARUGULA!). The thing is, my friends (as a certain McSnob likes to say), the GOP has a snob problem, too. When Obama derided small-town Pennsylvanians who oppose immigration enforcement, for example, it was nothing compared to the dripping condescension of open-borders Republicans. This is... Read More
Rhymes with Lent Trott: "I haven’t paid for lunch in 30 years."
Trent Lott. Out of touch, privileged, elitist, entitled, helpless, hapless, clueless. Gack. Via WaPo, it appears he's having trouble adjusting to life as a "man of the people." Gag warning (hat tip - reader L): Former Sen. Trent Lott (R-Miss.) is struggling a bit to adjust to life as a lobbyist. "I took the Metro... Read More
Still just a "coincidence?"
I started Wednesday morning noting the FBI raid on Dickie Scruggs' law office. Late Wednesday evening, news broke of Scruggs' indictment on charges of bribing a judge in the Scruggs/Lott Katrina-related revenge lawsuit against State Farm insurance--and attempting to conceal the bribery. I updated my initial post, but it's worth a fresh new one. Are... Read More
Update: Things get smellier and smellier. Scruggs indicted for bribing judge! It's related to the Katrina revenge lawsuits spearheaded by retiring Sen. Lott: Richard F. Scruggs, a prominent trial lawyer who has been fighting insurance companies over payments for damage from Hurricane Katrina, was indicted yesterday by federal authorities on charges of offering a bribe... Read More
Vacant Lott: Buh-bye.
Won't be missed. Update 12:55pm Eastern. Check Yall Politics for local inside chatter. Lots of interesting info and rumors there, including this: The timing of Lott's actual departure from office is important. A reader notes: "If the Miss. GOP Gov appoints a replacement (probably Pickering) in 90 days there will not be time for the... Read More
Yet another GOP Maalox moment: Trent Lott gives reporters his sophisticated analysis of illegal immigration. "“Now...
Talk radio is not the problem. Trent Lott is the problem. Read today's Sun Herald (Gulfport MS) (hat tip: reader Lynne S.): And the analogy is...what? That illegal aliens are like goats who need to be "popped" instead of penned in? And this explains his trashing of shamnesty critics who want full enforcement of our... Read More
Time to Move On, Trent.
***update: Rush on Lott--"You've got Republicans talking about talk radio like liberals talk about talk radio. That tells you something." Yes, it does. It tells you that the Republican Party is in deep, deep doo-doo. Speaking of doo-doo, the literal kind apparently turned up in the Capitol today. How fitting.*** Reader Jerry e-mailed me this... Read More
Photoshop: David Lunde Military-smearing Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell released this statement about the shamnesty last night: Here's more on the agreement reached yesterday--and Sen. Trent Lott whining like a nutroots-er about "talk radio:" Under the agreement reached on Thursday, the Senate will consider about 22 amendments, half from Republicans and half from Democrats. Earlier... Read More
Protesting Trent Lott--and the whole lot of 'em. Photo: Clarion-Ledger This photo of the day comes from a protest of the shamnesty bill in front of Trent Lott's office this morning, organized by the Eagle Forum and the Mississippi Federation for Immigration Reform. The Clarion-Ledger reports:
Looks that way to me.
Just when the MSM focus had fixed on the Democrats' culture of corruption and business-as-usual, along come Beltway Republicans to remind us of how lame the GOP leadership is. Trent Lott is back. Flashback 2002: I called Trent Lott the Republican Party's eternal Maalox moment. Nothing's changed. Meanwhile, RNC chair Mel Martinez is demonizing grass-roots... Read More
Buy a Porkbusters mug: Annoy Trent Lott!
The blogosphere's movement to cut government spending is getting under one Republican US Senator's skin. Trent Lott is squealing, and Porkbusters are busting him good.
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