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They don't support the troops

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Scroll for updates... Earlier today, a lone gunman -- described as Mexican-born with a "valid U.S. passport" -- barreled into a shopping mall parking lot, stormed an IHOP, and marched to the back where a table full of uniformed Nevada National Guardsmen were dining. The Guard's headquarters are about four miles from the restaurant. Eduardo... Read More
My column today takes on trashy trash-talking Democrat Rep. Lynn Woolsey's smear of Gen. David Petraeus. The Code Pink/MoveOn Democrats strike again. "Move On" is still stuck in 2007. Democrat Rep. Lynn Woolsey: Capitol Hill's Lindsay Lohan by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2011 A grown woman in public office who acts like Lindsay Lohan... Read More
Last March, I published a special report on the Left's war against military recruiters in the U.S. It's a topic I've covered extensively over the years. Unhinged devotes a sub-section of my chapter "They Don't Support Our Troops" to the organized campaign of harassment against recruitment offices on college campuses nationwide. The anti-recruiter thugs have... Read More
The White House finally got around to releasing a statement on the jihadi attack against our troops at the Arkansas military recruitment center. Here is the entire statement: “I am deeply saddened by this senseless act of violence against two brave young soldiers who were doing their part to strengthen our armed forces and keep... Read More
Blackfive has the video. Watch here. Private Long, R.I.P. God bless his family. Matt Burden writes: "If the private's father is any indication, young William was probably one helluva soldier already. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Long family, and with the family of wounded soldier Private Quinton Ezeagwula." Blogger Army Wife and her... Read More
President Obama announced his choice for Army Secretary this afternoon. The news isn't what he said in his statement about GOP Rep. John McHugh: "As Secretary of the Army, he will ensure that our soldiers are trained and equipped to meet the full spectrum of challenges and threats of our time. And John [McHugh] shares... Read More
Scroll down for the Muslim domestic terrorist suspect, Abdul Hakim Mujahid Muhammad...Where is Obama's denunciation of the attack? Holy crap: A shooting at an Arkansas Army recruiting center has left one recruiter dead and one wounded. Pray for the families, please: I wonder if the Justice Department will send marshals to beef up protection... Read More
President Obama tells us this Memorial Day weekend that veterans have not gotten the respect they deserve: Who is this "we?" Let's name names: Tell it to Janet Napolitano. Tell it to the Gen. Betray Us smear merchants at Move On. Tell it to the anti-military academics at P
Plus: Anti-war thugs plan protests tomorrow.
It's never over. Bush is out of office. Obama is moving to withdraw troops from Iraq. Last October, Code Pink gave up on its daily harangues against the Marines who staff a recruiting office in Berkeley after a counterinsurgency of pro-troops groups stood their ground. But it's never over. Yesterday, thugs smashed the windows of... Read More
Scenes from the counterinsurgency.
They did it! High school students fighting anti-military bigotry in the Bay Area collected 13,600 signatures and submitted them to save the JROTC program in San Francisco. (I blogged about their signature-gathering efforts last month here.) Keep the counterinsurgency going. *** Previous: Save JROTC in San Francisco JROTC in San Francisco rescued San Francisco educators... Read More
Your tax dollars at work.
Adam Buckman at the NYPost blew the whistle last week on a moral equivalence-marinated PBS documentary that airs tonight. Melanie Morgan and I chatted about the smearing of the Greatest Generation with Rush Limbaugh during the "From the Frontlines" web-a-thon on Friday. I've heard from many upset WWII vets. Read Adam's column here. Excerpt: Members... Read More
Counterinsurgency in the Bay Area public schools.
I've been following the battle over the JROTC program in the San Francisco public schools for the last year and a half. When last we visited the fight in December, the program had been given a temporary reprieve--much to the consternation of the anti-war zealots who oppose the hundreds and hundreds of students (many of... Read More
They don't support our troops.
Update: See this follow-up from Bob Owens, who reports that the memo does not check out. Glad to hear it. *** Michael Yon e-mails word of outrageous behavior by anti-war loons harassing uniformed military personnel on the D.C. Metro subway system: Dept of Transportation Federal Transit Administration sends: Recently, there have been local incidents in... Read More
The left-wing propagandist rips off the truth-telling milblogger's iconic image of an American soldier's compassion. Read all about it.
Three weeks ago, I told you about the violent postings of Iraq Veterans Against the War member Evan Knappenberger, who threatened the Gathering of Eagles and advocated my assassination. I offered thanks to an IVAW official who announced that Knappenberger had been indefinitely suspended. Well, now that IVAW's Winter Soldier hearings are over, it looks... Read More
Your lunchtime viewing: Jason Mattera stumps the 21st century Winter Soldiers in our latest Hot Air TV/YAF joint. The apples don't fall far from the Ghengis Khan-invoking tree:
Counterinsurgency alert!
Folks in the Twin Cities are fighting back against the Democratic Underground instigators who succeeded in getting the Vets for Freedom disinvited from a National Heroes Tour at Forest Lake High School in Minneapolis, which I noted this morning. John Hinderaker reports on students who took off from school to see VFF members speak at... Read More
D'oh-d'ohs in the Bay Area.
Zombie has your lunchtime laugh riot. Warning: Put all beverages away before viewing the gallery of Bay Area blithering idiots. One more to whet your appetites: *** Flashback: Anti-war, pro-Mercedes
"Are we saying that patriotism and duty and honor have no place in our public schools?"
Update: We got the audio of VFF's David Bellavia discussing the cancellation with Mike Gallagher this morning. Listen here. *** I told you about the non-partisan Vets for Freedom National Heroes Tour last week. Jim Hanson at Blackfive has a blood pressure-raising update on how some of your fellow Americans are responding to the tour.... Read More
Be there.
Just wanted to share an e-mail for those of you in the Minneapolis area. The counterinsurgency against the anti-war thugs continues!
Video of the "Catholic Schoolgirls Against the War" assault on the Holy Name church yesterday: This is absolutely disgusting, and perfectly in keeping with criminal anti-war thuggery. Remember that past protesters--also Catholic-- have actually used their own real blood to vandalize recruitment centers. Guess these idiots in Chicago didn't have the stomach for that, so... Read More
Har. Much more here.
"If they don't come to us, we will go to them."
Update 3/19 5:20pm Eastern: Via F/R, the 14th and L recruiting station in D.C., which has been targeted multiple times by anarchist thugs, is under attack again. Update 3/19 3:02pm Eastern. Jonn Lilyea reports on the DC moronic convergence. Update 3/19 1:30pm Eastern. Milwaukee recruitment center vandalized. More bragging here. The damage: Update 3/19 10:38am... Read More
Hostile fire.
It doesn't end: Two women with the anti-war group CodePink were arrested Friday afternoon when they sat down on the floor inside the U.S. Marine recruitment center in downtown Berkeley and refused to leave, police said. Dressed in pink and black, Pamela Bennett, 45, of San Francisco, and Mari Blome, 52, of El Cerrito, were... Read More
Combating the counter-recruiters.
Byron Dazey attended the Tacoma recruitment center protest this weekend. The moonbats had threatened to shut down the station. Dazey has an excellent photo essay and reports: Awesome: Much more here. And from 29Victor. Commenter USN RET was also there and e-mails: "The anti war side was outnumbered about 2 to 1...Despite the directive telling... Read More
Scroll down for updates...2:27pm Eastern...just received from Melanie's a pic of one of the Code Pink disrupters--ew--who crashed the MAF press conference on anti-recruiter violence....more below...Bruce Kesler: WS II "off to a lying start"... *** It begins. The Winter Soldier II hearings kick off today. The schedule: Iraq Veterans Against The War is streaming... Read More
"I was wondering: Do you have any advice for the new group of activists who are organizing Winter Soldier II?"
Cross-posted at Hot Air...scroll down for updates... Grab the popcorn. We've got another joint YAF/Hot Air TV production for you, just in time for the anti-war confab known as "Winter Soldier II" that kicks off in Washington, D.C. tomorrow and runs through Sunday. YAF's Jason Mattera, our intrepid special correspondent who cornered Jack Murtha in... Read More
Responding to my reporting on the Left's escalating war against military recruiters, a source sent me the following unclassified memo issued this week warning military personnel and civilian employees across the country to be on alert against possible threats and violence by anti-war and anti-recruiter protesters gearing up for demonstrations on the fifth anniversary of... Read More
Time warp.
What is it with all these old moonbats resurfacing again? First, Micah Wright. Now, Linda Foley. (Background here.) I feel like I'm trapped in a wayback machine.
"Iraq Veterans Against the War does not condone threats of violence or violence against ide[o]logical opponents..."
The Iraq Veterans Against the War zealot who threatened to "waste" pro-military activists has had his membership revoked. The Iraq Veterans Against the War zealot who threatened to bomb the Gathering of Eagles and who issued an assassination threat against me has had his membership suspended. An IVAW official also issues an apology: While this... Read More
Totally unhinged.
Important update here. *** Documenting the war on military recruiters that no one else will document, I turned my special blog report from last week into today's syndicated newspaper column. The nutball who threatened to bomb the Gathering of Eagles has upped the ante: And then there's this (via LGF): March 19 War Anniversary Protest... Read More
"Great sticker." Plus: Get ready for Winter Soldier II.
Yesterday, I told you about multiple threats against pro-military activists headed to Washington, D.C. this week to counter the anti-war mob and spotlighted the Left's continuing silence about the escalating war on military recruiters. Today, I point you to a "solidarity sticker" that was distributed at last week's national anarchist conference (no joke) in Washington,... Read More
"Peace" my you-know-what.
I am pointing you to this left-wing nut's threat so you know what we are up against--and to ensure that the screencap is saved. This menacing jerk's blog is hosted on Blogspot. Here are their terms of service. Support the Gathering of Eagles and get the latest on Friday and Saturday's counter-protests here. Justin at... Read More
Culture of hate.
On Friday, in the wake of the Times Square military recruitment center bombing, I published a special report on the Left's escalating war on recruiters. Prominent liberals and Democrat leaders raised their voices to condemn harassment of recruiters and called on left-wing, anti-military groups and anarchists to stop their hatred. Actually, no. Of course they... Read More
Eagles up.
The Gathering of Eagles and many other pro-troops activists turned out in the rain yesterday to show support for the recruiters at Times Square. Jennifer sends video: Flickr photo set here. More blog coverage here. The NYDaily News has coverage. GoE and a coalition of other counterproteste
Gathering of Eagles.
My friends with the Gathering of Eagles send word that they have secured permits for a rally to support military recruiters in Times Square this Saturday. James Bancroft e-mails: The Gathering of Eagles, a patriotic organization dedicated to the public support of all Military persons, active duty or veteran, announces a patriotic rally in front... Read More
An illustrated history of anti-war thuggery.
Scroll down for updates... Ideas have consequences. Inaction has consequences. For the past several years, I've chronicled the Left's escalating war on military recruiters--and the apathetic, weak-kneed response to it. In Unhinged, I devoted a sub-section of my chapter "They Don't Support Our Troops" to the organized campaign of harassment against recruitment offices on college... Read More
They don't support the troops. (Photo:
Scroll down for updates...Bloomberg weighs in: "The fact that this appears deliberately targeted at the recruiting station insults every one of our brave men and women in uniform stationed around the world." ...Politico reports that 8 Democrats in the House received letters and a photo of the targeted Times Square recruitment center...the Dems were NY... Read More
Brought to you by the unreality-based, troop-bashing community.
I swear I thought this was an Onion parody. It's not. Via the Raleigh News Observer, the anti-military bigots at UNC Chapel Hill have taken to burning phony draft cards to protest the war in Iraq. And it looks like we have a new IVAW/Winter Soldier 2.0 poster boy on our hands: Iraq war veteran... Read More
Update: The View on Steinem's gynocentric views... *** The polls show Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama neck-and-neck in Ohio and Texas leading into "Super Tuesday II" tomorrow. Will Hillary be put out of her bitter misery or live to attack another day after suffering 11 consecutive, humiliating defeats in a row? Democratic presidential candidates Hillary... Read More
Code Pinko in distress.
Oh, Medea. Melanie Morgan shares a story from Iraq war vet Sgt. Eamon Kelly USMC: God bless those "Bush death pimps," eh, Medea? And what was that Medea said again just a few weeks ago? Oh, yeah: “If it weren’t for people like the people in Berkeley, standing up for what they believe, we’d be... Read More
A punk gets punked.
When last we heard from Toledo mayor Carty Finkbeiner, he was cussing up a storm over the nation's backlash against his anti-Marine words and actions. He's as unpopular at home as he is with the rest of the country. The Toledo Blade reports on an internal prank: A Toledo city hall prank at the expense... Read More
Call to arms.
In the wake of the Code Pink/Berkeley attack on the Marine recruiting center, anti-war loons are redoubling their efforts to harass and impede business at military recruitment centers across the country. First, check out this Code Pink alert: Second, the military recruiting station in Washington, D.C. at 14th and L was trashed by anarchist students.... Read More
Carty Finkbeiner, the jerk mayor of Toledo, cursed on live radio when asked about his anti-Marines stance. He's always got excuses. This time he says he was "tongue-tied." More likely: Brain-tied. Radio host Maggie Thurber writes about how The Jerk's stand could cost the city $57.7 million: Though there are a few who agree with... Read More
Semper Fi.
Zombie has published the second in a two-part photo essay on the siege at Berkeley. The pic of the USMC checklist is my favorite:
The domestic consequences of appeasement.
When last we visited the seditious hotbed of Olympia, Washington, anti-military zealots had caused $4,000 in damages to police cars and incurred more than $100,000 in costs after obstructing military shipments at the city port. Well, anarchy reigns again, and you have to wonder how much longer law-abiding citizens there are going to tolerate the... Read More
Moonbattery updates.
Scroll down for updates...11:32am...Sen. Jim DeMint is on the Senate floor offering the Semper Fi bill (cutting off Berkeley earmarks) as an amendment to the Indian Health Care bill. He's circumventing the Senate's secret hold and trying to force a vote before we recess this weekend...Update: Democrat Sen. Jeff Bingaman just blocked Semper Fi...Register your... Read More
Unrepentant in Berkeley (Photo credit: Zombie) The pro-Marines protesters came, saw, and conquered in Berkeley last night--despite massive chaos, anarchy, and police neglect. The City Council partially backed down--conceding it had erred in passing its obnoxious "unwelcome intruders" resolution and granting Code Pink special privileges. The SFChron reports that "some council members added that they... Read More
"His attempt to deflect responsibility for the situation is pathetic."
Following up on the story of the jerk Toledo mayor who told Marines to leave his town because they would "frighten people," there are now calls from his fellow politicians to apologize. Via the Toledo Blade: As I noted over the weekend, Finkbeiner has quite the history of being a fink. He gave a McCain-ish... Read More
Berkeley vs. America, again.
My syndicated column this week brings newspaper readers up to speed on the anti-military siege in Berkeley. Move America Forward is moving forward with plans for a protest at the Berkeley City Council meeting on Feb. 12. Even the San Francisco Chronicle editorial board is castigating the fools in Berkeley: Sen. Jim DeMint continues the... Read More
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