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No-spit zone. Hate speech and blind spots. Update: Video link added.
Update: Here's the video. Tonight's topic: Hate speech on the Left. No, not Geraldo's. The focus is's despicable ad. I worked in a plug at the end of the segment for all of the pro-troops, pro-mission counter-demonstrations taking place this Saturday. See my Gathering of Eagles category for more info. Hope you can be... Read More
The no-spit zone.
I'll be on The O'Reilly Factor tonight at 8pm Eastern. The subject is Brian De Palma's anti-war porn movie, "Redacted." As far as I know, there will be no talk about Geraldo's hateful threat to spit on me.
Larry Craig's wide stance examined.
Subbing again tonight on The O'Reilly Factor. We'll be hitting all angles of the Larry Craig story, TB and illegal immigration, and yes, that pageant girl who needs geography lessons.
Tune in.
I'll be guest-hosting again tonight on The O'Reilly Factor. Lots of big news today--the Gonzales resignation, Michael Vick's guilty plea and "I found Jesus" speech, follow-up on Elvira Arellano, and more. Tune in at 8pm Eastern.
Work hard, play harder.
Summer's wrapping up. I'll have three more guest-hosting stints in the No-Spin Zone--tonight, Monday, and Tuesday. Good news: No Lindsay Lohan! We'll be following up on the Newark murders, criminal illegal aliens, the Washington state ferry/FBI lookout story, and more. Tune in at 8pm Eastern. Meantime, I've been able to squeeze in some fun and... Read More
Immigration in the No-Spin Zone.
I'll be doing the usual Monday Factor segment with O'Reilly and Kirsten Powers. We're scheduled for the first two blocks to talk about Elvira Arellano, sanctuary cities and crime, Nas and VTech, and the Democrat debate yesterday. Tune in at 8pm Eastern.
I'm off tonight from the usual summer Friday guest-hosting duties. (They'll be airing a 1/2 Hour News Hour special 1/2 of a Factor with John Kasich and a "Body Language" marathon following that.) My kids are thrilled because it means I'll be with them for the biggest cable TV event of the summer at 8pm.... Read More
I'm guest-hosting The O'Reilly Factor again tonight and we'll have a good, meaty show for you: immigration, the Newark case, Pearl Jam, the market, and more. Tune in at 8pm Eastern. Update: I just finished taping the show. Just a heads-up that we might get preempted early in the show because of breaking news on... Read More
I'm guest-hosting The O'Reilly Factor tonight at 8pm Eastern. Lots of good stuff lined up: an overview of the Kos convention and "diversity," a debate about the South Korean hostage crisis (yes!), and the madrassa in Brooklyn, among other topics. Tune in.
No spin.
I'll be guest-hosting The O'Reilly Factor again at 8pm Eastern tonight. Good show lined up--bridge collapse politics, John Edwards' petard, immigration enforcement and employers, and Macho Man Obama, among other topics. Tune in. *** Update: Video here.
I'm guest-hosting tonight for The O'Reilly Factor. Tune in at 8pm Eastern. Some good, meaty topics: Hazleton PA and the anti-illegal immigration ordinance ruling, a discussion of the "Scott Thomas" case and Iraq war reporting with milbloggers J.D. Johannes and Jeff Emanuel, and PETA vs. Michael Vick, among others. Yes, there will be a Lindsay... Read More
7:35pm Eastern update: Here's the cloture vote. I'll be guest-hosting The O'Reilly Factor tonight and tomorrow night. We'll be covering the immigration debate wall-to-wall. Catch the show at 8pm Eastern. *** Here's your lunchtime blood-boiler: Video of the Michael Chertoff comment I mentioned this morning. Chertoff's playing from the same demonization handbook Linsday Graham is... Read More
Hoo-boy. That was a fun, wild ride. Here are the video highlights and lowlights of my first of two guest host stints on The O'Reilly Factor. Tonight's show replays at 11pm Eastern. I'll be back tomorrow night. In a nutshell: One Opio Sokoni informs us it's all the Founding Fathers' fault that hip-hop "artists" treat... Read More
I'll be guest-hosting on The O'Reilly Factor tonight and tomorrow night. Tonight, we'll be talking Imus, Sharpton, Snoop Dogg, Duke, illegal alien sanctuary challenges, and more. See ya in the No-Spin Zone.
I'm up in NYC tonight guest-hosting The O'Reilly Factor. Catch the show on Fox News tonight at 8pm or 11pm Eastern. *** Update: Speaking of O'Reilly, check out Power Line's report on how O'Reilly's reception in Iraq compared to John Kerry's--photographic evidence included.
Hannity went last week. O'Reilly was there this week to thank the troops. MNF-I reports: In a war that has perhaps been even hotter in debates than it is on the streets of Baghdad, the one constant in the media has been “spin.” It was fitting, then, that Bill O’Reilly, host of the Fox News... Read More
Am scheduled to appear on FNC's The O'Reilly Factor tonight for a segment about Bush-haters in the MSM. Tune in around 8pm EST. Update: Video at The Political Teen. There wasn't time to get through all the items on our lists. FYI, mine were: 1) The NYTimes 2) Newsweek 3) CBS News 4) The LA... Read More
Just got back from The O'Reilly Factor, which I did via FOX's Washington, D.C., studio, and heard that some hooded hoodlum barged in on MSNBC's Hardball show at the GOP convention in NY. Drudge is reporting: Despite the host's lies and petty snobbery, I do hope that no one on the set was hurt and... Read More
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