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Teresa Heinz Kerry

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The quotable Mrs. Heinz Kerry (or is she back to Mrs. Heinz?) deserves a 2004 best soundbite list all her own: Shove it! Down, down, down! Our guys weren't so black and so big. Ted Kennedy I don't trust either. Well, you know, I don't know Laura Bush. But she seems to be calm, and... Read More
Well, Teresa Heinz Kerry's subdued act didn't last long did it? By now, you've all read Her Highness's condescending remarks about our First Lady Laura Bush. Teresa's boneheaded ""apology" was even worse than the initial comments. Teresa managed to snub not only millions of teachers and librarians and Mrs. Bush's 22 years of work as... Read More
Caught a few minutes of Teresa Heinz Kerry on ABC's The View earlier this morning. I've been tough on her and she has been as unhinged and unraveled as I said she would be during most of the campaign. But today she just seemed pitiful. She said she "winced" when her husband joked about marrying... Read More
Colin McNickle, the man to whom Teresa Heinz Kerry hissed "Shove it," writes about the death threats he has received. Also, he is still waiting for the o-pin-KNEE-o-nay-ted Teresa to answer his original question. Maybe he'd have better luck if he asked her in Portuguese, French, Italian, or Spanish.
From John Kerry's convention speech: "What does it mean when twenty five percent of the children in Harlem have asthma because of air pollution?" Answer: It means Kerry is peddling junk science at the behest of his meddling wife. As science journalist Mike Fumento has noted, The scare-mongering about asthma in Harlem comes straight from... Read More
(The first part of this file is buried so deep, I figured I better start a new one.) 7/28 Edition. Best bloggy round-ups. I have limited access to TV tonight. Here are a few good places to visit for convention nuggets: Poliblogger's got "bite-sized" facts and funnies. INCITE is live-blogging every night. 7/27 Edition. Best... Read More
ABC News reports tonight: Heinz Kerry Tells Reporter To Shove It Hey, did I call this or what? Flashback, Jan. 28, 2004, Howard Dean in a Dress: Tick, tick, tick.
Canada Free Press's Judi McLeod provides a preview of Teresa Heinz-Kerry-subsidized protests being planned by the Ruckus Society at the GOP convention in New York. More info on the Ruckus thugs at
Teh-RAY-zah Heinz Kerry tells CBS News: "I'm cheeky, I'm sexy, whatever. You know, I've got a lot of life inside." Flashback...
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