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Ted Kennedy

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Judge Robert Bork, former Supreme Court nominee, legal scholar, and the conservative movement's champion of originalism, died early this morning after a long battle with heart and pulmonary complications. His family reports that the funeral will be held on Saturday. Bork endured one of the most vicious, coordinated attacks from the Left during his Reagan-era... Read More
First, KennedyCare. Next up: ShamnesTeddy. Morton Kondracke is leading the charge: The mad rush to capitalize on Kennedy's death is yet the latest manifestation of Rahm Emanuel's decree to never allow a crisis to go to waste.
I'll let these speak for themselves: Kennedy’s Death Spurs Calls to Pass Health Legislation MSNBC's Matthews: Barack Is The Last Kennedy Brother Byrd: Rename health care bill for Kennedy *** William Jacobson: Rush was right.
The U.S. Senator from Massachusetts succumbed to brain cancer at the age of 77 tonight. Put aside your ideological differences for an appropriate moment and mark this passing with solemnity. There is a time and place for political analysis and criticism. Not now. Yes, there will be a nauseating excess of MSM hagiographies and lionizations... Read More
Big government bedfellows.
God save us from bipartisanship, part 99,995,857. GOP Sen. Orrin Hatch, co-sponsor of the $6 billion GIVE/SERVE boondoggle, has dedicated the Big Government Trojan Horse to Ted Kennedy: (
Well, ok. Not really "fun." Depressing, actually: More than one out of every five dollars of the $125 million Massachusetts is receiving from a federal spending bill is going to help preserve the legacy of the Kennedys. I call it Hyannis Pork.
Put aside your political differences and join me in keeping Sen. Ted Kennedy and his family in your prayers as they grapple with the news of his malignant brain tumor diagnosis.
Jason Mattera afflicts the comfortable.
Cross-posted at Hot Air Hot Air TV and YAF's Jason Mattera teamed up for another joint video production. Jason afflicts the comfortable with a question for Teddy Kennedy about his estate tax avoidance strategies. Enjoy:
Update: The New York Post weighs in..."Camelot died a long time ago." *** When I watched the Kennedy dynasty's self-indulgent endorsement of Barack Obama yesterday, I saw a bloated, effete patriarch patting himself on the back and his candidate on the head. I heard empty platitudes and nostalgia and a desperate, windy plea for relevance.... Read More
Er, um.
Ugh. On the one hand, you've got to love reading the news of Billy Jeff pleading and whining with Uncle Teddy not to endorse Hill's nemesis. On the other hand, watching the spectacle of the Kennedy clan anointing their Chosen One as the man "to make America good again" (and what would Teddy Kennedy know... Read More
Update: Bryan has the vid clips. *** "Frankly, I like Ted Kennedy." I watched Mitt Romney tell Jay Leno that last night. My legs fell out, as they say. "Like" is not a word a conservative should use when referring to the Senate's biggest windbag, eco-hypocrite, shamnesty supporter, race demagogue, and conservative judicial nominee slimer.... Read More
The name game.
Mitt Romney's coming under fire for confusing Osama bin Laden with Barack Obama: What's missing from the AP dispatch on Romney's tongue slip, which is entitled "Romney Slip: Another Osama-Obama Mix-Up," is a reference to the last major slip-up by a politician who confused Obama and Osama. Guess who? Hiccup. *** Also not mentioned in... Read More
Cold air.
Left-leaning columnist Froma Harrop reports on progressive unhappiness with one of the Senate's biggest blowhards, Teddy Kennedy. His eco-hypocrisy, it seems, is too much for them to take: Kennedy has received bipartisan help from other wealthy Senate elitists: The sordid affair is documented in a funny and depressing book titled "Cape Wind: Money, Celebrity, Class,... Read More
Teddy's new best friends.
Jeffrey Lord in the American Spectator: The other day Arizona's Republican Senator Jon Kyl sat down with the Wall Street Journal for a discussion about all the heat he's taken for what the paper termed Kyl's "efforts to forge an immigration compromise"... ...Reading the Kyl interview is a vivid exercise in understanding exactly what spending... Read More
Reader and Vietnam Vet Jack Haley e-mails: You can buy 'em online here individually or in bulk. Laura Lee Donoho was on the same wavelength in January: I think in addition to the pledge, we need to start a white feather campaign because it’s becoming quite apparent that we have a multitude of Cut and... Read More
They're back. ERA is back from the dead, and that great champion of women's rights, Teddy (Owl Club) Kennedy is leading the resurrection: WASHINGTON, March 26 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Senator Ted Kennedy (D- MA), Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA), Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), and Ellie Smeal, President of the Feminist Majority and strong... Read More
When I was writing Invasion five years ago, I interviewed immigration officials who joked that the rule for border-crossing prosecutions in southern California and Arizona was "thirteen strikes and you're out." So this new story from the Associated Press headlined "Border crossings rarely prosecuted" in Texas is no surprise. Same old, same old: Guidelines issued... Read More
That's the headline on a noteworthy article about Mexican president Felipe Calderon's top policy priorities--not the amnesty that President Bush and Ted Kennedy are rushing to shove down the American people's throat, but a plan to make life better for Mexicans in their home country: Calderon's plan is something that everyone who professes to care... Read More
The Maaaverick is not going to the Conservative Political Action Conference, which begins tomorrow. But he did have time to tape his announcement on the David Letterman Show. Video at Hot Air. Interesting priorities. *** Ed Morrissey weighs in on McCain's absence from CPAC: McCain has argued that he has the most solid conservative record... Read More
From my column today: I reprinted some of the responses from troops first published
***856am Eastern 2/17 updated with troop feedback from Iraq below and armored Humvee photos*** 254pm Eastern 2/17 update: GOP blocks Senate vote on House anti-surge resolution bumped back to the top Whenever leftists need to show they really, really do care more about the troops than their political opponents, they pull out the armor card.... Read More
First, check out this reaction to yesterday's illegal alien worker raids published in the Des Moines Register: Caption: Hector Angel, a Marshalltown business owner, states his point of view about the raid as ICE buses roll away from the plant. A natural response from open-borders zealots who've been giving the finger to immigration law for... Read More
The Windbag from Massachusetts wins hands down today. John Hinderaker at Power Line nails him: That would be hilarious, if it were not so contemptible. When Democrats in the bureaucracy illegally leaked misleading portions of the NIE's "key judgments" in hopes of influencing the election, that was fine with Kennedy. But when the administration declassified... Read More
***originally posted 752am...bumping this back to the top...11am Eastern - White House says it is considering declassifying the NIE...1210pm new update: Bush will release parts of the*** President Bush on Tuesday said it is naive and a mistake to think that the war with Iraq has worsened terrorism, disputing a national intelligence assessment by... Read More
***update: Of course, she says she misspoke*** Oh, yes, she did. Francine Busby, the Democratic candidate in Tuesday’s CA-50 special election has been caught on tape telling a Spanish-speaking audience “You don’t need papers for voting.” Responding to a question from a translator about how to help her campaign, Francine Busby also told non-English-speaking volunteers... Read More
Seattle's KING 5 TV nabbed a must-see interview with one of the Marines injured at Haditha on Nov. 19. (Big hat tip noted below to Red Hot Cuppa Politics.) The Marine is Lance Cpl. James Crossan, who rode in the passenger seat of the Humvee that was struck by an IED. The driver was Lance... Read More
An extraordinary exchange just took place on the Senate floor over the last 40 minutes. It's the most important debate of the year, in my opinion. The questions are these: Who do we let into this country and how many? On one side of the debate: Democrat Sen. Jeff Bingaman of N.M. and Republican Sen.... Read More
Ted Kennedy opens his mouth... Allah sez:
***scroll for of another Kennedy crash two weeks ago in Rhode interesting observation below about Kennedy's "going for a vote" Roll Call reporter...*** ***1000pm EDT update...Kennedy blames sleep medication...RWV notes another weird Kennedy accident...7am EDT update 5/ he was drinking*** Rep. Patrick Kennedy Drudge reporting on a Roll Call scoop... Officers Claim... Read More
This morning's MSM suck-up watch spotlights Reuters' rehabilitation of Teddy Kennedy. Here's the headline of reporter (term used loosely) Thomas Ferraro's slobbery piece: At 74, U.S. Sen. Edward Kennedy still roars Let the obsequiousness begin: Tireless champion of the downtrodden! And, ooohh his voice: Reuters recounts Kennedy's buffoonish pandering at the recent illegal alien demonstration... Read More
The Washington Examiner editorial page, headed up by recently departed blogging newshound Mark Tapscott, issues a challenge to President Bush: t received little coverage in the mainstream news dailies, but many bloggers highlighted the significant influence of “Reconquista” advocates and concepts in the recent pro-immigration marches across the country. Reconquista aims must be honestly confronted... Read More
From the Santa Barbara News Press, some not-so-peaceful, open borders students wreak havoc on an elderly couple's home: A peaceful school-sanctioned protest march in support of illegal immigrants turned ugly Monday when students from Santa Barbara High pelted the home of an elderly couple with rocks and eggs. The incident took place at the home... Read More
***scroll for updates*** So, my Sony Handycam and I attended the illegal alien demonstration in D.C. yesterday. Here are some of the more interesting moments captured on tape of what I saw at the revolucion: The goofy, out-of-place-looking, non-Spanish speaker on the right was standing on a street corner with a bunch of astroturf "homemade"... Read More
Photographed at the Dallas illegal alien demonstration yesterday: Kim Priestap at Wizbang: Sen. Ted Kennedy is scheduled to address the crowd--future constituents--in Washington, D.C., today around 4:30pm EST. As they say:
***scroll for updates*** They're baaack. Illegal alien public relations experts are advising their followers to put aside the Mexican flags and tone down their radicalism, but many reconquistadors and their friends can't help themselves. Hat tip to John A. for the protest photos today from Dallas: Black Panthers came out to show solidarity with the... Read More
Brian J. Doyle: Just one of many creeps and losers at DHS The arrest of Department of Homeland Security spokesman Brian J. Doyle on felony charges of sexually preying on a undercover cop posing as a 14-year-old girl this week is just the latest debacle for the bureaucratic behemoth. I dealt with Doyle a few... Read More
***scroll for updates...reader photo submissions...Senate immigration legislation developments...Denver pro-patriotism rally tomorrow...a judge forced to recuse himself for leading the Pledge of Allegiance...Mexican flag-flyers defiant...*** ***1135am EST newsflash: cloture vote on Specter amnesty amendment...immigration deal announced*** It's Take an American Flag to Work Day. Fly one high and proud. Printable flag here. Here's the poster I... Read More
There's no rest for the reconquistadors. They marched this weekend in Costa Mesa: And Brooklyn: And more are planned in coming days (via Alternet): In the coming weeks, there will be plentiful opportunities to stand in solidarity with this nation's undocumented immigrants. Below is a short listing of demonstrations being planned across the nation. Please... Read More
***scroll for photo added below of a student in Dallas screamed at by an angry mob for carrying an American fence-hopping at Montebello H.S...unreality-based Ted Kennedy gets the Clueless Blowhard of the Day Award...chanting in Las Vegas: "La raza unida jamas sera vencida," or "The united (Hispanic) race will never be defeated."...protests turn... Read More
...with the illegal alien amnesty bill that the Senate Judiciary Committee passed this evening: I guess if you think "fairness" and "Edward M. Kennedy" can co-exist in the same sentence without snorting, you'll be happy with the bill, too. *** Numbers USA has the lowdown on the bill: On March 27, the Senate Judiciary Committee... Read More
Artwork by Adri Eleveld Among the upwards of 20 million illegal aliens currently in the U.S. are an estimated 50,000 from Ireland. They've joined the rest of the open borders lobby in pressing for the feds to grant them amnesty, citizenship, and other rights. Leading the pack of St. Patty's panderers are Sens. John McCain... Read More
Fox News is reporting that VP Dick Cheney was involved in a hunting accident yesterday. Breitbart/AP: I'm very thankful Whittington is doing fine. Unfortunately, this is very bad news for the White House--and not just because of the inevitable late-night jokes that will inundate the airwaves over the next week. The Dems will exploit this... Read More
The NYDaily News reports on Alec Baldwin's mini-meltdown and Meryl Streep's depression over Supreme Court Justice Sam Alito: Overseas, Jim Geraghty reports that American actors Billy Zane and Gary Busey are part of the cast for a new Bush-deranged, US troop-bashing film debuting in Turkey. A description of the plot: In the most expensive Turkish... Read More
Via Breitbart/AP:
***updated with video link*** I am watching Sen. Ted Kennedy on C-SPAN unraveling before my eyes. He is screaming. The face is fire-engine red. The fists are waving furiously. Here's my rough transcript of his ongoing diatribe smearing the Alito nomination as a step backwards toward mass discrimination: KENNEDY: ...All you have to do, Mr.... Read More
When I chronicled the kraziness at the Daily Kos in Unhinged, left-wing critics shot back that the most highly-trafficked website on the left side of the blogosphere did not represent the Democrat Party leadership. Now, not only is John Kerry a proud Kossack...Ted Kennedy is blogging there, too: Irrefutable: The unhinged fringe is the mainstream... Read More
The anti-Alito brigade makes one last stand. Teddy Kennedy led the charge last night with a speech to the Center for American Progress. Download and watch this video clip (.wmv). Transcript: I know I don't even need to write the punchline for
This is U.S. Appeals Court Judge Maryanne Trump Barry, a Clinton appointee who gave a glowing endorsement of her colleague, Sam Alito, earlier today, along with six other judges from the appeals court who appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee to support Alito. Chuck Schumer walked out before the judges started to speak. Teddy Kennedy... Read More
We're an hour and a half into the hearings and I need to hear no more. It's all about the Dems beating dead horses. Over and over again. Unitary executive. CAP. Vanguard. Vanguard. Vanguard. John Podhoretz marvels: "A Kennedy who has never known a moment's worry about money is now grilling a lifelong middle-class public... Read More
Why is this woman crying? The Political Teen has the video of Judge Alito's wife breaking down as Sen. Lindsey Graham offers an apology for the past three days of relentless smear attacks by the Dems. I've isolated video of Sen. Graham's apology: Download the video (.wmv file). 3.5MB. I have many differences with Sen.... Read More
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