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David Sifry reports.
...and celebrates with a major update. Congrats! IMO: The redesign looks good, except for the lack of a "Politics" tab under "Discover." Technorati tags: Technoratifeedback *** Speaking of redesign, the moonbats at digg are whining about the format of my blog post headlines. So, I've turned off the caps. (Update: Well, I tried to, but... Read More
Bloggers are already buzzing about David Sifry's latest "State of the Blogosphere" report, which says that: -Technorati now tracks 14 Million blogs, -the number of blogs continues to double every 5.5 months, and -a new blog is created every second. These figures are sure to be cited over and over again by both bloggers and... Read More
This blog turned one last week! (BTW: Congrats to Karol at Alarming News, which turned the Big 3 today.) First, some blogiversary expressions of gratitude: Special thanks to the following people for their warm welcomes, words of advice/encouragement, and early links during's incipient days: John, Paul, and Scott at Power Line, John Hawkins at... Read More
As I've noted before, many (most?) of the 10 million blogs tracked by Technorati are computer-generated (aka "spam blogs"). AdLand notes, Something to keep in mind the next time someone starts blathering about the existence of "10 million blogs."
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