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Southern Border

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Border Patrol agent Javier Vega, Jr., R.I.P. - UPDATE - Info on how to help his family below Murder in Rio Grande Valley: "This is coming to a town near you" by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2014 The voice on the other end of the line is exasperated. “It’s insane,” he wants America to... Read More
Screenshot via the LA Times website: Jonathan DelCarmen is 19. He came to this country illegally seven years ago, when he was 12. He fits the profile of the prototypical "DREAM" youth whom President Obama has granted administrative amnesty to (and wants to expand massively) -- and whom open-borders advocates in both parties believe should... Read More
Jose Antonio Vargas: The face of the entitled illegal alien by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2014 They've blown it again, big time. They just can't help themselves. During the Bush years, the open-borders movement won over bleeding hearts in the White House but alienated the American public with radical displays of La Raza ("The... Read More
Longtime readers know I've dedicated much of my work over the last two decades to our broken borders and reckless bipartisan sabotage of immigration enforcement. Decades before Fast and Furious, there were dozens of law enforcement and federal officers who sacrificed their lives in defense of our sovereignty. Just like Border Patrol agent Brian Terry,... Read More
Scroll for updates...Conflicting reports on Giffords' status in post-shooting chaos...latest as of 2:39pm, Giffords still alive and in surgery...continued prayers...4:216pm Easter...shooter ID's as Jared Loughner... Terrible, terrible news today out of Tucson, where a gunman shot and killed Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Arizona) and at least 6 others. Several more were injured in the ambush. Reuters... Read More
Scroll down for updates...Poll added below: What do you think really happened?...Hmmm: Suspects reportedly identified?...Hartley unsure if Mexican persons of interest identified by government are the attackers... Longtime readers know that southern border violence has been one of my primary topics for as long as I've been working in daily journalism and writing books. You... Read More
Arizona ranchers continue to raise their voices about chaos on the southern border in the wake of Robert Krentz's murder in the Douglas-area: Given Mr. Krentz’s radio transmission, the footprints and heavy drug and illegal immigrant trafficking in that area, investigators are working on the assumption that he encountered a smuggler, possibly heading back to... Read More
"Families who live along both sides of the border have been threatened and attacked for some time now by cartels."
I will continue to keep you updated on the investigation into Arizona rancher Rob Krentz's brutal murder. The latest: *Funeral services have been set for April 9-10 in Douglas. *Police are working on theories about the shooter possibly belonging to "a drug cartel scout or a band of thieves terrorizing Arizona ranches." *Open-borders Sen. Johnny... Read More
Scroll for updates, details from the crime scene... Rob Krentz was a Cochise County, AZ cattle farmer who had battled the bloody consequences of illegal immigration for years. Over the weekend, his dead body was found on his ranch. The longtime rancher had been gunned down. Police are investigating the homicide. The Arizona Star... Read More
My column this morning looks at the continuing chaos on our southern border. Displaying her fabulous sense of timing, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano chose to announce amid all the bloodshed that she's scrapping the doomed Fence to Nowhere project. The system is not working. *** The slaughter on the southern border by Michelle Malkin Creators... Read More
Last week, I noted the murder of Border Patrol Agent Robert Rosas. He left behind a wife and two children. His community in Arizona has set up several memorial funds. Keep the family in your thoughts and prayers. And help honor Rosas' service by helping his family and keeping his legacy alive.
Robert Rosas, U.S. Border Patrol, R.I.P.
Scroll down for udpates... Border Agent Robert Rosas, Jr., killed in the line of duty In my State of the Borders column in January, I warned that Mexican Army incursions into U.S. territory remain a regular occurrence. Off the Obama radar screen, violence on the southern border rages unchecked. Now this: A
Well, it didn't take long for partisan Democrats to blame the swine flu outbreak on the Republican Party. Here's the line: Since House Republicans all opposed the trillion-dollar-porkulus, which included funding for pandemic preparations, it's all. Our. Fault. No, really: When House Appropriations Committee chairman David Obey, the Wisconsin Democrat who has long championed investment... Read More
No, he won't.
There's been a bit of a stir over President Obama's comments suggesting that he is open to the idea of sending National Guard troops down to the southern border to deal with long-festering chaos. (link) Yadda yadda yadda. I call bull. No meaningful security force will be mobilized along our border. It will never happen... Read More
Hey, how's that $1.6 billion American-taxpayer-funded Merida Initiative to control crime and chaos in Mexico working out? Not so well. Not so well. A bad situation keeps getting worse: U.S. anti-kidnap expert kidnapped in Mexico Mexican gunmen have kidnapped a U.S. security consultant who negotiated the release of dozens of kidnap victims in Latin America.... Read More
In case you hadn't noticed, Mexico is in chaos. Beheaded and bullet-ridden bodies are turning up left and right along the southern border. Drug traffickers are running rampant in Sinaloa. Corruptocrats are letting gangs take over their cities. In Tijuana, 200 people were killed in a month. The CSM reports: "Last weekend turned into one... Read More
See, I told you so... September 14, 2006: April 4, 2007: FINO: Fence In Name Only July 14, 2007: Border fence? What border fence? December 18, 2007: House guts border fence Feb. 28, 2008: The Fence to Nowhere March 5, 2008: The Finish The Freaking Fence Act March 26, 2008: The border fence sunset April... Read More
Hey, remember the $1.6 billion Merida Initiative -- the U.S. taxpayer-subsidized spending plan to help Mexico enforce its borders and get the gangs and drug smugglers under control? (Refresher here.) How's it working out? Mira:
Fence to Nowhere.
The state of our broken borders on the seventh anniversary week of the 9/11 terrorist attacks is unsound. Border security was not mentioned once in John McCain's RNC speech. If, as McCain has grudgingly conceded, immigration is a national security issue, why did it get zero attention in his convention talk? The only insipid comment... Read More
Fence? What fence? Border? What border?
It's your Fence In Name Only alert. Remember all that talk of how the Secure Fence Act allowed DHS to speed up construction with a special waiver process? Well, the waiver process -- like the non-existence fence -- is full of holes. And it's another Bush administration agency that's standing in the way:
Competing narratives.
I'm posting the ruling by the Fifth Circuit Court of the Appeals in the case of Border Patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean that came down today. Click here for the 45-page ruling (PDF). Sen. John Cornyn's office has pressed President Bush to commute the sentences: U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, a member... Read More
International meddlers order American states to halt death penalty executions.
They just won't stop meddling with our sovereignty. The weenies on the World Court are leaning on their friend President Bush to stop the execution of five illegal alien Death Row inmates. You'll recall that in March, our Supreme Court sided with the state of Texas in upholding US sovereignty and rejecting the World Court/Bush... Read More
Collision course.
Fence In Name Only, part 9,815.
Been blogging this disaster for several months (click "virtual fence"), but now it's official. Time to issue another Code Elmo Red homeland insecurity alert. But hey, at least we're building those fences for Egypt and Mexico, right? Read and weep: The government will replace its highly touted "virtual fence" on the Arizona-Mexico border with new... Read More
Jamiel Shaw: Yet another victim of illegal alien catch and release.
...Americans didn't do: An alleged gang member accused of killing a 17-year-old high school student just one day after being released from jail has been living in the country illegally, possibly for more than a decade, federal immigration authorities said Saturday. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency has filed paperwork naming 19-year-old Pedro Espinoza, the... Read More
FINO: Fence in name only.
Scroll down for updates... Not that you needed any more evidence from me that the Secure Fence Act was the mother of all border b.s. measures to come out of Washington, but here's the latest story to add to the pile: The Bush administration has scaled back plans to quickly build a "virtual fence" along... Read More
Diversity: Norteños, Sureños, Loc Town Crips...
Illegal alien/immigrant gang violence spreads to small towns in California. All they have to do is bide their time--and shamnesty will be theirs!
You'll be glad to know that not all elected officials are willing to allow a foreign leader to land on American soil and trash our nation's immigration laws and the character of its citizens. You won't hear President Bush stand up to Mexican president Felipe Calderon. As I've been reporting, they've been quietly hashing out... Read More
"Give it to me."
Update: Here's the audio of Rush Limbaugh's remarks on the Merida Initiative. John and Ken at KFI will also be discussing the $1.4 billion aid package to Mexico today between 3-7pm Pacific time. *** If you're looking for my report on the $1.4 billion Mexican stimulus/border security funding package mentioned by Rush Limbaugh this afternoon,... Read More
Sin Fronteras.
Scroll down for updates... After contacting several congressional staffers yesterday about the $1.4 billion stimulus/border security package for Mexico that I reported on yesterday, I can tell you this: We're screwed. None of the staffers I contacted had even heard of it. You might want to call them and suggest they get up to speed.... Read More
America second.
A reader asked me to check into information that President Bush was pushing a massive foreign-aid package to Mexico to help them secure their southern border against the flow of illegal aliens from Central America. "We can’t even get our own border straight, and we are going to provide Mexico with funding so they can... Read More
Birds of a feather.
Follow the bouncing ball with me: Shamnesty peddler John McCain taps former Mexican government official/shamnesty advocate Juan Hernandez as his presidential campaign Hispanic Outreach Director. Hernandez is a fellow at McCain's "Reform Institute." What has he been working on there for the past year? "Dr. Juan Hernandez serves as a Senior Fellow of the Institute’s... Read More
Not your friend.
Update: Hernandez is a "non-paid volunteer," says the McCain campaign. Was he "non-paid" at the Reform Institute, too? And does McCain share his "Mexico First/" "Just A Region"/"Free Flow of People" views or not? Ask. Update: Meet La Familia McCain. *** Dr. Juan Hernandez, McCain Hispanic outreach director: "We must not only have a free... Read More
The bloody consequences of open borders, part 99,999,999: Awaiting action in the Senate: S.330 Title: A bill to authorize secure borders and comprehensive immigration reform, and for other purposes. Sponsor: Sen Isakson, Johnny [GA] (introduced 1/18/2007) Cosponsors (None) Latest Major Action: 1/18/2007 Referred to Senate committee. Status: Read twice and referred to the Committee on... Read More
Mexican lawmakers whine about Arizona employer sanctions law.
Arizona has a tough, new state employer sanctions law to discourage illegal immigration. It's called the Legal Arizona Workers Act and it prohibits employers from knowingly employing unauthorized aliens; requires the Attorney General and county Attorney to investigate complaints about employers who hire unauthorized aliens; and makes it unlawful for a person to file false... Read More
The bloody consequences of open borders, part 9,999,999.
Just think: If John McCain had his way, this animal might have received amnesty. Remember: Despite all the slick assurances from shamnesty advocates, their plan's criminal background checks were a joke. All of the illegal alien suspect's victims were young girls between the ages of 12 and 15. He started his raping spree last June--targeting... Read More
Update 12/31: Lonewacko has reax. *** The Sunday edition of the Dallas Morning News carries a lengthy lead editorial extolling the "illegal immigrant" as the 2007 "Texan of the Year." The full piece is here. (hat tip - Freedom Folks and readers). I'll cut to the chase and give you the paper's rather underwhelming,... Read More
My syndicated column today follows up on my blog post yesterday about the bipartisan border fence-gutting. The episode, I note, is an object lesson in gesture politics and homeland insecurity. It's a tale of hollow rhetoric, meaningless legislation and bipartisan betrayal. And in the run-up to the Iowa caucuses, it's a helpful learning tool as... Read More
"As it's currently written, the omnibus language guts the Secure Fence Act almost entirely."
Update 10:58pm Eastern: Yeah, I'm watching C-SPAN. The motion to concur in the House amendments to HR2764, the omnibus spending bill, just passed...76-17, with 1 present. More here. Update 10:20pm Eastern. Sen. Jim DeMint is on the Senate floor right now blasting the omnibus bill for gutting the fence, removing the ban on sanctuary cities,... Read More
Open-borders horror story.
No words (hat tip: Dayna): I'm reminded of this infamous smuggling incident photographed and leaked by a Border Patrol whistleblower in 2001: And this one I blogged about in 2004:
Outrage: "A 3-year-old girl was found abused and bleeding Thursday night, and officials have arrested her uncle, an...
Geraldo Rivera thinks I should be spit on because I believe citizens should inform law enforcement authorities if illegal aliens are living in their neighborhoods. If only someone had picked up the phone to let authorities know that criminal illegal alien Salvador Luna was living in their neighborhood, this monstrosity would not have taken place:... Read More
The Center for Union Facts is marking Labor Day by reminding Americans of union fatcats and the corruption of Big Labor. The state of the unions is...not good: Things are so bad with one carpenters' union that it outsourced picketing duties to homeless people. As I noted a few days ago, Big Labor is busying... Read More
Police said 15-year-old Dani Countryman was trying to fight off Alejandro Rivera Gamboa and his cousin, 23-year-old...
A horrifying case. 100 percent preventable: This will make you sick: As 15-year-old Dani Countryman struggled beneath Gilberto A
"Mexico is calling on the United States to alter a plan to expand border fences designed to stem illegal immigration,...
Mexico is objecting to construction of the security fence on the southern border because it would--horrors!--block the free migration of birds, insects, and pollen. And we can't have that: Mexican government officials aren't the only ones playing the environment card to block the fence. Both Republican and Democrat lawmakers have joined with Big Business interests... Read More
A case of the slows.
We can't even build 14 damned miles, let alone the vaunted 370 promised by President Bush: Rep. Duncan Hunter is pushing DHS to move faster--and illuminates the fantasy deadlines set by the lip service Border Fence Act: As Republican presidential candidate Rep. Duncan Hunter has staked out the U.S.-Mexico border fence as one of this... Read More
Aceptamos pesos.
Yes, you read that right. According to the local Fox affiliate in Dallas/Fort Worth, the retail store Value Giant will start accepting pesos as payment (hat tip: reader Pamela): Another Dallas retailer, Pizza Patron, kicked off the trend in January. Sovereignty? What sovereignty? Borders? What borders? *** Don't expect the Bush administration to do anything... Read More
You can't make this stuff up: "Part of a vehicle barrier along the U.S.-Mexico border was erected in the wrong country...
Can we do anything right on border security? Crikey (via Vehicle barrier built on wrong side of border to be removed Part of a vehicle barrier along the U.S.-Mexico border was erected in the wrong country and soon will be removed and rebuilt on American soil, federal officials confirmed Monday. "We respect our international... Read More
Another illegal alien drunk driver takes the lives Americans didn't take.
Patterico continues his invaluable series on illegal alien deportation with a report at Hot Air on an illegal alien drunk driver on his fourth DWI offense who killed a family of three. Blogger Jason Smith witnessed the crash. Read the rest of Patterico's installments here.
Border security up in flames.
Jerry Seper of the WashTimes reports on undocumented firebugs: U.S. Border Patrol agents seeking to secure the nation's border in some of the country's most pristine national forests are being targeted by illegal aliens, who are using intentionally set fires to burn agents out of observation posts and patrol routes. The wildfires also have resulted... Read More
Just doing the littering Americans won't do: After three years of cleanups, the federal government has achieved no better than a 1 percent solution for the problem of trash left in southern Arizona by illegal border-crossers. Cleanup crews from various agencies, volunteer groups and the Tohono O'odham Nation hauled about 250,000 pounds of trash from... Read More
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