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Sheryl Crow

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Did you catch this? (Hat tip: Reader Wade) In addition to her one toilet square paper-per-sitting quota, eco-zealot Sheryl Crow also advocates "dining sleeves" to replace napkins. Seriously: Uh, Sheryl. Have you taken into account the extra water and energy that would be expended to launder all of these dirty "dining sleeves?" Perhaps there are... Read More
Musician/celebutante Sheryl Crow proposes a one square of toilet paper-per-sitting quota to offset deforestation. That's going to be a tough rule to enforce--what with eco-Hollyweirdos so, you know, full of crap. Meanwhile, in Manhattan, wealthy socialites help rescue the planet by plunking down a few pennies for Shaklee cleaning products and energy-saving bulbs for their... Read More
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