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Never forget: CAIR's dirty deeds by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2019 The Council on American-Islamic Relations is having a banner month. The militant Muslim group never lets a crisis go to waste. That means Americans should beware. When unappeasable CAIR is ascendant, our free speech rights, religious liberty and national security are at risk.... Read More
I told you the gobsmackingly obvious at the very outset of these latest pretextual jihadi outbreaks across the Middle East: It's not about the dumb Internet movie or the marginal Pastor Terry Jones. They hated us before these excuses. They hated us before George W. Bush took office. They hated us before Israel came into... Read More
You know what I always say: It never ends. The Cartoon Jihad of the Religion of Perpetual Outrage never ends. Our latest conflagration has Egyptian (of course) sharia-enforcers (dubbed "conservatives" by BBC dhimmis) in a frenzy over a Coptic Christian businessman's tweet of what they consider a lewd photo. The offending photo was...a joke image... Read More
Last night, a community board in Manhattan approved a mosque/sharia-compliant "party space" at Ground Zero, two blocks from where the 9/11 hijackers mass-murdered thousands and brought down the World Trade Center. Enraged 9/11 families protested the move and spoke truth to power: After four hours of public debate, members of Community Board 1 finally voted... Read More
It's that time again: Time for the Muslim religious police to crush Saudi lovers' fervor for that cursed threat from the West -- Valentine's Day. Fight Sharia! Send Pajamagrams and Vermont Teddy Bears. As Feb. 14 approaches, the police begin inspecting gift shops for items that are red or are intended as gifts to mark... Read More
As if we didn't already have enough to worry about as Hank Paulson's Treasury Department presides over the behemoth, expanding bank/insurance/auto/all-purpose bailout, Frank Gaffney sends up a warning flare: The U.S. Treasury Department is submitting to Shariah - the seditious religio-political-legal code authoritative Islam seeks to impose worldwide under a global theocracy. As reported in... Read More
"In the matter of the human rights code..."
Thank you and congratulations, Mark Steyn, for standing up for the West. (Steyn is a fellow member of the Islamophobia Dirty Dozen!) The verdict in the outrageous sharia "hate speech" case is up at Mark's site. From Kathy Shaidle: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MARK STEYN NOT GUILTY OF "FLAGRANT ISLAMOPHOBIA," SAYS TRIBUNAL AUTHORS OF NEW BOOK... Read More
Judging from my e-mail, a lot of folks are hopping mad about this weekend's story from the Shelbyville, Tennessee Times-Gazette concerning Tyson Foods' decision to replace the paid Labor Day holiday with the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr. Brian Moselely reports that there are 700 Muslims working at the 1,200-employee plant, including some 250 Somali... Read More
"I don't believe any of it," Amina told Eddie, "because I see how their women are treated. They have to walk behind the...
Yaser Said, the man accused of slaying his two teenage daughters in the Dallas honor killing case, is still on the loose. The Dallas Observer has a new, in-depth piece on the last days of Amina and Sarah. Read it all. You will be particularly disgusted by their mother's treachery--and not surprised by their brother... Read More
Here's an update on the Texas school that failed to inform parents about a mandatory Islam presentation taught by CAIR officials (background here). The principal who allowed it has been reassigned. Via the Houston Chronicle blog: Take it with a grain of salt. CAIR hopes to give their presentation at other public schools. You've been... Read More
At a Texas public junior high school, students get mandatory lessons in Islam from...CAIR. More here. Yoo-hoo, ACLU?
My Sharia amour...
The Canadian Human Rights Commission's show trial of Mark Steyn gets under way this afternoon. Andrew Coyne's blogging it. Free Mark Steyn invokes William Wallace. Get all your Steyn Online here. Previous Steyn/Canadian blogger posts here.
TIZA tussle.
Twin Cities readers send word that a KSTP TV news crew was attacked outside Tarik ibn Zayad Academy, the Minnesota Muslim charter school. Looks like the administrators were not happy with the results of a state probe of their religious practices in public classrooms: *** Previous: CAIR comes to the rescue of Minneapolis tax-funded Muslim... Read More
Maryland Supreme Court rejects Islamic divorce.
Time for another installment of Stuff Muslims Don't Like. #2: Due process for wives. In Malaysia, Islamic Sharia law allows men to divorce their wives with a triple talaq text message. Coming to the US? Well, here's a small dose of sanity--surprising, I know--from Maryland's Supreme Court, which refused to recognize Islamic divorce. Yes, you... Read More
Forbidden Words.
The President is holding a news conference in the Rose Garden. Responding to questioning from Martha Raddatz about Iraq and Afghanistan, he talked about taking the fight to "jihadists." Red alert! Red alert! Summon the State Department language police! He used one of the Forbidden Words: Can't be "causing offense to moderates" now, can we?... Read More
Waving the white flag.
Well, well, well. Looks like the speech-squelchers in Canada want to back off their bullying of Mark Steyn and Maclean's. Too little, too late: THE CANADIAN ISLAMIC CONGRESS PRESS CONFERENCE ANNOUNCEMENT April 29, 2008 ISLAMIC CONGRESS AND LAW STUDENTS TO MAKE PUBLIC SETTLEMENT OFFER TO MACLEAN'S ON HUMAN RIGHTS COMPLAINTS TORONTO - The Canadian Islamic... Read More
Buy Steyn stash for free speech.
Mark Steyn is having a book sale to help raise money for Canadian bloggers under siege by the sharia brigade. Warman Wednesday is named after the lawsuit-happy tool, Richard Warman. Go get some Steyn stash and support free speech. Ezra Levant has all your latest updates on the case. The defendants are: • Ezra Levant... Read More
Tick. Tick. Tick.
Coming to a time zone near you? Via HA Headlines: Muslim scientists and clerics have called for the adoption of Mecca time to replace GMT, arguing that the Saudi city is the true centre of the Earth. Mecca is the direction all Muslims face when they perform their daily prayers. The call was issued at... Read More
Sharia creep, sharia creeps.
As I have reported over the years, there are many good reasons to be wary when CAIR and other Muslim grievance groups start banging the drum about being victimized by Islamophobia. Now, the usual suspects seem engaged in the usual tactics to distract from the controversy over the Minneapolis tax-funded Muslim school exposed by Star-Tribune... Read More
Katharine Kersten's excellent investigative work on the Minnesota taxpayer-funded Islamic school, TIZA, has led to a state probe of the institution. It has also shed light again on the spread of sharia in U.S. secondary public schools. You'll remember the heated battle in San Diego over Muslim prayers in a public charter school. You may... Read More
Where are all the separation of church/state activists now?
Investigative columnist Katharine Kersten at the Minneapolis Star Tribune has been digging into Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy (TIZA), a public charter school that's fronting for the Muslim American Society. When she asked to visit the government-funded school, an official told her the schedule was too hectic to accommodate her because of statewide testing. When Kersten... Read More
Fight sharia. Support Ezra Levant, Kathy Shaidle, Free Dominion, Kate McMillan, and Jonathan Kay.
Last month, I told you about the coming attack on Canadian conservative bloggers by speech-squelching Richard Warman--the same sharia-promoting tool who went after publisher Ezra Levant. Well, the bloggers have now formally been hit with lawsuits. Kathy Shaidle of Five Feet of Fury is one of the defendants. She reports: Richard "The Boy Named Sue"... Read More
Go here. A reader tells me that the Dutch word for solidarity is "Solidariteit."
Kill all those who join infidel social networks.
In Afghanistan, it's dancing on TV. In Saudi Arabia, the new forbidden thing is Facebook. Add it to the long, endless list of stuff Muslims don't like. Yeah, I wish I were kidding you: A young Saudi Arabian woman was murdered by her father for chatting on the social network site Facebook, it has emerged.... Read More
"It's the re-Talibanization of Afghan society."
The story of Afghanistan: One step forward, one hundred steps back. The re-Talibanization of the country continues apace. If you are saying to yourselves, "What the h-e-double-hockey-sticks," well, this is what happens when you allow the embedding of sharia law into a "democratic" constitution: Sharia, bloody, sharia:
Fitna fits of perpetual rage.
Allahpundit and Lawhawk note that Liveleak has restored "Fitna." It's symbolically a good move, but 1) They shouldn't have taken it down in the first place and 2) thanks to the proliferation of video-sharing sites and the ubiquity of Torrent downloads, the restoration of the video on their site is sort of moot. When the... Read More
Are you ready for March Madness? As I noted at Hot Air last month, the Religion of Perpetual Outrage is gearing up for the debut of Dutch politician Geert Wilders' anti-Islam mini-documentary, "Fitna"--which is reportedly set for completion sometime today. (Go to the Fitna The Movie site for more info.) Combined with the recent re-publication... Read More
AllahTube. (Photoshop credit - Jawas)
What goes around, comes around. After earning a notorious reputation in the blogosphere for stamping out videos critical of Islam and the Danish cartoon debacle because they contained "inappropriate content" and threatening to suspend accounts of anti-jihad video creators, YouTube got gagged by Pakistan over...a video critical of Islam and the Danish cartoon debacle. The... Read More
"I'm going to fight like Hell."
The Cartoon Jihad never ends. Canadian publisher Ezra Levant, who staved off an attempt by a Muslim critic to haul him up on "human rights" violations for printing the Mohammed Cartoons, faces another new lawsuit. Levant writes: In 2006, I was hit with two identical human rights complaints because I published the Danish cartoons of... Read More
The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice.
If there were a soundtrack for this story, it would most definitely be "My Sharia Amour:"
"Alien events."
Update 11:24am: Fresh photos for the Valentine's Jihad (via Snapped Shot). Call it heartburn: *** Remember this photo from two years ago? First, they came for the cartoonists. Next, they came for Valentine's Day: Caption - An activist of the radical Kashmiri Islamic group, Dukhtaran-e-Millat, or daughters of the community, burns a Valentine card outside... Read More
"I don't think he is the man for the job."
Sky News reports on the continuing uproar over the Archbishop of Canterbury's sharia insanity: So, Britain takes a step away from self-immolation. Perhaps too little, too late--but as least an encouraging sign that not they're not all ready to submit completely. Not just yet, anyway: The next man for the job needs this tattooed on... Read More
"...his battle is yours and it's mine."
That's the beginning of the limerick Pamela Geller wrote for her introduction of Mark Steyn yesterday at CPAC. Read the rest and watch vid of Steyn's speech here.
Stanford Review reporter Tristan Abbey has an in-depth investigative piece on how his university quashed speaking invitations to Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (before he became Pope). It's a maddening, emblematic look at the reign of p.c. and dhimmitude in the ivory tower--and reconfirmation of The Diversity Myth exposed at Stanford 12 years... Read More
Necks on the line.
Cinnamon Stillwell reports that feminists are feeling pressure from critics of jihad and sharia to speak up about the oppression of women in Muslim culture: How about answering
Tarek Fatah warns Canadians about sharia creep in the banking system--an issue raised here during the Dubai ports debacle. Fatah: It seems only yesterday that Premier Dalton McGuinty declared: "There will be no sharia law in Ontario." Many of us, who witnessed the medieval nature of manmade sharia laws in our countries of birth, heaved... Read More
You can't say "Islamist" in Dallas/Fort Worth.
More on the murders of Amina and Sarah Said.
Yaser Abdel Said, the Eyptian Muslim cab driver wanted in the brutal murders of his two daughters in Dallas, is still missing. The Dallas Morning News continues to cover the story and offers new details on Said's past history of alleged abuse (see also Rod Dreher): Amina and Sarah's mother and brother continue to protest... Read More
Plus: Yaser Abdel Said on America's Most Wanted.
Funeral services--both Christian and Muslim--were held Saturday in Dallas for murdered teen sisters Sarah and Amina Yaser Said. Their father, wanted for capital murder in the case, remains on the loose. Dallas Morning News reports on family reaction--including remarks from the girls' mother, brother, and great-aunt, who is convinced that the double slayings are honor... Read More
Malaysia is usually touted as a model "moderate" Muslim country. Never mind the persecution of Christian converts, the destruction of churches, the demolition of Hindu temples, the state crackdown on cartoons, and yes, the banning of the word "Allah" in a Catholic newspaper (via Jawa Report): Malaysia has ruled that a Catholic newspaper cannot use... Read More
"Religion has nothing to do with it."
The manhunt continues for the father suspected of murdering his two teenage daughters in Texas. His son called on the man to surrender--and he denies that the suspected honor killings have anything to do with religion: Federal officials are part of the manhunt, but there are no leads and no progress. Said may have left... Read More
In the wake of the honor killing of Aqsa Parvez, the murders in Dallas of teenagers Amina and Sarah Said have the blogosphere buzzing. Their Egyptian Muslim fugitive father is wanted for capital murder. Bryan's been tracking here and here. Atlas Shrugs has extensive coverage. Caleb Easterwood points out a chilling detail: The national media,... Read More
Support Mark: Do the job the ACLU won't do.
The lip-service free speech activists on the Left aren't going to stand up for him, so it's up to the rest of us (see here and here for background). Read Mark's summary with links to the case documents at SteynOnline. Stanley Kurtz has been vigilant in raising awareness of the case (see here and here).... Read More
Phyllis Chesler at PJM challenges the multiculti cult and feminists to create battered Muslim women shelters to memorialize the murder of teenager Aqsa Parvez: In The Death of Feminism: What’s Next in the Struggle for Women’s Freedom, I recount examples of Muslim families both in the West and in the Islamic East who trick their... Read More
"Muslim leaders admitted a child who didn't wear the hijab could bring shame to a family, and the parents could be...
Here's a sad look at murdered Muslim Canadian teenager Aqsa Parvez's last days. You'll note that some are disputing her friends' testimony that she was killed over her defiance of the hijab and her parents' insistence that she submit to Islam. The National Post compiles other stories of Muslim girls in the West murdered by... Read More
"I think all Canadians would reject that kind of effort to undermine one of our basic freedoms."
Hear, hear (hat tip - reader A.V.): A Conservative cabinet minister says the Canadian Islamic Congress is attempting to undermine basic Charter freedoms by filing complaints against a journalist who wrote a book on the Muslim world. Jason Kenney, the secretary of state for multiculturalism, weighed in Wednesday on the controversy surrounding columnist Mark Steyn's... Read More
Just a "teenager issue."
Aqsa Parvez's Facebook photo What is it with our craven mainstream media? They simply cannot give you the news straight when it comes to bloody sharia and bloody jihad. A Muslim girl was murdered over her refusal to wear a hijab, for crying out loud, and this is how it's headlined: Canadian Teen Dies; Father... Read More
Going fast...
Mark Steyn notes that maverick Tarek Fatah of the Muslim Canadian Congress is mortified by the Sudanese Mo Teddy Bear jihad and is gearing up to send Mohammed Teddy Bears to the Sudanese embassy to protest: Writes Steyn: Fatah "is currently doing a passable impression of Michelle Malkin" and says it's worth noting "when Muslims... Read More
Strangled to death by her father over her refusal to wear a hijab.
The nightmare of sharia is alive in Canada. Shame, shame, shame: Fellow students of Aqsa's spoke to the
Show how much you CAIR.
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