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Scott Thomas Beauchamp

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Hey, you remember The New Republic -- publisher of fraudsters Scott Thomas Beauchamp and Stephen Glass? Well, TNR editors are patting themselves on the back today for exposing an elderly couple's lies about their Holocaust love story -- a story picked up by Oprah and other duped media outlets: Last week, TNR published an article... Read More
Targeting Track Palin.
Track Palin, 19, enlisted in the Army last year. This week, he is headed to Iraq. Gov. Sarah Palin flew to Alaska last night to see him off. She will speak ahead of his deployment. He will be gone for a year. So, what is The New Republic obsessing about as the teenager prepares to... Read More
Big pimpin'.
Last September, New Republic editor Franklin Foer ducked under his desk when I came to visit his office seeking comment on the Scott Thomas Beauchamp debacle. He then refused a follow-up request by e-mail to schedule an appointment for an interview about the matter. Now, TNR can't stop pestering me with e-mail from publicists pimping... Read More
Document dump.
Bob Owens at Confederate Yankee embodies citizen journalism at its best--probing, relentless, and thorough. He has posted the results of his FOIA request on the Scott Thomas Beauchamp matter here, here, here , and here. Writes Owens: "[New Republic editor Franklin] Foer has yet to issue an apology to his critics or the military he... Read More
"Misty, watercolor memories, of the fog of war..."
Iowahawk's parody first draft of Foer's Beauchamp bloviation. Bullseye!
Doubting Thomas, part II.
Update: Kathryn Lopez has more details about the chronology and reports that NRO is "taking a look at the Smith archive and will give you a full assessment in the coming days because we owe that to our readers." Good. *** Ugh. This is bad on many levels. W. Thomas Smith, Jr., a former Marine... Read More
Shock troops.
A Christmas gift for the staff of TNR, courtesy of Borderpundit: *** Well, well, well. Ready for your weekend schadenfreude? At long last, TNR 'fesses up to the Scott Thomas Beauchamp debacle. In an act of grace and professionalism, the magazine has thanked its critics and apologized to the military. No, just kidding about the... Read More
My syndicated column today ties the ABC News bigotry sting and the GWU student journalist's hoax crime together. An excerpt: Reader Brett from Atlanta e-mails: You know what's ironic? Tonight--the very day you have posted this article about ABC hoping to sho
MSM stands for media stage management.
When you don't feel like covering the news, you manfacture it. Remember the story I broke last spring about NBC News engineering a sting at NASCAR to try and expose fans as anti-Muslim bigots? Well, it looks like the dinosaur networks haven't learned from the embarrassing backlash to that pathetic episode. Or Rathergate. Or Shattered... Read More
Arrogant MSM.
Un. Freaking. Believable. CORRECTION: Make that Totally. Freaking. Believable. And read this, too. Back in May, the LA Times asked itself and others: Why does the L.A. Times' circulation continue to drop? Hint: Look here...
Damage control.
Take Patterico's advice: Print his proposed correction to LATimes' media critic Tim Rutten's mortifyingly error-ridden piece on the Scott Thomas Beauchamp/New Republic mess and be done with it. The LATimes is going to need more than a garden hose to put out this fire.
Speaking truth to nutroots.
US Army Public Affairs Officer Col. Steve Boylan to nutroots blogger Glenn Greenwald: " is nice to live in a fantasy world." Update: See all the latest developments at Jules Crittenden's.
Deconstructing the ignorant Tim Rutten. Plus: A call to action.
Here is why you should read Bob Owens, and not the LA Times, if you want to be informed about the Scott Thomas Beauchamp saga: Read it. If you are ready to act, go here. *** Related: Also check out Armed Liberal's excellent post. One more Beauchampian musing for you from Gerard van der Leun:... Read More
Finally, TNR's editors get around to addressing the latest Beauchamp mess. They're doubling down. And publicly sticking to their story. Which is more than you can say for Scott Thomas Beauchamp. *** Foer and company persist in blaming "the Army" for the magazine's failure to keep its readers apprised of the scandal in a timely,... Read More
TNR's sunk ship.
Update 9:54am Eastern. Ed Morrissey also picks up on the paragraph in the Kurtz story in which Foer claims that "Beauchamp defended his story in a subsequent conversation that was conducted with no superiors present:" Update 6:45am Eastern. Here is
Sinking ship.
Sinking ship Paging Franklin Foer, paging Franklin Foer.... Contrary to The New Republic's claim that fabulist Scott Thomas Beauchamp is forbidden by the military from contacting the magazine or any other media or anyone else in the outside world, Blackfive blogger Laughing Wolf, embedded in Iraq, met face-to-face with him. LW writes that "he is... Read More
Snorty-snort-snort. Hoo-boy. The New Republic: My new favorite unintentional humor magazine. If I could cackle like Hillary right now, I would. *** Franklin Foer was, uh, unavailable for comment.
Shooting the messenger.
Update: Rush vs. Dingy Harry. Update: Moonbats continue to push to kick Rush off the Armed Forces Network. More here. *** So, word is that the Democrats will introduce a House resolution Monday condemning Rush Limbaugh for his remarks about phony soldiers. Brian Maloney points out that ABC News aired a report on phony soldiers... Read More
Update 11:04am Eastern. Why this matters, especially on a day like today when Washington is battling over war narratives: Read "The Big Picture." Update 10:00am Eastern. Response from Franklin Foer to my request for an on-camera interview about the Beauchamp fables... See also investigative blogger Bob Owens, who's got more coming and adds: Here's Bob... Read More
Yoo-hoo. Anybody home?
In addition to the questions Peter Beinart should have been asked, here are more questions from Richard Miniter of Pajamas Media, who looks at how TNR got fooled: So many questions. Any answers?
Scott Thomas Beauchamp and the Left.
When last we revisited the Scott Thomas Beauchamp saga one week ago today, questions lingered about Colonel Quotey McQuoterton and Bob Owens had exposed hidden expert Doug Coffey. In the meantime, Bill Roggio received word from the Army's Col. Steve Boylan that TNR's claims of being stonewalled were flatly untrue: The response from TNR? As... Read More
Of Bradleys, dogs, and Quotey McQuoterton.
Matt Sanchez interviews a soldier about driving HUMVEEs and Bradleys into dogs. Watch the video: Bob Owens talked to Doug Coffey, the Head of Communications, Land & Armaments, for BAE Systems, the Bradley IFV's manufacturer that TNR wouldn't name. You won't read this in the MSM..and certainly not in TNR: Bob, I received your earlier... Read More
Winter Soldier Syndrome will only be cured when the costs of slandering the troops outweigh the benefits.
The tale of Army Private Scott Thomas Beauchamp, the discredited “Baghdad Diarist” for the discredited New Republic magazine, is an old tale: Self-aggrandizing soldier recounts war atrocities. Media outlets disseminate soldier’s tales uncritically. Military folks smell a rat and poke holes in tales too good (or rather, bad) to be true. Soldier’s ideological sponsors blame... Read More
Update 8/7 9:20pm Eastern. The NYTimes files a story on the latest developments. It closes with this: WaPo's story here. More from milblogger Juliette Ochieng at Baldilocks: My problem with Beauchamp is that he, via TNR, put forth as truth anecdotes which portrayed the military in the opposite manner. I keep repeating that Beauchamp's anecdotes... Read More
Father Paul McNellis at the Democracy Project lays out the choices for Scott Thomas Beauchamp. Matt at Blackfive calls it the "best word on Beauchamp." The conclusion: Don't hold your breath. Meantime, Bob Owens has a new update from U.S. Army Public Affairs Chief PAO for US ARCENT
Update 8/4: PJM has an exclusive interview with the censored soldier. Allah points out the hypocrisy of the moonbat vet who tried to squelch dissent at Ykos. Update 10:15pm Eastern. Hell freezes over. Democrats apologize for the debacle in the House last night. Yep, no wonder the Dem leaders don't want to show up at... Read More
"We sincerely regret this mistake."
Originally posted August 02, 2007 @ 18:58 Bumped 8/3 11:21am Eastern. Matt Sanchez at FOB Falcon reports that the Army has concluded its investigation. Bryan Preston is following up. Michael Goldfarb hears from a source at Camp Buehring. Bob Owens hears from Kuwait. Dan Riehl looks at TNR's anonymous sources. How's that vacation, TNR? Update... Read More
Winter Soldier Syndrome.
In case you missed the segment we did on Friday with milbloggers J.D. Johannes and Jeff Emanuel about the Scott Thomas Beauchamp story, here it is: John Tabin has the rundown on the peculiar private here. Newsbusters dissects the Columbia Journalism Review's attack on TNR critics in the milblogger community. Milblogger Baldilocks slams CJR clown... Read More
"ill (sic) return to america an author."
Update 9:15pm Eastern. FOB Falcon and the Soldier Calling Himself Scott Thomas from a Mother’s Perspective at Blue Star Chronicles: Read the whole thing. Update 5:30pm Eastern. See-Dubya answers the "so what?" question about Beauchamp/Reeve. Update 4:15pm Eastern. Dean Barnett on the end of the beginning
Follow the bouncing ball: The newspaper that was hoaxed by Jayson Blair covers the magazine that was hoaxed by Stephen...
Update: More shenanigans. Update: Ace catches the NYTimes changing its story. It is definitely flaming skull time. *** The newspaper that was hoaxed by Jayson Blair covers the magazine that was hoaxed by Stephen Glass, and which is now under tough scrutiny over the work of pseudonymous soldier "Scott Thomas." From the NYTimes: Just who... Read More
America's finest. And toughest. Plus: The "Scott Thomas" saga continued.
Dean Barnett has a nice piece about our troops in the Weekly Standard. It tells the story of some young American men and women who joined the military after 9/11. I met members of the 9/11 Generation in Iraq much like the ones Barnett features, and correspond with many of them every week who serve... Read More
Who wrote "Shock Troops?"
Let me make one thing clear at the outset: To question the veracity of a soldier's accounts of war atrocities in Iraq is not to question that such atrocities ever happen. They do. But when such accusations are made pseudonymously, punctuated with red flags and adorned with incredible embellishment, the only responsible thing to do... Read More
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