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Sanctuary Cities

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Joanne Jacobs notes a move by San Francisco officials to put an initiative on the state ballot to let non-citizen parents of public schoolchildren vote in school elections: Alas, this ship has already sailed. Not only are non-citizens voting in local elections here in my home state of Maryland and elsewhere, but they're serving on... Read More
This is a new billboard that went up in Denver this week. (Hat tip: Slapstick Politics) Like most major metropolitan cities from NYC to Los Angeles to San Francisco, Denver is a de facto sanctuary city for illegal aliens. It's an open secret. Might as well advertise it in black and white. Here's more on... Read More
Add Hightstown, NJ to the list of outlaw sanctuary cities: After federal agents launched a massive raid on an apartment complex here two years ago, other illegal immigrants in this quiet town near Princeton University grew so wary of the law, authorities say, that many began hiding behind headstones in a local cemetery when patrol... Read More
It's about time:
In San Diego and across the country today, churches of all denominations are uniting to declare their collective defiance of federal immigration laws: Translation: Amnesty now! Amnesty tomorrow! Amnesty forever! The pro-amnesty NYTimes reports: Recalling a movement that challenged United States policy in Central America in the 1980s, several religious congregations in New York and... Read More
A legal immigrant is taking San Francisco to court over its sanctuary law for illegal aliens:
We heard a lot of whingeing on the Senate floor--and across the cable airwaves (see Geraldo)--about how illegal aliens will now be forced back "into the shadows" because the shamnesty bill failed. Reality check number 999,998: Cook County, Ill., declares sanctuary A month after rejecting an identical proposal, the Cook County Board today voted to... Read More
File this under Sanctuary Nation: Open-borders activists sued the Mamaroneck, NY, police to prevent them from inquiring about the immigration status of "undocumented" day laborers. Not only did the open-borders crowd win the lawsuit gagging police, but the federal judge in the case, Colleen McMahon, also ordered the village to pay more than half a... Read More
There was a glimmer of hope on the shamnesty landscape today in the House. Stalwart immigration enforcement proponent Tom Tancredo won approval--by a significant margin--of his amendment banning DHS funds for renegade sanctuary cities. From Rep. Tancredo's website: It's a step in the right direction. The Democrat support for the bill--234-189, with no fewer than... Read More
Deadly consequences of open borders, part 998,999.
Horrible: Benitez had come "out of the shadows" to commit other crimes, but it appears no one bothered to check his immigration status or do anything about it: Via Nashville's NewsChannel 5, here is Gardiner's car after the wreck:
A liberal blogger at Talking Points Memo is trying to stir up the conservative pot by posting old video of Rudy saying "Bulls**t" at a police union rally in 1992. TPM claims Rudy "screamed" and was "unhinged." Not: I've expressed my disapproval before when public figures use profanity in public. But making a big deal... Read More
Morning media appearance. Plus: radio with Laura Ingraham. Video link added. Audio link added.
Update: Video here. And here's the audio of my appearance with Laura. *** I'll be on Fox and Friends at approx. 8:40am today to talk about my column on sanctuary cities and criminal illegal aliens and related matters. As longtime readers know, I am not a morning person. Downing a tall caramel macchiato right now,... Read More
Deportation evader finally arrested. But where does she go from here? Update: Booking photo added.
Update 11:15pm Eastern 8/20. The open-borders movement carries on. Planning for a new massive, pro-amnesty demonstration in Washington on Sept. 12 is underway--and Arellano's supporters are pushing Sen. Barack Obama to sponsor a private bill to give a humanitarian visa to the deportation evader: Update 3:02pm Eastern 8/20. Protests in Chicago. WCBS2:
"He's been through the courts and the jail before, and nobody caught it...If they'd caught it, he would have been in...
You won't see Geraldo Rivera reporting on this terrible tragedy. Via the Houston Chronicle: Salinas slipped through as so many before him slipped through: In the past year, Harris County Sheriff's Office and Houston Police Department officials said they have increased their cooperation with Immigration and Customs
Start asking. Start telling.
How did he get here? How did he stay? If you have been following the media coverage of the criminal alien suspects in the Newark execution murders, one thing may have jumped out at you. No, not Geraldo Rivera's lying hysterics. I'm talking about the ambiguity and confusion surrounding the exact immigration status of two... Read More
"They cut my niece's face off," said John McClain, who is Hightower's great-uncle, and the chaplain of the Newark Police...
Update: Near the site of 3 killings, a couple can only ask why *** Local NY/NJ media outlets reported chilling new details about the attack by criminal aliens on young Newark students Iofemi Hightower, Doshen Harvey, Terrance Aeriel, and Natasha Aeriel. From today's NYPost: If this monstrous evil doesn't motiv
Earlier this week, in the wake of NJ attorney general Anne Milgram's decision to order law enforcement to notify the feds of illegal alien criminal suspects, I posted the contact information for the nation's state attorney generals. Where does your stand? A number of readers are starting to report back on their contacts with their... Read More
Sanctuary no more.
Update: Here are the suspect photos: *** If you can get past the nauseating euphemisms, this report is worth reading: Three undocumented immigrant men remain jailed today in the brazen sexual assault of an unconscious woman in Fairview, an outdoor attack interrupted by law officers early Tuesday, authorities said. Police reported the men, all undocumented... Read More
Night of the walking amnesty.
Tell your senator: Vote NO on Senate Amendment 2237 Exactly one week ago, I warned about the return of the DREAM Act, which would confer special tuition benefits on illegal alien students despite federal prohibitions on such special treatment. It was September 11 and no one was paying attention, I guess. Well, now bipartisan open-borders... Read More
Reckless driver's licenses.
I didn't get around to noting this one over the weekend. Every day, it's a tug-of-war as schizophrenic America careens from Sovereign Nation to Sanctuary Nation. Once again, New York chooses sanctuary with its new regulations allowing illegal aliens to obtain driver's licenses. Here's the Democrat governor Eliot Sptizer's press release: Just not immigration laws.... Read More
Beyond the flag wars.
I often ask you: Are we a sovereign nation or a sanctuary nation? I often remind you: It's your choice. You can choose to get involved in immigration enforcement efforts in your backyard. Or you can choose to do nothing and allow the sanctuary brigade to have its way. A lot of media attention has... Read More
Follow the money.
Update: Bad news. *** Via NumbersUSA (hat tip - reader Brad): Meantime, via FAIR, it looks the DREAM Act is back: Our sources tell us that the DREAM Act will be offered as an amendment to the Labor, Health and Human Services Appropriations bill (H.R. 3043) on the Senate floor, most likely late TODAY or... Read More
If there's one thing more nauseating than Hillary Clinton's whirling dervish positions on the Eliot Spitzer-crafted, Bush DHS-approved illegal alien driver's license plan, it's the hypocritical noise from open-borders zealots trying to exploit the moment. Take NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg (hat tip: Andrew Malcolm): BLITZER: Should illegal immigrants, there may be a million of them... Read More
"Coming clean."
Update 2:00pm EasternThe NYPost compiles Kerik's "rap sheet:" Update 1:30pm Eastern Kerik pleads not guilty. Here's the PDF of the indictment. Update 12:04pm Eastern. Kerik facing a cumulative 142 years in jail. Rudy Giuliani in the wake of the indictment news: “I am not running as the perfect candidate.” "Sad day," prosecutors say. Update 11:30am... Read More
Update: Romney vs. Giuliani on immigration enforcement. Ask them where they stand on the Bush Treasury Department's approval of the matricula consular card. *** You know I'm happy to bash San Francisco when the moonbatty town deserves it, which is often, but you'll pardon me for not getting overly worked up over the Bay Area... Read More
The CNN/YouTube debate.
Hot Air's Bryan Preston has contributed a video question for Wednesday's CNN/YouTube GOP debate: Wouldn't you like to know the GOP candidates' answers? How many could actually stick to a simple "yes or no?" Chances are low that our question will get picked. But who knows? Maybe a snowman costume would have helped our chances...... Read More
"We need a president who has our backs."
Craig Nelsen of ProjectUSA recounts his battles with the open-borders Giuliani administration. Read it all. *** Meantime, Mike Huckabee gets nailed on his illegal alien in-state tuition discount support.
Immigration enforcement victory.
Good news from Arizona today, where Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon has announced his city will move to repeal its open-borders sanctuary policy: Oh, and the next time you hear open-borders radicals tell you that police officers support sanctuary, note this: The policy's opponents, including the president of Phoenix's police union, want officers to have more... Read More
Et tu?
Perhaps someone should spy, stalk, and investigate.
A few items for you this morning on our leading GOP immigration drag queens running for president. First up: Video of Mayor Rudy Giuliani boasting that NYC is "quite tolerant of undocumented immigration and this shouldn't surprise you because I've been mayor of this city a long time and outspoken on this issue even nationally,... Read More
The bloody consequences of open borders, part 9,999,999.
Just think: If John McCain had his way, this animal might have received amnesty. Remember: Despite all the slick assurances from shamnesty advocates, their plan's criminal background checks were a joke. All of the illegal alien suspect's victims were young girls between the ages of 12 and 15. He started his raping spree last June--targeting... Read More
Deportation defiance.
Another defiant deportation evader has stepped in to "pick up the torch" that illegal alien activist Elvira Arellano left behind. Sanctuary Nation or Sovereign Nation? Which would the presidential candidates choose? Will the feds let this drag out like they did with Arellano--making a national mockery of our deportation laws?: She worked for IFCO, which... Read More
Yes, they can.
Are we a Sanctuary Nation or Sovereign Nation? A growing and surprising number of judges are coming down on the side of local immigration enforcement. This is especially welcome news given the shrinking differences between the GOP and Democrat establishments on the issue. Via the NYT, which must be beside itself: After groups challenging state... Read More
Open borders, bloody consequences.
The local Fox affiliate in the Twin Cities finally confirms what the local papers didn't seem to want to mention about the horrible school bus accident that killed four children. It didn't have to happen: Authorities have confirmed that the the driver of the van that struck the school bus that killed 4 students on... Read More
These are the four schoolchildren killed in the Cottonwood, MN bus accident this week. * Hunter Javens, 9, Cottonwood. * Jesse Javens, 13, Cottonwood (Hunter & Jesse were brothers) * Emilee Olson, 9, Cottonwood * Reed Stevens, 12, Marshall. My Fox Twin Cities reports: As I noted yesterday, a memorial fund has been set up:... Read More
Two years ago, I wrote about a billboard erected in Denver by illegal immigration opponents critical of the city's open-borders policies: The billboard sponsors were trying to shame city officials for flagrantly defying federal immigration laws and endangering residents. In San Francisco, city officials have no shame. They're actually launching an illegal alien sanctuary advertising... Read More
Law-abiding citizens of all colors are uniting against the targeting of innocent black residents of Los Angeles by illegal alien gangs. The parents of murdered high school student Jamiel Shaw met with L.A. public officials yesterday, urging them to rescind the city's notorious Special Order 40--one of the nation's oldest illegal alien sanctuary laws. Enough... Read More
Repeal "don't ask-don't tell."
It's like turning around the Titanic, but there's finally a Los Angeles politician attempting to make the first common-sense change to the city's decades-old illegal alien sanctuary law in the wake of Jamiel Shaw's murder by an illegal alien gang member:
Unholy alliance.
During his visit this week, the Pope has made repeated comments critical of immigration enforcement efforts--such as they are--in the U.S. His primary concerns are not the sovereignty and security of our country. Open borders benefit Catholic churches looking to fill their pews and collection baskets. The Vatican and American bishops, led by radical L.A.... Read More
Who's looking out for you?
John McCain appeared in the "No-Spin Zone" tonight--and spun, spun, spun his way through a few, scant, superficial questions about immigration. The GOP's immigration drag queen has completely shed his costume. Asked whether he would do anything about illegal alien sanctuary cities, he shrugged off the question by muttering that "of course" he didn't approve... Read More
Closing the door.
I can hear ACLU and La Raza/The Race lawyers stampeding to file their lawsuits now, along with the NYTimes editorial writers and Barack Obama supporters preparing to lambaste this community college system's decision as an act by "bitter" people "clinging" to the rule of law. Good for them: From sanctuary nation t
Open borders and the Beltway.
An illegal alien who had been deported twice before was convicted this week of the brutal murder of a restaurant worker who was employed by the popular Old Ebbitt Grill restaurant near the White House. The victim's skull was crushed after the two-time deportee bashed him in the head repeatedly with a baseball bat. Despite... Read More
Rule of lawlessness.
Via the Senate Conservatives Fund comes news of a 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling this week making it illegal to fire illegal alien workers who use fake Social Security numbers. Crikey: Here’s the news from the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco: A federal appeals court ordered reinstatement Monday for 33... Read More
Into the deportation abyss again.
Gee, where have I heard this story line before? Via A story that gets repeated over and over again as a result of the nation's comprehensive unwillingness to enforce immigration and deportation laws across the board, clearly, consistently, and unapologetically: The status of Riz’s immigration slipped past the Providence police, state court system and... Read More
Open borders in the court. Plus: McCain and Obama to attend "National Latino Congreso."
I know many of you are already sick to your stomachs over bad court news today. Sorry to deliver another one. La Raza/The Race cheers. McCain and Obama, any comment? Nada? Via KNBC: A Los Angeles judge dismissed a taxpayer lawsuit Wednesday that sought to repeal a long-standing directive prohibiting Los Angeles police officers from... Read More
Hope you pay close attention to what San Francisco's illegal alien sanctuary policy has wrought. Over the weekend, the SFChronicle reported that open-borders radicals in the city's juvenile probation department are shielding Honduran illegal alien drug dealers from prosecution and deportation by providing them a taxpayer-subsidized escort and plane ride back to their home country--where... Read More
The Honduran drug kingpin revolving door.
Un-freaking-believable. Jaxon Van Derbeken at the SFChronicle follows up on his weekend report exposing how San Francisco operated a special tax-funded shuttle service for illegal alien Honduran drug lords to protect the poor "youths" from federal immigration officials. Now, we learn that when the city was told to stop flying the illegal immigrant drug offenders... Read More
First things first. The San Francisco Chronicle's Jaxon Van Derbeken has done excellent work this past week exposing the abject stupidity, recklessness, and fecklessness of SF Mayor Gavin Newsom's open-borders administration. Van Derbeken's reporting was so devastating and so solid that the p.c. editors at his newspaper who initially refused to call the illegal alien... Read More
DREAM Act theater.
...can illegal aliens get sob-story coverage for their complaints about being denied in-state college tuition benefits. The USAT headline: "Illegal immigrants face threat of no college." Yeah, because blanket sanctuary gag orders to protect illegal alien youths have worked out so well. Ask San Francisco. *** Flashback: Before your open-borders friends and neighbors moan about... Read More
"This county will not serve as San Francisco's dumping ground."
Yes. Finally. Local officials in San Bernardino are blasting open-borders San Francisco for its sanctuary policy and illegal alien criminal dumping policy. And they may sue. It's about time. The story may be off the national radar, but real people have to deal with the real, reckless consequences of left-wing radicalism. Keep at it. Hat... Read More