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Rudy Giuliani

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Hey, how do you feel about two open-borders cross-dressers on the GOP ticket? Shudder. Juan Hernandez approves! *** Flashback: Meet the GOP immigration drag queens. Flashback: The McRudy alliance.
I published Nancy Pelosi's "Know Your Power" book tour schedule over the weekend (see here). Today, she'll be in Boston MA. Tomorrow, she travels to Philadelphia. On Wednesday, she'll be in Miami and the next day she'll be in Michigan. How will Madame Speaker be transported to these energy-expending events in which she'll be preaching... Read More
Plus: McSchwarzenegger.
Update: McSchwarzenegger is official. *** The Giuliani-McCain endorsement celebration is underway at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley. Vid here. Rudy: "I had made it clear that if I had not decided to run, the one person I would clearly support would be John McCain...He's a man of honor and integrity...He's shown character throughout his... Read More
He thinks he can pull off a miracle and he says he intends to go to California, but let's stay reality-based. If you'd like to leave a farewell message for Rudy Giuliani, leave it here. All the CNN talking heads are anticipating a Rudy endorsement of McCain. Update: And the rumors begin to fly.
Wanted: Red meat.
Update 11:25pm Eastern. In response to my Huckabee-McCain PDA Alerts, commenter BlameAmericaLast renames the Huckster: Suckupabee. It fits. Update 10:37pm Eastern. This debate is over. It never began. I give it a D for dull. Dud. Dumb. Droning. Devoid. No, wait. A D is too generous. I give it a Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Romney scored in his... Read More
Update: Here's Giuliani's interview on The Glenn and Helen Show. *** Rudy Giuliani gets religion in Florida. It's about all he has left: With his plan for winning the GOP presidential nomination riding largely on a Florida victory at the end of the month, Rudy Giuliani asked an evangelical congregation for prayers instead of votes... Read More
A few items for you this morning on our leading GOP immigration drag queens running for president. First up: Video of Mayor Rudy Giuliani boasting that NYC is "quite tolerant of undocumented immigration and this shouldn't surprise you because I've been mayor of this city a long time and outspoken on this issue even nationally,... Read More
Beware the border-control cross-dressers.
Every Democrat running for president thinks anti-illegal immigration activists are all racists and xenophobes. Do we really need a Republican nominee for president who thinks the same way? Breakout GOP candidate Mike Huckabee, the soft-on-border control former governor of Arkansas, scored a jaw-dropping endorsement Tuesday from Jim Gilchrist, founder of the Minuteman Project. Despite a... Read More
"We need a president who has our backs."
Craig Nelsen of ProjectUSA recounts his battles with the open-borders Giuliani administration. Read it all. *** Meantime, Mike Huckabee gets nailed on his illegal alien in-state tuition discount support.
"Coming clean."
Update 2:00pm EasternThe NYPost compiles Kerik's "rap sheet:" Update 1:30pm Eastern Kerik pleads not guilty. Here's the PDF of the indictment. Update 12:04pm Eastern. Kerik facing a cumulative 142 years in jail. Rudy Giuliani in the wake of the indictment news: “I am not running as the perfect candidate.” "Sad day," prosecutors say. Update 11:30am... Read More
Odd couple.
Update: Video added *** Pat Robertson will endorse Rudy Giuliani for president. Well, so much for religious conservatives abandoning the GOP. The question is whether Robertson's followers will, well, follow. According to the AP, the men have a long-standing relationship: Hmm. I wouldn't call them "minor." Meantime, the McCain campaign is countering the Giuliani coup... Read More
HEADLINE NEWS! A teenager disagrees with her father! She posts on Facebook! She subscribed to Barack Obama's Facebook group! I repeat: She subscribed to Obama's Facebook group! Stop the presses! She has unsubscribed to Obama's Facebook group! Doesn't matter: Obama is thrilled! Pant, pant, pant! Slaver, slaver, slaver! The author of this non-news: "Lucy Morrow... Read More
A liberal blogger at Talking Points Memo is trying to stir up the conservative pot by posting old video of Rudy saying "Bulls**t" at a police union rally in 1992. TPM claims Rudy "screamed" and was "unhinged." Not: I've expressed my disapproval before when public figures use profanity in public. But making a big deal... Read More
Big news, in case you haven't already seen: Appeals court overturns D.C. gun ban. "If the dispute makes it to the high court, it would be the first case in nearly 70 years to address the Second Amendment's scope." Howard Bashman and Glenn Reynolds have the ruling covered, with analysis, document links, and blog reactions.... Read More
Bryan Preston, Ian Schwartz, Erick Stakelbeck, and I will be covering the 34th annual Conservative Political Action Conference for Hot Air. I'll also liveblog events and photoblog here at throughout the 3-day conference. If you're planning to attend, we'll have a booth in the exhibitor hall that opens at 10am later today. In addition... Read More
The annual Conservative Political Action Conference will kick off later this week. Hot Air and I will be there covering the action, manning a booth, shooting video, signing books, and reporting on the scene. Patrick Ruffini sends word that Rudy Giuliani will attend. Via the Politico's Jonathan Martin: We'll try and catch him for an... Read More
Remember my random gallery of "lone" shooters? One of the entries was this one: Well, Kamal's family has finally acknowledged the truth to the NYDailyNews: Ali Abu Kamal's relatives say they are tired of lying about why the Palestinian opened fire on the observation deck of Empire State Building, killing a tourist and injuring six... Read More
With strong caveats:
***scroll for updates*** After a valiant, hard-fought battle, 9/11 family member Debra Burlingame and countless other Americans who joined her have won the battle to protect Ground Zero from the Blame America crowd. For now. Kudos to everyone who wrote, called, and blogged their outrage since Burlingame blew the whistle in June and refused to... Read More
I find it annoying that Bernard Kerik is getting praised in some quarters for "coming clean" and "accepting responsibility" for his "mistake." From all accounts, including Kerik's own, President Bush's aides asked him upfront about the nanny question several times during the vetting process and he did not come clean. Kerik didn't just make some... Read More
that Tom Ridge is handing in his resignation. Some conservatives want Rudy Giuliani to replace Ridge. Before you get on the bandwagon, here's my column from 2002 highlighting Giuliani's open-borders court battle to keep New York City safe for illegal aliens and, yes, terrorists. Update: News conference is set for 2:45pm. Update II: Ridge says... Read More
My new column is up: Five reasons to fear the Democratic Party. Well, six if you count Al Sharpton, who will speak tonight, believe it or not, to reinforce the Democrat theme of a "Stronger More Secure America." Here's a quick refresher course on Law-and-Order Al's record on cops, crime, and security: 1) Sharpton's post-September... Read More
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