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Attack of the open-borders mau-mau-ers by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2015 I stand with the Santa Barbara News-Press. How about you? The newspaper is under fire for refusing to kowtow to left-wing word police and militant propagandists who demand unfettered illegal immigration. Last week, in the wake of angry protests against the publication, vandals... Read More
Left behind. Barack Obama has appointed senior VP of The National Council of La Raza (The Race) Cecilia Munoz to "oversee the White House office responsible for relations between the administration and state and local governments." Via WaPo: McCain open-borders advisor Juan Hernandez is bummed, but you never know. If Hillary can be Obama's Secretary... Read More
Tucscon residents remain up in arms over the unhinged open-borders mob, led by reconquistadora Pima County (AZ) public defender Isabel Garcia, who beat and tore apart an effigy of tough, anti-illegal immigration Sheriff Joe Arpaio at his recent book tour event. See the videos here in case you missed it yesterday. Garcia is now gloating... Read More
Scroll down for updates...Jon Justice has more... Reader Tim C. in Tucscon sent me an e-mail about some completely unhinged open-borders activists who mobbed a book event for Sheriff Joe Arpaio. A group of young pro-illegal alien protesters repeatedly beats an effigy of Arpaio as Isabel Garcia--local reconquistadora and an official from the Pima County... Read More
Race day.
The San Diego City Council will vote next Tuesday to declare July 8 "National Council of La Raza Day." Well, they already gave their blessing to "Happy ACLU Day" despite the litigious group's long-standing efforts to take down the Mount Soledad cross. Might as well put their weight behind the ethnic supremacist group fighting against... Read More
"As an educator, I refused to be complicit in a curriculum that...taught disdain for American sovereignty."
I've reported in-depth on publicly-subsidized La Raza/The Race schools that abandon academics for Aztlan studies. The US Department of Education has forked over $8 million in public charter school grants to La Raza/The Race, which helps propagate such multi-culti claptrap as "Aztec math" in dozens of Mecha madrassas. Now, John A. Ward, a former teacher... Read More
The company he keeps.
The open-borders media has been AWOL on John McCain's decision to speak to the radical racialist group, La Raza/The Race in July. He has been allowed to skate on the issue in several recent sit-down interviews. Many of the same pundits who blasted Barack Obama for his ties to the radical racialist Jeremiah Wright have... Read More
The left-wing mortgage counseling racket, Pt III.
Here's an update on the La Raza/The Race $25 million earmark that had been tucked into Barney Frank's massive housing bailout bill. (Previous coverage here and here.) It was stripped out of the final version of the bill that passed the House yesterday. But that doesn't mean they won't get their money: As I'v
A "Democratic political ally that has made its name by promoting pro-illegal immigration policies and opposing real...
House Republicans are spreading the word about the La Raza earmark in the pork-laden housing bill that I've been reporting on (see here and here). Fresh from the desk of House GOP leader John Boehner: Democrats are prepared to bring to the House floor legislation purportedly written to assist Americans impacted by the recent housing... Read More
I told you yesterday about John McCain's plans to speak to the National Council of La Raza (The Race) in July. Here are the top 10 reasons he should repudiate the radical open borders, speech-squelching group that he has long embraced: 10. La Raza supports driver's licenses for illegal aliens. 9. La Raza supports in-state... Read More
WWMD: What will McCain do?
Last month, I compiled a special report on the left-wing mortgage counseling racket, which has raked in tens of millions of taxpayer dollars. Among the biggest recipients: The National Council of La Raza. You know: The National Council of The Race. Now, via Hans Bader at Open Market, comes word that the latest housing bill... Read More
The MSM focused on the diminished numbers of May Day protesters earlier this week, but those who did turn out were as militant as ever. Blog correspondents from across the country sent in their coverage. Here's a taste of what you missed--with thanks to all the bloggers, photographers, and readers who sent in their submissions.... Read More
"Workers united without borders."
Yesterday, I gave you a preview of the open-borders circus slated to open tomorrow morning. Expect protests at ICE offices, protests at businesses that support worker verification, raw reconquista hatred, student truancy encouraged by illegal immigration-sympathizing teachers and principals, and the usual flag wars. Organizers anticipate smaller numbers this year, but the militant undercurrents will... Read More
In Barry's World.
Big hat tip to STACLU: *** Latest campaign headlines... BO leans on his biography. He understands your anger. He scooped up the coveted Bruce Springsteen endorsement. Hillary is losing ground. Baracky vs. Hillarocky takes place tonight on ABC at 8pm.
Check this out. SKYY Vodka responds to Absolut's reconquista ad campaign: SKYY® Vodka, Made in the USA, Proudly Supports Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo America’s Most-Popular Domestic Vodka Decries Absolut® Vodka’s Suggestion to Redraw North American Map SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--In 1848, the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo officially ended the Mexican-America War (1846-1848). With the signing of... Read More
Mr. "A bloc, not a nation."
Shamnesty peddler John McCain; top entry in the McCain-spearheaded Reform Institute's "Design Your Portion of the Border Fence" art contest; McCain's open-borders Hispanic outreach director Juan Hernandez For those of you in the Baylor University area, tonight is your chance to ask Juan Hernandez about his radical, open-borders agenda and his role in the McCain... Read More
When you think Absolut, think reconquista...and now "eight-inch member measurements." I thought this was a spoof when I first read it. It's not: More from your friend, Absolut tool Jeffrey Moran: "As a long-time supporter of the gay and lesbian community, we acknowledge that you can't simply speak to gay men and lesbians as consumers,... Read More
Reader Scott, who uses Wikipedia, e-mailed me a link to the heated discussion between left-wing Wikipedia gatekeepers and users who wanted to add information about Absolut's reconquista ad and apology. The Wikipedia police, so objective and neutral, accuse "non-notable bloggers" and "white supremacists" of "vandalizing" their precious site. God forbid actual news--and yes, the Absolut... Read More
On the rocks.
Scroll down for updates...Absolut's blog response is here...more photoshops here...Weekend update: The Associated Press spins...4/6 A new, "genuine and sincere apology" from Absolut You know what has been heartening the past two days as reaction to the Absolut Reconquista ad continues to pour in? The fact that so many of you still take our sovereignty... Read More
Reader Ed photoshopped the Absolut Reconquista ad with a pro-enforcement, pro-sovereignty message. Raise a toast:
The new beverage of open borders.
Scroll down for updates...Photoshop time: How about a fence? The beverage of open-borders used to be Miller Light. Now, it is Absolut Vodka. The vodka maker's latest ad redraws the map of North America to please Mexican consumers. (Hat tip - Snapped Shot and Jim Hoft). Reconquista? What reconquista? Oh, yeah. That reconquista: I hear... Read More
Reconquistas por Obama.
Chris Kelly notes that if a person of non-color talked like George Lopez did while urging Latino voters to support Barack Obama, he/she would be run out of town on a rail. Meanwhile, the Hillary camp courts Latinos with this: ""Vóte por Mamá, no Obama!" (Vote for Mama, not Obama!)."
Meet Chingo Bling.
Reader R.L. took a photo of an obnoxious billboard in Houston on the loop 610 highway and asked me to find out what it was all about. Look: Well, the Myspace page advertised on the sign belongs to one "Chingo Bling." He is promoting the release of his latest album this week defiantly titled, "They... Read More
Aceptamos pesos.
Yes, you read that right. According to the local Fox affiliate in Dallas/Fort Worth, the retail store Value Giant will start accepting pesos as payment (hat tip: reader Pamela): Another Dallas retailer, Pizza Patron, kicked off the trend in January. Sovereignty? What sovereignty? Borders? What borders? *** Don't expect the Bush administration to do anything... Read More
Update: Outrageous anti-police smear campaign launched by California Democratic Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez: "Democratic Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez, who represents the park district, said police deliberately led troublemakers back to the peaceful marchers before beginning their assault.'The only logical conclusion I can come to is that somebody wanted it to bleed into the march so... Read More
Updated below...933pm Eastern update...Violence reported at militant illegal alien march in Los Angeles... No amnesty protest is complete without them: Che again: Jumping the school fence (via LAT) to join the parade: Comprehensive coverage of the Denver protests at Slapstick Politics, including the obligatory "F**k La Migra" poster. Update: Unbelievable video from Chicago via Freedom... Read More
***bumped to the top...LA school officials will join students in walkout, LATimes reports: "[I]f students walk out, school officials plan to march with them — walkie-talkies and cellphones in hand — to help protect them. In addition, buses will be on call to take students back to their respective schools after the march is over,... Read More
Remember that radical La Raza school in Los Angeles? Well, via Lonewacko, here's the LATimes reporting that the school is suing the L.A. talk show host who first exposed the school's reconquista roots: A year-long feud between a talk radio personality and an L.A. charter school is ending up in an unusual court case. School... Read More
As promised, our full video report on The Gathering of Eagles: Many highlights there, but take special note of the face-off at the 6:00 minute mark. As you can see, we spent most of the day covering the march on the Eagles' side of the fence. Why? Because almost all of the news camera crews... Read More
Merriam-Webster announced theirs over the weekend. Here are your nominations. Readers sent in a few entries coined in previous years, but they've held their currency, so they made the cut:
Here we go again. Credit: Terry Anderson Show Credit: SOS This has gotten zero attention in the MSM. Over the weekend, militant illegal alien activists marched onto a post office station in Maywood, Calif., and replaced the American flag with a Mexican flag while chanting anti-American epithets. Yup, here we go again. Remember this spring?... Read More
***update: I'm scheduled to talk about the Raza schools tonight on The O'Reilly Factor at approx. 830pm Eastern.*** So, Karl Rove gave his "We are all Americans" speech to the National Council of La Raza--The Race--yesterday. Today, my syndicated column digs into the millions of dollars in Bush administration federal education grants The Race has... Read More
The Los Angeles public school system embraces its Aztlan charter school: Here's a reminder of the LA publc schools' idea of "inclusive"from the MEChA madrassa's principal: We don’t want to drink from a White water fountain, we have our own wells and our natural reservoirs and our way of collecting rain in our aqueducts. We... Read More
Here's your morning MEChA school bulletin from Los Angeles: Video of local news coverage of the assault on reporter Sandy Wells. Here's a screenshot of local ABC reporter John Gregory standing in front of the school. Check out the guy on the left, who lurks around during Gregory's entire report. The back of his shirt... Read More
And it's taxpayer-funded.
11pm EDT update: Video highlights of tonight's O'Reilly Factor in which I try to make O'Reilly see the light here. 1030pm EDT update: The only good thing about watching the speech was getting to watch it in the Fox News green room with Colorado GOP Rep. Tom Tancredo, a stalwart immigration enforcement advocate. It was... Read More
I'll be on Fox and Friends this morning at around 7:40am EDT to talk Reconquista 101.
Read here. Watch here. And if the GOP asks you for money, send 'em a cero dinero created by the briliant Sacred Cow Burgers. (Big sombrero tip: JYB). Send one to your congressional reps. Send one to the White House. Stop Amnesty Now. *** Heather Mac Donald, as always, cuts through the baloney. Rick Moran... Read More
Tony Valdez: Not so fair and balanced Yesterday at Hot Air, we linked the incredible audio of an interview by KFI'S John and Ken with Tony Valdez at the illegal alien protest in Los Angeles. Valdez rants about 1846, invokes “manifest destiny” as a rationale for supporting the sabotage of our immigration laws, recycles the... Read More
More pictures you didn't see in the NYTimes or WashPost or LATimes...Photojournalist Byron Dazey has a stunning photo collection of the Illegal Alien Strike in Seattle. Here's a sample, but be sure to visit Creative Flashes to see the whole album. A guy wearing a murderous Che shirt and flashing a peace sign... Byron e-mails:... Read More
***updated 5/2 940am EDT...*** Compare the NYTimes' white-washed May Day photo section with these candid shots of yesterday's National Day to Hate the Yanquis: Protest Warrior Chicago exposed ugly, American flag-trashing advocates... And a Che-approved, border-sabotaging message... Reconquista in Albuquerque (credit: SharkJumper)... And yes, it's Che again peeking out behind the "Manifest Destiny?" placard... SharkJumper... Read More
Welcome to San Diego, Mexico.: More photos from the Aztlan/Reconquista celebration this weekend here. (Hat tip: Monica - F/R)
The Star-Spangled Banner meets reconquista...and has been renamed "Nuestro Himno" (via AP): Who's assimilating whom? (Hat tip: Jake)
The Washington Examiner editorial page, headed up by recently departed blogging newshound Mark Tapscott, issues a challenge to President Bush: t received little coverage in the mainstream news dailies, but many bloggers highlighted the significant influence of “Reconquista” advocates and concepts in the recent pro-immigration marches across the country. Reconquista aims must be honestly confronted... Read More
From the Santa Barbara News Press, some not-so-peaceful, open borders students wreak havoc on an elderly couple's home: A peaceful school-sanctioned protest march in support of illegal immigrants turned ugly Monday when students from Santa Barbara High pelted the home of an elderly couple with rocks and eggs. The incident took place at the home... Read More
...on the front pages of the NYTimes and Washington Post: From James Hudnall... From Robert Bluey in Washington, the translation is: "Open the door or I'll break the window"... From Bryan Preston's Texas correspondent, the requisite Nazi smears... Three from Allah Pundit in NY...first up, the lead singer of the open borders band "Outernational" wearing... Read More
***scroll for updates*** They're baaack. Illegal alien public relations experts are advising their followers to put aside the Mexican flags and tone down their radicalism, but many reconquistadors and their friends can't help themselves. Hat tip to John A. for the protest photos today from Dallas: Black Panthers came out to show solidarity with the... Read More
***scroll for updates...reader photo submissions...Senate immigration legislation developments...Denver pro-patriotism rally tomorrow...a judge forced to recuse himself for leading the Pledge of Allegiance...Mexican flag-flyers defiant...*** ***1135am EST newsflash: cloture vote on Specter amnesty amendment...immigration deal announced*** It's Take an American Flag to Work Day. Fly one high and proud. Printable flag here. Here's the poster I... Read More
There's no rest for the reconquistadors. They marched this weekend in Costa Mesa: And Brooklyn: And more are planned in coming days (via Alternet): In the coming weeks, there will be plentiful opportunities to stand in solidarity with this nation's undocumented immigrants. Below is a short listing of demonstrations being planned across the nation. Please... Read More
***scroll for photo added below of a student in Dallas screamed at by an angry mob for carrying an American fence-hopping at Montebello H.S...unreality-based Ted Kennedy gets the Clueless Blowhard of the Day Award...chanting in Las Vegas: "La raza unida jamas sera vencida," or "The united (Hispanic) race will never be defeated."...protests turn... Read More
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