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"I now believe the truth here is that I got duped."
Yesterday afternoon, I noted that the LA Times was launching an internal investigation into "the authenticity of documents used in a story last week asserting that the newspaper had uncovered new evidence implicating associates of rap impresario Sean 'Diddy' Combs in a bloody 1994 assault on hip-hop superstar Tupac Shakur." Turns out the "new evidence"--so-called... Read More
Tick, tick, tick.
If 60 Minutes had an iota of credibility left after Rathergate, that last remnant is now gone. John Hinderaker takes apart the latest CBS News scandal. Give thanks for the Internet.
Dan Rather endorses the NYTimes--because he knows "responsible," "outstanding" journalists when he seems 'em. Trust him. A Rather photoshop flashback:
Setting the record straight.
(hat tip to commenter txvet2) A reminder to conservatives: "Swift-Boating" does not equal smearing. Swift-Boating means exposing hard truths about corrupt Democrats. By using "Swift-Boating" in the context of the John McCain/NYT story, you are doing a grave disservice to the Swift Boat Veterans who courageously told the untold truths about John Kerry that the... Read More
Damn those bloggers.
Ah, Danny Boy. He still can't let go. You know that lawsuit he filed in September against CBS/Viacom over the fake National Guard/Bush hit piece of 2004? Well, according to TV Newser, oral arguments are being heard today in court. He's quoted in yesterday's Boston Herald warning about the dangers bloggers pose. He speaks from... Read More
My syndicated column today ties the ABC News bigotry sting and the GWU student journalist's hoax crime together. An excerpt: Reader Brett from Atlanta e-mails: You know what's ironic? Tonight--the very day you have posted this article about ABC hoping to sho
MSM stands for media stage management.
When you don't feel like covering the news, you manfacture it. Remember the story I broke last spring about NBC News engineering a sting at NASCAR to try and expose fans as anti-Muslim bigots? Well, it looks like the dinosaur networks haven't learned from the embarrassing backlash to that pathetic episode. Or Rathergate. Or Shattered... Read More
Fake and litigious: The $70 million suit.
Update: Via TVNewser, CBS responds... "These complaints are old news and this lawsuit is without merit." Rather will dredge up his bygones on the Larry King Live show tomorrow. Charles at LGF takes you down animated memory lane. Let's see that on CNN. *** Yes, my friends, Gunga Dan is suing Viacom and CBS for... Read More
Some MSM types were not too happy about President Bush citing the words of Baghdad bloggers and Pajamas Media editors Omar and Mohammed Fadhil yesterday in his remarks to the press. Check out the anti-blog editorializing in this Associated (with terrorists) Press account: To back up his point that pulling out of Iraq would be... Read More
"Who is Jamil Hussein?" is becoming the new "Who is John Galt?"--a blogospheric refrain that both summarizes and challenges MSM apathy about its questionable war reporting. Townhall's Mary Katharine Ham is the latest to pose the question in the Washington Examiner. Historian and Army infantry officer Robert Bateman, using the latest AP scandal over its... Read More
This is Peter Hartlaub. He is the San Francisco Chronicle's pop-culture critic and "helps cover movies, television and the media," according to his bio. In addition to his newspaper duties, Hartlaub blogs for the paper's "Culture Blog." One of his latest posts is an astonishingly ugly, ad hominem attack on Ann Coulter--emblematic of the unhinged,... Read More
***update: Reuters has photo fraud detection software...guess they forgot to turn it related news: Ace of Spades revealed...*** I had about 30 seconds to talk about the Reuterization of war journalism on O'Reilly last night, which is just the way it is on cable TV. Thankfully, there are no time limits or topic constraints... Read More his delusions. *** Flashback:
Drudge is hyping Bill Sammon's new book, "Strategery," this morning and publishes an interesting passage from the book on the White House's warm views of the blogosphere and cyberspace. Or the "ether space," as President Bush calls it. (At least they got him to stop saying "Internets.") Indeed, it is. But for all the lip... Read More
***At the suggestion of readers, I'm opening up the comments section here for folks who want to send L.H. a personal message...11:13pmEST comments closed...thanks...*** Danish reader L.H. sounds off about CBS News's blame-the-victim smear attack on Denmark last night on 60 Minutes (video segment available at Expose the Left): Dear Michelle: I have just come... Read More
Hi, everyone! Hope you have been enjoying the guest-bloggers. Bryan, Lorie, Betsy, and Brian will keep things rocking and rolling through Friday night. I've been in six different airports the past three days--exhausted--and will be tied up most of the day on more book flogging. Will try and pop in with a few posts when... Read More
Deluded ex-CBS News producer Mary Mapes is still in denial about Rathergate. Little Green Footballs offers a friendly reality check. More clue-by-fours here and here. And here. And here. 800pm EDT update. Bill at INDC Journal highlights a typical unreality-based passage from Mapes' book.
Watch him Vaughn Ververs has a follow-up on Mike Wallace's appearance at an anti-gun Brady Center event late last month. Ververs responded to an inquiry from blogger/radio host Cam Edwards, who blew the whistle. Ververs was initially quick to back up Wallace and CBS, but now he is less satisfied: We were asked what... Read More
TV Newser reports that CBS News will soon start a blog called "Public Eye." I have a feeling this is going to keep a lot of creative folks in the blogosphere very, very busy. The Media Blog has more background.
The missing girl case in Aruba continues to hold the attention of millions of TV viewers--and quite a few Internet users as well. Fox News Channel's viewership is exploding, and Greta Van Susteren's show, On the Record, which is leading the way on the story, has numbers through the roof. In the blogosphere, Dan Riehl... Read More
Democrat Maurice Hinchey, the N.Y. congressman who claims Karl Rove planted the CBS Rathergate memos, is still unhinged. Now, he's blaming "Republican spin" for his junket addiction. The Federal Review takes down Hinchey's excuses. Confederate Yankee and GOP and the City weigh in.
Drudge has the siren spinning over Newsweek's refusal to accept reporter Michael Isikoff's resignation. The magazine is making all macho-like in standing up to supposed White House bullying: Is the huffing and puffing really necessary? The magazine still doesn't seem to understand that such self-aggrandizing hype is simply more fuel on the Islamists' fire. The... Read More
From Ana Marie Cox's interview with Newsweek's Richard Wolffe: Time magazine, which gave Power Line the richly deserved designation of blog of the year, disagrees. Power Line does, too. And so do I. The bloggers and Internet discussion board members who exposed Rathergate--from Power Line, to LGF, to INDC Journal, FreeRepublic, Ratherbiased, and more--busted open... Read More
By now, you've all read about the MSM's attempted October Surprise, NBC's revelation undermining the missing cache story (via Kerry Spot, Drudge, and others), and the extensive blog coverage on the left and right (good sample here, here, and here). See also this incisive Wall Street Journal editorial, published today (but apparently written before the... Read More
My friend Mike Fumento shares his insights on Rathergate here and points out that CBS has relied on mentally unstable sources before.
An alert reader sends me a link to a rather interesting ebay auction. Here's the auction description: My reader observes:
From a member of the The Dan Rather Fan Club:
All you need to know from today's lengthy Washington Post tick-tock article reconstructing (deconstructing?) Rathergate: The death cry resounds.
Why have we not heard a peep about Rathergate from Mary Mapes? Mapes, a senior producer (one of CBS's "most highly regarded," according to Associated Press) for Dan Rather, worked on the disastrous 60 Minutes II segment and obtained the dubious Killian docs, which were reportedly faxed from a Texas Kinko's. Newsweek reported that Mapes... Read More
5:45pm. All eyes on CBS. The sound of the stopwatch on 60 Minutes has taken on a whole new context. Tick tick tick tick... Jeff Quinton is liveblogging here. Send Allah some money while you're waiting. And spare a few minutes on this good read from Bryan Preston, in response to Orin Kerr's pooh-poohing of... Read More
It's a real e-mail address. No joke. Send 'em your thoughts! (Hat tip: West Coast Conservative.)
Credit: Jeff Miller at The Curt Jester Inspired by Rathergate, Jeff Miller has created Microsoft Forger, with handy features for future CBS sources, including: Output machine selection - Select from a variety of emulators for everything from manual typewriters, IBM Selectrics, early model word processors such as Wang and many others. Font selection - Once... Read More
Contrast the latest coverage of Rathergate by the New York Times, which can't bring itself to even acknowledge the path-breaking role that blogs played in blowing the whistle on CBS in its 1,208-word article, with the coverage by the New York Sun, which reconstructs how four independent blogs--Powerline, Little Green Footballs, INDC Journal, and Allahpundit--led... Read More
I received an e-mail from calling on the Federal Election Commission to hold CBS/Viacom in violation of federal election law. Their argument is that the media exception to McCain-Feingold does not apply in cases of fraud and does not cover "electioneering coordinated with a political campaign."'s heart is in the right place, but... Read More
Thanks to the great work of FReepers and bloggers (especially Powerline), it is just a matter of time before CBS News admits it relied on forged documents in its "scoop" about President Bush's National Guard service. Once CBS news executives acknowledge their error, they will have a tough decision to make: whether to name the... Read More
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