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Racial profiling

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National security profiling is a no-brainer by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2015 Calm down and think, America. While everyone's undies are in a bunch over Donald Trump's proposal for a Muslim immigration moratorium, it is undeniable in a time of "heightened alert" -- when violent jihadists have no problem targeting their enemies here and... Read More
Profiling double standards.
Question: When is it okay to target Muslims? Answer: When you're a liberal MSM editor openly admitting your hiring decisions amount to ethnic and religious bean-counting, of course!
Homeland insecurity alert.
Whoops. He just forgot it was there! It was al
Stupid, reckless lawsuit of the day award goes to King Downing, an anti-profiling crusader and ACLU official who is suing the Massachusetts Port Authority, which operates the Boston Logan airport, and Massachusetts State Police, because he was asked for identification in 2003: Who were the supposed jackbooted bigots who stopped him? Well, take a closer... Read More
Behind every picture, there's a bigger picture.
The FBI is still sifting through hundreds of tips on the two suspicious men in Seattle whom ferry employees witnessed photographing restricted areas and pacing several ferry routes, "as if trying to measure distances," over the past several weeks. I have learned that these men have been the subject of much investigative energy within homeland... Read More
Chertie has chosen to lie in bed with the very people who make a living intimidating and suing vigilant Americans who...
An American Airlines flight from Los Angeles to London was diverted early this morning to New York over security concerns about a Middle Eastern passenger: The crew member aboard Flight 136 questioned a passenger whom the employee had seen bypassing security by traveling on an employee-only bus from the parking lot to the LAX airport,... Read More
Joe Gandelman points to this NYTimes story today on what police departments are doing--or rather, not doing--to prevent suicide bombings on American soil. Many of the police departments mentioned in the story continue to maintain reckless sanctuary policies; other moonbat cities, like Portland, Oregon, refuse to cooperate with federal counterterrorism efforts. The Times, of course,... Read More
Investigative journalist Paul Sperry reports on a Customs memo ordering airport immigration inspectors to be on the lookout for Pakistani visitors who might have attended terrorist training camps: In an unusual move, U.S. Customs and Border Protection has ordered inspectors at America's largest airports to examine all travelers of Pakistani descent -- including U.S. citizens... Read More
My friend Michael Smerconish, Philly talk show host and columnist, has been all over a story ignored by the mainstream media: punitive measures by the federal goverment that result in fines for airlines who pull more than two young Arab males out of line for increased security questioning. It's a reverse racial profiling quota program... Read More
Jesse Issa Maali, a Palestinian-American millionaire businessman who has contributed generously to Palestinian charities, is upset because federal prosecutors are criminally prosecuting him for hiring illegal immigrants. Since laws against illegal immigration are rarely enforced, Maali's lawyer argues that the prosecution of his client amounts to selective law enforcement. Similar complaints were voiced after Attorney... Read More
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