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Scroll for update...Sanders confirms... Over the weekend, I wrote about Washington state Supreme Court justice Richard Sanders, an old friend of mine from my days in Seattle who had been identified on Friday by lawyer Wendy Long as the man who heckled Attorney General Michael Mukasey during his Federalist Society address. I received the following... Read More
Before Attorney General Michael Mukasey collapsed during his Federalist Society speech on Thursday night, someone in the audience disrupted the remarks. The heckler reportedly shouted "Tyrant!" Lawyer Wendy Long reported on Fox News last night that the heckler was Washington State Supreme Court Justice Richard Sanders. I dearly hope this is not true. I knew,... Read More
Reuters reports: "The State Department's public diplomacy chief and image guru, Karen Hughes, has decided to resign, U.S. officials said on Wednesday." More here. Given her abject dhimmi tendencies, this is a good thing. DLTDHYOTWO. Via USA Today, self-delusion reigns at Foggy Bottom: *** Flashback via Robert Spencer: Well, this explains a great deal. State... Read More
Robert Mayer at PubliusPundit has the details.
CIA director Porter Goss told BBC he has an "excellent idea" where Osama Bin Laden is hiding. (Hat tip: Jihad Watch.)
Have you seen Steve Jobs' commencement address at Stanford? Tons of blogs buzzing about it. An excerpt: Jobs weaves together three personal stories. Lovely speech. Next time, Pepsi should hire his speechwriter. Hat tip: The New Editor
Red State's Mike Krempasky sends word of FEC commissioner Brad Smith's (expected) resignation. Smith blew the whistle on McCain-Feingold's designs on the blogosphere. As Mike notes: "If you work or live in online politics - you owe Commissioner Smith a tremendous debt of gratitude for alterting all of us to the potential danger of FEC... Read More
Another Republican joins the "maverick" club: Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.), the man who defeated Tom Daschle, has announced he will not vote for Bush U.N. ambassador nominee John Bolton. Thune says his opposition is payback for the Pentagon's recommendation to close Ellsworth Air Force Base. Thune now claims that Bolton "is not the best man... Read More
The latest on the Bolton nomination... - Senator Barbara Boxer is demanding more delay. Background here. - A cloture motion to limit debate on the nomination of Bolton to be the U.S. representative to the United Nations is scheduled for 6pm EST. It will take 60 votes to end the debate, so the Republicans will... Read More
Here's the roll call from this afternoon's vote, 81-18. Gerry Daly sez..."Those who were not signatories for the deal, but who voted for cloture now, deserve mockery."
Beltway Buzz is liveblogging the Bolton hearing...reports that Sen. Voinovich "just announced he hopes Bolton will leave the Senate Foreign Relations Committee without a recommendation." Honorable George V. Voinovich 524 Hart Senate Office Building Washington, DC 20510 (202) 224-3353 Fax: (202) 228-1382 TDD: (202) 224-6997 Online contact here. 1127am: Sen. Joe Biden is snarling about... Read More
Via Drudge, I see that former Attorney General Ramsey Clark will be part of Saddam Hussein's legal defense team. No surprise there. As I noted in this column nearly three years ago, Clark has a long record of allying himself with America's enemies--the gorier the better. Michael Tremoglie's FrontPage magazine articles provide more details: What... Read More
Joe Gandelman takes note of the Hollywood angle on Bernard Kerik's downfall. The MSNBC headline reads: Scandal might cancel Bernie Kerik biopic. Jeannette Walls writes that "a source says that Miramax ? which bought the screen rights to Kerik's autobiography ? is seriously reconsidering the movie it's making on the controversial lawman. Miramax bought the... Read More
Peter Kirsanow has the scoop on the imperious U.S. Civil Rights Commissioner who doesn't understand the meaning of "Your Time Is Up."
Steve Hayward over at The Corner celebrates.
According to this article, White House counsel Alberto Gonzales is the leading candidate to replace John Ashcroft as Attorney General. This column by Robert Novak, written in January 2003, suggests that Gonzales is no friend of conservatives. An excerpt: Update: Over at The Corner, Roger Clegg writes: The problem with Al Gonzales as AG is... Read More
John Ashcroft has resigned. He was the most underappreciated, most maligned, most ridiculed, and most demonized member of the Bush cabinet. He endured a brutal, vicious nomination process. After 9/11, he was damned for doing his job too aggressively, and damned for not doing his job aggressively enough. He withstood the secular Left's assaults on... Read More
So former anti-terrorism adviser and best-selling author Richard Clarke is now writing a novel. Fiction shouldn't be too much of a stretch.
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