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Debunking Obama's bilious Baltimore babble by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2015 It's never enough. American taxpayers have surrendered billions and billions and billions of dollars to the social-justice-spender-in-chief. But it's never, ever enough. The latest paroxysm of urban violence, looting, and recriminations in Baltimore prompted President Obama on Tuesday to trot out his frayed... Read More
From the 2009 Wreckovery logo contest 5 years later: How's that Wreckovery working out for ya? by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2014 On Feb. 17, 2009, President Obama promised the sun and the moon and the stars. That was the day, five years ago, when he signed the $800 billion "American Recovery and... Read More
Oh, no. It's another White House White Board (click here for Austan Goolsbee's turn last week). Here, OMB Director Jack Lew tells you how spending into oblivion "while still investing in the future" = fiscal responsibility. With Obama math, anything's possible: Takeaway sentence from ABC News's description of the Obama budget unveiled today: "At no... Read More
Like so much that emanates from Washington, this latest summer of corruption tale stinks. Back in February 2009, you may recall that government spending watchdog GOP Sen. Tom Coburn first called attention to a $2 billion earmark in the Obama stimulus bill to re-start FutureGen, a near-zero emissions coal power plant in Illinois that the... Read More
Scroll for updates...2:37pm Eastern reported deal reached on two amendments...bomb threats set for tonight...78-19, unemployment benefits/COBRA extension, other government benefits extensions pass...$10 billion bill not paid for...roll call vote added I've praised GOP Sen. Jim Bunning many times over the last two years for taking unpopular stands against massive, government entitlement expansions. He was... Read More
Cornhuckster sellout Sen. Ben Nelson will grovel before Nebraskans in a 30-second political spot airing tonight during the Holiday Bowl game. Can you disguise the taint of Demcare bribes and beclowning with half a minute of folksy chatter? Methinks not: Nelson, who isn't up for re-election until 2012, is banking on voters' short memories to... Read More
My column looks at the year in Washington political bribery. And what a year it was for the Beltway's reverse Santa Clauses, who are suspended simultaneously in mental states of denial and indignation. Democrat Sen. Mary "Louisiana Purchase" Landrieu defended her payoff while declaring that she "can't be bought."Democrat Sen. Tom "Iowa Bounty" Harkin dismissed... Read More
Sorry to interrupt all the liberal blogosphere's unhinged GOP-bashing over conservative opposition to flu pandemic funding in the porkulus bill, but... Well. Just an inconvenient reminder: "Porky things." Er, a rather unfortunate choice of words then. And now. Leaves a bad taste in your mouth, doesn't it? *** Wow. There is actually one sane person... Read More
Your tax dollars at work thanks to King of Pork John Murtha. Pennsylvania, why did you put this hog back in office. Why? (h/t William Amos):
Ugh. So, prosecutors screwed the case up royally. There should be consequences for that. Will there be? As for Ted "Bridge to Nowhere" Stevens, he may not be a criminal under the legal definition, but he was an entrenched Washington corruptocrat whose arrogance and fiscal recklessness remain a stain on the GOP.
Swallowing the Crap Sandwich.
The Crap Sandwich yields dividends for the Chicken Littles in Congress who rushed it through. Via Newsweek, we get a glimpse of how TARP funds have been recycled as political campaign contributions: *** Related note: Just a reminder that I posted the names of the 85 Republicans including Rep. Cantor who supported the House Democrats'... Read More
My syndicated column today tallies up all the craptacular spending that's been going on while the AIG-bashing hypocrites on the Hill crow about $165 million in corporate bonuses none of them bothered to stop before they rushed to fork over billions to AIG in the first place. I mention the little-noticed $6 billion GIVE Act,... Read More
Shake and bake.
Okay, this one is just crying out for a makeover. Calling all Photoshoppers! When I think Obama Fingers, I don't think chicken nuggets. I think octopus tentacles... I think pig's feet... I think Dyson's vaccum... Your turn to shake and bake... *** Update: Serving up the first batch of entries... From reader Bill D... From... Read More
Sinking ship.
There's a term for names that aptly suit their owners: Aptronyms. Here's a fresh new example. The board that will oversee, to be headed by Bozo the VP Joe Biden, will go by the aptronym "RAT Board." Yes, RAT Board. (I bet some of you will have FUN designing that logo!) Via the INPUT... Read More
The FutureGen near-zero emissions "clean coal" plant earmark championed by corruptocrat Rod Blagojevich and Democrat No. 2 Dick Durbin was the largest single earmark in the porkulus package. Sen. Tom Coburn fought to strip it out. He lost. Now, we learn that the project has ballooned in cost to an estimated $2.3 billion. Hey, good... Read More
Well, ok. Not really "fun." Depressing, actually: More than one out of every five dollars of the $125 million Massachusetts is receiving from a federal spending bill is going to help preserve the legacy of the Kennedys. I call it Hyannis Pork.
What a laughingstock. He signs 8,500 earmarks into law (out of camera's view), sinks American deeper into a gazillion-dollar spending hole, then faces the public to declare that now, now, now he'll clean up Washington, D.C. I smell swine odor! This is his last drink, he promises. The last time he lights up. Really: Aw,... Read More
Scroll for updates...7:09pm Eastern...motion to invoke cloture passes 62-35...and...omni-pork sails through the Senate on voice vote...$410 billion soon to siphoned away from taxpayers to bolster congressional re-election prospects...they should have said "Oink" instead of "aye..." Just watched Jeff Session's E-Verify amendment to ensure that omni-pork spending only goes to legal citizens get tabled. Vote was... Read More
Fry it up in a pan.
Here we go again: In other words: Let them eat pork and quit yer complainin'!
Desperate times, desperate measures. Via Wash Times: Congress Friday passed a temporary spending measure to keep the government open through Wednesday as lawmakers struggled over an omnibus appropriations bill for the remainder of the fiscal year. The House passed the bill by a 328-50 vote; the Senate acted by unanimous voice vote. President Barack Obama... Read More
My syndicated column today spotlights the return of thrift in individual American households -- a phenomenon that stands in stark contrast to the unmitigated profligacy embraced by Barack Obama's White House. Opposition is growing to the confisctory spending train: Witness the Senate Republican success in delaying the omni-pork, coupled with the aggressive House GOP call... Read More
Scroll for updates... Excellent idea: On the heels of the successful Senate GOP move to slow down passage of the $410 billion omni-pork bill, House GOP leader John Boehner is pushing for a freeze on government spending that would hold federal spending at current levels and strip the omnibus of all 9,000 un-scrutinized earmarks: White... Read More
Some encouraging news breaking tonight: Senate Republicans forced a delay on consideration of the $410 billion omni-pork spending bill. Harry Reid canceled the vote after confessing that he was one vote short of the 60 needed to shut off debate and move forward. A Hill friend says Reid had to walk out 20 minutes after... Read More
Hog wild. (Photoshop credit: Reader Matt)
Scroll for updates... Correction/update. The Coburn amendment that failed 38-57 earlier this afternoon was the competitive bidding amendment. Roll call vote here. 5:37pm Eastern. GOP Sen. Tom Coburn trying to strip 11 stinky earmarks from the omni-pork bill this afternoon. Anticipating it will go down as well. So, Sen. Carl Levin gets his $3.8 million... Read More
So, there's some Beltway buzz about a line-item veto proposal introduced today by Sens. John McCain and Russ Feingold and Rep. Paul Ryan on the House side. Pardon me while I suppress my gag reflex at another Feingold-McCain partnership -- and at the Kabuki theater from the White House: Gimmick. Distraction. Waste of time.
President Obama can breathe a sigh of relief. The Senate just voted to keep all those earmarks that don't exist in the $410 billion spending bill. GOP Sen. John McCain's amendment stripping the omni-pork package of an estimated 8,500 pet projects worth roughly $8 billion was defeated this afternoon. You can find a database of... Read More
Oink, oink.
(Photoshop: Tennyson Hayes) He went on the Senate floor and derided Americans who care about bailout-mania and porkapalooza. Now, you have an opportunity to tell Chuck Schumer what you think of his contempt for taxpayers. Just learned that Sen. Schumer will make an appearance next week in NYC to tout the federal spending spree to... Read More
It's really on. Tomorrow, thousands of sick and tired taxpayers on the ground and online will participate in "Tea Parties" across the country. Go here for links and locations. Chuck Simmins also has a handy thumbnail guide, as does Little Miss Attila, whose list I'm reprinting below the Tea Party Twitter widget, with as many... Read More
Map it!
GOP Hill staffer Tom Jones of Sen. Jim DeMint's office has compiled a terrific Google map that pinpoints all the pork in the Commerce, Justice, and Science (CJS) appropriations bill. There are roughly 1,500 earmarks plotted out by town. Take a look. It's a rough draft that relies only on what the appropriators are willing... Read More
The House passed Porkzilla 2.0 -- the $410 billion omni-waste spending bill - this afternoon. The roll call vote is here. Drink the Kool-Aid and repeat after me: There are no earmarks. In one of many untold, underhanded maneuvers, the House bill had a measure buried in it that will kill school choice in the... Read More
Scroll for updates... (Photoshop credit: Leo Alberti) Lots of folks are only now hearing about the nationwide Tea Party events on Friday and beyond -- as well as the pig roasts and anti-stimulus protests that paved the way for revolts across the country. A reminder of the main resources for activists looking to join: The... Read More
You want earmarks? There are lots and lots and lots of earmarks in the $410 billion omnibus spending bill coming down the road. Not that any of the people who are going to vote for it will actually read it, of course. If they did, they couldn't look into the camera and sanctimoniously declare that,... Read More
(Photoshop credit: Leo Alberti) Tons of groups and individuals are stepping up to the plate in the wake of last week's anti-stimulus/anti-entitlement protests and the call for a nationwide Tea Party. PJTV's clearinghouse for protests is here. The New American Tea Party page from "a coalition of citizens and organizations concerned about the recent trend... Read More
L’Jerk c’est Moi .
Our wonderful friend and Photoshop guru Tennyson Hayes has returned with yet another delicious take on Beltway snobs. In response to Sen. Chuck Schumer's derision of Americans who care about the pork in the porkulus, Tennyson powders up Schmucky and tops him off with Marie Antoinette's big white wig. Perfect:
Taegan Goddard e-mailed a late-breaking bulletin tonight of a Capitol Hill pork scandal in the works: Earmark Scandal Breaking There's a potentially big story breaking on Capitol Hill... Apparently 104 members of Congress of both parties -- 42 Republicans and 62 Democrats -- secured earmarks for a lobbying firm linked to Rep. John Murtha (D-PA)... Read More
Speaking truth to Schmucky.
Yesterday, I posted video of snarky Sen. Chuck Schumer telling his colleagues on the floor before the Generational Theft Act vote that Americans don't care about the teeny, tiny pork amendments bloating up the bill. He needs to hear from you. Tell Chuck Schumer you care. Schumer, Charles E. - (D - NY) Class III... Read More
Just received an interesting press release and documents from Republicans on the House Oversight Committee about the porkulus earmark for park spending. Guess we could call it the parkulus provision. Business as usual: WASHINGTON. D.C. – A report by House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Minority Staff contradicts assertions by the House Appropriations Committee that... Read More
Erick Erickson at RedState shines light on a $90 million set-aside in the "stimulus" for the left-wing Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, which is buried in the larger Boob Tube bailout for digital TV: As I said last week in my ACORN column: Any self-respecting Senate Republican who would vote for this multi-billion-dollar slush fund... Read More
Dead again.
Hey, did you know the Senate was in session yesterday? Harry Reid gathered up his troops for a weekend vote on the massive omnibus lands bill I told you about last week. In a rebuke to conservative GOP Sen. Tom Coburn, the Dems (along with 12 go-along, get-along, spend-a-lot Republicans) agreed to proceed with a... Read More
The good news is that conservative stalwart Sen. Tom Coburn is looking out for you. The bad news is that Dingy Harry and the Dems have wasted no time wasting more of your money. One of the first orders of business of the 111th Congress will be to pass a massive omnibus lands bill. Sen.... Read More
Money pit.
Bay Area officials are rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of tens of billions of dollars in tax subsidies for a high-speed rail line from Oakland to Los Angeles. This is so wrong on so many levels. Can anyone say "High-Speed Rail to Nowhere?" With the economy in recession, California's plan to ask... Read More
GOP Sen. Tom Coburn releases a new pork report this morning on "The Worst Waste of the Year." Of course, this all looks like a pittance compared to Crap Sandwich and every other bailout effort ov
I've been writing about taxpayer-subsidized stadium boondoggles since I worked for the Seattle Times. The economic development rationale for pouring millions of tax dollars into sports palaces is bogus. These deals are brazen wealth redistribution schemes under the guise of "public interest" investment. Both Republicans and Democrats alike have supported the shakedowns. And now you... Read More
Alaska's GOP corruptocrat has lost his Senate re-election bid. Shouldn't have taken so long. Not surprisingly, the entrenched, pork-stuffed politician refused to concede tonight: Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska was defeated in his bid for re-election on Tuesday. Mr. Stevens, a Republican and a 40-year incumbent, was trailing his Democratic challenger, Mayor Mark Begich of... Read More
The GOP King of Pork has been found guilty on seven felony counts for making false statements in relation to his corruption probe. Goodbye and good riddance. As for the Senate seat left vacant and ripe for Democrat picking, I'm with Ed Morrissey: May the GOP live and learn from this mess.
Scroll down for updates...GOP abandons fiscal conservatism in droves, domestic spending bill lard-up passes 75-22, roll call vote below...McCain AWOL... It's high noon and the Senate is voting a domestic spending amendment to the emergency Iraq war supplemental bill that stuffs $10 billion more in non-war-related spending into the package passed by the House. The... Read More
Bozos need a do-over.
Scroll down for updates... Here's a side-splitter to start your day. President Bush vetoed the pork-laden farm bill monstrosity this week. The Democrat-led House overrode the veto. But they forgot to include a substantial chunk of the ginormous bill they wanted passed in the package they sent to the White House. And now, everything's FUBAR--causing... Read More
The cost of doing nothing about exploding federal entitlements? A Republican-sponsored $3.1 trillion with a "T" budget and bogus claims of balance by 2012. Earmark reform and pork-barrel spending cuts are all well and good. But they're a drop in the bucket: President Bush unveiled a $3.1 trillion budget on Monday that supports sizable increases... Read More
Earmark this.
So, President Bush will praise Nancy Pelosi tonight in his State of the Union address for her cooperation on the economic stimulus farce. Ain't bipartisanship grand? On a less depressing note, GOP House leader John Boehner sends out a press release today pushing Pelosi and the Dems on earmarks: WASHINGTON, DC – House Republican Leader... Read More
Update 12/18 8:52am Eastern. Many readers asked me to check whether border fence-gutting provisions were included in the version of the bill passed last night. See here for the answer. Update 12/18 8:00am Eastern. The Senate's turn... *** The vote took place tonight, but the tango continues: The House Monday approved a $516 billion measure... Read More
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