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Because, see, taking $55,000 from Enron to sit on a do-nothing board while penning paeans to those corporate fraudsters in nooooooo way compromised his journalistic ethics. But leaving the hallowed confines of his NYTimes office to commune in person with his fellow anti-plutocrats at Kamp Alinsky would just...cross the line. LOLOLOLOLOLOL: Such scrupulous self-sacrifice! Order... Read More
You knew it was coming. The Kamp Alinsky Kids are taking a sight-seeing tour today. After a month of trashing Zuccotti Park at a public cost of $2 million per day, the riff-raff is marching uptown to occupy...wealthy people's private homes. According to the NY Daily News: "A 'Millionaires March' will visit the homes -... Read More
Former Enron adviser Paul Krugman is the perfect cheerleader for the high-tech-toting Kamp Alinsky crusaders against capitalism. Just perfect. The lead paragraph of his glowing Occupy Wall Street paean today: The man who grabbed every opportunity to mock the Right and the Tea Party as an "insane," fringe mob inciting violence now whitewashes the nutballs... Read More
I didn't want to waste any more energy and space than I needed to yesterday on NYT wackadoodle Paul Krugman's two-minutes-hate blog post about post-9/11 America. But on the morning after, it is worth calling out the smug coward who flung his op-ed crap against the wall and then deliberately turned off his comments section... Read More
Krugman vs. Krugman Not that you needed any more evidence that New York Times columnist Paul Krugman is a flip-flopping charlatan, but here's the latest. Today, he assails GOP proposals to raise the Medicare age and, by extension, the Social Security retirement age. (My column on the subject from earlier this month is here.) Krugman... Read More
The AJC's Cynthia Tucker blogged today about a testy exchange we had last summer on ABC's "This Week" regarding government unemployment benefits and the effect that endless extensions have on reducing the incentive to seek a job. Once again, she mistakes standard economic arguments for moral judgments: "Does the right really believe the unemployed are... Read More
Paul Greenberg has a hilarious syndicated column out today about Paul Krugman's ridiculous record of prognostication: Can Krugman work his magic on the midterms? Greenberg wryly concludes: Cr
On Friday, Editor and Publisher hyped this Sunday NYTimes magazine piece by Michael Crowley about the influence of conservative vs. liberal blogs. Maureen Dowd and Paul Krugman offer stiff competition on a weekly basis, but Crowley's embarrassing little squib (283 words) has to be one of most insipid, shallow, and uninformed wastes of space to... Read More
The New York Times has run yet another correction to columnist Paul Krugman's numerous errors regarding the recounts in Florida after the 2000 presidential election. These errors were noted by bloggers more than a month ago. The correction comes in the form of a "Letter From the Editor" by editorial page editor Gail Collins, who... Read More
New York Times columinst Paul Krugman corrected the strange correction to his August 22 column. NRO's Donald Luskin notes that the latest correction "was never published in the print edition of the Times." He also points out that "archival versions of the three prior Krugman columns bearing his falsehoods about the consortium’s results remain uncorrected... Read More
New York Times columnist Paul Krugman has issued two corrections to his August 19 and August 22 columns. The first correction concerns his false claim that turnout in Ohio's Miami County last fall was an unbelievable 98.5 percent. Krugman admits he relied on figures from tinfoil hat-wearer Rep. John Conyers rather than Ohio's Secretary of... Read More
I'm sure liberals will be buzzing about this Washington Post story, which purports to show the Bush administration has overstated the number of successful terrorism prosecutions. Two leading Bush critics who might feel sorely tempted to gloat are war-on-terror opponents New York Times columnist Paul Krugman and Georgetown law professor David Cole. Just one teeny,... Read More
MarketWatch reports: Greedy capitalist swine! This is class war! Where's Paul Krugman's outrage?
Lots of readers are asking me to comment on the Virginian-Pilot's decision to drop my syndicated column. The most amusing thing is that the paper's decision was news at all. I've been nationally syndicated for five years now, and papers come and go routinely. I've been fortunate over the years to have gained far more... Read More
Robert Weisberg, a professor at Stanford Law School, and his colleague David Mills, a lecturer at Stanford Law School, write in a Slate op-ed ("The Case Against John Ashcroft: Why don't Democrats condemn the disastrous attorney general?"): The piece they link to, authored by Georgetown Law professor David Cole for The Nation, begins with the... Read More
Update 10/11/2007. Welcome, new visitors. Go here. *** Paul Krugman has a column in today's New York Times decrying America's health care system. He supports--surprise!--a single payer approach. I have commented before on the problems with central planning in health care. I certainly am not convinced that a government-run system is the answer, but I... Read More
Last month, it was Paul Krugman playing fast and loose with facts on the New York Times op-ed page. This month it is Barbara Ehrenreich, the far-left author who is subbing for Thomas Freidman while he writes his next book. Ehrenreich's thesis in today's column is that George W. Bush is similar to King George... Read More
On April 27, 2004, New York Times columnist Paul Krugman asserted that Dick Cheney's desire to deny access to details about his energy task force meetings was tantamount to a defense of "elected dictatorship." In light of yesterday's Supreme Court ruling supporting Cheney's position by a 7-2 margin, it is worth recalling Krugman's extraordinary words:... Read More
Hey, Paul Krugman, make up your own damned Ashcroft attacks! Turns out that his latest screed looks an awful lot like this online post from April 8 and this UPI commentary from March 14. Via More from Donald Luskin and friends.
...and the day has just begun! From a reader who contacted the New York Times ombudsman regarding Paul Krugman's whoppers about the Justice Department's prosecution of terrorists: And from two readers responding to my column today: Dear Mr. Mayor, In light of the War on Terror, and the recent arrest of immigrant Nuradin M. Abdi... Read More
In today's column, Paul Krugman of the New York Times argues that John Ashcroft is the worst attorney general in U.S. history. He states: This echoes a similar allegation in a May 11 column, where Krugman wrote: Oh? What about shoebomber Richard Reid? What about Taliban soldier John Walker Lindh? What about Yahya Goba, Shafal... Read More
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