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Oriana Fallaci

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Burn them! File this under "No good deed goes unpunished" by the Religion of Perpetual Outrage: As we've learned from Rushdie Rage, MoCartoon Rage, Burger King Ice Cream Cone Rage, Koran Flushing Rage, Valentine's Day Rage, Veil Rage, Pope Rage, Fallaci Rage, Miss World Pageant Rage, and Rushdie Knighthood Rage, they're pretty damned "sensitive" (read:... Read More
***update and bumped to the top: Zawahiri rings in the new year with a call to jihad for the Religion of Perpetual Outrage*** It began with the Danish cartoons. It ended with the flying imams. 2006 was a banner year for the Religion of Perpetual Outrage. Twelve turbulent months of fist-waving, embassy-burning, fatwa-issuing mayhem, intimidation,... Read More
Looks like Pope Benedict XVI is safe so far. Via Maybe if Muslims stopped using swords and bombs and guns in the name of Islam, and if more Muslims stopped embracing violent jihad, and if more Muslims urged others to renounce jihadism without having to risk reprisals and their own lives, the self-inflicted wound... Read More
In between breathless condemnations of the Bush administration for stifling its free speech, endless court filings demanding classified and sensitive information from the military and intelligence agencies, and self-pitying media industry confabs bemoaning their hemorrhaging circulations (with the exception of the New York Post), my colleagues in the American media don't have much to time... Read More
The Vatican confirms: The Vatican on Monday officially confirmed that Pope Benedict will visit Turkey at the end of November, a trip that had been put into doubt by Muslim anger over controversial comments he made about Islam. The confirmation of the Nov 28-Dec 1 trip to the predominantly Muslim nation came in an advisory... Read More
The Pope Rage death count rises. Reader Steve G. sends word of a priest murdered by jihadists--who once again prove their critics right: Relatives of a beheaded Iraqi priest said his captors had demanded a church apology for recent papal comments about Islam. They said the Orthodox priest was abducted Sunday by an unidentified group,... Read More
Sister Leonella: Paying last respects To borrow a phrase from Rush Limbaugh, the "drive-by media" gave a few hours' attention to the victims of jihadists' Pope Rage last weekend and then quickly moved on to the next headline. I think the murder of Sister Leonella deserves a few more seconds of your time. The latest... Read More
Sister Leonella: Murdered by jihadists There's a new Associated Press report on the murder of Sister Leonella that confirms the bloody obvious: It was an execution: ...Sister Leonella was shot in the back four times by pistol-wielding attackers as she left the Austrian-run S.O.S. hospital. Her bodyguard also was slain. The two had been walking... Read More
Yahoo News: Anglican church in Gaza firebombed *** New item via AINA: "According to the website Islam Memo, one Christian was killed in Baghdad after the Pope's speech two days ago. The speech created a wave of anger throughout the Islamic world, including Iraq. A poster has been placed in many Baghdad mosques for the... Read More
Deeply saddening news at the end of this 9/11 anniversary week. The outspoken lioness Oriana Fallaci has died of cancer: She refused to candycoat her criticisms of Islam. She refused to submit to jihadi thugs. Her books, her life, her rage and her reason serve as fiery inspirations in an era of flinching dhimmitude. Buy... Read More
The above phrase in Arabic is "lan astaslem." It means "I will not surrender/I will not submit." (Thanks to Rusty, Laura, and Daveed for translation help.) This is the last line of my 9/11 column and it's my 9/11 anniversary message to the convert-or-die jihadists. And yes, I've got t-shirts in the works as a... Read More
Kate at Small Dead Animals reminds us of Oriana Fallaci's searing essay from December 2002--which deserves to be reprinted far and wide (update: I've added hyperlinks for reference/background). I find it shameful that in Italy there should be a procession of individuals dressed as suicide bombers who spew vile abuse at Israel, hold up photographs... Read More
Sign a letter supporting Oriana Fallaci. (Hat tip: Gates of Vienna) THE LETTER OF SOLIDARITY WITH ORIANA FALLACI Judge Armando Grasso of Bergamo acknowledged a suit against Oriana Fallaci filed by the president of Muslim Union of Italy. On June 6th the trial against a journalist and a publicist over insult of Islam by statements... Read More
This lioness has taught me much. Opened my eyes. Talk about speaking truth to power. Her trial in Italy for insulting Islam--for insulting Islam--commenced in Italy today. Where are the free-speech champions? The feminists? The human rights brigade? Come out, come out, wherever you are. *** Robert Spencer weighs in on the trial and provides... Read More
Source: Free Copts AP reporting multiple attacks on Christian Coptic churches in Egypt today... A man with a knife attacked worshippers at two Coptic churches in the northern Mediterranean city of Alexandria during Mass on Friday, killing one person and wounding five before he was arrested, the government said. The Interior Ministry identified the attacker... Read More
Robert Spencer blows the whistle on a vile art exhibit in Milan that "has illustrated once again the deep affinity between the Left and the forces of the global jihad." More info on the art exhibit here. The American Thinker comments: "Fallaci faces trial in Italy for defaming Islam, but apparently the artist, whose work... Read More
Quick hits: - has a cool Best of the Web directory up, including a blog section. Take a look. - Belated congrats to Captain Ed on hitting the 10 million mark! - Sondra K has some exclusive pictures of Abu Ghraib. - Did you visit the ladies of The Cotillion yet today? What are... Read More
Does freedom of speech include the freedom to criticize Islam? Not in Italy, apparently. Says the IHT: Robert Spencer has much more.
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